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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

Rajat Tokas is an Indian television actor. He achieved recognition by playing the lead role in an Indian television series , Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan.[1] He played the role of Veer in a Dharam Veer on the newly launched channel, NDTV Imagine. He can currently be seen in the new series being aired on STAR Plus, "Tere Liye" as 'Robindo'.

Rajat was born on 19th July 1993 in Munirka, South Delhi to Ramvir and Pramila Tokas. He studied in the Hope Hall Foundation School, R.K. Puram, Delhi. Due to his hectic schedule as an actor, he began studying through correspondence. His father encouraged him to pursue acting as his career, when he started showing some interest in the field. His father Ramvir Tokas left his job for his son's career.

He was 15 when he went along with his dad to Mumbai to give auditions for Sagar Art's Sai Baba. He got casted in the auditions and went to Baroda. He played the role of Tantya (Sai Baba's brother).

The Sagar's then decided to launch their new serial - Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan. They had decided that Rajat Tokas would play the role of Teen Prithviraj Chauhan for only a few episodes. But the ex - vice president of India - Shree Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was really impressed by this kid. The Sagar's then decided to increase his role. Rajat had aimed for a long inning. He played the role for more than 1 year. He has a huge fan following.

He learnt Sword Fighting and Karate especially for his role as Prithviraj Chauhan. He love's playing football, swimming and horse riding.

Rajat has other works apart from Prithviraj Chauhan. His main works are Jadui Chiraag, Light House For Children, Bongo, Mera Dost, Rahul, Ek Nazar Ki Tamanna, Hey Hawain, Khoj Khajane Ki, Abhivyakti and Saibaba.

Currently, Rajat is working in new NDTV serial called Dharam Veer where he plays the role of Veer. Right now he is playing the role of Ronindo/ Robbie in star plus's show Tere Liye.

TV Shows

Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan is a television programme aired on the Indian television channel STAR Plusand is about one of the most famous Hindu kings of medieval Indian history: Prithviraj Chauhan, his early life, his exploits, and love for Princess Sanyogita. The serial draws on the early Hindi/Apabhramsha epic of Chandabardayi, Prithviraj Raso, but the producers took liberties with the plot.

Prithviraj Chauhan, the last ruler of the Chauhan dynasty to sit on the throne of Delhi, was born in 1165 to Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer. He was skilled in military skills, and succeeded to the throne of Ajmer at the age of thirteen, in 1178, when his father died in a battle. His mother's father Anangpal, ruler of Delhi, declared him heir to the throne of Delhi after hearing about his courage and bravery.

His love for Sanyogita, the daughter of his enemy, Jaichand, is well known. He rode off with her on the day of her 'Swayamwara'. The epic, and the serial, chronicle his life and military exploits, as a military leader and skilled archer.

Dharam Veer is a Periodic Drama that highlights the beauty of a relationship based on unconditional LoveFriendship and Loyalty.It is a Fictional Tale of two Princes -Dharam and Veer,their Friendship, Loyalty, Bravery and their Adventures as they traverse the path of life which is presented by Sagar Arts.

Veer (played by Rajat Tokas) is Dharam's Cousin & Best friend, and he loves dharam and protects him no matter what. Instinctive and spontaneous, blessed with a natural wit and intelligence which he utilizes to help Dharam Fulfill his Princely Duties and Responsibilities. His character is very interesting because his life will take a new twist once he will find out that he is not aryavrata but a shramik.He falls in love with a robber "Shera" who pretends to be a princess named Ananya but her secret is revealed and Veer gets a great shock. He then decides to forget her but Shera wants to make him realize that she hadn't become a "daku" of her own free will but Veer doesn't listen to her. Eventually, when Veer comes to know about his shramik heritage, the two are on speaking terms again and the romance blossoms further.

Tere Liye is a popular Indian TelevisionDrama Series that airs on STAR Plus. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoorand created by Balaji Telefilms.Due to creative differences with the channel and low ratings compared to rivals this show is going to end in last week of march.

Robindo Ganguly'Anuraag's younger brother- Robindo, known as Robbie to his family and friends is spontaneous, free spirited and very friendly and known as the "bad boy" who gets himself in heaps of trouble and also broken many girls' hearts. He also had flings with them in the past but soon had fallen for Mauli, and likes her more than any other girl he met. He was interested in many girls and has now learnt his lesson after Mauli discovered the shocking truth of Robindo getting a girl pregnant while in the US and left him to wed Taposh, who she had always loved. He has been sent to go to US by his father and had now returned with a brand new look. Since the incident of his engagement with Mauli broken, he is heartbroken, negative and furious and decides to seek revenge on Taani who he thinks is the cause for the break up of him and Mauli. Is married to Jonaki.

Special Apperance

Madhav Shastri In Keshave pandit On Zee Tv

Madhav Shastri, an innocent boy from a middle-class from Allahabad, is falsely convicted and therefore steps into jail at the tender age of 14. At 24, emerges Keshav Pandit, a man who knows every trick in the trade of law. He soon becomes 'Robin Hood' with a law book as his weapon.
After 10 years, Keshav sets out not only to get the long-awaited justice for himself but also for every innocent who has been trapped in the vicious circle of law.
Keshav with his team (Sayra, Mangal, Vandana and Sonu) battles the law system fighting it out against crooked and opportunistic lawyers and powerful criminals to get justice for the helpless common man. Keshav is the only lawyer without the black coat who doesn't fight for money but for justice.
On the personal front, he is tossed between two women - Sayra, the daughter of the Jailor of Tihar Jail who was always by his side in the 10 years he spent there. The other  woman is Sonu, the love of his life, who waited for him for 10 years.
The story of Keshav Pandit is based on the best selling novels titled 'Keshav Pandit' by renowned Hindi author Ved Prakash Sharma.


  • ' Best Child Actor ' Star Parivar Awards (2007)
  • ' Best Yogya Jodi ' Star Parivar Awards (2007); along with Mugdha Chaphekar, his co-actor in Prithviraj Chauhan
  • ' Best Child Actor ' Gold Awards (2007)
  • ' Best child actor ' Indian Telly Awards (2007)
  • ' Best Actor (Popular) ' Indian Television Academy Awards (2007)

Official Site

Rajat's IF Fan Club

Mughda Chaphekar (born 24 March 1987) is an Indian television actress, who gained popularity due to her role of Sanyogita in the series Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan. She started her career in acting at the age of 5. She graduated in English Literature from Ruparel College.

She also acted in serials like Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi and Kya Mujhse Dosti Karoge. She has also worked in films as a child star.

After Prithviraj Chauhan, she came back in another Sagar Arts presentation, Dharam Veer as Shera. The show ended in October 2008. She went to star in the drama serial Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari on Colors in the main lead for which she had a completely different avatar. She's a recently  part of the show Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo on SAB TV as Aarti alongside Sumeet Raghavan and Tiku Talsania.


Mugdha has been in the industry of TV and films from the age of 5 years and she has worked with big actors like Dharmendra, Sachin in her first film "Aazmayish".

She has completed her graduation in English Literature from D.G. Ruparel College, Matunga, Mumbai. She completed her graduation by securing first division in the third and final year while she was shooting for her show Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan.

Besides this she has done many T.V. serials like Kya Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Solah Singar, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Hello Dolly, Dharti ka Veer Yodha Prithvi raj Chauhan, Dharam Veer, Mere Ghar aayi ek nanhi Pari, and currently working in Sajan re Jhoot Mat Bolo. Mugdha also showed up in many commercial advertisements like Clinic Plus, Rexona, Coca-Cola, Reynolds and one in a food restaurant telecasted in United Kingdom.

Journey in serials

Mugdha was first noticed in the popular show Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan. Rajat and Mugdha's onscreen chemistry was loved by the audience and widely accepted. Though the cast of the show was changed on 21 October 2007 but she returned in a new look with her co-star Rajat in a new series Dharamveer on NDTV Imagine. Mugdha is really appreciated for her ability of doing the role according to the need of the character. In the serial Prithviraj chauhan she had emoted the character of Sanyogita perfectly. Most currently, She also played the role of Aarti in Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo on SAB TV.

Awards and nominations

Star Parivaar Yogya Jodi 2007- Rajat And Mugdha (Prithviraj and Sanyogita)


ITA Awards 2007 in the category of Most Popular Actress (2007) for her role as Sanyogita.

Official Site

Mugdha's IF Fan Club

Previous CC Link

Note: If you are interested in joining the CC do PM me before posting!

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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*Management Team Members*

Star Khushi

Star Megha


 1. Please avoid double or triple quoting say it like
@ Nram
@ nidhi 

Members can quote thrice but more than thrice quoting is not allowed 

2. Please only one person write the captions for any pic

3. Please avoid repetition of pics for Caption 

4. Please avoid saying hello or welcome posts

5. Please discuss Rajat in every of ur replies 

6.Discussion about Priyo / RTMC in the CC

7. Similarly,do discuss Veera /RTMC

You can also discuss Rajat & Mugdha separately not as a pair .

8. If there is any disagreement regarding any post of any member in the FC then the members should first bring the matter to the RMCC Management Team before reporting the post to the moderators. Unnecessary warnings in the fc are not wanted. 

9. No one should open new RM CC or any Fc relating to Rajat Tokas/Mugdha Chapekar without informing the Management team and getting a yes form them. this is to avoid multiplicity of CCs and clash between members regarding the new cc.

Plzz keep the cc clean and a warning free cc.


This measures are just to avoid unexpected fights and chaos and warnings over here...ur co-operation is sincerely expected


RMCC management team

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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PM me if u r not in the list

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

Post Ur creations n i'll edit

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Rajat's 19th aug sbb interview

Rajat's 18th aug sbs link

Rajat's 3rd sept interview link

Rajat in dhoti 8th sept

Rajat with Neha 15th sept

Rajat as Keshav Pandit(Video credit lily)

Complete Play List 


Prithviraj Chauhan  videos of Rajat(Credit Vishal)

Prithviraj Chauhan June 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan July 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan August 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan September 2006 Videos]


Prithviraj Chauhan October 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan November 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan December 2006 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan January 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan Febuary 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan March 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan April 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan May 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan June 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan July 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan August 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan September 2007 Videos


Prithviraj Chauhan October 2007 Videos


 (Credit lily & Sanchita)

24th august 

30th august

31st August

1st Sept

2nd Sept

3rd Sept

6th Sept

7th Sept

8th Sept (babumoshaii...)

13th Sept

15th Sept

29th Sept

1st oct

from pg-69


2nd oct

6th oct

7th oct

Rajat Pics From SBS

3rd Sept

8th Sept

15th sept

n pg-62

27th Sept

RT-MC @ SBS Jashn-E-Hafta on 11th Oct

Rajat Pics from SBS @ 13th Oct Jashn-E-Hafta

Rajat-Mugdha @ SBS-Jashn-E-Hafta Special / 14th Oct

Rajat talking to chugol khor aunty sbs 14th oct

Rajat Pics from "tere mast mast do nain" dance sequence

Rajat n some Neha Pics from 16th Oct (Dussera Maha Episode)

Rajat's pics by sita

Rajat's pics from sbs 23rd nov

Rajat Pics from 13th dec & few more from previous

Rajat Pics from SBS @ 16th Dec

Rajat Pics from SBS @ 20th Dec

Rajat Pics from SBS @ 23rd Dec

Rajat Pics from 17th Dec

Rajat Pics from 20th Dec

Rajat Pics from 21st Dec

Rajat Pics from 22nd Dec

Rajat Pics from 23rd Dec

Rajat Pics from 24th Dec

Rajat Pics from 19th Jan

Rajat Pics from 20th Jan

Rajat's pics by rasha

Rajat Pics from 15th Feb SBS

Rajat Pics from SBS (dont remember the date exactly...can anyone tell me the date so that i can modify it)

Picture Gallery Of Rajat & Mugdha --> PRC

Album's Links
















Picture Gallery Of Rajat --> Keshav Pandit & Robindo (Tere Liye)

Album's Links

Keshav Pandit


2. (By Others)


Robindo (Tere Liye)

Posting robi entry pics links to november episodes pics links...

(By Others)











Dec - 2010

1st Dec

3rd Dec

6th Dec

8th Dec

9th Dec

10th Dec

14th Dec

15th Dec

16th Dec

17th Dec

20th Dec

21st Dec

22nd, 23rd Dec

24th Dec

Jan - 2011

14th Jan

17th Jan

18th Jan

19th, 20th Jan

21st Jan

24th Jan

25th Jan

27th Jan

Feb - 2011

1st Feb

7th Feb

8th Feb

9th Feb

10th Feb

Credit lily

Complete Play List 


Scene-16 (mouli misunderstanding robi teaching dance to a girl as ragging)

Scene-17 (robi observing mouli during the dance)

Scene-18 (robi flirting with  a girl & robi-mouli-anu interaction)

Scene-19 (robi giving lift to mouli)

Scene-20 (robi teasing anu-taani) 

Scene-21 (robi at mouli n taposh street play)

Scene-22 (robi attending dandiya function along with taani n anu) 

Scene-23 (robi at dussera celebrations) 

Scene-24 (robi n mouli talk about dussera stage show preparations)

Scene-25 (robi coming to know about robbery n questioning taani about it)

Scene-26 (robi n taani interaction about the robbery)

Scene-27 (robi coming for durga mata visarjan - part1)

Scene-28 (robi coming for durga mata visarjan - part2)

Scene-29 (robi coming for durga mata visarjan - part3)

Scene-30 (robi informing taani about anu-shakhar fight)

Scene-31 (robi helping mouli in sweet shop)

Scene-32 (robi-taani-anu convo & robi accidentally leting them know that he loves mouli)

Scene-33 (robi telling laboni maa about anurag leaving the house)

Scene-34 (robi-mouli at laboni's house for anu's job party)

Scene-35 (robi asking taani n anu about his luv story's progress)

Scene-36 (robi eagerly waiting for taani as she went to mouli's home with robi's marriage proposal)

Scene-37 (shekhar fixing robi's marriage with some high class business family thus leading to robi-shekhar fight)

Scene-38 (shekhar-robi fight on marriage issue continues..&..laboni-mouli talk on her marriage with taposh)

Scene-39 (robi with taani n anu on diwali day)

Scene-40 (robi-shekhar fight on diwali n robi decides to leave the house..but taani n neelu convince him to stay back)

Scene-41 (robi asking taani tips as to how to propose mouli..jonaki-robi intro..robi proposing mouli..robi informing taani about the proposal)

Scene-42 (robi dreaming about mouli and calls her to talk to her..jonaki talks posing as mouli and agrees for a date..robi-mouli-jonaki go to date..jonaki spoils the date)

Scene-43  (robi n neelu come to taani's home to call them for robi's engagement..robi-mouli engagement starts)

Scene-44 (jonaki makes taposh-mouli-robi to go into the same room..robi coming to know about taposh being mouli's love interest..taani-anu-robi-mouli-taposh confrontation..robi accepting mouli with her past..engagement between robi-mouli takes place)

Scene-45 (robi-mouli go on a dinner date)

Scene-46 (robi-anu talk as to how to propose the girl they love..anu-taani-robi-mouli getting ready for mouli's surprise birthday party arranged by robi)

Scene-47 (neelu blessing anu-robi..robi surprising mouli by wishing her happy birthday..robi letting mouli know about his past flirts and presenting mouli a gift in his own   unique way)

Scene-48 (robi expressing his displeasure to mouli about taani-anu bringing back nupur to their home n a cute talk between robi-mouli follows)

 (taposh-mouli face-to-face..mouli feeling sad..robi cheering her up)

 (robi-mouli & anu-taani and others preparing food for home age..taposh trys to talk to mouli)">

Scene-51 (mouli's haldi rasam..robi peeping in..robi following mouli to hospital as she went to meet taposh..robi happy that he won mouli's luv for him n expresses his happiness to taani..jonaki makes taposh realise his luv for mouli)

 (robi calling mouli n asks her to meet him with a excuse that anu drinks...a cute moment between robi-anu..robi's haldi rasam)

Scene-53 (taposh expressing his luv to mouli but mouli chooses robi over him..robi n others over hear their convo and accepts mouli)

Scene-54 (anu gives honeymoon advises to scene between anu n robi)


Scene-55 (nupur tells the whole family about robi's US affair and fiasco follows)">

Scene-56 (flashback of anu-nupur US college days..robi visiting them..robi heartbroken)">

Scene-57 (taani coming to know about robi's child)">

Scene-58 (anu consoling robi and advises him to tell the truth to mouli...mouli coming to know about the affair and cancelling the marriage...robi heart broken)">

Scene-59 (robi all heartbroken...mouli n taposh decide to marry with each other)">

Scene-60 (nupur informing everyone about mouli-taposh marriage..robi stroms out in anger..taani-anu-robi adorable flash back..nupur brainwashes robi against tani,anu,mouli while he is drunk)">

Scene-61 (anu n taani in search of robi..robi-anu brawl in the temple..anu totally shattered seeing robi in that state)">

Scene-62 (robi decides to leave the city..robi face off with taani)


Scene-63 (robi moula face off..robi dropping mouli at taposh's place) 


Scene-64 (robi mourning over ananya's death..robi talking about anu case with mouli's dad..robi  meet anu at jail) 


Scene-65 (robi on a look out for mouli-taposh'robi suggesting laboni maa to bring them back to home)

Scene-66 (mouli-taposh gruhapravesh'robi comes and congratulates the couple'robi internal battle seeing them...robi introducing his luv to everyone)


Scene-67 (all shocked to know about jonaki..anu confronts robi about his decision of marrying jonaki but gets convinced by robi and inturn convinces everyone for the alliance)

Scene-68 (robi-jonaki engagement...mouli uncomfortable)


Scene-69 (robi-mouli interaction in engagement)

Scene-70 (robi-jonaki-mouli and others at jwellers shop..taposh angry about robi's gifts'taposh-mouli-robi interaction)

Scene-71 (robi watches taposh n mouli affection for each other and freaks out in anger..everyone having lunch at jonaki's house)

Scene-72 (taani observes robi behaviour'robi comes to know that molui rejected his gifts and is angry...mouli n taposh declining robi's offer to drop them home)

Scene-73 (robi-mouli talk at taani's ahldi rasam'taani questioning robi about his intensions)

Scene-74 (robi totally heartwrenched seeing taposh-mouli together'.robi goes to talk to mouli seeing her crying'robi-taani confrontation)

Scene-75 (neelu n others questions robi on his intensions of his marriage..robi goes to taani to finish the issue for once n all)

Scene-76 (robi asking the officer about the progress of trapping taposh..jonaki tries yet fails to seduce robi)

Scene-77 (robi-jonaki maang barna ritual)

Scene-78 (reception of the couples and roby angry that his plan is not into action yet)

Scene-79 (reception continues..all dance)

Scene-80 (robi drunk..tries talking to mauli)

Scene-81(robi-jonaki sr)

Scene-82 (ritesh enter into house..anu angry..robi tries cooling down anu)

Scene-83 ( taposh waiting for his loan'robi making his loan pass)

Scene-84 (robi plays cards with ritesh n friends and looses in the gamble)

Scene-85 (anu comes to know about the gambling and scolds robi)

Scene-86 (taposh telling everyone that loan has been sanctioned..anu offering his help to taposh and robi angry)

Scene-87 (ritesh fills robi's mind against anu'robi, anu fight) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-88 (jonaki trying to make robi against taani n anu) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-89 (everyone goes to taposh shop opening..robi gifts ganesh to mouli..jonaki creates misunderstanding making robi scolding taani) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-90 (robi into a new business deal'meets a girl who fakes as jonaki's friend on orders of ritesh..anu asking progress about the deal) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-91 (they loose the tender deal..making anu argry on robi..fight between robi n anu'robi getting drunk with the help of ritesh) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-92 (robi-mouli interaction outside their shop'in his office, robi discussing about the progress of the plan with someone) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-93 (ritesh overhears everything and poisons robi's mind further for his own needs) (External Embedding Disabled)

Scene-94 (ritesh convinces robi with his plan and burns taposh's shop..afterwards robi shocked hearing that someone lost their life in that accident)

Scene-95 (robi unsettled hearing the bad news and questions ritesh about his wrong doings…taposh arrested on charges of  a persons death)

Scene-96 (taposh given temporary bail..all console him…taposh being beaten up by people when family members save him..robi shocked seeing all this)

Scene-97 (robi angry on ritesh ..confronts ritesh...all waiting for final court verdict..mouli all sad thinking about taposh)

Scene-98 (courts give 7 years of imprisonment to taposh..all shattered..taposh asks mouli to move on..mouli explains to her mom how she cant live without taposh..mouli runs behind taposh when she falls from stairs and gets deeply hurt)

Scene-99 (doc informs everyone that  they managed to save mouli but couldn't save the baby..robi totally shattered seeing the condition of mouli and breaks down before taani…taani makes him see reason about his actions and its consequences)

Scene-100 (robi goes to the police station and surrender himself..all family members reach police station and asks robi the truth..robi tells the whole truth to the family members and accepts his mistake..taposh gets released..anu remembering robi and crys in taani's lap)

Scene-101(robi given 10 years of imprisonment..mouli reaches there hearing news of taposh release n robi surrender…robi taken to to jail)


Scene-102 (anu n robi marriage rituals starts)

Scene-103 (anu and robi marriage)

Scene-104 (anu n robi  after marriage rituals...robi planning to trap taposh in a terrorist case)

Scene-105 (after marriage rituals continues)

Scene-106 (after marriage rituals continues)

Scene-107 (after marriage rituals continues)

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Reserve for mugdha's interviews n show's video

Someone plz volunteer to help on it Embarrassed

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
The CC is open now DancingParty

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Priyart12 IF-Dazzler

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wellcome to me
n u to Smile Embarrassed

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