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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

FF: Love Ne Milla Di Jodi ~ P.8 completed (Page 4)

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OmG.. This FF is awesome.. I was some how missing PriDa badly & found this FF. Love PriDa & your story.Day Dreaming

Fab work dear.. Clap Really very interesting FF.Thumbs Up

Plz pm me for the next updateHug

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Part 4


she started visualising her future with him in her mind..what would it be like to know his mood swings, his favourite things..etc..but suddently realised What was she doing doing ..thinking about it? She should be thinking about her life with love..not without love and he will not love her ..but she need only love.. That was what she wanted, Damini reminded herself.  If security was all she wanted, she could have married Inder who was kind, a good friend & lover. They would have been happy enough together, but she had known that it wouldn't be enough for her. She didn't need security and she didn't need money. All she needed was love.


Damini shook her head with smile and said 'It's got to be perfect,'Prithvi. I'd rather not marry at all than settle for anything less.'I hope you understand what I mean.."


Prithvi : 'So you won't marry me?' he said after a pause.


Damini : 'No.'


Prithvi : 'What about your financial problems?'



Damini: 'Now, I'm looking for a job, not for a groom. I'm sorry if you feel you've wasted money on me, i meant, this dinner, but you're

going to have to look elsewhere for a wife. I'm really not for sale.' Goodbye..


Her mother had been right, Damini thought miserably as she reached behind her for the bag. Prithvi Saxena was trouble. she made to push back her chair, but Prithvi caught her wrist once again..



Prithvi :'Damini, wait!'



Damini: Now, its enough, leave me..I'm not going to change my mind!'Damini pulled her wrist free, ready to go... 



Prithvi :'You want a job? I'll give you a job.This time I'm talking about a real job,'If you won't marry me yourself, you can find me someone who will.'


Damini:"That's not the kind of job I had in mind,'My skills are in public relations, not matchmaking!'


Prithvi :'There's no reason why you shouldn't treat it as a public relations Job,' Change people's perceptions of me, create a new whatever

you have to do to get me accepted. meet any unmarried girls who might make a suitable Mrs Saxena! You could persuade people

to think that I am a nice guy.' If nothing else, you could regard it as a challenge!'


Damini looked into his face with shocked expression. It wasn't that she had expected him to be heartbroken at her refusal, but here he was springing his back-up plan on

her without even the decency to show a bit of regret, or any attempt to make her change her mind!


Prithvi :'I'd make it worth your while,''On my wedding day, you'd get the equivalent of a year's salary for something less than

two months' work, plus the option of taking up a position in a Saxena group as per your choice. I've got PR departments around the world. You could go wherever

you want. And if you decided to start your own business, I will help you with my references.'



It was a very generous offer, so generous that Damini couldn't help being suspicious. 'What exactly would I have to do for all that?' she enquired



Prithvi :'Make sure I get a wife to marry before my 30th birthday.'Prithvi made it sound as if it were the simplest of tasks.


Damini:'I don't quite see what I could do about it,'I can hardly go up and start attract girls on your behalf!'


Prithvi :'No, but you could save me a lot of time. You know who's single and who isn't, who's likely to have a practical approach to marriage, who's

desperate enough to consider anything. Your job would be to make situations where I could meet the kind of girls you think are most likely

and arrange an introduction. I'd do the rest You could think of yourself as a social secretary, if you liked, smoothing my way and making sure

that I'm accepted back there...'


She agrued. 'Why do you need me if that's all you want?'


Prithvi :'Because I'm a busy man. I haven't got the time to do it all myself. Thanks to my father, his neighbours thinks that I m not to

be trusted, and I can't change that overnight. Eventually I might be able to win people round on my own, but I need help if I'm going to do it in

two months. I'would be 30 on the 12th of December. If I'm not married by then, I might as well not bother.'



Damini:'You must employ group of people at Saxena group who could be social secretaries,' Damini objected.


Prithvi :'Not with your contacts. You know these people, Damini, and they like you. I saw that at your sister's wedding. If you will help me, I'd be

halfway there!'


Damini was twisting the strap of her bag around her hand. 'I don't just sounds so weird,' 'Like some kind of beauty contest I might as well herd all the available girls of a

certain age and let you take your pick!'


Prithvi :'It wouldn't be like that.' All you would have to do is introduce me around and let it be known that I'm not as bad as

everyone thinks. And then, when I've made my choice, you can help me convince her that marrying me would be a good idea.'


Damini:'What if she gets hurt?' Damini asked.


Prithvi with irritation in his voice:'Hurt?' How's she going to get hurt?'


Damini hesitated to choice the correct words..'Well...' . 'She might feel more for you than you feel for her,' 'It's all very well

for you to say that finaicail support and security are enough, but how is she going to feel knowing that you don't care about her other than as a way to get

your mansion?'


Prithvi :'I'd be honest with her, just the way I've been honest with you". He looked at her as if he had read her mind. "We'd sort everything out

before we were married. She wouldn't be able to say afterwards that she didn't know what was involved.'


Damini sighed. How could she explain to a man like Prithvi that Marriage didn't work like that? 'It's not that easy,' she tried. 'You can't treat

marriage like one of your business deals! and I don't think I can help you in this way..'


Prithvi :'I think you can.' i don;t want to know about your sentiments..but in reallity marriage is an exchange of assets. Not all women are

as romantic as you. I think there will be many who'd be prepared to do without the hearts and flowers in exchange for a share of my bank



Damini:"That's an outrageous attitude!'


Prithvi :'Just because you think so doesn't mean everyone else has to agree with you,' 'If a woman understands the circumstances and makes

the decision to marry me, who are you to say that she's wrong? How happy or unhappy our marriage is won't be your problem or business.'


It sounded reasonable enough when he put it like that, but it still felt all wrong to Damini and she felt a pain in her heart.. 'I don't know...' She hesitated.


Prithvi :'I'm offering you a job, Damini,' You said you were desperate. All you have to do is spend a couple of months being sociable. How hard

can that be?


Damini think for a while..Not too hard..Socialising was her hobby, A few weeks introducing Prithvi around and doing her best to convince

people that he wasn't as bad as he'd been painted wasn't much to ask in exchange for a year's salary & a tempting offer of a job with his company.


Damini:'I can't force someone to marry you,' 'Do I still get paid if there's no wedding?'


He shook his head. 'Where would be the incentive in that?' 'I'm a believer in payment by results. You can have a fee to cover your costs, but the rest has to wait until my

wedding day.'


'I don't know,' said Damini again, torn between the thought of solving her financial and career problems in one easy move and unease at the whole



Prithvi leant over and took the hands that were still fiddling with her bag in a firm grasp.'I'm not asking you to do anything illegal or unmoral,' he said

Just, asking you to help me, Damini.'


His fingers were warm and strong and dangerously reassuring. Damini could feel his will pulse through the touch. A new feeling like rain took over, clearing her doubts, her

objections, until she found it hard to remember why she was even hesitating. 


Prithvi :'If I had more time, I could get to know people gradually and hope that they would accept me.' Damini dragged her attention away from his touch,

make an effort of concentrating on what he was saying. 'I could find a wife by myself. But I haven't got time.


To Damini's relief, he let go of her hands. 'I want to go home, Damini,' he said simply as he sat back in his chair. 'I want to go home to Manali, and

I can't do it without you. Please, think about it at least.'


Damini's hands felt cold and oddly empty without Prithvi's warm clasp..she felt hurt without knowing the reason..


Prithvi was waiting, his light gaze fixed on her face. Damini's eyes flickered towards his, and then away.


'All right,' she heard herself say. 'I'll think about it'


He smiled and after that dropped her in hotel. Damini asked him to arrange tickets for Manali and without a question or arguement, he arranged everything and let her go into

her room..


She thought about him and his proposal all that night, tossing and turning in her hotel bed, and she thought about it the next 2 days after coming back to

Manali.  She thought about it as she wandered restlessly around her house, Prithvi's words looping endlessly in her head, until she couldn't stand

thinking about it any more and picked up the phone to let him know her decision.


'Good,' said Prithvi when she told him that she would take the job. 'You won't regret it.'

He was realaxed and too happy..: I'm coming up to Mumbai then on Saturday noon. I'll pick you up, and we'll go on to Manali together.'


When Damini reached at Mumbai airport on saturday noon, an executive jet with the Saxena group logo was parked on the terminal. Dragging

her suitcase, Damini headed towards it. Prithvi was already on board, working in a laptop, but he looked up at Damini, and asked airhostess to take care of Damini's suitcase.


He said, exiting the system and closing the laptop with a snap. 'At last,' 'Now we can go.'


Damini had spent the last few days trying to forget all those kisses. She'd concentrated on not thinking about it, especially not about him, while she packed and paid her outstanding bills, and rang friends to tell

them that she would be away for a couple of months. But she failed again and again as if the world was conspiring to make sure that she couldn't forget. All someone

had to do was mention london, or marriage, or champagne, or Saxena Group and Damini's careful attempts to block the whole incident from her mind would come

crashing down around her, swept away by a torrent of memory.But Endlessly, she had repeated all the reasons why taking the 'job' Prithvi had offered a good idea that would help her to secure the future..


By the time she'd climbed into the plane, Damini had managed to convince herself that it would be easy. She was reminding herself that for the first time in her life she was going

to be paid to socialise, and that couldn't be bad, could it? She might even enjoy the next two months. The thought of spending two months with Prithvi Saxena was still unsettling,

but Damini had ,told herself that it would be fine. She would simply pretend that the kiss had never happened, and treat him exactly as she

would any other boss. All she had to do was think of him as a particularly difficult and demanding boss. Not that that was going to be hard, Damini thought, pursing her lips as

she mede herself sit in the seat across from Prithvi's who instructed her to useseatbelt. He was obviously going to treat her like any other of his

unfortunate employees. Honestly, she huffed to herself, you'd think he could have brought himself to say hello, after he had begged her to help

him! It clearly wasn't worth his while wasting any more charm on her now that he'd got his own way.


Prithvi was staring at her:'What's the matter with you?'


'Nothing,' said Damini with a irritation. 'I was just thinking that my job is going to be a lot more difficult than I'd thought You need to

learn a few social skills before I try and introduce you to anyone!'


Prithvi's brows snapped together. 'What do you mean by that?'


'Oh, don't worry! I realise you won't have come across the concept before, but we can start you off on something simple like...ooh, "Hello",

say, or "How are you?"!'


His countenance relaxed a bit. 'I can see how you are,' he said. 'Very tense and confuse!'


'Who me?' Damini put her hand to her throat in mock amazement. 'What have I got to be tense about? I've just spent three crazy days closing down my

house, and I'm committed to spending the next two months with a man who can't even be bothered to say goodday or hi, hello!'


Prithvi rolled his eyes. 'It's just small talk,' he said. 'It doesn't mean anything, waste of time. Nobody ever really wants to know how you are, do they?'


Damini : 'You've got to start somewhere,'You can't just go up to a woman, show your money bags in front of her and then ask if she feels like spending the rest of her life with you in loveless

marriage! I know you think your bank balance is going to do all the talking, but I don't see you getting very far if you can't even manage to

say "Nice to meet you"!'


Prithvi with irritation, loosening his tie as if he felt constricted already. 'I'll do it when I have to and not before.'I hate those kind of social occasions,'

'Standing around making polite conversation with a load of people I don't know and don't want to!'


Damini :'I thought the whole point of me coming was to help you socialise!'


Prithvi :'It is, I'm not saying I won't go; I'm just saying, I'm not going to like it.'


Damini :'That's the wrong attitude for a start!' Nobody's going to talk to you if you stand around looking as if you don't want to

be there. You've got to relax, enjoy yourself.'


Prithvi : 'You think I'm going to enjoy myself around all those people who've been more than happy to think the worst of me for the last 15

years, if not longer?'Having to be pleasant to them, pretending I don't know what they think of me, trying to make them like me?' ,


His voice was harsh, and it was obvious how die prospect grated on his pride. His father had certainly picked the best way to humiliate Prithvi.

,thought Damini with smile. She found herself trying to comfort Prithvi. 'It won't be that bad. They're nice people. Once they get to know you, you'll be fine.'


Prithvi :'Easy for you to say.'I watched you at your sister's wedding.' You made everyone feel that they were the only ones you really wanted to talk to,'

he remembered slowly. 'You must have been having the same conversation over and over again, but you looked interested in everyone.'


Damini :'But people are interesting,'If you made the effort to talk to them, you'd find that out for yourself. It's not that difficult,' she went on

bracingly. 'You talked to me, didn't you?'



Prithvi looked away:'It was different with you, you were different.'


Damini :'Oh, nonsense!'How?'


Prithvi looked at her for a moment, and then away. 'I don't know,' 'It just was...'He paused and looked away once again.


There was a silence, only plane was making sounds..Damini-felt dizziness. She wanted to say something to break the silence,

to break the atmosphere with a light-hearted comment, but she couldn't think of anything.


Biting her lip, she looked out of her own window. She closed her eyes but she found light grey eyes of Prithvi glancing at her, and his voice, repeating words..It was different with you.

They had been flying about half an hour when Prithvi tensed and leant forward to see more closely out of the window. 'We're over kulluland now,' He'sat back almost immediately, but his nearness

made Damini's heartbeat almost stopped. She looked down, wondering if the nearness meant something to him also".

Prithvi said nothing more until the plane touched down where a brand-new luxerious car was waiting for them. Prithvi undipped his seatbelt and made his way forward to

push open the door on the other side of the plane, impatient to get out. He did not wait for the stares to come and jumped lightly down to the ground... . '

Damini followed more cautiously. She hesitated on the wing to get down but noticed, Prithvi turned and held up his arms. and said 'Jump,.

And suddenly it seemed quite natural and safe to do as he said. Damini dropped her hands on his shoulders, and as she jumped she felt

his big hands close hard around her waist. He swung her easily down, when her feet touched the ground he didn't let her go

immediately. Instead he smiled down into her face.


Prithvi :'Welcome, Damini.'


They were standing very close in the silence. Prithvi's hands were on her waist and she was dizzyingly aware of his nearness once again. Both were lost in their own world..

when an employee interrupted them in a respectful voice "The car is here to take you to the Saxena Mansion, Sir'. Damini stepped away from Prithvi awkardly.

Prithvi's hands fell from her waist and his smile faded. Damini felt that for a moment he too had forgotten that anyone else was there.


Prithvi said blankly : "'Oh, yes, That car,.'


The airhostess had already loaded the Prithvi's case, together with Damini's case, into the back of the car. She held the door of the cab open for

Damini, and she slid into one seat.


'Aren't you coming?' she said to Prithvi when he made no move to join her.


He was standing by the car, pulling the tie from his collar and rolling up his sleeves as if he couldn't wait to shed his urban, entrepreneurial

image, looking at the long-remembered land around him almost hungrily.


'No,' he said, bending down to hand over her the tie through the window. And Damini saw that there was already a sudden change to his

expression, as if an intolerable sadness had been eased. 'You go. I think I'd like to walk for a while and join you later.'


Prithvi had got special permission to live in Saxena Mansion till his birthday or wedding.He offered Damini a room at his Mansion and she accepted.

Driver dropped Damini at S.Mansion.


Damini entered slowly through main gate..the mansion itself was like a dream house, she had dreamed of...but she felt a sadness in the silent atmosphere.


Damini walked through the stable first and then entered in the lobby then rooms, enjoying the cool but finding the atmosphere oddly dispiriting.

Everything was immaculately clean but it was clear that Balraaj had not been a believer in luxury, or even much comfort.


Perhaps Prithvi would change that, Damini thought. He could certainly afford to bring in a designer and rennovate the Mansion.


She choose a room and took rest, after changing her dress. In Mumbai she used to wear only western gown but in Manali she preffered Salwar suit. She

chose a blue suit and wonder how would he react to see her like this. she slapped herself ..why she is thinking about himm anyway..she is here to wrk..

But she couldn't help feeling a little hurt at her abrupt dismissal. She wouldn't have chattered the whole way and spoilt everything for him.

She would just have been there with him to share his pleasure in returning.


But then, Prithvi wasn't the kind of man who believed in sharing his feelings, Damini reminded herself, and for some reason felt depressed.


She made her way out to the stable, checking out the horses, but there was still no sign of Prithvi, and after a while Damini began to worry.

Refusing offers of a drink or eat from the well-trained staff who appeared to think they were in a luxury hotel. 2 hours passed, Damini was in her room.

no sign of him..She came down and paced up and down in the main gate with her arms folded. Every couple of minutes she would stop and check her watch.

Surely he should be back by now, she tensed. It would be dark soon. It hadn't been that far from the kullu. What if he had got lost? Or had

any accident?


She was about to go for search when she recognise a sound from stable.., a moments later Prithvi appeared on a horse, looking surprisingly different in his 

clothes. No business suit, no tie..just a simple half sleeve shirt and jeans..


'Where have you been?' Damini greeted him furiously as he got down to sit near by stairs and she followed him.


Prithvi paused with his foot on the first step. 'In my room, I came back long time back,' he said.


Damini : Long time back..?? its too late now.., Why not informed me.."


He said, raising his brows at her tone. 'I sat for a while,' 'I was thinking.'


Damini :'What about?'


He looked into her eyes and then away. He said uninformatively. 'Why does it matter to you?'


Damini :' 'I don't suppose it occurred to you that I might have been worried?'


Prithvi :'No,' I can't say it did. Why would you be worried about me?'


Damini found herself unable to answer. She looked at him and with lower voice : 'I'm not going to earn my year's salary if you're going around, getting lost, am I?'


To her angry, Prithvi only laughed, as if he were really amused. 'I won't get lost,' he assured her. 'But I'm glad to hear that you're thinking about your bonus!

You sit here and think about how you're going to earn it, and when I come back you can tell me about your plans over the dinner.'


He disappeared into the house and Damini sat there alone, watching the sky deepen from gold to black.She wished Prithvi hadn't laughed like that because

that smile made her distract.


At least she had some time to recover. Damini look into the sky and concentrated on getting her breath back. In, out. In, out. In, out. She felt normal after a while.


When Prithvi reappeared he was wearing simple black T-shirt with capri. Damini took one look at him and somehow felt a thunder in her heartbeat. She managed to look normal..


'What would you like to eat tonight?' Prithvi asked her and called his maid. Indian or Italian?'


Those words reminder her of london dinner night.


Damini :No.'I mean...actually I'd prefer fruits only, not feeling hungry.' and by the way from where did you arrange this staff..


Prithvi : "Mumbai based not locals.."


Damini :'You're making yourself comfortable!'


Prithvi :'I might as well,' This is my home now.'


Damini reminded him :'If you find yourself a wife,'and his expression hardened. 'I will,' he told her.I'm not leaving town again.'


Damini wondered if he had any idea of what was involved in a marriage. He seemed to think that finding a wife would be a simple process, a question

of running his eye over a few suitable candidates and picking out the one he liked best. She thought about pointing out to him that things were

likely to prove a little more complicated than that, but there was such anger in face of Prithvi that she decided not to bother.


Damini :'I wonder how long the staff'll stay here,' she said as the maid closed the door behind her.'I bet maximum a week.'


Prithvi looked suspiciously down the table. 'What do you mean?'


Damini : 'Come on, Prithvi, those guys are used to working in luxury apartments of Mumbai! They won't think much of conditions out here. What are they going to do

with themselves when they're not working? They'll be bored stiff in five minutes, and I don't blame them!'


"They're being extremely well paid,' said Prithvi, looking down his plate.


Damini flourished her fork. 'Money's not everything,'


Prithvi :''It's why you're here.' 'Isn't it?'


It was true, Damini acknowledged, subsiding. If it hadn't she wouldn't be here.


'Yes,' she muttered.


'I hope you've given some thought to how you're going to earn all this money I've agreed to pay you,' he said with straight look.


Damini :'I've an idea, "Diwali is next weekend and Every year manali club arrange a party".'


She paused, waiting for Prithvi to comment positively, but he was unimpressed. 'Is that it?'


"That is a big social occasions,' she pointed out defensively.


'Everyone will be there. Diwali party is an excellent opportunity for me to start introducing you round, and then you can follow up anyone likely

I think it should work well.'


Prithvi's only response was a simple look, so Damini continue.


Damini :' you could make some contacts, I thought we could arrange a party here in mansion and invite everyone to a party here.'


Prithvi :"They won't come.'


Damini :'They will once they've had a chance to get to know you properly and people around here love get together and parties..".


Prithvi :'Not everyone has your enthusiasm for parties,'.


Damini :'They'll want to come to your party, because I'll be spending the time telling them how brilliant it's going to be,' I'll organise a fabulous party,

the kind of spectacular event that people will talk about for years to come, and we'll invite absolutely everybody.' Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. 'We could

fly in a band and entertainers, make it a sort of mini-carnival! It'll be fantastic!'


Prithvi was looking at her blankly and then away : 'How much do you think that's going to cost?" 


Damini :'Look, what's the point of having all that money if you don't spend it?' As far as you're concerned, I think it would be an investment.'

Damini looked at him and continue : 'I'm telling you, throwing a really generous party and giving everyone a great day out would be the best thing

you could do. No one would be able to ignore you after that. You'd get invited back everywhere, and there would

be no problem meeting possible right girl for you.'


Prithvi :'Hmm.'


Disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm, Damini pushed her fruit plate. 'You don't sound very keen. I thought you wanted to meet people?'


Prithvi :'I do.'


Damini :'So can I go ahead and organise the party or not?'


'All right,' said Prithvi, but he sounded irritable, and he pushed his plate to stand up.


Damini (Talk about ungrateful! Here she was, doing everything he'd asked her to do, and look what thanks she got for it) : I'm only trying to help.'

! 'You'll never find a wife unless you're prepared to make an effort.'


Prithvi :'All rightl' 'I've got the point that you want your cash as early as possible!'


Damini forced a smile : 'And the job,'I quite looking forward to go back to my normal life...'


Prithvi hit his hand on the table with anger. 'You're not going anywhere until I'm married!'


Damini puzzled with his response and chose her words to remind him that her interest in him and his marriage was

purely professional. :'Why do you think I'm so keen to make a start?' "The sooner you find a suitable wife, the sooner I

can get back to doing what want to do. For start we can go for shopping tommorrow and make contact in market area..


Prithvi pointedly failed to congratulate her on her positive attitude. he just add with frustrated voice : 'Fine,' 


Damini rolled her eyes. It was going to be hard if he was going to act so cold about her ideas. 'What about tomorrow, then?'


Prithvi :'Not tomorrow.' 'I want to meet advocate first..


Damini :'I guess I could start thinking about the party, then, otherwise it will be boring sitting here all day alone waiting for you to come back".


Prithvi : Do whatever you want..I m tired now and dissappered from kitchen without saying gudnight..


Damini had her breakfast alone in the dining room the next morning. It was no more cheerful in the morning light. He left without informing her.


Living a life of luxury was all very well, but it was awfully boring. She spent her whole day to night reading magezines, watching tv.., tring to make plans for party.

Damini had to sit alone, with nothing to do and nobody to talk to. There had been no sign of Prithvi when she woke up next morning. He

obviously hadn't time for her. Why should he ? She is just an ordinary employee for not she..??

She reached for breakfast but no sign of staff too..


Fine, thought Damini, but she couldn't help feeling a little pain in her heart. He might at least have asked her if she wanted to go too.' but why??


The lobby door slammed just then, and was followed -by the sound of angry footsteps.Damini recognised them instantly as Prithvi's, and she brightened, excusing the

sudden change of her own mood..his company might not be just what she wanted, it was better than no company at all.


'There you are!' The door opened abruptly and Prithvi stood there, wearing jeans and a casual checked shirt but somehow managing to look so handsome..


Damini was annoyed to discover that no matter how prepared she thought she was for the sight of him, her heart still did dance...,


Prithvi's face was thunderous, and Damini put down her coffee cup down and asked : 'What's the matter?' ,


Prithvi :'Go and change your clothes.'


Damini :'What, now?'


Prithvi :'You're'coming with me,'


Damini :'But I was going to make some calls about the party this morning,'


Prithvi :"The party can wait. We've got more important things to do today, I mean arrange new staff..!'


Damini rolled her eyes asked what staff gone..oh god,, ?.


He rounded on her furiously. 'Oh, yes, thanks to your bet. I don't know who said what to them and they..he paused.. I'm

not going to be able to find anyone to replace them quickly without your help of course.'


Damini let him stomp around, swearing fluently, and waited until he had got the worst of it off his mind. She didn't underestimate the

seriousness of his predicament. The big Mansion couldn't be manage without staff... needed someone to help

maintain the property on a day-to-day basis. There was just too much for one man to cover.


'What are you going to do?' she asked when he had stopped and looking for a glass of water.


Prithvi :'I can tell you one thing I'm not going to do, and that's 'sit around and saying "Oh, God",'If people around

think I'm going to slink back because nobody likes me, they are wrong! I'll manage somehow, even if I have to do anything myself.'


'Right,' said Damini, knowing quite well how impossible that would be.


Prithvi : GO, Get ready, we'll see if we can find some more , 


'We?' she asked delicately..


Prithvi had been muttering to himself, but he swung round at Damini's interruption. 'You and me,' he said. 'Who else is here?'


He closed his for a moment as if controlling his anger or frustration and before she could refuse or asked further quesion, he add simply :

'I need you, Damini.'


I need you. The words flout in the air. Damini saw his closed he heard himself admit that he couldn't manage on his own, and she

felt suddenly ashamed. He had already begged for her help once. She didn't need to make him do it again.


'I'll go and change,' she said while looking away.


They stepped out the lobby gate and crossing the stable area but rain stopped them and they step to stable shade. He looked upto sky as if cursing.

Damini sit silently on a hay bundle. Small talk wasn't an option for her with Prithvi, even if he had been in the mood.


Prithvi break the silence after few moments : 'Excellent weather. 'That's all I need!'


She blinked her eyes dangerously. 'Look, it's not my fault you've got such a bad reputation no one wants to work for you!'


They glared at each other for a moment, before Prithvi took off his watch and ran his fingers through his hair. 'No, I know,' he admitted heavily. I'm

sorry. but I'was just I need a ride, its really a gud weather I like it..'


'I did not know,' said Damini with surprised look while thinking that Apologies didn't come to him any more easily. She should have been pleased,

she found that she wasn't enjoying his discomforts, his tensions. 'It's disappointing,' she said, to help him out, although the word seemed meaningless to describe Prithvi's feelings.


Prithvi :'its Ok.' well,, I am going out for a stay here..I don't want you to get wet and ill..".


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Part 5


Three days passed, both got busy in household works cleaning, kitchen work, stable work etc..forgeting their real purpose, the wedding,,. Although, they went out

for shopping as an excuse that helped Prithvi to meet out with few people around. At home she was not a good cook but he appreciate her efforts too much as if he had the best food. He too was not good at cleaning and all but did all as per her instructions with determination. Both started to realise a comfortableness, and peace in each other's company.


Once in stable area, she noticed him watching her and when she asked him : 'Why are you looking at me like that?'


He grinned and replied simply : 'I was just remembering you at your sister's wedding. I would never have guessed then that you could be like this too.I mean this kind of work.!'

Damini :'It's funny, isn't it?''If you'd asked me that time if I'd like to spend days doing all these stuff, I'd have said absolutely not. I'd have opted firmly to stay in my nice Mumbai house where I could rest and order to someone for each little thing.'I used to hate all these stuff..I mean i feel I am ambition girl, not for all these..but here

I am now and I'm really enjoying it.'


Prithvi :'You'r doing a good job in all ways,'Your family would be proud of you.You're a hard worker.'


Damini slid a glance at him from under her lashes. 'Did you think I wouldn't be?'


Prithvi :'No, but I wouldn't have blamed you if you'd given up after the first day.'and anyways Glad you r enjoying here, your work'


He looked at her and continue : I never had a break since last 15 years, this is the first time I am feeling like I am on holidays.


Damini with smile : 'I guess at Saxena group you've not got employee who can share your burden so that you can take a break, like me...'


Prithvi's smile faded : I guess so.' Yon know, when I imagined myself back at Manali, I never thought I'd be doing this kind of stuff, I mean all these work.' I had a vision of myself riding around, inspecting the Mansion but leaving all the dirty 'work to someone else, instruction to staff... But..I'm kind of glad that it did not work that way. Working in this mansion, it's been a good feeling. It's a long time since I've done anything like this.'I feel more connected to this place now..I felt my earlier years were unreal and I got nothing..."


'You built up Saxena group,' Damini reminded him. 'That's real, your own,,,!'


He looked into her eyes... 'Is it?'


Damini :'I bet it feels pretty real to all those people you employ, and to people around the world who use Saxena technology every, day or get financial help from Saxena finance group.'. She blinked her

eyes with mischief..''And ..what about those crores in your bank account? Don't they feel real to you?'


'It's not the same,' said Prithvi stubbornly. 'I don't regret anything I've done. Building up a company like that is a challenge, and the higher the

stocks market you play for, the more exciting it is. But it's not like doing something like this. I'd forgotten what it's like to do something with my

hands for my own home or someone to whom I...he paused...but not complete the sentences..


'It's a good feeling,' said Prithvi (If only he knew).


Damini looked away abruptly from him and said : We'd better go back in, lunch time.'


They started walking towards Kitchen in silence and he stopped suddenly..


'I've been thinking,' he said, but almost as if the words had been forced out of him.


Damini :'What about?'


Prithvi :'About that job you wanted to do.'


Damini frowned, reviewing the list of jobs ahead. She couldn't remember anything except him and mansion..'Which one?' she asked, puzzled.


Prithvi :'The one in Mumbai in Saxena group.'


It took a few moments for her to work out that he was talking about the plum posting he had offered her as an incentive to find him a suitable

wife. The agreement they had made seemed like something that had happened in another life. Taken up with the work in the Mansion, Damini had forgotten

just what she was doing with him.


Clearly Prithvi hadn't.


'Oh, yes,' she said flatly. "That job.'


Prithvi :'It's yours.'Whatver position you want or salary too..


Damini had been staring straight ahead, but after hearing his words, she looked at him blankly. 'What?'


Prithvi :'When all this is over, you can go to Mumbai and join.'


'What about your marriage?' she made herself ask.


'I still need that to go ahead.' Prithvi sounded as if he were having to convince himself. 'And the extra money I promised is dependent on me

getting married before my birthday, but you can have the job whatever happens.' He glanced at Damini's amazed face and then back on other side.  

"You've earned it. You've worked really hard over the last 2-3 days here at mansion, and it's not what you came here to do..

Damini knew that she should be thrilled, but all at once it was hard to feel very excited about the thought of leaving mansion and taking up a job

in Mumbai.


'You said you wanted to work in Saxena group in Mumbai,' he reminded her when she didn't say anything. 'You could go over and enjoy your life.'


He obviously couldn't wait to get rid of her. 


'Great.' Damini forced a smile. 'Thanks.'


It was just as well Prithvi had reminded her about the real purpose of her presence with him, she told herself as she finished serving lunch. She had

almost forgotten and that would never do. Damini struggled to remember her reasons of accepting the job.They might have found it surprisingly comfortably

and peace when they were working together all day, but that didn't mean that anything had changed.


Prithvi still needed a wife, and it was still her job to find him one. She had better keep that firmly in


But she found it harder and harder to remember. when she looked back at that time, she was amazed at how naturally they'd fallen into a routine. She realised that the physical exercise was making her tired but she felt so alert and alive, and it was

nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Prithvi was always there, helping her with his smile. Damini was secretly amazed that he could seem so relaxed. It was

hard to believe sometimes that this was the same man proudy, arrogant, bussiness tycon..stranger who had walked into Roshni's wedding.


His dressing style changed, dusty jeans, shirt rolled up to reveal the strong forearms, & brighting eyes... He didn't look like a rough tycoon any more. He looked more

carefree. He looked happy.


Something twisted inside Damini, and she must have lost her mind that is why she was noticing his soo much carefully..


'What?' he asked noticing her staring at him.


'Nothing,' said Damini quickly, looking down to cut the salad as an excuse..'I was just thinking what a beautiful weather it is,' she lied.


Prithvi looked outside the window and smiled & said slowly :'I remember going out for picnic with mom in this season'.


It was the first time he had mentioned his childhood, his mom. Damini hadn't liked to ask in case he didn't want to talk about it, but now that he had

brought the subject up himself, she couldn't resist the chance to find out more. 'What was she like?' she asked curiously.


Prithvi looked down to his emply plate as if considering the question :'My mother?''She was very pretty, very frivolous cook, but completely fashionalbe..

unsuited for Manali . She born in london and shifted Mumbai, Married Dad ..oh marriage and than settled here..and the initial

attraction didn't last long when faced with the reality of the world and lost love I guess..and interest in Manali.'


After a pause he continue,,'It's surprising, really, that she lasted as long as she did. She stuck it out for eight years, then she

decided that she couldn't stand it any longer and went back to Mumbai. I was 12 when she left.'


Prithvi sounded bitterly sad & Damini's heart cracked at the thought of the lonely little boy.


Damini (wondering why Prithvi seemed to have reserved all his bitterness for his father, and not for mother who had left him when he needed her most)

:'I don't understand how she could do that!''Why didn't she take you with her?'


He shrugged carelessly. 'She knew that I belonged to this house even then and she thought I need home, security than her... I would have been miserable without him.

I went to see her a few years ago but she was no more...Love marriage must have seemed like a bad dream to her or may be she did not love me or my father that much to



Prithvi looked at her. She was looking down at knife to cut the salad..He added suddenly..'No,I am trying to say comment on your ideologies about love..'my mother wasn't anything like you.'

Somewhat reassured.


Damini watched him carefully and slowly asked : 'Why did she marry your father if she was not in tat much love or she was not comfortable to change herself for him,,?


Prithvi : 'She did loved him and convinced herself that that would be enough.' but She soon learnt that my father did not loved her that way she did..

she made her life is distracted and miserable ..make life hell..


He sounded as if he were warning her. Damini's eyes slid away : 'No wonder you don't believe in love with parents like that.'


Prithvi : 'Who says that I don't believe in love?'


Damini : 'Do you?'


Prithvi :'Sure, I do'. 'I just don't believe that it lasts. and its not practical way to handle life..'

'Not in my experience.'


Damini : 'So you've never fallen in love and thought that it would last for ever?' '


She thought at first that he wouldn't answer. 'Once,' he admitted at last.


'What was her name?'


Prithvi with smile :'Maa' I loved her but she left me alone , broke my heart...but then I set about making my fortune, she taught me a valuable lesson

that Love does not work but money...and woman haaa...not trustworthy...for life..


Damini shocked to hear his views about girls and said bitterly : "Woman are not like that, v r trustworthy "


Prithvi pointed out bitterly : 'You broke off your engagement too, left your fiancee too hurt him..'


"That was different!' Damini protested. 'I wasn't in love with him.." after a pause she added "'When I fall in love, really in love, I won't change my mind,' .

'When I fall in love it will be for ever.I will not hurt him...not break his heart,,never..untill death..'


She felt rather than saw him shake his head. 'I hope you'd better fall in love with someone who feels the same,' he warned her, 'or you're going to end

up disappointed.'


Damini closed her eyes after hearing his words as if trying picture her ideal man who would walk into her life one day and make everything right,

but all she could see only him.


There was no point in even thinking about falling in love with him.She knew him since last 10 to 15 days only...still..?? Damini slapped herself in mind to get away frm the mere idea.

Even if Prithvi hadn't already made it very plain that love was never going to be on his agenda, he was nothing like her ideal. She needed to do just

as he said, and fall in love with someone who was capable of feeling the same way about her.


'I will,' she said with focibly smile not sure she was assuring him or herself...


'Ouch!' Damini dropped the knife and whipped her hand to her mouth.


Prithvi looked up at her quickly with concern. 'What have you done?'


'Cut my thumb with knife while cutting this,' she mumbled while showing cucumner..


'Let me see.' He pulled her hand from her mouth and held with care in his hands as he inspected the cut. It wasn't deep, but blood

was still welling. He frowned. 'You should have been carefull".


'It's OK.' His hands were cool and competent, and Damini was fully aware of his fingertips touching her skin. Pulling her hand away, she

bent to pick up uncut cucumber, only to find herself pushed aside by his concerned behaviour.


'Here, I'll do that.' He took the knife while pushing her aside. Prithvi cut it too quickly with ease.


When he had done, Prithvi asked her to finish lunch and than rest.


Damini with sursprise : 'I haven't finished my work yet'showing the mess in the kitchen...


Prithvi while cleaning the dining table..,,:'enough for today.'


After a moment he added : "It's good weather outside so will go for picnic.. I think you could have relaxed for a while...& your cut too..'


Damini :'What ?? Picnic where??'


Prithvi : Damini, you r in Manali, there are many places to hang out n picnic..,and top of all..I'm going to do something I've been

meaning to do ever since I got back.'


She nodded, thinking that it was about time that Prithvi rang his Mumbai office for daily updates. 'You Mumbai office must be waiting to hear from

you, you hv a online meeting ??

'It's the lunch break,' Prithvi reminded her. 'There's no point in ringing anyone at this moment, and anyway, I don't want to. I've got a better idea.'

'Do you like ridding?' he asked.


Damini with little hesitation : yes, but I m not gud as you..


Prithvi dragged her to stable without wasting time and asked her to climb a horse and he sit holding her. She was fully aware of his hands around hers,

but there was nothing lover-like about the way Prithvi was holding her hand, she reminded herself... He was intent on his surroundings, happy because of his

mansion, this weather and had probably forgot that she was there at all, for work??.


Prithvi while instructing to hold the control of horse : hold it tightly ...and relax...


'Oh, ok' said Damini on a long breath.


Prithvi nodded, smiled at her reaction. 'Dn't worry, you are safe..I m here with you...'


As if suddenly becoming aware of his words and realising that he was still holding her hand closly, he get down and let go. Pretending that she hadn't noticed, Damini took two rounds and

but due to sudden rain, she let go horse inside and got down to enjoy the rain.


'It's beautiful,' she said, looking up at Prithvi with a smile as she played with the droplets.


'Yes,' he agreed without taking his eyes from her face. 'It is.'


Damini's smile faded as the air evaporated between them. She was very conscious of her wet dress, of the dazzling light, of the beating heat

and the silence that stretched around them. She looked at him and composed herself...


Prithvi drew a breath. He seemed about to take a step towards her when at the last second he changed his mind and turn away. 'Come on, let's go outside the shade,'

he said excitedly.


'It's cold,' she said to avoid the uneasiness insider her.


Prithvi while dragging her : 'It's not cold...,' You have to come.


IT WAS too cold to stay in the water for long. Damini took a step to move inside but he grabbed her hands to stop.

Damini avoided his eyes. 'I'm cold,' she muttered, wrapping her arms around herself.


Prithvi with smile : No, you r not,..let dance and hold her back..


she stared moving like a toy with his moves but stuggling to block out the sight of Prithvi, and concentrated on taking deep, slow breaths.

Ignoring her heartbeats. She had to think of something to say, something to distract themselves..somthing that would convince Prithvi, not to mention herself, that she hadn't

forgotten why she was there, that she was in no danger at all of mistaking the enforced intimacy of the last few days when they had been

working together for anything else.


Damini forced a smile and looking at him and asked ..So??


He lifted his head to look at her,Prithvi asked lazily. 'So?'what??  .


'So here you r in Manali, in your Mansion...,' she told him. 'You still want a wife, don't you?' 


There was a tiny pause. 'Yes,' said Prithvi.


'I am planning to arrange invitation pases for Diwali party..Everyone .will be there and it will be a good chance for you to meet people.'

Damini hoped that she sounded cheerful.


she noticed him lost in his own added carefully...'I guess I should find out exactly what you're looking for,'  'I don't want

to waste time introducing you to girls who r not your type..Have you given any thought to the kind of girl you'd like to marry?'


He looked at her with smile : 'It's funny you should say, that,'because I've been thinking about it a lot, and I know exactly what I want'


'Oh.' Damini was disconcerted, :'Well, that should make my job easier,' she said, determinedly bright.


Prithvi :'I hope so.'


She stiffened slightly at the undercurrent of amusement she detected in his voice. 'What do you want?'


She noticed him moving closer, looking down at her :' I was thinking that someone in her twenty's would be the right kind of age for me.' He

paused, and the smile in his voice deepened. 'Say about 26.'


Damini's heart almost stopped as she felt the depth of his voice.


'A girl with long hair,' Prithvi went on softly. 'Yes, I think definitely deep eyes, with a warm heart' Reaching

he took hold of Damini's hand and pulled her more close, so that she was left staring up him, & dark-eyed with temptation.


'I want a nice girl for a change.' His voice was very low. 'A nice girl and a hard worker.'


He was leaning over her now, smiling, Keeping tight hold of her wrist, he lifted her hand to his mouth and looked at the cut

It was still red but the bleeding had stopped.


"The sort of girl who hated household work but still ,,,,' he said, kissing the cut, and run his fingers up to her elbow, over her shoulder to linger along

her collarbone and press slow, seductive kisses against her throat.


'Do you know anyone like that, Damini?' he asked, smiling into her skin.


Damini made an effort to avoid response of her body that was shivering and melting beneath the touch of his lips.


'No?' said Prithvi mischiefly as he touch the line of her jaw. 'I do.


I know someone just like that.' Dropping tiny, enticing kisses on the end of her nose, over her cheeks, he whispered, 'Someone with

blue, blue eyes; someone who looks like she smiles when she's asleep; someone...' his lips drifted downwards '...with a face just made for



Damini was lost. There was no point in struggling, she gave up to the pleasure and slide her arms wrapping his neck. It felt

so right to hold him that Damini couldn't believe she had resisted it for so long.


Prithvi's hands were moving over her in urgent possession and kissed her deeply..


'Marry me, Damini,' he murmured, his voice ragged and uneven. 'We could be so good together. You know we could.'


They could... Damini could feel the dark undertow of desire, urging her to agree. Prithvi was right; it would be oh, so good.


Prithvi was sliding her dupatta down and kissing her shoulder as he went. 'Say you'll marry me,' he whispered. 'Say yes. It might not

be your dream, but this is enough, isn't it?'


Damini closed her eyes, trying to block out the senstaion of her body that craved his touch, that didn't want him to stop. It would be so easy to

say yes. If she said yes, he would marry her and they would live together. He would be of her only forever..


Say yes, her heart urged. If she said yes, she would be able to stay at his house, She could be with him every day, every night Wouldn't that be enough?


'Say yes,' said Prithvi again, kissing her cheeks again.


But she struggled in her mind..They wanted different things. He wanted his property.. and she wanted love.


Prithvi was playing with her hair. I'll give you everything,' he said, as if he could read her mind. 'You don't need love as well.'


'I do,' said Damini brokenly. 'I do. That's just what I need.'


'What about this?' he asked, kissing her throat, her shoulder. 'you don't love me want me, Damini. I can feel it when I touch you, when I kiss you. Doesn't that

mean anything?'


'No, I dont want you..,' she said with difficulty, and he lifted his head to look down into her blue eyes.


'You won't marry me?' he said, as if he couldn't believe what she was saying.


She shook her head. 'No,' she whispered, knowing that he wouldn't ask again.


'I see.' Prithvi's face hardened and he took two step away from her.


Damini : I'm sorry, Prithvi, I can't"..


'No I am sorry and .. Forget it,' he said closing his eyes... 'It would have been convenient, that's all.'


Convenient, she thought bitterly. She could see that it would have been convenient for him. A handy wife, already on the spot

to get married with the minimum of fuss and the dream would be finally his. He could get back to his precious property and file

her away and forget about her. Oh, yes, it would have been very convenient for Prithvi if she'd said yes.


'Time for work now, I am going inn' he said, and Damini's heart cracked to hear the hard note back in his voice.


Damini : I'm coming with you'I won't marry you, but that doesn't mean I won't help you.'


"Thank you,' he said unpleasantly. 'Nothing whatsoever to do with the high salary you're hoping to earn, I'm sure.'


Damini with teary eyes:'No,'I'll do it because I know how much this place means to you now. You need a wife, and I can help you find one.'


Two more days passed..She made herself busy in preparation of party and other housework, totally avoiding him.


on the otherhand, he too got involved in his office work though online meetings, stable work but still struggling with his inside emotions that were totally

new for him..



1 days to go for Diwali party at Manali club still no invitation received..She checked with her momma if she received it..but no response..


Damini was working in kitchen and he was passing through n stop to watch her childish actions, making faces, playing with her hair while thinking etc...Her phone rang

and she talked to someone with huge smile..He felt disturb inside his heart and impatiently asked her..


Prithvi : Who was on line?


Damini with excitment : "oh, here u r,, a gud news for you..


Prithvi focibly smile change his mood : what r u ready for marriage..I mean with me??


Damini (her expression changed): "be serious, I was talking to sameer, he invited me today evening to watch horse racing in nearby club..I think you should join me

that would be a good opportunity for you to get to know other people around,,you know.."


Prithvi with anger now : I am not going anywhere, i hv plenty of work in stable..You can go n enjoy..


Damini with frustration : what, I should go alone, but y, here I am trying to change your image infront of everyone and giving you opportunity

to mix up with people and you have no time,,,,how I am going to help you if you will act like this..


Prithvi look into her eyes : " what do you mean by act like this,,I am doing whatever you ask to..since last two days n now ..anyways I m just

not interested to go anywhr or meet anyone..I don;t understand y r u eager me to drag with u...


Damini almost in tears: sorry sir, but I think time to remind you that's my job, I am just trying to help you to get a suitable wife" remember the agreement, we had..


Prithvi looked away : oh, yes, thanks for reminding me, I will come with you and sorry for my behaviour, May b i was upset because of something else.


Saying this he walked into his room closing the door. He started pacing here and there and thinking what the hell is wrong with him..

he is business tycon, want a bride before his birthday for the sake of this mansion,..but he forget everything in presence of that stupid girl...y...she is just an

ordinary employee to whom he will pay..rite..?? He had already been spending his each minutes strugling with these questions..but no answer.


On the other side, she was also struglling with same thougths..y she is helping him crossing professional line..y his rough words hurt her...

but no answer..


In evening both met in lobby and left the Mansion in silence..She wore her red salmar suit and he wore black shirt with jeans..

She got a warm welcome from Sameer and other friends. Of course her friends were in shocked to see Prithvi with her but somehow Damini made them understand

that he is not that bad and her boss.  


Damini looked after him with a mixture of frustration and hurt in party. If she had kept her mouth shut Prithvi wouldn't have asked her to marry him, she wouldn't have

had to refuse. He wouldn't have kissed her, and they wouldn't have spent the evening in a silence wrapped with tension.


Damini had done her best to pretend that nothing had happened and to carry on as normal, but Prithvi had refused to respond to her attempts to make

conversation, and in the end she'd given up. How could she be normal anyway, when the memory of his kiss was still there in her memory and

tingling over heart. She hated seeing the shuttered look that had returned to his eyes. She bad hoped that he might relax once he got to

the Party, but he had only stood blank-faced at her side as she'd introduced him round with few peopl who showed little interest in him. \

He was obviously hating every moment, and had barely responded to her attempts to include him in the conversation.


This isn't what he's really like, Damini wanted to cry, but she didn't think that anyone would believe her. They didn't know the Prithvi she knew.

They hadn't seen him out under the sky working in stable, or helping her in hoursehold work with smiling face.


Don't think about it, Damini told herself desperately, and forced her mind back to the party and the suspicious looks the others were giving Prithvi.

They saw only a cold-eyed stranger with a tough expression, and although no one had actually asked him to leave yet, it had been made very clear that he would

not have been welcome without her.


Damini had painted a bright smile to her face and dragged Prithvi from group to group,avoiding his negetive response, chatting to

everyone, and now she was exhausted with the 'effort of willing him to at least smile. He would never find a wife looking like that, she thought in despair. He

had to like someone. Damini had spent the night telling herself to forget the way he had kissed her. She might hate the idea of loveless marriage Prithvi intended,

but she had promised to help him and that was 'what she was going to do. She couldn't bear the thought of him

having to leave his dream now, no matter what it will cost.




She recognised her mother's voice. She should have called her parents to let them know that she would be here with Prithvi, but somehow

the thought of all the explanations had seemed too much.


'Hello, Mumma.' She turned to hug her mother .


Prithvi turned as well, and her mother's expression of astonishment turned to one of ludicrous dismay. 'Mrs Gujraal,' he greeted her coolly by touching

her feet (Damini surprised by his act), and his keen gaze flickered between the two of them. 'You'll want to talk to your

mother on your own,' he said to Damini, and walked away before she had a chance to say somthing.


Mummaa : What r u doing with him here, working for him ??


'yes, mommaa, with a very good package,' said Damini, trying to see where Prithvi had gone. 'Relax, Ma! It's just a job. You should be pleased for me.'


Her mother refused to be reassured. 'I don't like the idea of you working for Prithvi Saxena,He left his father and have bad image..everybody hates him.."


'Mr.Saxena was not a good father so Prithvi had to run away,, .' Damini was surprised at how angry she felt.

and if here everybody hates him...'That's their loss,' said Damini tightly. 'Honestly, you should listen to yourself, Mum! You visit his office, and c how

how is doing there, everyone likes adore him, friendly with himm.., but here I haven't seen anybody being very friendly to Prithvi. Nobody's even given him a chance!'

She stopped awkwardly as she didn't want her mother wondering why she was getting so upset on Prithvi's behalf. She didn't even want to

wonder about it herself.


'Prithvi isn't bad at all,' she said more calmly. 'I wouldn't be working for him if he was, would I? There are two sides to

every story, so you can 'tell that to anyone who tries to tell you how bad he's but you have not dared to understand his side,,have you!'


She turned to spot Prithvi at last in the distance. He was facing a group of young men who had been sitting on the chairs around a table

discussing riding a wild horse. Damini couldn't hear what they were saying, but the body language was hostile and it was obvious that trouble was there.


'Look, Mum, I've got to go,' she said hurriedly. I'll give come back home soon.'


Damini walked over to where the men were having discussion, more people were gathering around.


'What's happening?' she asked one of them in a low voice.


'Seems like Saxena, is having arguement or something...he answered laconically.


'Oh, god.' Damini pushed her way to the front of the circle. It was obvious that the station hands had been drinking but she noticed him drinking for the first time.

They were laughing at Prithvi, whose face was a mask. There was something contemptuous about the way he stood there, and Damini could see

that his anger with on top as he was trying to control from reacting.


one of them said: 'You don't think u should go back,,,because this place is not for you,.. Prithvi Saxena, and you

don't understand how things work here any more. You're too soft to survive in this smal town that too without your big staff... .'


'Yeah,' another taunted. 'We've heard all about your staff... You've got someone to do everything, or doing all alone..


Everyone around the circle burst out laughing. 'How are you handling the stable and horses?'


'I don't need a anyone and I can handle any horse and ride too.' There was a white look about Prithvi's mouth, but his voice was perfectly level.


'Oh, yeah?' the other man scoffed. 'Want to prove that?'


'You don't need to prove anything,' said Damini quickly, moving to Prithvi's side and taking his arm, but he shook her off without even looking at her.


Prithvi challaged the men all around:'You pick a horse and I'll ride it.'


Everyone including Prithvi and Damini went near the racing area of the club and one of the pointed out towards the wildest hourse and asked : 'Think you

can ride that one, Mr Saxena?' and they all sniggered.


Prithvi : 'Yes.I can'


Prithvi's quiet, cold voice cut through the air, and there was a rustle among the spectators as the mood changed.


"This has gone far enough,lets go back home, Prithvi' Damini began, but Prithvi simply moved her aside, avoding her.


'You get that horse ready, and I'll ride it,' he told the men.


'Don't be so stupid,' she said in a scary tone as they ran to corner the horse to get horse on track where Prithvi would be able

to ride That's a dangerous animal!


Damini almost crying : You'll get hurt!!They're just trying to humiliate you.'


'They're not going to succeed,' said Prithvi, and his eyes were as cold as ice.


'Prithvi—' She tried to catch hold of his arm, but he brushed her off.


'You stay out of this, Damini,' he snarled.



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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged
fantastic uds...cant wait to read nxt ud...
ud soon

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pia09 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Hi Tich, luved it. pl. continue soon.

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
wow an amazing fic cont soon

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-Misek- Viewbie

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Tich thanks so much for the update. I m lovin this ff.

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medhahps Groupbie

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Its just tooo good..update soon :)

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