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ARSHI FF: Bonded 4 D Womb #3 Link pg 185 30/05

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Part 9

She slipped in her jumpers and a track pant...and saw her tummy which was bulging slightly. she placed her hands on it and giggled...
Hey you guys...whats up? she placed a kiss in her palm and touched her palm on her tummy...good morning kiddies...she smiled...

OMG she is so beautiful...arnav...awe...come here honey...maria hugged khushi...a middle aged lady...very warm and loving...they broke the hug.

Arnav: She is can say my second di, in london...she has taken care of my needs here just like di...

Khushi smiled at her...

Arnav: From today she is going to take care of all your needs...i have made her understand about your patterns and meds...if you need anything please dont disturb can tell her...

Khushi: Nice meeting you maria...right?

Maria: Yes honey thats right!

Khushi: I will ask her only...but remember you are their father to be (touching her tummy) so you also need to take care of them...

Maria: She is right responsibility is the most important thing for your kids.

Arnav: Oh maria...i have full faith in you...and you will never go wrong I know that. Anyways, I have to go now Suzzan will be waiting for me...i have a lunch appointment with her..

Khushi: No you cant go

Arnav: What do you mean?

Khushi: I mean we have to go for shopping today...

Arnav: can take the care and the shoffy...

Khushi: No, you have to come along with me...its your kids not you have to satisfy my needs for THEM

Arnav: Khushi, you are getting on my nerves...

Khushi: Oh really arnav? (smilling) yeh to suruwat hai...agey agey dekho hota hai kya...

Maria who was witnessing their titbit fights were thinking they look so cute together...

Arnav: Fine! Did you have your meds?

Khushi's eyes widened...

Arnav: How many times i have to remind you for your meds khushi? 

Maria: Please! this girl is surely going to make me hyper one day...can you please care of it?

Khushi: Sorry Arnav!

Arnav: How can you be so careless khushi? and then you will fell sick and pass out on my shoulders...please for got sake stay away from me.

Khushi: Fine, I will...and i dont need your help. Go to hell...

Arnav: Stop screaming...

Khushi: I will not...with that she went to his room for her meds

Arnav: WT

Maria: Arnav! Arnav! please calm down

Arnav: Maria, she is the one who is agitating me.

Maria: Its normal arnav...its due to her hormonal changes...she might scream on you most of the times...out of no rhyme or reason...she will always feel irritated. you have to be really polite to have to care care of her like all the hubbies do to their wife when they are preggy...
Imagin the changes she is going through...and with your care you know who things are...

Insecurity...she will feel in-secured most of the time..

Arnav: Insecured for what maria?

Maria: In secured about her looks...your attentions if she doesnot get...she will feel neglected as her tummy is going to buldge out she might feel that she is looking ugly and she might loose her confidence...but you have to really take care of that arnav...and i know you are such a sweet heart.

Arnav: Oh Maria come on...dont worry that wont be in our cases...neither i feel for her nor she feels for there wont be any issues...

Maria: I hope not arnav.

Khushi: I am done...chale?

Arnav: Maria...i would have soup and salad at night...

Khushi: What? you are coming to drop me home after shopping right?

Arnav: Ya so?

Khushi: Then what about your lunch?

Arnav: We will be having it outside...

Khushi: No Mr. Father to be...i cannot have outside food...

Arnav: Stop behaving like a fussy wifey khushi...i know what you can have and what you cant...and ya carry some ginger biscutes along with you...that helps in nausea...

Khushi looked at him come you know about ginger...

Arnav: There is a site called google...

Khushi: I know but you? really?

Arnav: Anything for my kids...

Maria: And for you sweety

Arnav: Oh come o Maria...

Khushi: High hope maria...we are not dating each other.

Maria: How does it are more than a date for him

Khushi and Arnav had a eye lock...

Maria: guys its almost a minute you are standing looking at each can you go...go

Arnav: Oh ya...


In the mall entrance...

Arnav: Get down her...i will see you at mother care...its in the basement 3rd shop from the right of the lift...and please dont take the escalator...i'll park the car and meet you directly

Khushi smilled at know what arnav?

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Nothing...cya.


In the shop...while khushi was trying out some sweet out fits...

Arnav asked the lady in the cash counter...did a see my girl?

The lady raised his eyebrows in confussion...looking angrily to him...

Arnav: Well a really skinny...stupid looking preggy female?

The lady: You call your pregnant girlfriend stupid? she yelled...making arnav flinch...

Arnav: Wow relax...then he saw her belly too...oh now i see why you guys yell...never mind i will find her on my own...

Arnav's eyes traveled here and there but he couldnot find khushi! he called her...where are you...she replied in the dressing room

She came out wearing a very sweet top written "I am not fat...I am just pregnant."

Arnav smilled looking at her...she is looking so cut she the way i think she has become more beautiful in her pregnancy...ah maria was wrong...khushi should really flaunt herself...she looks beautiful and sexy...wait a minute arnav...what the hell are you thinking? why will she flaunt? she better not...

Khushi was standing like a statue her hands on her waist?...Hello Mr. Father to it ok?

Arnav smiled and went towards her...i think its cute but dont you think the Fat part is going to be understatement after sometime?

Khushi's jaw dropped...i am going to be fat because of you Mr. how dare you taunt me with my figure...she pouted...

Arnav: O oh! Maria you were right! in this case i think he thought...well honey this looks perfectly should take more of these stay here let me get it for you...

Khushi: Ok...

Arnav got some blue one "Am I showing yet?", a red one "Got twins?". some plain whites...some blacks.

they went to the cash counter...arnav avoided the lady...

the lady: SO he is your boyfriend

Khushi was about to say but arnav pressed her hands and stopped her.

These boys first gives us a hug tummy and then feels ashamed to hand out with us...bloody hell...

Lady: Listen you girl...dont think your boyfriend will love you and come along with you like this when you will be in your 2-3trim. 

Khushi smiled looking at arnav.

The lady: they only knows the inserting business thats it...

Khushi couldnot hold her laughter anymore...

Khushi: Arnav! what have you done to her? why is she angry like this?

Arnav: Preggers mood swings...ghar mein kam hai kya jo yahan bhi?

Khushi: What! I dont say things like that to you...

Arnav: You are all the more dangerous khushi!...I can still go out of the shop...but what about when you sitting on my head...

Khushi: Oh come on baby...i dont sit on your head.

Arnav looked at khushi...did you just said BABY?

Khushi knew what she has said...she also knew she couldnot cover it she didnot even try...just ignored...

Arnav gave another dress and ask to pack it separately...

Khushi: What is this?

Arnav: Nothing...

Khushi: Hmm looks like it is for your girlfriend

Arnav: Why do i need to tell you...

Khushi: No you dont need to tell me actually...and i am not interested...


Khushi sat inside the car and arnav in the driver's seat...he handed over the packet to khushi...

Khushi was surprised...what? this is for me?

Arnav: ya...i kind of liked it so i took it.

Khushi opened the packed and unpacked the cover...she saw a white simple cotton dress "Hey Daddy! waitng for your touch...look I am kicking"

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first time i commented on uf ff...Embarrassed
and that too first 1 on ur 2nd thread...Dancing

awesome part...kinda super sweet...

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me secondParty

awesome updateBig smile
their fights are very cute...i'm enjoyinggg...

jus wanted to know y u made her preggy with TWINS????(not only u, but mny writers r interested in twinsLOL)
carrying twins is jus not fun...TOUGHESTTT THING ON EARTHWink
actually i'm blessed with twin girlz...managing them is reallyyy HARD!!

god bless.

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Congrats for d new thread Clap Clap Clap
dat wz so swt
lvd d update Smile

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Great update!

I liked all the prints on the cloths they bought

Big smile

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that was such a cute update..i loved the last line especially...

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congrats congratPartys that was so cute printed shirts wow

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