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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHiliciousDroolers#32:Kya Dard Hai Tere Ishq Mein

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ArHilicious Droolers #32:
Kya Dard Hai Tere Ishq Mein

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Khushi  feels miserable as Arnav leaves without hearing her side of the story ...Meanwhile  Shyam has discovered the signed will papers  and is  delighted with his luck..

Khushi comes home and starts a frantic search for  the papers and is tensed as she does not get it from her hiding place..She suspects Shyam but is unsure about him ..

Payal gets some of Anjali's clothes  and wants to put it in Anjali's wardrobe , Anjali  tells her to put it away and also warns Payal to lock the ward robe door securely ...Bubbli overhears  it and her devilish mind cooks up a scheme to get Payl into trouble...Bubbli  innocently  asks Payal the best place to hide, Payal oblivious of Bubbli's intentions  cheerfully informs Bubbli to hide behind doors .. Bubbli while playing hide and seeks with Maami, deliberately goes and hides inside  Anjali's wardrobe , Payal unaware  of Bubbli inside the closet , locks the door as instructed by Anjali...Maami who has been searching for  Bubbli now gets slightly alarmed and calls the family ..The family members begin to search for Bubbli in right earnest and are alerted by the thumping sound emerging from the closet..All rush towards the closet of Anjali and discover Bubbli apparently unconscious ...Akash who has come just then , scolds Payal for her carelessness , Anjali and Nani defend  Payal ..

Khushi confronts Shyam and demands the papers, Shyam  protests his innocence , Khushi is confused  but there is a growing suspicion that Shyam has  the papers ...Khushi is missing Arnav very  much..

Akash apologizes for his rude behavior, Payal accepts his apology... There is a midnight visitor in RM and it turns out to be Chandu Mama who is  Maami's  Brother ..The family are introduced to him ...and all retire for the night ..Khushi who is  missing Arnav terrible has a nightmare where she finds herself in a desolated room  and Arnav's voice  calling out to her  in urgency..Khushi wakes up in alarm and in her panic and worry rouses the whole house... Khushi explains that Arnav has not yet  informed her about his arrival..The RM  family tries to  comfort her when Arnav texts Khushi about his safe arrival...The family is relieved  and all retire to their rooms to sleep out the night..

Next day Arrives, Khushi  listens to Shyam speaking about  some legal paper and her doubts rear their heads again, she resolves to find the contents of Shyam's attache...Khushi cleverly sends Shyam and the whole family to the temple and begins  to search for the legal papers , Shyam has already taken the requisite papers with him and Khushi  does not find it . A disturbed Khushi heads to the temple and prays for the well being of Arnav as the text message is worrying her ..

This episode shows us  a glimpse of Arnav's past , giving an insight into his morally upright attitude..Khushi comes to know about his  habit of punishing himself when he is inpain or when his loved one is in pain..

Khushi's mind  begins to speculate more and more on the text message, There is a growing conviction within her that  something  wrong has happened with Arnav...To divert her mind , Khushi prepares Jalebies  and serves it to the family ...To her utter chagrin , she discovers that the she has prepared Jalebis using sugar free sugar ..Prepared it for the absentee Arnav..Unable to withstand her pain any longer ,Khushi rushes into the bedroom , the memories of Arnav tormenting her, Khushi begins to question the reason for her restlessness, her feeling of incompleteness and her longing for Arnav ...

Shyam in the absence  of Arnav and with the will in his hands has become audacious and now has begun to move boldly  on Khushi, He gets her a plate of food and tries to force Khushi to eat , 
Khushi on her turn pours lots of pper into the daal and tells him to eat..Shyam eats it up sending Khushi into shock  at his levels of obsession..

The people in London are worried when they realize that Arnav has not checked into the hotel and is also absent from a vital conference..They begin to make their calls...

Next day, Khushi is still worried at the lack of Arnav's call , Anjali who notices her agitation calls up Arnav , ends up  at his voicemail  which informs the caller that Arnav is in a business meeting ..Anjali tells Arnav to call up Khushii as soon as the meeting is over ..
A absent minded Khushi  hands Tea to Nani despite Nani declining the offer...Khushi realizing her faux pas rushes to her room, Anjali and Nani look anxious at the downcast Khushi..

Shyam has  not stayed silent, he has manipulated Anjali in such a way that she herself tells him to take a bath in Arnav's room..Shyam uses this opportunity to  express his amorous intentions to Khushi, who feels helplessly angry and nauseated by his presence..Shyam gloats at her helplessness and throws several innuendos ...

Bubbli's true colors has come in front of Maami, Maama n Payal ..Payal magnanimously forgives her , both try to mend the bridge while Maami looks on with a smile..

Now that our ArHi are finally back on track, I suddenly have so much to choose fromDay DreamingBut the latest scene wins my heart hands down. That moment when Khushi is crying out for Arnav from outside the airport, begging him to stop and listen to her like her life depended on it really wrenched my heart.
Another scene which stood out for me is Arnav's monologue on the airport when he can't seem to get Khushi out of his head and wonders why is it that he is feeling so agonised while leaving her behind when all she's ever done is betray him. Now this is what I call true and unconditional love which will consume them both!Heart

Joota ,High heels, Sandals..What ever variety of shoes we have was not enough for this scene..Angry
Shyam Bathing in Arnav's bathroomAngry..Yikes! I swear i wanted to strangle him..sorry for being very violentLOL...but I just couldn't tolerate it.Angry

Shyam..tricks Anjali yet again..and suggest that he should take a shower in Arnav's bathroom. Shyam bathing in Arnav's bathroom and then had the guts to woo Khushi, Leaving a shocked Khushi...OMG! Now this creep is getting very very dangerous...This was the only scene that deserved to be in this category this week...ASR come back...and beat the crap out of this Jeejaa of yours..

Have a great weekend folks..

There were no noticeable funny scenes this week, unless we count Manorama Bond and Masala Mama scenes and somehow they failed to capture the attention. 

This week's Rakshabandhan scene is a little unconventional. It is between Khushi and Anjali. Anjali sees a worried Khushi frantically trying to call Arnav and realises that Arnav hasn't told Khushi about his yearly practice. She tries to calm Khushi down and tells her that the next day is their mother's birthday and every year on this day, Arnav prefers to be alone so this year, he has gone to London. Somehow, I love this sceneHeart
Another good scene I would want to mention is when Khushi notices Payal is worried despite her own set of worries and makes an attempt to find out what is wrong with her...

Hi fellow Arhi droolersHug

A week where we had survive on fbs...Albeit Kudos to Sanaya for her mindblowing jobClapClapClap...

Coming to fillers, the new entry MM(Masala mama) seems of no use with regard to story and also Bubbliya's vampish plans...gud 2 c dat mami started having doubts, which means the track is heading towards soon...yipeee!


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Without a doubt d best character is khushi. she misses her husband so badly! nw she has to face everything alone. yes its abt creepwa! if arnav was there also it wont help her but juz increase d MU between them. nd she's handling everything nicely. arnav comes in her dream, nd she made sugar free jalebis juz 4 him. wherever she goes arnav's memory is always wit her. nd i lovd d part where she understands when things around her go wrong. for eg: d papers, she is still suspicious abt shyam nd d message thing too. go khushi go reveal d mysteries around u!

-Adios- Shobra

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week's most irritating character is none than Bubbly.

I seriously do not get why this kid has been roped in? Has she been brought in to create a love triangle for Akash and Payal?Confused Or is she here simply for the fact to pass some time till the time Barun returns to the show? In both cases, she is one hell of an annoying kid. The week co-incidentally started with her cupboard fiasco. Why the hell lock yourself in the cupboard just to put the blame on Payal? Why even do that? I seriously do not get why Bubbly is so hell bent on defaming Payal infront of Akash. Fine, we know that Akash is very fond of her but putting a bad impression of his wife on him is weird.

Her second attempt to blame Payal was at the mandir which again was repititive and boring. The CVs should know she's a kid. Kids don't really have such an evil mind. Maybe if they change the course of Bubbly's track, she might even be appealing.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Hope to see you guys in the next. Take care.Embarrassed

Hello hi are u all?? I know life without Barun is so boring but oh well hope he comes back soon!! so this week the funniest charater award goes to Masala Mama..i seriously don't know why i gave it to him but i just did...

No seriously i skipped all his scenes so i have no idea wat happened...but he is a funny looking character so therefore this award goes to him..!!
I seriously want the old ipkknd back..this is very very bad for my job...i have no funny character at all!!
wat the hell Cv's...wat are u guys doing?? u want me to loose my job??Ouch

this has to be khushi againEmbarrassed she got the best scenes , dialogue and everythng this week , she was the star Star she completely rocks

"kuch rishte ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hai 
taqrar se shuru hote hai 
nafrat ke saaye main panapte hai 
guirte hai , parte hai par kayam rehte hai 
nafrat badte hai aur rishte ki gat aur gehri hoti jaati hai 
itni ke ek din , nafrat bhi aur badne se sharma jaati hai
aur woh rishta ! sirf ek bandhan ban ke reh jaata hai , lekin sirf nafrat waala
kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ke nafrat ke uss mahol mein
kuch to hai jo humse kehta hai ki iss unsune , anjaane se , ankehe ehsaas ko ek mauka to do 
par jiss rishte ki neev hi nafrat pe rakhi gayi ho 
usse koi bhi umeed lagana nadaani nahi to aur kya hai 
aur shayad hum yeh nadaani kar behte varna kyon itni nafrat ke bawajood hume aapki yaad aa rahi hai ! Embarrassed kyon hum aapse jhagarte hai , larte hai , lekin aapke jaane ke baad : aap hi ki raha dekhte hai , hawaoon se aapki baatein karte hai "

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we got many cute scenes after the "missing" arnav story , one with khushi-anjali who share such a beautiful bond and now with nani and khushi Embarrassed ! hmm , could we actually wish for better ? naaah ! LOL here is the pic which is witnessing what i said right now Big smile

Barun was missed would be an understatement.. clearly ASR wasn't, he just seemed to be well EVERYWHERE Wink

some above the line performances by the cast!! Sanaya's a delight!!

again, there are a 100 good poses but only a few good pics.. IPK and its famous use of mirrors :D

to not know this, you should be living in a cave!!! Embarrassed

Barun Sobti - there's just one person like you!! and let me tell you, NOTHING beats your eyes (and the scar above it)

Hands down to our gorgeous and unique  khushi kumari gupta Day Dreaming , yes this week she was the only one who got a new suit Big smile sanaya was looking extremely beautiful in green ! perfect as always Heart

Welcome back all of you..well its not a very good one specially since we have got no clue of Arnav's whereabouts! Khushi rocked the week and would do so ahead..well somehow I could manage just one Blooper for you all..sorry guys..couldn't get myself to re-watch the episodes with Arnav and Khushi separated..


So here's the blooper..

Well u must be wondering what's wrong in the pic..well if you see closely its right there ..;) okay I'll spill the beans,Arnav and Khushi have NEVER shared a Bed when they were in RM!!!
so I found this weird when Khushi looks over at the empty space and pillow next to her and remembers Arnav ..though it would've been believable enough if she'd stared at the Recliner and had his flashback..Arnav never slept close to her on that bed..Confused


Well that's all I know its quite a boring one..but what to do..i can't re-watch draggingshyamu/bubbliya/masala mama/nautanki mamai scenes over and over :L..this is the best I could find..

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by ragz

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Sano88

Here is ur Gift

by joo 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Mariam_Sultan 

Here is ur Gift

VM Made by --SweetFarwii--

Direct Link

IF Link : || Arnav & Khushi // ' fit me better..' ||

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty 

" Without You , I'm solitude and incomplete "

This rain, these tears both seem to never stop 
Since you left me standing here alone,
This rain, these tears both tries to veil 
My tears through the smile,
Now I see how good it was
How much your love meant to me
It was you all along,
And I was so blind not to see,

Some days we had our fights
Some nights we spent in darkness
But how you are my soulmate,
Hatred screams , love trounces,
Your love only I can remember
And hope you hear my heart,
And if you know the real me
You'll know it's wrong were apart

Everyday I hold you in my heart, 
As closely as I would hold you in my arms
For you are my only love, so special, 
So beautiful inside and out in my heart
When I am with you, in your arms, 
I am completely happy and lost
Safe in the love we share,
Feeling so protected and so loved
Echoes of my beats speaks your name

These yearnings are my inspirations
Because these things prove me that,
Each day, my love for you grows quicker
Each day, my longing for you goes deeper
I want you to know what is in my mind,
I want you to see what is inside my heart

Striding on the invisible pathway without you,
It locks me into the web of twilight darkness
My heart races when I hear your name
Your memories haunts my dreams,
The thoughts of you brings tears to my eyes
My tears brings new scars to my heart for loosing you,
More than the shadows your presence i feel,
Everything could be right when you'll come back to me

Did you ever love me ? Forever i will ask myself,
Even in death the pain lives on forever in my soul tormenting me
My heart is now shattered into millions of pieces,
My life is crashing around me
Please listen to my words of truth,
Please to listen to the voice of my heart

You complete every fiber of my being
You are the reason why I breathe,
You are the man of my dream
I have found my world in you,
With every beat of my heart
I feel yours inside of mine, 
Together they beat as one,
Until you come back again 
Forever to complete our love.

Runner Up

Arnav's Naughtiest Deed by Ri_luvs_ArShi

Here is ur Gift


My Little Girl by Angelteen 

Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Second Hand News by nayika

Here is ur gift


Catch Me If You Can by ashna27

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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lakshfodsjflahfs!!! I know a weird way to start off but is there anything better we can say? This week = complete rubbish minus the scenes when Khushi is worried about Arnav and why he didn't call the family because when he left, he least cared about her. Babli track is becoming very annoying. The bit comedy stays but I see nothing moving ahead. Shyam kidnapping Arnav because...?He's not a bit jealous about khushi's worry because...? I can give this week no more than a rating of 2. That too just out of being humble for the effort! Let's hope to see some episodes, action-packed soon! Hopeful Khushi becomes strong and fights Shyam..

Dear Cv's , hats of to you : seriously Embarrassed the way you handled barun's leave and the way everything was covered is simply beautiful , something very difficult handled  perfectly by you guys Hug from arnav's "missing" day to khushi's reactions ! till now ; where she's actually discovering what she feels for arnav : she is sensing the real pain ! everythng was extremely pure Day Dreaming without forgetting all the dialogues said by everyone :) it actually couldn't have been better , and thank you for bringing our lovely song "rabba mere kya hai teri marzi " baack ! it was not expected but after hearing it , we could actually feel what khushi did ! perfectly picturized Embarrassed also thank you for giving a proper end to bubbly's track , it was needed LOL but yaa , i would like to say that if possible : make lesser scenes of shyam-khushi because it's not more than disgusting yet Sanaya-abhaas always rock the scenesBig smile

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Hey peepz Hug Not many would know me as I'm just a silent member LOL So name's Khushi Cool This week posting it on behalf of the team as they are somewhere... Won't talk much. Enjoy the edition! Thank you so much for the support so far Hug It will soon be stickied hopefully Tongue 

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