Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

DOTW - 19 May =) Discuss away! ;)

AyushiSinghania IF-Rockerz

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Hi and Hello EHMMBHians.

Posting Something On The Forum Nearly After A Month and it actually feels good. I miss being active on this forum.


I'm Here With DOTW For This Week


Since We Have Many things To Discuss On The Current track Of EHMMBH  So The DOTW Is Based On Current Tracks Thing Only.


So, I'm given the task of doing the DOTW, So Presenting the  DOTW


So rightnow the show is in a phase where a lot of healthy discussion can take place. This phase is one strong part of the sister's relationship and thus the 2 couple's relationships and somewhere if you see, the Manvi cancer track will affect all 3 couples ( JM being a couple ) and so there is a question, there is something to discuss about all 3 of them!


Firstly, the most important question. Is this the right time to tell Jeevika the truth?

Its her fragile condition when she's just recovering, so is this the right time to tell her or do you feel that dude? They've already dragged it so much and now there's no looking back. She needs to know, she has every right to know. She is the mother, the khoon ka rishta sister. She should have been the first one to know. She has the right to know it first. So now there are no question, Manvi just go and tell her.

 Do you expect really no dragging happening today and Manvi just telling it out to Jeevika instead of them ending the episode on either just the coughing coughing and crying or the "Di, mujhe cancer hai!" and freeze. What are your views on that? Do you expect that?

On a side note, I dunno why I'm mentioning this. No offence, but yesterday when the episode ended, and they showed the precap, my mom was like they'll naturally be revealing in the ME because with the kind of dragging Indian serials have, they need a good one hour for any revelation and half hour wouldn't do suffice! :P

Okay, anyways. Moving on to the next question, We all know it's Manvi's birthday and on this already special and BIG days, she's gonna do something really very BIIGG ' Tell her sister, her mother, her everything about her disease, her big disease ' Cancer. What do you think would be Jeevika's reaction to this biggest shock of her life?   Would she be like I knew there something big that you were hiding! How long has it been for? Why didn't you tell me? Or would she be I didn't expect it to be something THIS BIG or rather would she just break and be in shock, unable to speak for atleast sometime. I'm honestly looking forward to something intense.

Do you think Manvi's revelation of her cancer to her sister might affect Jeevika's already weak health even more? And subsequently, an unhealthy, unwell Jeevika means Manvi doing everything in her power to make her di well and good again and also feeling guilty for telling her sister the truth when she was unwell, would she feel guilty and regret and cry, thus making her own health a little more worse than it already is? Or are you thinking that Jeevika would be on her toes now to make her little sister perfect again? She would not lose her health and be perfect and healthy for her sister and be good herself and just be with her sister and help her to get rid of the deadly disease her lil sis has?

Coming to Virman...   I've no question but still what are you views on the development taking place in Virman's relationship? All these days Virat's actions have been very adorable and caring worthy of making a girl think "He cares so much! Aww, he's so adoreable!" and stuff like that. A girl is also likely to ask "Why does he care so much!?" but we haven't seen Manvi having / going through any of that YET. Manvi takes it for granted, in a positive way that is. She feels she deserves it and them being best friends, he HAS to care for her. She hasn't really felt those sparks or even the slightest pinch of the "Love" and not the "Best friends / partner" thing. She never thought about him in that way whereas Virat is actually in LOVE with her, the true, deep love! So what are your views on that. Will Virat's attempts be fruitful and Manvi actually realize something? Can you see any progress happening in Virman's relationship in the near future? He loves her, but what does she feel?


Coming to Virika.. Do you think Viren should have told Jeevika the truth instead of waiting for Manvi to do so herself?   Had he done that, Manvi would have been wished by her sister the first on her birthday and the record wouldn't have broken. For a while, leaving aside the impact it might have on Jeevika then.

And looking a bit far, Once its revealed and Jeevika is all for Manvi. What do you think will be Viren's actions / reactions?      Will he be the supporting husband as he's always been or will there be the feeling of getting Jeevika's divided or almost no attention because of Manvi and her illness ( Like it happened once near the new years). Or will he understand Manvi's situation, her cancer and its effect on the sisters and Jeevika like he does now or will he give up, fed up sometime in the future? What's your take?


So guys, I want to know what your thoughts were on last week. Good? Bad? Ugly? And what are you all expecting from this week?



These are pretty much open ended questions, so you can go on discussing and expressing your views  but please do remember that bashing is strictly not allowed. Just express your views in a positive way and take the show as a whole. Avoid bashing any character / actor   and please do try to keep replies relevant to EHMMBH when you can. And please proof read before you post, because at the end of the day, just putting 'no offence' does actually cause offence nine times out of ten.

Thank-you for reading and please like and comment with your thoughts!

Also, I would like to appreciate the actors and their brilliant performances. A special mention to Karan and Nia. These guys deserve no less for all the hardwork they put in to bring out the amazing work. Kudos to you guys * claps * We must all respect their work, talent and the hardwork they do!     Big smile


Keep Discussing, Keep Enjoying. And answer all my questions!   :D

Take care!



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tab01 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2012 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Nice post, I think this Maha ep was the best ep  so far! 

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AyushiSinghania IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 2:31am | IP Logged
Thanks. And yeah I think the same. It was undoubtedly the best ME so far... (:

P. S. Why isn't anyone discussing and taking part? -/

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.Sumi. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 2:35am | IP Logged
Hey Ayushi...good post...i think this ME was the best of all and it answered most of the questions and also fture track we gotta wait for it to unfold kyunki yeh sab CVs ke haathon mein hai Smile

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..Jessie.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged
thank you Ayushi ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as u said this is one of the best episode !!!!!!!!!!
an episode which needs lot of analysis!!!!!!
the revealation was indeed a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!
looked their actin!!!!!!!!!!
starting from the way both the soulmatesholded their hands together!!!
how both of them took strength from eac other to bare the emotions...everything was so perfect!!!!!!!
the dialog that followed was also the best!!!!!!!!!!
i am terribly in love with the Me!!!!!!!!
loved the feeding scene!!!!!!!!!!
and at the enf the way Jeevika went away and broke in pieces!!!!!!!

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KunwaariDaayan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
The Maanvi cancer revelation was all in all handled really well.Jeevika's reaction was everything I expected,Krystle surpassed all my expectations in the me,she totally was the star of the me,I cried buckets whilst watching it as it was very heart wrenching and felt so real thanks to Krystle and Nia's amazing performance.Now Jeevika's all alert and on her toes at all times regarding Maanvi as she don't want anything happening to her due to carelessness.There's a lot of debate going on that Jeevika's going over board and suffocating Maanvi but I find her reaction totally natural as she's more like a mother to Maanvi and anyone in her place would be reacting in the same way if a family member had a terminal ilness as all panic and anxiety just naturally sets in.Now whether this constant devotion of Jeevika's time on Maanvi takes a big toll on Virika's relationship is yet to be seen,can't say for sure what is going to happen but there are high chances of bitterness coming into their relationship but so far Viren has been quite supportive and understanding and he also has alot of adoration,care and concern for Maanvi,he's main concern is most probably going to Jeevika not taking care of her own health and well being.
Virmaan relationship is something I am very excited about as it's very hard to say which way it will be going.We all know that Virat is hopelessly in love with Maanvi but the interesting part still awaiting is to see whether Maanvi accepts his love or denies it due to her illness as she doesn't want him to be unhappy agonising over her as there is no way to see what tomorrow holds in store for her so she may want to push him away by trying to make him hate her by being totally mean or she might just say that she only sees him as a best friend,just partner's.I just think she will try and surpress her feelings for Virat in every way possible whilst hurting herslelf to no ends in the process and vice versa for Virat.There's definitely bound to be alot of heart break in the Virmaan love story,it sure aint going to be a smooth ride for them.Even if Maanvi does recover the families are most llikely to be against their relationship especially Swamini bua and it's going to take a lot of persuasion from Viren in fighting his brother's case in this depatrment,all in all this love story is one very interesting and intriguing one no doubt.I thought the confession was going to take place going by the promos but the confession seems to have taken a back seat for now,which I think is a good thing as I would like to see their love and feelings progressing gradually especially Maanvi's as we have not seen her side of any sign of developing feelings for Virat in that way yet,so to see her journey of that development would be a delightful one thus this would add more to the excitement of the build up of the confession and hopefully this would be one love confession to cherish for a very long time to come.
According to me last week was a totally rocking week and so far enjoying this week  a lot too.

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Farikina IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
The Maha Episode was handled perfectly.  The revelation was PERFECT.  It wasn't over dramatic, nobody over acted...it was just flawless.  The way they were sitting back to back, with Maanvi grabbing Jeevika's hand and telling her and right after telling her, the way her whole body relaxed and her face relaxed while Jeevika became stiff.  The letting go of the hands...Jeevika's reactions.   It was done so beautifully.   I mean so many people have said it since than and I really don't know what else to say that hasn't been said.  Both Krystle and Nia were flawless in that scene.  

Jeevika has every right to know.  She's the most important person in Maanvi's life.  She is Maanvi's life.  The way she reacted in the ME and how she has been reaction is how I expect her to react.  Her baby sister, the sister she brought up with so much love and care, the sister she protected and sheltered from every storm, is battling a deadly illness.  Is she supposed to pretend everything is okay and let Maanvi do what she wants to do?  Absolutely not.   As I see it, Jeevika is still in shock, she has not come to terms with it yet, she's not functioning well.  We see her going back to her shock mode whenever the word cancer is brought up.   She is extremely frustrated because there is nothing she can do make the cancer go away and ease Maanvi's pain so she's taking all her energy from her frustration to being overprotective about Maanvi.  I mean this is the same sister who would not let Maanvi get off the bed when Maanvi had a slight fever...now she has CANCER.  

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AyushiSinghania IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Thanks so much for posting your views guys!
Really appreciate and i totally agree with your words. Beautifully said!
Also, I can see you guys are another bunch of people who LOVED Krystle's performance in the ME and throughout, so do join in her AT!

Love the sisters! Thanks again!

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