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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

FF: Love Ne Milla Di Jodi ~ P.8 completed (Page 8)

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Thanks for the update Tich and also to Anjali for writing this FF...

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plz ud soon...

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Hey Tich will update soon the remaining part of this FF guys...
I would really like him to finish this ff as he has started this ff on my behalf...:)

thanks a ton once again for your support n love..frnds..Wink

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1 Month later in Delhi: Damini looked at the envelope a long time before she opened it. She knew what it was. Prithvi's irregular hand writing on the top, as if he had written her address in a fury. she wondered how he got her Delhi Address? May be momma or any friend in Manali..but why he bothered to contact them for her address, he could deliver it to momma..and why he spent his precious time in making that envolope...???

Taking a deep breath, pushing her thoughts aside, she opened it before she had a chance to change her mind. Inside, just as she had a fear, was a cheque. So finally...he was married...

she cried ...with broken heart..pressed her hand against her trembling mouth to control herself.. Prithvi was married. someone else... She kept saying the word to herself, but her mind wouldn't accept it, even though she knew that it was true, even though she had been waiting for this moment ever since she had left the Mansion...

Since then, Damini had been existing in the world like a dead body..without her soul or heart.. Although, She had spent her journey from Manali to Mumbai than Mumbai to Delhi, trying to convince herself that she would be fine as soon as she would go away from him..or would familiar to her new place... She would gather the pieces of her heart and life to begin, to forget Prithvi and Mansion..her home..?. Except it hadn't worked like that.

The harder Damini tried to forget, the more intensely she missed him, and felt more pain, emptiness inside her. She felt shattered, like a piece of broken glass that could not be fix.. Like getting Prithvi's cheque in the post. Like knowing that he was married after all. Damini hugged herself with holding her knees, dropped the cheque..she wondered..Why had she refused Prithvi when he asked her to marry him? So what if he didn't love her? At least she could have been with him. She could have had a lifetime to teach him how to love and to make him happy.

It could have been her, standing beside him, holding his hand and watching as Prithvi slid the ring onto her finger or signd the marriage register . It could have been her, waking up beside him, working in kitchen or stable, could see him laughing, riding, sometimes..shouting at her too...all these things at Mansion.. and knowing that she would never have to leave. But it hadn't been her. It had been someone else,,,.

Damini buried her head in her arms and wept for long...she forgot how long she cried...alone..sitting in her flat...

When the phone rang, might be few hours later..,she didn't want to answer it, but she managed to dragged herself over to pick it up. She had to get over this pain, and it might as well be now.

It was Roshini, ringing with a familiar complaint that she was always the last person to know what her darling sister was doing. 'I wouldn't even have known that you were in Delhi if I hadn't met the cook in Manali,' she grumbled.

'Cook.. who?' said Damini without much interest.

'You know, the cook,' Roshini replied. 'At Saxena mansion?'

Damini closed her eyes at the little mention of mansion : 'Oh...yes.'

'I must say, I think you might have told us you were leaving, Di. Why do you never tell me what you're doing? I thought you were working for Prithvi Saxena in Mumbai!' I called momma few times but she also did not mentioned about your job change..

'I was,' Damini managed to say, 'but it was just a temporary thing.I...finished my contract...a couple of weeks ago.'

'I don't blame you,' said her sister replied with irritation. 'According to that cook, he's been impossible ever since you left She can't wait for him to go back to the London. Although whether she'll still have a job is—'

'What?' Damini interrupted as Roshini's words knocked her heart. 'What did you just say, leaving for London??'

'I said that cook will be pleased when Prithvi Saxena goes back to the London,' Roshini repeated. 'Didn't you know?'

Damini felt cold. Prithvi couldn't go to back. Prithvi needed to be at Mansion. that was his dream, right??What had gone wrong?

'But...I thought he was getting married,' she said blankly..n confused.

'Really?' Roshini was instantly alert at this new piece of gossip. 'to whom?'

To Rachna.'Damini whispered..

Roshini was genuinely astonished. 'Whatever gave you that idea? No, Rachna's taken up a job at Saxena Mansion, I guess, not sure of her job profile though..!'

'You mean... not married?' said Damini slowly.

Roshini with confusion : 'Who Rachna? She's know that, right..!'

Damini took a long breath before utter his name..after a long time..: 'No..not her. I mean Prithvi.'

Roshini...'Well Di, if he is, he's kept it pretty quiet. I don't know anything about it.'

Damini began pacing the room, hardly aware of what she was saying. 'But he has to be married!''It's December 2nd today.

He's only got a few days. He can't not be married!..His dream..his..he would'

There was a puzzled silence at the other end of the line. 'Di, r u ok?? whar r u talking about?'

Damini took a deep breath, suddenly aware of just what she needed to do.

'Roshini, I'm coming Manali now,,' she said, ignoring her sister's 2nd question. don't worry abour me..'

Damini parked Roshini's car in front of S.Mansion gate..while looking around for his sign.. She hadn't told Prithvi that she was coming. She hadn't even thought about what she was going to say to him. All she knew was that she had to see him.

If he was there. What if he had already gone? Roshini was not sure about him..!!

A sudden fear took over her heart at the thought that she might be too late, and she got quickly out of the

car. There was no one around as she climbed the steps to the hall than noticed the cook who smiled at Damini to welcome her inn.

Damini wanted to ask the cook about him..his marriage but could not,,it might be wrong...she was looking for words but suddenly cook interfare her thoughts.

Cook : "Oh mam, you r i hope sir will be normal..

Damini was too lost in her thoughts..but she almost missed cook's words.

Cook continue : After you, he changed, locked himself in his cabin almost..refused to meet anyone, partying or anything..infact we are not allowed to enter in his cabin..(Cook searched her face for answer but Damini was looking around for his sign or if practicing her sentence that she would utter in front of him..), in lack of Damini's answer, cook just handover a letter to her and went away..

After few seconds, Damini looked down at her hand and realised she was holding a letter, she almost ran until she reached Prithvi's office.

The door was closed, but when Damini stretched her hand to knock the door, she heard his voice. Her heart twisted at the familiar  tones, and she controlled herself. He was there,,inn...

Bitting her lips, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Prithvi : 'Come in.'

Damini took first step with hesitation to push the door and heard his words again.

Prithvi : 'Come in!' (The increasing irritation in his voice was oddly reassuring that It was Prithvi, all right. Damini opened the door and walked in.

He was sitting in the director's chair with his back to her, a earphone to his ear, and he was in the middle of a conversation that her knock had evidently interrupted. Curiously calm now that she was there, Damini waited for him to notice her. It was enough just to be in the same room as him, to know that a few steps would take her to his side.

As if sensing her presence, Prithvi turn round to see her standing in the middle of the room, in Red suit, loose hair flirting on her cheeks and her blue eyes were red somehow. Shock and something else flared in his face before the self control closed over his expression, and he closed his eyes as to reconfirm it was not a dream. When he realised she was real in front of him, he slowly stood up and  'Dami...I'll call you back,' he said into the phone, and switched it off without waiting for a reply. Carefully, he took few steps, as if afraid that a sudden movement would make Damini disappear.Damini's heart was doin summersault, and she stared directly into his eyes as to study his mind but failed.. He looked tired, dull...and somewhere incomplete?? or alone?? not the proudy , stuburrn as he was before..

Prithvi without blinking his eyes :- 'Didn't you get my cheque?'

Damini was confused by the sudden rudeness in his voice & on the question that broke the deep silence, and it took her a few moments to realise what he was talking about. 'Yes, I got it,' she said blankly.

'It was what we agreed,' he said while raising his hands through his hair..

Damini : 'No, it wasn't.'

He stared at her, then his mouth twisted in a dissapointed or sad smile. he said bitterly.'Don't tell me, 'You want more money?'

Damini shook her head. 'I don't want any,' she paused for a moment and than continue..'We agreed that you would pay me when you were married, and you're not, are you?'

There was a silence. His grey eyes narrowed uneasily. 'No,' he admitted at last and lowered his head for a moment.

'Did Rachna refuse you after all that night..?'

She thought at first that Prithvi wasn't going to answer.

'I didn't ask her,'he said, his hands on his watch as if adjusting it...

Damini cautionally : 'Why not?'

This time he really didn't answer. His ran hands through his hair, took long breath, & he turned away.

'What are you doing here, Damini?' he asked after a moment.

Damini :'I came to ask you something.'

'What is it?' He sounded tired, almost defeated.

Damini : 'Will you marry me?'

There was a long, long pause. Prithvi stood utterly still before, very cautiously, he turned back to face her. 'What?' he said softly.

Damini clutched her hands together. 'I asked you to marry me,' she said, amazed at how steady her voice sounded.

'Damini...' He took an unconsciously step towards her, and then stopped himself. 'Why?'

She uttered : . 'Because you belong to this place,,to this mansion. I...I can't bear to think of you having to leave here again.'

'You'd do that for me...I mean..marry me..for me..?' said Prithvi disbelieving. 'You'd give up everything you believe in, everything you've always dreamt about, everything you've ever wanted?'

Damini avoided his eyes. 'Maybe I don't want what I always thought I wanted any more,' she said in a low voice. 'Maybe my dreams have changed.'

Prithvi in lower voice :'You don't believe in true love any more?'

Damini : No,,,i mean 'Yes, I do believe but now I just don't believe that it has to be perfect.'

Damini turned and walked over to the window. She stood, looking out, wondering just what to tell Prithvi, until it dawned on her that all she had to tell him was the truth because its now or never...

'I don't think you're perfect,' she said, quite easily after all. 'You're not at all the kind of man I used to dream about falling in love with.

Prithvi blinking his what ???

Damini almost in frustration...please let me complete first..he silenced again..

You're irritation,proudy, stubburn and impossible to please. I don't agree with half the things you do or half the things you think. I don't even know why I'm in love with you. I just know I am.'

She turned back to face Prithvi. He was watching her with an unreadable expression that almost made her nervous, but she had told him so much, she might as well tell him the rest.

'I know you don't love me, Prithvi,' she went on, taking a steadying breath.'I used to think that a one-sided marriage would be unbearable. I thought I wanted someone to adore me and think I was perfect too, but I don't want that any more. I just want you. Last month in Mumbai or Delhi, I've realised that living without you is much harder to bear. I kept telling myself that I could manage on my own, but I can't..(she closed her eyes as she was trying to release that pain)

Prithvi hadn't moved but asked slowly : 'Why didn't you tell me this before?' 

Damini :'Because I thought it was too late,'I thought you were going to marry Rachna. I'd had my chance..actually twice..,but blown it. There hasn't been an hour since I left that I haven't regretted refusing to marryyou,' 'When I heard that you hadn't married that girl after all, I didn't want to miss another chance, and so...'

She looked down on the floor a little helplessly, unable to explain her emotions to him with words, so she just looked at him and added : And so I came back. Still Prithvi said nothing, just standing there, looking at her like a statue, and Damini was suddenly flooded with the conviction that she had gone about things all wrong. She had messed up her last chance, she realised miserably. Far better to have played it cool and pretended that she wanted the money after all, instead of pouring out her feelings like that, exposing her love emotions towards him that Prithvi criticize or dislike. He's does not like all these emotional crap...after all..

She hesitately continue, trying to make up for her mistake, although deep down she knew that it was too late.'I...I wouldn't expect anything from you,' I'm not asking you to pretend, but if you marry me, I can give you what you really want.'

'Yes,' said Prithvi directly looking into her eyes. 'I think you can.'

Relief rinsed the misery from Damini's face and her eyes glowed. 'Then you'll marry me before your birthday, right??'

Prithvi shaked his head in negetive: 'No.'

'N-no?' Damini stared at him, not wanting to believe that she had heard him right, not wanting to understand the firm shaking of his head.

'But...but what about this mansion, your Dream?'

Prithvi :'I've already made my decision.'

Damini felt her heart squeezed by his words.. Why hadn't she thought of it before? Of course Prithvi wasn't going to give up just like that. She uttered with heavy voice : 'You've asked someone else?'

Prithvi did not answer just shaked his head in negetive again

"No,,Then why' she cried almost and made herself sit on a side sofa (nearby Prithvi's laptop) as if to control her tear and utter words slowly..:"There's still time. We could get married in a few days, and Mansion would be yours. You could have all you've ever wanted!'

'Except that ,,isn't all I want,' said Prithvi with unreadable expression in his face and voice...

He leant against his desk and folded his arms, his eyes never leaving Damini's face : 'My cousin (who was eligible for this Mansion, if Prithvi would not fill the will clause) had an accident last week, I went to met him..,' he paused and looked down..I might not but I had not wanted to spoil your hardwork,,I mean about my good image so I went and He was too touched by my simple visit..well..I told him that I wasn't going to fulfil my father's conditions and this Mansion would belong to him from next day of my birthday.

He asked me to simply take this Mansion as my birthday gift after that..,but somehow i could not accept that in the end I persuaded him to let me buy this mansion from him at the  market price. He's entitled to the money under the terms of my father's will, and it's not as if I can't afford it And this time It won't have any conditions attached to it.'

Damini :'So you don't need to get married after all?'

Prithvi looked at her :. 'No.'

'I see.' Damini looked down so that he wouldn't see the sadness on her face. She took a deep breath and forced a cheery note into her voice.

'Well...I seem to have made a bit of a fool of myself, don't I?' Without waiting for his answer, she stood, She didn't see Prithvi straighten, or the tenderness in his face and decided to leave..but than she felt his hands on her shoulders and she tensed. She couldn't bear his pity.

Ignoring her resistance, Prithvi turned her face so that he could look into her eyes.,, and took hold of her waist and whispered softly : 'I don't need to get married any more,' 'That doesn't mean that I don't -want to..Damini... I do.'

Consiously aware of his touch and than words, she looked up at him, confused and hurt in her blue eyes. 'But you said—'

He intruptted in  between : I said I didn't want to marry you next week.' (He let go of her waist to possess her hands in a strong clasp, and his eyes were warmer than Damini had ever seen them.) 'I don't want Mansion to be the reason we get married, Damini. I want you to many me because..he paused..

Damini repeated his word in a whisper voice : because..? what???

He smiled at her impatience and finally said looking into her eyes: because I love you and need you, just as much as you love me...more, even.'

'' Damini repeated the words as if they didn't make any sense, and Prithvi smiled spread into his eyes now, a smile that made her heart dance..alive...

'Hopelessly,' he confirmed while nodding his head in affirmation.

Warmth and wonder were trickling into Damini's heart, but she didn't dare let herself believe it, not yet. 'I thought you didn't believe in love?' she said in suspicious voice but her fingers were curling around his automatically.

Prithvi :'So did I,Damini..'I'd never been in love before. I didn't know what was happening to me. I'd gotten so used to being independent, to believing that I didn't need anyone else, and then suddenly there you

were, part of my life, so warm and funny and vibrant...'He paused and than added with mischievious smile.."too stubburn, proudy, impatience..".

His voice deepened as he lifted his hands to cup her face very gently between his palms. 'So beautiful, so lovable..' he added, tracing her cheekbones tenderly with his thumbs.

This couldn't be happening, thought Damini in confussion n disbelieve yet... She felt like living a dream, while she overwhelmed under the loving warmth of his eyes. Released, her hands

had clutched at his shirt, instinctively seeking the reassurance of his presance, anchoring herself to this new, wonderful reality, letting herself believe after all that this was real.

He noticed her confused, expressive face and slowly made her sit on couch next to him, holding hands,

Prithvi (while looking at her hand, holding tight as if to make her believe): from where should I start...I mean...well,,,lets start from "The wedding"..(he noticed her focus on his words,,,)

'I told myself that what I felt for you was just physical attraction,' I came Manali only with one purpose that was this Mansion..and for that I needed to marry..I simply wanted a girl, to marry, no emotion involvment, nothing...I was so self assured that any girl would ready if I would show off my money with proposal...and with that motive I came to attend "the wedding" but than..he looked at her with smile...Than I saw you and I felt something inside (touching his heart with her hand), thought I ignored that feeling very storngly..than we spoke like anything..I just thought you might be the one girl because you did mention about ur job and all. I grabbed that opportunity and asked you to kiss me on cheeks of course..(he blinked) to check your courage but It went somewhere else..when you came near for the kiss,,I went stil like status..I wanted to run away from you because you nearness was like a feeling of completion of life ...I was so frustrated with that feeling..Althought after that I asked you to visit me for sake of this property of course..but inside me i was praying to not see you again..

I went back to london and after a hell struggle i assured myself that was just an attraction..that's it..nothing more or less..and when you came there and I don't know..I mean I lost all my logic..everything again i kissed you without thinking I split out everything but that was not as per my plan and not even as per my mind..but when you rejected with a reason..'I didn't expect it to last, but when I asked you to marry me and you refused, I was furious..'It wasn't even as if you were in love with another man,' 'I'd been rejected in favour of a dream..your dream about love..! Of course, I told myself that I didn't care, but only the Mansion.. So I worked out another way and offered you to help me out to get a wife..I convinced myself..I dont care about you ...I just concerntrated on my purpose..the Mansion..

(He looked out at her face who was so focused on his words and face, he placed a small kiss on her palm and continue)

After coming back went all wrong..agaist my plan..everything wrong..

First time I saw your concern for me when you shouted at me for being late, I ignored that because I thought that concern is all about your job, money..then you stepped in to help me about in household work without any complaint..That was overwhelming.. somehow everything seemed different when. It was so easy being with you. You weren't like anyone else I had ever met.. You talked and you laughed and you made me see things I'd never seen before, and I was happy. I could not resist myself and shared with your everything about my loneliness and I found peace in your you smile everything..'I'd never been that happy before, 'I tried to persuade myself that it was because I was back in Manali..This mansion, but it wasn't. It was because you were there. Do you remember that rainy day our dance.. '


'Um...' Damini rolled up her eyes, pretending to think, but Prithvi wasn't fooled. He pulled her closer, kissing her eyes..


"I know you remember,' he murmured into her throat, and Damini gave in.


'Every second,' she whispered back with slow smile.


'I didn't really mean that to happen, but I couldn't keep my hands off you any longer, When you asked my about my requirement ..i mean in in wife..all I could see was your face.. and when I kissed you it was as if everything fell into place. I couldn't believe it when you said no.'


Damini hugged him closer. 'I wish I hadn't.'


Prithvi moved out of hug and hold her hand : 'It was a good lesson for me, 'I began to wonder if that kiss had meant the same to you,,,anything to you, and of course I was too proud to ask. I'd never doubted myself before, but it seemed as if you were only interested in a job after all. And when we went to that Diwali Party ...'


He trailed off, shaking his head at the memory. "That was a bad day. I could see how much everyone cared about you, and how deeply they mistrusted me. For the first time, it bothered me that I was an outsider.. Why would someone like you throw in your lot with me? I knew that money wouldn't win you.'


Firstly I was just trying to look this feeling as physical attraction, nothing more... but then I realised its not that..Its different..because I did not feel any urge to keep you in physical touch but I was more satisfy by being just with you..your presence, your smile, your hurt...everything...Whenever you got hurt while working I felt the pain...but still could not give name to this feeling or should I say I was so afraid of rejection..


I was struggling so hard and you..(while playing with her hair and teasing tone)..You mad girl.. you introduced me to all those girls who could have helped me to get Mansion, I couldn't concentrate.


He murmured while looking into her eyes.., 'How could I look at them,' 'when you were beside me?'

 'When,I could smell your perfume?' (He came close and whispered in her ear).'When every time I saw you I thought about how it felt to kiss you?'


'I never guessed,' she said when she could speak, still hardly daring to believe that this was not a dream. 'I thought kissing me was just part of your strategy to find a bride...'


 He smiled and continue..'You're the only reason I rode that bloody horse,' 'I wanted to prove to you that I could ...but  you weren't even watching!'


She wound her arms around Prithvi's neck and hugged him closer and said : 'I did watch! 'I hated every moment of it! I was terrified that you were going to be hurt.'


'Well, you weren't there when I got off,' said Prithvi.


'You were with Mr. Sharma, and as soon as I saw him I knew that he was everything I'd never be. He belonged. He was safe, he was kind, he was nice. He was everything a girl like you deserved.'


'Inder's all those things,' Damini agreed, settling back against Prithvi with a contented sigh. 'But he's not you.


Prithvi grinned at the pleased note in her voice and his arms tightened around her but suddenly realised her words and said with confusion: Hey, I am talking about Mr. Sharma not Inder..


Damini smiled  and replied : Well Mr. Saxena, you r not intelligent enough for me I guess..(he tightened his grip)' She kissed him and added : Inder is Mr. Sharma..I mean his full name..Inder Sharma...anyways.. 'Were you really jealous?'


 He admitted with smile : 'I was beside myself,' 'especially when I saw you with him again at Mansion in the party. I was determined to find someone there, to prove to you and to myself that I didn't need you after all, but I barely spoke to Rachna before I made an excuse and rushed off to find where you'd gone.'


'But why were you so angry?'


'What did you expect? I'd been running around looking for you, and there you were, hugging that stupid donkey again...(she passed a furious look on him) I felt as if I'd been punched in the stomach. And you...' Prithvi stroked her cheek ' looked so unhappy.


I was afraid that you might feel more for Inder than you wanted to admit..I mean more than a friend or whatever...

I just wanted to take you away from him from everyone and keep you to myself, but I'd committed myself to that party, and there was still the problem of my father's will... I wasn't thinking straight, I'm afraid, and I took it out on you. I know I wasn't easy to live with that week.'


'Were you really going to ask her to many you?' asked Damini, remembering that bitter argument on the dark night.


Prithvi : 'I only said that when you seemed so determined to go back to Mumai or work in Delhi  to set up your own business,' "Then there didn't seem much point in not asking her, and I guess I didn't want you to think that I cared

about you one way or the other. And by then I'd convinced myself that Mansion my purpose.. was all that mattered.'


Damini : 'But you never asked her?'


Prithvi : 'No. I went to see her on dinner, but all I could think was about you, about our first dinner or every moment we spent together..but I still tried to ask her and when it came to it, I couldn't do it. God knows what Rachna thought I was doing there, but I knew at that moment that I couldn't bear to marry anyone but you. I'd thought that living in Manali or mansion would be enough, but -it wasn't I didn't want it if I couldn't have you.' So I just offered her job here..


Prithvi picked up Damini's hand and turned it over, pressing a kiss into her palm. 'It was only when you'd gone that I knew how much I loved you, Damini,' he told her quietly. 'I missed you. This mansion or every place was empty without you. I kept looking for you, waiting to see you coming through the door, or working in kitchen, helping me out in stable. Everything reminded me of you. I'd sit on the stairs and think of you sitting there, laughing, teasing, arguing everything . Kitchen would remind me of the way you'd struggled first few days for cooking and never complained once about getting tired, dirty. And when I looked at the sky or closed my own eyes.., all I could see were your eyes..your face..only you.


'It was a week before I gave in,' he went on after a moment 'I realised that this Mansion wasn't going to mean anything unless you were there to share it with me. That's when I thought of selling it...'


'Why didn't you come and tell me then?' asked Damini with little anger in her voice.


'Because I knew that you wouldn't believe me if I told you that I loved you before I was thirty. Even if by some miracle you'd said yes, you'd always wonder at the back of your mind if I'd only married you because of my motto.'


Prithvi held her face between his hands. 'That's not why I'm marrying you, Damini, you have to believe that,' he said with sudden urgency. 'I love you.' Love you so much..


'And I love you,' she said, and kissed him and rested on his shoulder and added slowly :  'I think you should not sell this Mansion, when we're getting married anyway,'


He nodded "I would not...nver..I know I thought of selling it but i m too sure I would not be able to because its the reason we met..our home...everycorner has your scent,,your I could I.."

She commented with a long sigh of sheer happiness. 'humm..hey.,,Why don't we do it next week, before your birthday?'


'That's not enough time to arrange everything,' he pointed out, and she sat back in surprise.  'All we need is a marriage licence or small ceremony. That won't take long.'


'What about your dress, saree, all ritualls? And the sangeet or everything ? We need to book everything and

make sure everyone can come. It all takes time.'


Damini 'But you hate weddings..i mean all rituals and said it..remember!'


Prithvi pulled her out and smile looking into her eyes... 'I won't hate this one,' 'I want it to be perfect as you mentioned., your dream...a proper Indian wedding...'


'If you're not careful, you're going to turn into a romantic,' Damini teased him while creating a distance between them..


Prithvi looked with little false anger : 'Don't you want a proper wedding?'


'Of course I do,' She said while talking two steps back with serious look, 'but there is just one problem.'


Prithvi with confusion now: There is?' what??..


Damini with little shyness: 'Well Mr. Saxena,,,I can't..bcz..You haven't actually asked me to marry you yet'


Prithvi came close and hold her hands with mischievous smile :  'I seem to remember that I've already asked you not once but twice,' he pointed out as he kissed her hands.. 'And both times you said no.'


'Well, this time I'll say yes,' Damini promised with sorry look.


Prithvi bend on his knees, holding her hands...'In that case, my darling, for the third time...'"will you marry me and be my life partner now and forever...

Damini with joy tears nodded her head, bending down kissed him...




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Loved the start. Simply superb!
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Read the second part. Really awesome. Why do i feel he is talking about something else? Well, have to read further.
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Loved the part 4. I so did not expect that twist. I did not expect him to ask her to find him a bride. Awesome update. It is obvious he is falling for her. But the idiot is not understanding at all.

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