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FF: The Roulette of Envy (Part 12) pg.33/Dec. 7 (Page 31)

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Part 11

See, I'm at work again (was). And although, yesterday after posting Part 10, I told myself to wait a week or so before starting again, I'm just so bored here (I've done everything I had to do with hours to spare) and plus, school's out for the time being too. And also, we're getting to the good part.

Recap: Ahem tries to come closer to Gopi, but she runs away from him, thinking he's only acting on Koki's bidding. Befuddled by her aloofness, Ahem spends the night alone in the study. Agni's second encounter with Mahua goes really well (IHO, at least). Mahua, however, is not at all impressed by him. A newspaper article tatters Ahem's image and in an attempt to resurrect it and mend Gopi and Ahem's marriage, Agni plans to mediate in between--secretly.


Jigar, concerned over Rashi's pregnancy, outright refused Ahem's invitation to the party. Rashi, however, tried to persuade him. "No," Jigar told her calmly when Ahem had left. They were in their room and Rashi was by the closet, already mooning over her sarees. "Well, will you at least dance with me here?" she asked, hopeful that he might agree.

He had turned into an overbearing and vigilant husband since her pregnancy. And sometimes she felt as if he was the pregnant one--what with him getting overworked whenever she ate junk food or when he complained her shoe heel was too high and dangerous or when he insisted that she always be happy lest her bad moods affect their baby. He was the one needing a hormone check, she thought to herself. How could one be happy without Maggie noodles? And how could she possibly wear shoes flatter than flip flops? And how could she always be happy with him hovering around her all the time? She wished he would tone it down just a bit. 

 "Jigarji, please," she pleaded when he didn't answer. "Alright, but only to a slow song and I will hold you throughout," he said very seriously after pondering. She smiled slowly. She wouldn't mind that at all.


Ahem went looking for Gopi. He had to speak to her. And he also had to convince her to accompany him to this party. God knows, how he was going to do that, he grimly thought to himself. The woman scurried away from him like he was living face of the plague!

In their room, Gopi was sorting the laundry with Meethi. "You can go now, Meethiben," he heard her say as he entered. Meethi left with a pile of clothes, almost rushing out after seeing him. "Gopi," he began, slowly stepping towards her. She turned around nervously, as if planning a route to skitter away again. "Wo...Agni wants to go to a party. He wants us to take him," he added for good measure. "To a party?" she choked, clutching the pile of sarees to her chest tightly. "I'm sorry, Ahemji, but I don't think I can go," Gopi replied and began putting the sarees in the cupboard. "Why not?" he asked. A knock sounded on the door.

"Ahem, Swami doesn't want to go with me, so I'll drive us there," Agni narrated, more so to interrupt Gopi and Ahem's tensing conversation than to explain his manservant's sudden onset of a migraine. There was no migraine, of course.

"There's no need," Ahem replied and then added, "Gopi doesn't want to go and if she doesn't go, then I won't either." Gopi's ears prickled at his statement. Would he really not go if she didn't? Her heart opened like a lotus blooming in summer, but she quickly crushed her feelings aside.

"Gopiji, it was actually my idea. I'll soon go back to Buffalo and I don't want to miss out on anything here. Who knows when I'll be able to visit Rajkot again?" Agni glumly said. And she was sold, he thought cleverly to himself after seeing her look sympathetic. He did learn quite a few practical things even from the monotonous drawl of his law professors' lectures. "Tikh hai," he heard her mumble. "Oh, thank you so much, Gopiji!" he gushed.

Ahem disappeared into the bathroom, jealous of Agni's "disgusting" persuasion. How could she be swayed by Agni's argument and not be inclined towards his own? She was his wife, was she not? Even from the bathroom, he could hear Agni bragging about how he had already convinced Koki. His mother too! Angrily, Ahem pulled off the white vest off his back, least concerned about the ripping sound he heard and then, he smacked the shower tap on. A cold shower was what he needed to calm himself down. 


Rashi turned off the kitchen tap after carefully washing her hand. Gopi stood next to her with a pot. "Gopi, you know, I think it's great that Agniji finally convinced you. It's sometimes good to go out and have a bit of fun. Ghar mein roz roz rehna, it gets tiring after a while," Rashi grinned. "You should come too," Gopi said. "No, I can't. Jigarji has other plans," Rashi told her quietly.

Gopi already knew her devar was having his own "concerns" about everything. Rashi had complained incessantly about it and Gopi, after witnessing it firsthand, had begun to understand her sister's dilemma.

"But you don't worry. I have just the thing for you!" Rashi burst suddenly and then, took Gopi's hand. In her room, Rashi opened her cupboard and from within, took out a lime green net saree like the ones she wore. "Wear this to the party. It will look lovely on you," Rashi said, handing the gold-embellished mass to Gopi. "Nahi," Gopi squeaked, horrified at the idea. "You know I don't wear sarees like this and plus, it won't look good on me. You take it," Gopi managed to say, practically shoving the saree back at Rashi's stomach. "Please, Gopi. Wear it. I promise you, it will look beautiful on you," she pleaded and then with a twinkle in her eye added dreamily, "Plus, green is Ahemjiju's favorite color. He'll love it!"

That evening, Agni marched downstairs wearing a black tuxedo. He was the first to come, he realized as he lightly touched his black bow. Swami had laboriously perfected the knot while he had stood waiting patiently just as a china doll awaited her admirer. He heard sharp clicks behind him and noticed Ahem, coming down, also in a black tuxedo. "Gopiji, aarahi hai na?" Agni asked. "Maybe," Ahem quietly replied. He hadn't really seen Gopi in the room while getting dressed. "She must be coming," Agni said with anticipation.

Both Agni and Ahem had been waiting for about 20 minutes before Ahem lost his patience. Just where was she? And since when did she start to take hours to get ready? He took the steps two at a time in the rush and marched towards his room, where he pushed past the double doors.

By the dresser, Gopi, looking nothing like her usual self, jumped as she heard the doors colliding against the wall. "I'm re...ready," she stammered.

Ahem felt as if everything was moving in slow motion. 8X slow, really. Her round eyes, running for cover, darted left and right. He took everything in--the lime green saree, which she had worn differently, the gleaming bangles, the nervous flutter of her fingers as they reached for the pallu. His leadened foot took a crooked step, crossing over his other leg and he stumbled. He tried to upright himself, but after staggering a few times, he felt the hard floor on his stomach, saw each grain in the floor clearly and felt the cool tile on his cheek. He didn't know how long he had lain there, but he felt someone tugging at his shoulder. "Ahemji? Aap tikh hai? Are you alright? Are you hurt? Should I call the doctor?" she asked. All he could do was stare at her. And so, he did.

Gopi sprinkled water on him and that is when Ahem felt himself returning. He sat up and wiped at his face. "If you're not feeling well, we don't have to go," he heard her say, but before she could continue, he stood and straightened his tux. "I fell," he said stupidly. "We don't have to go," she repeated herself. "I'm perfectly alright," he told her and then headed towards the door.

She followed him, feeling odd at his behavior and also feeling uncomfortable in the netted saree. Rashi had readied her that evening, forcing her to wear the saree with the pallu hanging past her shoulder instead of it being draped around her in the front. And throughout the whole ordeal, Jigar had been locked out of his room. He brought up every weapon in his arsenal until Rashi threatened to tell Hetal about his "concerns."


Agni briskly walked towards the entrance of the hall, purposefully leaving the estranged couple behind him. Ahem frowned at Agni's behavior as he trailed a few paces behind. And at the very last, Gopi slowly followed Ahemji.

The bothersome embroidery on her pallu was stuck into embroidery by her hip and she was trying to free both parts without ripping the fragile material apart. Why did she wear it anyway? It's not like Ahemji noticed. And even if he did, he hadn't said a word about it. It was all for nothing.

Ahem turned around, watching Gopi manage to free her pallu finally. She was only two feet away from him now and he saw her putting the pallu over her head. "Stop!" he ordered, still frowning. "Ji?" she asked. He flung the pallu away from her head. "Ahemji, I don't understand what or why..." Gopi began, but he had already started walking ahead of her.

Inside, Gopi realized that the party wasn't a business party. It was the fifth wedding anniversary for Mr. Bhatt and his wife. "If you'd have told me that this party was for their saalgira, I would have gifted them something, Ahemji," Gopi mumbled quietly so as to not let others hear. Ahem showed her an envelope tucked in his jacket pocket. "Happy?" he asked. She shrunk away. He certainly wasn't.

Agni, conversing with a different group of men, was tuned into what was happening at the Modi end. The way they were both standing apart without talking to each other, a keen observer could easily guess they had a tiff. He walked coolly to Gopi, but turned to Ahem instead. "Ahem, may I dance with Gopiji?" Agni asked, knowing very well Ahem wouldn't let him. Both men eyed the Bhatts and the swarm of couples dancing together. Agni extended his hand towards Gopi, but Ahem smacked it away as a reflex. "Mrs. Bhatt is calling you," Ahem blurted out in an attempt to cover up his public fumble. "No, she's not, Ahem. She's busy--" Agni began, but another woman, a non-Mrs.Bhatt, touched Agni's shoulder. "Ah, Mrs, Awasthi," Ahem heard behind him as Agni and the married woman walked away. "Chalein?" Ahem asked, extending his hand towards her.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, Gopi's eyes widened and she started to shake her head. He wasn't serious, was he? He didn't have the patience to wait for an answer and took her hand, even as she resisted. He was serious, apparently. "Mujhe tumse kuch baat bhi karna hai," he said gravely. In the middle of the throng, he paused and turned to face her, still holding onto her hand. "Mujhe naachna nahi aata, Ahemji," she said bluntly. She knew garba and could manage dandiya, but this...this was an English formal dance, beyond her scope. "Just follow me," he answered.

She sucked in her breath when she felt his palm flattened on her back and pull her closer. "Why'd you run away?" he asked in a voice low enough so that only she could hear. Ahem felt her hand squirming in his own and he let go, but when Gopi took a step away, she realized he still had his other hand on her back. An elder woman dancing with her husband was intently looking at Gopi, as if she knew the secret between them. Gopi smiled back to reassure the elder woman and felt Ahem take her hand in his again.

Agni, who had been dancing with Mrs. Awasthi, led her back to Mr. Awasthi. His mission was complete. With a serene smile, he took a step back and then another and disappeared.

 "Why'd you run away?" Ahem asked again. "I don't think, Ahemji, that we should be having this conversation here," Gopi replied, pasting an awkward smile on her face. He wasn't smiling, however. "Jawab do!" he demanded, jerking her slightly in his hold. His forehead was almost pressing upon hers, he was that close. Gopi's heart was racing and she feared that soon, someone might overhear him. "Please Ahemji, not here," she begged him quietly. Her bewildered look calmed him slightly. "I hate that pallu," he said suddenly and lifted his head. Gopi looked over her shoulder at her pallu, confused by his comment. She wasn't wearing the pallu anymore. "It hides your face," he added and continued dancing, as if everything had righted itself. After a minute passed by in silence, he asked for the third time, "Just answer my question. Why did you run away from me that night?" 

"I don't know what you're asking me," she mumbled, making sure to look away. "In the gazebo, Gopi, I thought you...we are married," he said to her temple. Gopi wanted to hide somewhere and feeling uncomfortable by his scrutiny, she tried to free herself. "I don't think this is the place for such conversation, Ahemji. I want to go home," she stated again, bravely tilting her face to look at him. Maybe he would listen. Ahem frowned. When he said nothing, she had a problem. And when he did, she still had a problem. "Bas!" he chided a bit loudly.

The elder woman, who had been vigilantly eyeing them before too, came closer and tapped Ahem's shoulder, leaving her husband waiting. "Is everything alright?" she asked, narrowing her glinting eyes that were suspicious. "Are you two arguing?" the woman asked. "Nahi, we were just..." Ahem heard Gopi begin to mumble an explanation. She wasn't a bit believable when she lied, Ahem thought to himself. "It's a lover's tiff, Mrs. Khanna," Ahem replied. "She wants to dance some more!" Ahem added and then, laughed. It was a bitter laugh. Hollow. Cold.

Mrs. Khanna smiled, apparently convinced by his act and walked away. Gopi remained in Ahem's arms as he returned to his dark mood.  


Rashi turned on the music in her room. "Tumhi dekho na" started playing on the stereo and then, she tapped on Jigar's shoulder. He was sitting at his desk typing a proposal. He didn't look up and so she knelt next to him and tapped his knee. This time, however, he looked at her. "What are you doing?" he asked with a smile and pulled her up. "Tabiyat toh tikh hai na?" he asked when she only sighed. "Jigarji, you promised me a dance! Yaad hai na aapko? Please," she pleaded and then led him to the middle of the room. He laughed as she placed his hands around her. "Tum pagal ho!" he said when her arms wrapped around his neck. "You promised," she mumbled and then, turned her cheek to his chest after smelling him. She liked smelling his shirt.

And when she turned as they danced, he chided her by saying "Slowly. Turn slowly, I said" and when she was still turning around too "fast", he stopped her by holding both of her shoulders into a halt. "That's it! We're not dancing anymore," he scolded. His behavior made her laugh, but she reveled in their relationship all the same.


 Agni scrambled out of a cab, paying the driver quickly. He was in front of the ashram again--in a tuxedo, for that matter. What would Mahua say this time? Scattered lights were lit in the ashram and he ran inside the compound after opening the gate. There were a few kids outside, playing with a soccer ball that had seen better days. They looked up at him and then, went back to playing.

He thought he heard music playing somewhere, but it wasn't coming from the hall where Mahua taught her dance class. He followed it and stopped outside a smaller building at the back end of the yard. Next to it, in the dim light, he saw Dhara who was being taught by Mahua. Seeing Agni, Dhara's eyes widened in amazement, but he motioned for her to keep quiet. She smiled and then, winked at him. He remained in the shadows. "Dhara, will you at least look at me to see what I'm doing?" Mahua said, frustrated at her sister's horrible pupil skills. "Di, Agni..." Dhara mumbled, only to catch herself in time. "Agni kya? Tum uss doodhwale ka naam kyun le rahi ho? Patah nahi apne aap ko woh kya samajhta hai. I don't even know why Munimji is asking for his help. Can we not remodel this place ourselves? Your fingers, dear, they need to be like this," Mahua prattled on, adjusting Dhara's mudra. "I think I could come up with a better plan than he has come up with," she continued, adjusting Dhara's fingers again. "Di, did you find a flaw in his plans?" Dhara asked innocently, knowing very well there wasn't any flaw to be found. Mahua paused and then, straightened up. "Go wash up and get ready for dinner," she replied. When Dhara continued to stand there, Mahua urged her inside.

From the shadows, Agni saw her make her way to a pile of tattered wood and sit down. He coughed. She whirled around. Seeing Agni, she wrinkled her eyebrows together. "Mr. Jadeja, you're here. Again," she said dryly. So this time, it's a tuxedo, she thought to herself. He took a step closer. "If you don't mind," he said hesitantly and sat there too. He felt her withdraw even from three feet away. "How come you're always hell bent upon finding flaws in me, Mahuaji?" he asked, kicking at a rock that was by his feet. "Because you're so perfect!" she blurted inside her head. Almost immediately, as she realized the horror of her thought, she gulped a mouthful of air to swallow it back while a bemused Agni just watched her.   


I had to add Ahem's Fall in this part because I felt a need to have a pinpointed scene, where he falls (literally) in love with Gopi. In the show, the love is very gradual, so there's no "real" landmark. Here, The boy is having his mood swings, I know, but even before we got to the seedha saadha Ahem, he wasn't really vocal about his feelings, unless they were of hate. He simply sucks at being vocal and is better off action-oriented. As for Gopi, I've tried to show a mix of her hesitancy (from old Gopi) and her bravery (from Roulette's Gopi, where she is okay with questioning Ahem), but it hasn't turned out too well.

This "performance" of marital bliss should last a while. I'm still debating the next stop they'll have to make as a "happy" couple. We've already had them visit a yacht, the mandir, hotel room, gazebo, and now, a party. What else is there? Should I have a landslide thing going (if you've seen Ekta's shows, you know what I mean). A wedding?

Drop in your ideas. I'll choose it if it interests me. :D

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thanks for update.going to read it.

just read it.lovely fight at party.Winkenjoyed it.
for suggestion I m too bad at twists like Ekta.My mil calling me so going, bye.

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Wow girl...!! U r absolutely on a roll !! Loved the Update ... If u r asking for options I feel Agni should to make ahem and mahua jealous praise gopi  and her virtues , her behavious constantly and have her chatting with him happily ... Ahem will go nuts ... Maha will try  and match up in her own  way and it can all lead o a big confession of love from ahem and then opefully rememberence of the holi Miy maybe gopi and mahua can meet as become friends ... Another reason for ahem jealousy ... Agni and gopi going out together to meet mahua ...!! Tk care

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Just lovely and 2 updates  one after the another. You made my day, please continue, waiting eagerly for next part
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U r a great Writter , loved itTongue

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lovely. gohem fighting n raji  were awesome. Smileu describe the scene very well. keep going dear...Clap n hope u update the next part soon.

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Wonderful FF RachanaSmile Loved all the character of your FF good rashi is positive.Liked agni character most and gopi is more vocal not too shy. 

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man things sure dont seem to be going well for the two
but then till they sort out everyhting they wont be getting any better too
god these two are just so frustrating sometimes

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