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Salaam Namastey & Hello to all my lovely IF Friends.Big smile

Welcome to 5th and 6th Edition of Our DABH Chronicles.Big smile Hope you will have a nice time & Do leave in Your Comments, Suggestions & Feedbacks and Hope we continue this every week Embarrassed

Weekly Summary
credit natasha

30th April 2012

Sooraj tells Bhabasa that Sandhya is unhappy with their marriage. He feels that he is an unsuitable husband for her and plans to drive her away with harsh treatment. He decides to sacrifice his happiness for her sake by breaking their marriage. He tells Bhabasa not to tell anyone of his plan. Meenakshi taunts Sandhya for losing the competition. Santosh punishes her for it. She tends to Sandhya's burnt hand and blames her for Sooraj's harsh behaviour. She accuses her of hurting Sooraj.

         01st May 2012

Santosh condemns Sandhya for Sooraj's changed behaviour. Bhabasa defends Sandhya. Sooraj berates Sandhya for humiliating his family by losing the cooking competition. He orders her to serve him like a dutiful wife. Meenakshi hopes that Dilip will choose to marry Sudha whereas Chhavi hopes that he will choose her. Chaturi hesitates to draw mehendi on Sandhya's burnt hand. Santosh tells her sons to feed their wives because of the mehendi on their hands. . 

02nd May 2012

Sooraj feeds Sandhya because of the mehendi on her hand. Santosh tries to contact Maasa in order to fix Chhavi's wedding. To uphold the Ganghor puja custom, husbands and wives sleep separately at night. Meenakshi tells Vikram to buy her jewellery. Sooraj dreams of Sandhya. He sneaks into the hall room to see her. He lights a mosquito coil for her and accidentally pushes a glass off the table. Everyone is awakened by the noise.

03rd May 2012
Sooraj escapes Sandhya's notice when Meenakshi states that the noise disturbance is from an unlocked window. Bhabasa and Sandhya talk about Sooraj's changed behaviour. The Rathi family gets ready for the Ganghor festivity. Sandhya suspects that Sooraj had lit the mosquito coil at night. She sees the mehendi mark on his hand and confronts him but he denies it. Everyone is excited to meet the Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan.

04th May 2012

Aamir Khan visits Hanuman Street for the Ghangor festivity. Santosh welcomes him with aarthi. Sooraj serves him jalebis. Bhabasa gets emotional while talking to Aamir about Sooraj's sacrifice for his family. Sooraj tells him about Sandhya's academic accomplishment. Aamir praises Sooraj for being proud of Sandhya. Santosh instructs Sandhya on how to perform the Ghangor puja. Sooraj and Sandhya travel to the temple together. He behaves rudely with her.


07th May 2012

Meenakshi's family visits the Rathi family for the Ghangor festivity. Chhavi calls Dilip and threatens to kill herself if he refused to marry her. Both, she and Sudha pray for Dilip's marriage proposal. Sandhya alights from the bus to fetch water. Sooraj thinks that the bus has started without Sandhya and panics. Dilip and his mother arrive at the Rathi house with a marriage proposal. Meenakshi's mother introduces them to Santosh. Sandhya misplaces the fruit meant for the puja, at the temple.


08th May 2012

Sandhya tells Sooraj that she has misplaced the sweets meant for the puja but he acts unconcerned by her distress. The Rathi family is elated as Dilip asks for Chhavi's hand in marriage whereas Meenakshi's family is disappointed. Santosh waits for Sooraj's return before accepting the marriage proposal. Sandhya finds the misplaced sweet packet. Meanwhile, Sooraj borrows utensils from a sweet maker to prepare sweets for her puja. Sandhya uses the sweets he had prepared to complete her puja.


09th May 2012

Santosh recalls seeing Dilip and Chhavi talking together on the street in the past. She thinks that they are in love and refuses to accept the marriage proposal. Sandhya completes the Ghangor puja and refuses to go home until Sooraj answers her questions. She demands to know the reason behind his changed behaviour. In turn, he criticizes her for not becoming a deserving wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. He tells her to take a decision about the future of their marital life.


10th May 2012

Santosh refuses to accept love marriage in her family. Chhavi fights with Vikram for hiding the truth from Santosh to save Meenakshi. Bhabasa tells Santosh to accept Dilip's marriage proposal whereas Meenakshi tells her to decline it. Sandhya is confused by Sooraj's behaviour. The two of them get wet in the rain. Sandhya catches cold. Sooraj pretends to be sick and tells Santosh to prepare cold remedy. Santosh gives the herbal tonic to both Sandhya and him.


11th May 2012

Sandhya serves food to Sooraj like a dutiful wife. Sooraj tells Santosh that if Chhavi marries an uneducated farmer she will be unhappy in her marital life like Sandhya. He convinces Santosh to accept Dilip's marriage proposal. Dilip's family decides to conduct the engagement the very next day. Chhavi is elated by the news whereas Meenakshi is disappointed. Sooraj distributes sweets to everyone except Sandhya. Bhabasa advises him to talk to Sandhya and solve their discord.


Scene of the Week

Best Picture Of The Week


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Most Romantic Moment Of The Week


Funniest Scene Of The Week


his week's funny scene is when everybody has heard that Aamir Khan is coming to their Hanuman Gali...& Bhbao asks why such a big artist is coming to our "Hanuman Gali??" Then Bhabsa goes Because he heard that ek langri, ek khani, ek sayani lives he came to see the most sayani oneROFL..God Bhabasa is so funnyLOL..then everybody laughsLOLLOL

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Biggest Disappointment of the week


30th Apr - 4th May

This week was a turning point and was much more aesthetically pleasing than last week. The time is drawing closer to the day that Sandy learns the truth about Suraj's changed behavior.Smile
The biggest disappointment last week was the scene where Sandhya decides to confront Suraj after he left her post the pratiyogita  She tells him about the difference between her learning to cook for the competition and learning to cook the daal baati churma. However Suraj changes the conversation around and says that Sandhya has to act responsible at least in small things as a wife and take out his kurta and keep it in mind to do daily and also tells her to stop blaming him for her loss.
 If this was the worst thing to happen this week we're on the right track!
It was challenging picking a disappointment this week because we're on the road to recovery folks. The nicer things get the more difficult my job! This coming week should be even better!

7th-11th May 2012
The biggest disappointment this week was the Gangur Pooja trip. There were promos indicating there would be a sizzling progression indicating that Sandhya would realize the truth behind Suraj's changed behaviour but that was a big deceit to all viewers and we stood annoyingly shocked to see we are back to square one and no secrets were unveiled. Sandhya is still clueless as to what is bugging Suraj and Suraj is trying his level best to provoke Sandhya to leave. This week dashed all the hopes we had last week. Nothing has changed unfortunately except now Sandhya is relying on her kindness to get her "relationship" on the "good" terms it formerly was and Chavvi is soon to be engaged. 
Just plain disappointment and a waste of a potentially crucial scene with great screenplay.
This is just one person's opinion. What was the worst for you?
Credit: navyaalex8
Bahu kabhi beti nahin ho saktiCry

This week, we finally found out what Bhabho really thinks of her bahus when babasa asked her to behave humanely towards Sandhya because he now knows that Suraj's happiness is dependent on Sandhya's well being...

But I was more saddened than disappointed to find out what bhabho actually thinks of her bahus: 
Beasts of burden- yes
Mother to her grandsons & I'm hoping she'll accept granddaughters too!- yes
Mixie, grinder, expresso machine, bread/rotimaker, dishwasher, vacuum-yes
Sex partner to her son- yes
Upholder of family traditions and pride- yes
Chef cum dress designer cum housekeeper cum accountant cum first aid helper cum mehendi artist (but without any relevant degrees to the same )- yes

But a bahu as a daughter???

No, NoNO, NEVER!!!

Sandhya is as a girl who had barely entered adulthood when she was cruelly orphaned...Her
nearest relatives live 1000s of miles away... Her personal dreams have been shattered... No wonder she keeps trying to please Bhabho at every turn without giving up - she's pining for affection... I always thought her efforts would soften Bhabho's heart some day but NO... Bhabho will never consider her as truly one of her own... Her narrow minded, rigid, petty mindset is showing and she's claiming that it's tradition!

Every woman needs her mother whatever her age...But Sandhya should now stop trying now to please a woman who has has already decided that she will never be pleased... Find a way to be happy and follow your destiny Sandy...If the others share in your happiness, well and good, but if not, their loss... Hoping that next week brings only little disappointments in DABHland, Nisha

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Prediction Of The Week


Hey everyone! 

Congratulations on the 5th NL! :) Five weeks have gone so fast that I haven't even realised how they flew by, soon we will be on 50 and we won't even realise! 

So its been a roller-coaster week! Aamir Khan even graced his presence and showed us what is to come for this show. Suraj hinting how proud he was of his wife to Aamir showed that this would carry through and soon we will see this Suraj helping his Sandhya to achieving her dreams.

That brings me to the prediction of the week. I think the truth will surface but as a shocker I think the couple will consummate their marriage in the coming episodes. I might be off by miles but according to quite a few sources there is some surprises for us in how Sandy takes the truth so is she about to tell Suraj that she is in love with him and accept him? 

With the IPL season still in full swing and so much feirce action will the CV's use this trump card yet? I sure hope not and instead I would like to see SurYa misunderstanding cleared along with Suraj and Sandhya re-building their relationship. 

So that is my prediction! Let see if the CVs play the next move as planned or change it and leave us shocked! 

*The End... 
Sorry for Late as i was totally busy with Exams Embarrassed We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of DABH Chronicles. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

Note: If any one want to volunteer for OMG moment of the week then please PM me Embarrassed

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Sugarush Goldie

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Well done guys keep up the good work

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Wonderful work Guys. Keep the tempo going on. Clap

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Congrats for 5th and 6th newsletter. Well done everyone.
Liked Nisha's Bahu kabhi beti nahin ho saktiCry it is sad but true for Bhabho.  Hope Suraj brings this realization in Bhabho.

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