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FF: The Roulette of Envy (Part 12) pg.33/Dec. 7 (Page 3)

Chaccha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Oh, you're all too kind. I've promised myself that if I get through two chapters of Bio homework today, I'll have the second part by tomorrow.

Thank you! Hug

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Savi_S Goldie

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That was a great start. Plz continue soon and plz pm me.

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Madhura2105 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
lovely update... please pm me Smile

good ahem getting jealous

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Chaccha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 3:15pm | IP Logged

Part 2

 Author's Note: I figured that I can't really keep a good story without including other characters in it, so I've added Anita (bleh!!!) and Raji into it as well. Raji are at a far different phase than from SNS. In my story, assume that Rashi repented after being kicked out from the MM in November and since then, has slowly transformed from being negative to positive. (I can only handle one baddie at a time :P)



Gopi's in the store room with Meethi, making a grocery list when Ahem finds her. He sends Meethi away and makes the list instead. Gopi sees him in the store room and becomes nervous.


Ahem extended his hand as if to touch her, but she took a side-step away.

Ahem: Gopi, what I said the other night--

She didn't wait for him to finish. She didn't even glance at him when she started walking away, but Ahem didn't want that opportunity lost. His patience had run out.

Ahem: (Angrily) Gopi!

His fingers coiled around her forearm as he pulled her back.

Ahem: You can't step outside this store room without listening to me first. 

Gopi: What do you want to say? Say it quickly so that I may leave. 

Ahem looked at her brazen demeanor. He'd never seen her question him like that.

Gopi: What do you want to say about Anita? 

Ahem: (Frowned) Gopi, what has happened to you? 

Gopi: (Smiled dryly) My silence bothered you at the party and now, when I'm speaking, you're bothered again. Aapko chahiye kya, Ahemji?

Ahem: I was angry. 

Gopi: (Snapped) Then, control your anger! For as long as we've been married, I have tolerated your anger every time. First, you yell at me and then you apologize. 

Ahem: Gopi, I'm sorry.

Gopi: (Cynically) Dekha?

Ahem tried to touch her shoulder, but she moved away again.

Gopi: You think that I'll tolerate this for the rest of my life, Ahemji, but I'm sorry.  I can't keep on forgiving you. And I especially can't forgive you for what you said to Anitaben. I know you loved her and I also know that you wanted to marry her, but you didn't marry her. You married me. What am I? Your arm candy? 

Ahem: Gopi...

Gopi: Galti meri hai, Ahemji. It's my fault. With time, I forgot that you had disowned me. Aapne mujhe tyaga tha. 

His pulse throbbed by his temple and his eyes turned dark like coals.

Ahem: (Soberly) It wasn't just me, Gopi. You also took your vows back. 

Gopi: Because you forced me to! You didn't even want to see my face, do you remember that? You kicked me out of your room. With hatred-filled eyes you tortured me every step of the way and I said nothing! I just tolerated it, hoping that you'd change one day. You have changed Ahemji, but for what? To slog for Anita? 

She was crying by now, without realizing it.

Ahem: (Shouted) Bas! I came here to apologize sincerely, but that doesn't mean that you let your mouth loose and say whatever comes to your mind. Don't make mountains from petty things, Gopi. 

Gopi: It's too late for that, Ahemji. It has already become a mountain in between us.

Ahem: Maine Anita se sach kaha tha ki--

Gopi: (Finished for him) that our marriage was false, without meanings and feelings.   

Gopi ran out of the storeroom before he could say anything back. In anger, he marched outside.

Swami laid out Agni's clothes on the bed just as Agni came out of the bathroom. With a black towel wrapped around his waist, he marched towards the bed, exposing his chiseled stomach and broad shoulders as if he were the only one in the room.

A: (Sighed) Abh jaan mein jaan aayi, Swami. Maa didn't let me use our private jet or else I would've come here sooner and I wouldn't have to deal with the troubles of the airport. 

S: Ji Saab.

His phone rang, but he terminated that call within a minute.  

A: Now, I'm ready for some tea!

S: (Soberly) You'll have to wear some clothes first, Saab. Aise nahi jaa sakte bahar.

A: Acha? Has Maa sent you here with me to do patrolling on me?   

Swami shook his head, but Agni knew better.


Gopi was preparing lunch with Meethi and Kokila when Agni strolled by. He didn't enter the kitchen, but remained by the threshold.

A: Eermm, Gopiji...

Gopi turned around.

No one ever called her Gopiji.

A: (Scratched his head unconsciously) Wo mujhe chai peeni thi toh main--

Gopi: (Smiled) Ji, main abhi laayi.  

A: Thank you. Ahem kaha hai?

Gopi's face fell when she heard Ahemji's name, but before she could reply, Meethi told him that Ahem was in the garden. Agni left to find Ahem.


Ahem sat on a garden bench, restless with the thoughts of Gopi. It seemed that all the elements in the universe were against him. When he had finally gotten close to her in the storeroom, he felt as if she had shut herself away from him--that she had locked herself in a glass box and thrown its key into the depths of the sea.

Who was she?

He had replayed their encounter in the store room more than ten times by now, but he didn't understand why she was so angry at him. He had told Anita the truth. He would've married her if his mother hadn't objected and if his mother hadn't thrust Gopi into his life.

His thoughts were interrupted by Agni who came and sat next to him.

Ahem: Are you taking up a case in Rajkot?

A: Nahi, but I am thinking about opening a law firm.   

Ahem: (Surprised) Here? Why here?

A: (Smiled) My heart's telling me to do it.

Ahem wanted to box Agni's ears whenever he talked so wistfully, as if he had the greatest insights about his future given by some unseen high power.

He would've said something, but Meethi brought a cup of tea. Ahem smiled slowly and reached over to take it.

She still takes care of what I like.

Meethi: Ahem Bhai, this is not for you. Yeh inke liye hai. Gopi Bhabhi ne bheja hai.

Ahem retreated his hand. His face drained of all color and a frown appeared in between his eyebrows.

What about my green tea?

A: (To Meethi) Tell Gopiji, I thanked her.

Ahem stood up suddenly.

A: Where are you going?

Ahem: (Bluntly) I have work to do. 

Agni leaned against the backrest of the bench as Ahem stormed back into the house.

A: (To himself) Yeh chai toh bahot achi hai. Should I ask for another cup? No, I shouldn't. What will Gopiji think of me? 


In his room, Ahem paced like a caged tiger. His kurta swished around his knees whenever he stopped to turn. He clenched his fists and then, unclenched them.

Gopi entered with a stack of clothes. She stopped when she saw him pacing, but then went ahead to place the clothes on the bed. She knew that he was still very angry.   

Gopi was hanging his shirts into the closet when Anita knocked on the door and entered.  

Anita: (Feigning worry) Ahem?

He whirled around and even Gopi turned. 

Anita: I went to the pharmacy to get my medication, but they said they haven't received my prescription yet. Can you find out what's happening, please?

Ahem: Anita (Paused)

Anita: (Smiled) How come you haven't gone to work?

He saw Gopi hang the last shirt and leave again.

Ahem: Nahi. Agni just came, so I thought I should stay. 

Anita: (With her shrilling voice) Agni?


Anita met Agni in the garden and they reminisced about their college days. Of course, Agni knew that Ahem had broken up with Anita and had married Gopi. He never really liked Anita, honestly. It was more like he tolerated her because Ahem loved her.


The following afternoon, Agni organized an outing for the younger Modis--a trip on a yacht in Lalpari Lake. 

Gopi, however, didn't want to go because first, she hadn't never even been in a fishing boat, let alone a yacht. Second, she didn't want to be in plain view of Ahemji because he would try to talk to her again. Yet she agreed because her Maaji persuaded her.

The Modis drove took two cars to Lalpari Lake. Rashi and Jigar were in one. Ahem, Gopi, Agni and Anita were in the second one. And throughout their drive, to Agni's misfortune, Anita kept her one-sided conversation alive. Agni didn't understand why she mentioned Ahem in every sentence. Nor did he know why she was still living in the Modi Mansion. 

Isn't she married to Niket? Is it Niket? Nilesh? Yes, Nilesh.

Something wasn't adding up.


The yacht was gorgeous inside and out. Rashi grabbed Jigar's hand and rushed inside.

Rashi: (Chirped) Jigarji, wow! Itni achi hai na?

She almost squealed out loud, but stopped just in time.

Jigar: Truly, it is beautiful. 

Gopi lingered by the cabin's entrance as if conjuring a spell to make herself disappear. Ahem stood a few feet away, watching her.

Agni: (To Ahem and Jigar) You two want something to drink? 

Ahem: (Quietly) Nahi, I don't drink.

Anita: Ahem, it's just one drink. Plus, you used to drink before. 

Agni: (Soberly) Zabardasti kyun kar rahi ho, Anita?

Anita: Arre, main toh--

Agni: Ahem ne kahe diya na.

Jigar noticed the developing tension in the room and looked at Rashi.

Rashi: Gopi, chalo upar chalte hai!

Jigar: Yes, let's just go up onto the deck.

On the deck, Rashi pulled Gopi aside.

Rashi: What happened to you? Aise bhuji bhuji kyun hai?

Gopi: It's nothing, Rashiben.

Rashi: Bas, bas! I know everything. You're giving her more freedom by being silent. Sar par baith jayegi wo, Gopi.

Gopi: Rashiben, aap--

Rashi: I am right. Just look at her practically hanging by Ahemji's hip. How much more will you tolerate?

Gopi: (Sadly) I'm tired Rashiben. There's been nothing but trouble for me in this marriage. I've yearned for every little happiness. (Firmly) If I'm Ahemji's wife, then he is also my husband. He has to meet me halfway in this, too. 

Rashi and Gopi didn't know that Agni had heard their conversation.


Gohem being at loggerheads was very difficult (and necessary) to write because I felt my own Chandi roop coming out to protect Gopi. Once I started there was no holding back, but then I did edit out other things to keep the gist of it simple. Even then, I feel like Gopi's qualms are conflicted. She doesn't like Anita near Ahem, but at the same time, she is frustrated that Ahem expects her to understand everything and be OK with it. Why is it always her who has to understand him? Why can't he see that Anita's presence near him hurts her so much? Ahem, on the other hand, doesn't understand why the kitchen sink was thrown at him. Why is Gopi making such a big deal out of Anita? Why is all the blame put on him?

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rsk16 IF-Dazzler

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really nicely done. i am guessing agni will help gopi 2 bring ahem to his senses

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Rach.  You are too hard on yourself.  I like the way this story is going and you are telling in it a great fashion.  Keep it up.

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suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
wonderful i wish it could have been all in english not a very good hindi reader

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aris22l Goldie

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Superb, Rach.  You can't imagine how gleefully I am reading this.  And yipee, he has a private jet and a yacht.  I liked the store room scene.  Tells where they are both coming from.  Ahemji is still so blind, but I am glad Gopi is speaking up.  I like your Agni.  Is he going to help Gohem or is he going to try to get Gopi for himself?  He is finding out what a gem she is and he knows Anita very well.

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