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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Hello every one...Smile...many of you know me an many of you don't know me,so let me introduce myself name is radhika and i have written an os on rt-mc...Smile

This os is for rashmi,sonali and priya...Smile...who asked me to write something on rt-mc...but before you proceed to read...i must tell you that i am not a writer,i have just tried to write i am already saying sorry if it comes out in a bad experience...Smile
all type of comments,appreciation and critisisam are wholeheartedly welcomed...Smile

     Woh Lamhe...
                              Memories Forever...

Shimla-a beautiful hill station wrapped in the arms of snow,half covered hills with snow and clouds,beautiful scenery,mesmerizing sites,heart winning winds,all in all a perfect holiday destination.But today an aura of love and romance is spread in the environment of shimla.The whole town is filled with red and white ballons,different type of gift and roses,mostly the
red one,the whole town is decorated according to the theme of valentines day.

Yes,14 feb. valentines day,the day of love. Everyone is preparing themselves to confess their love to the most important part of their life,some were getting nervous and their friends were cheering them up,some were buying gift,some were planning to make this day very special for their loved
one. The whole town is colored in the color of love.

Among all these far away from the city,a girl wearing a knee length white dress with an black over coat is sitting alone in a garden.She is indeed beautiful and because of cold wheather her nose tip n cheeks were getting reddish pink,her open hair and rosy lips were making her look more
beautiful in that mesmerizing environment and the strands of her open hair which were playing with her cheeks were adding more charm to her beauty.

A bouquet of red roses is kept just beside her and a lite smile is playing on her lips,looking at the picture which she is holding remembering the day she met her love life for the first time''''..


She was very excited as it was her collages first day,as she entered from the collage gate,she was surprised to see the site infront of her,the whole collage is looking like a lovers point instead of a collage.For a moment she got confused is she came to the right place or she came somewhere else.The whole collage was decorated with red and white ballons and students were dressed in a special way n color too,and mostly in red.She walked in looking to the whole collage and students too.She entered in collage corridor when she saw the same environment their too as it was outside,shaking her head in confusion she resumed her walk when her eyes fell on collages bulleten board,which is clearly showing the speciality of the day,it was clearly written with red and golden sparkling color and in bold letters''.HAPPY VALENTINES
DAY'''now she understood the reason behind the collage looking like a lovers point.She smiled and turned to go when she dashed with someone,and both fell on the grond with their books.

''oh god, I don't understand why people stand in others way''she said without looking at the person.She sat on her knees and started to collect her books when she heard him.''sorry''.

She still didn't looked at him and resumed her task and he too helped her,she kept her hand on a book to pick it up when he too did that same but unfortunately at same time and with same book and because of that their hands touched each other.This time she fumed with anger on finding his hand on her,she looked at him with rage.

An extremely handsome boy,with chocolate brown eyes is looking at her with a cute smile,but she was fumimg with anger,she snatched her book and stood up to go when she again heard his voice''hey beautiful''.

She turned to look at him-''what??????''

''Ummm''beautiful''-he replied

''Sorry??????''-she asked him

''Oh don't be''-he said with a grin

''Listen u''..''-pointing her finger towards him.

''Yes damsel''-gripping her finger with his hand.

Snatching her finger from his grip she replied-''go to hell''..and don't try to be over smart with him,I am not like other girls,so don't you dare to flirt with me''saying this she walked from their without
giving him a chance to speak.

He smiled at her retreating figure and said-''god,she is

Days started passing and their fight are also increasing day by day.He never spare a single chance to annoy her and for that purpose healways choose the seat close to her or sat just beside her.He kept on teasing her by hiding her pen,her books or by tapping on the table or by disturbing her by humming.The most irritated way which he has found to tease her was making
paper balls and throwing it on her while lectures and he gave it to others too to throw on her.She got hell irritated by his acts that sometimes she slap him on his shoulder or tap her high heels on his foot but he never gave up.

But in all these days she got to know a nice and pleasant side of him,about his good and helpful nature,he was not actually like that as she was thinking about him.Her views about him is changing.

Flashback ends:-

She giggled on those memories,they were so childish,they always fight with each other on silly things,they always wanted a reason to fight with each other.She looked at his cute smile and his dreamy eyes,he was always a cheerful person,making others happy is his life aims,she had never saw him getting angry,he was her savior.She still remembered the day when he came
as a savior for her and it was the first and last day she saw him getting angry on some one''''.


She was sitting in canteen with her book,she was going through the pages and sipping her coffee when one boy came and sat on the vacant chair just beside her and said:-''why did you always seems so lost only with your books,give some time to us also''and kept his hand on her.

Ignoring him she snatched her hand and stood up to go when he too stood up and held her wrist and said with a smirk:-''what happen didn't you liking my company?????????''

She got scared and twisting her hand in his grip she pleaded:-''please leave me''

The man again replied with a grin:-''what if I didn't?????''and started to move towards her and she backed off untill her back touched the table behind her,she looked back and then at him and closed her eyes tightly with fear.After some time she realised that he had left her hand,she opened her eyes and got surprised to see a man standing in between her and that guy,she
tried to figure out who is he,when he turned to look at her and suddenly her face brighten up with happiness to see her savior,he had came to save her.He looked at her and assured her that everything will be alright through his eyes,she understood and nodded in yes with a smile.

Then he again turned to that man and looked at him with with full rage and anger.He pulled a chair and sat in front of that guy and kept his right leg on left and left hand on chairs back and asked in a dangerous voice:-''so what are you saying??????''

The man gulped and looked at the girl standing behind him but not able to speek a word as his voice was got stuck in his throat.

She was looking both the guys infront of her,one is standing with fear and sweating badly and the second one is sitting with anger and rage,she had never saw him like this,he is always a kind of cheerful person but this time he was someone else,for a moment she too got scared and then she saw him standing.

He stood up,moved towards that guy and kept his hand firmly on his shoulder and pressed it hard and said in a warning tone:-''if I ever saw you around her,then I will make sure that it was your last breath you are taking in your life''.

The man gulped and said in scary tone:-'' I promise I will keep 2 feet no,no 5 feet distance from her''and then looked at her and said:-''I am really sorry sis,it will never happen again''and walked out from the canteen as soon as he can.

After that guy had left he turned to look at her and both smiled at each other.

Flashback end.

She laughed at that incident,after that incident that guy got so much scared that he never came infront of her or even if he saw her anywherein collage he hide himself or ran from their.It was just because of her savior.thinking all this she looked up and saw a boy sitting on his knees and
forwarding a red rose to the girl standing infront of him with a huge smile.Seeing that scene her eyes started shining as she remembered the day when he proposed her infront of the whole collage'''


It was valentines night,almost all the student were dressed according to the theme of valentines night,girls were mostly in red and boys were mostly in black.Wearing a white chudidaar with red dupatta and red embroidery on neck n sleeves with matching white bangles and earings,she enterd in the collage auditorium where the party is held to be.After reaching their she found the whole auditorium filled with darkness and silence,may be she had came too early,she decided to go back when she saw a light directly sppoting her.She looked at the light and then she speaks:-''hello,someone is their''and steps forward but again silence.She again turned to go when she heard guitar tunes,she turned and saw a light sppoting to the ground,she moved a little when she saw him coming out from the darkness with a guitar in his hand and then she heard his voice''''.

                                         Pyar main,ya phir kisi k intezar main

                                         Tum toh hai gorgeous hamesha

                                         Muskan main, ya zindagi ki thakan main

                                         Tum toh ho gorgeous hamesha

                                         Behas main uljhi ho yun ,ya khud main khoyi khoyi

                                         Kisi talash main ya, adhi jagti adhi soyi

                                         Khel main, ya khwabon khwabon main

                                         Tum toh ho gorgeous hamesha'''...

As the song ends he removed his guitar and knelt down on his knees and forwarding his hand he asked:-''can I have a photo with you??????''

She confusedly looked at him:-''why?????''

To which he smiled and replied:-''so I can tell our children that how their mother look like''

She smiled and shyly looked somewhere else.After some time he said in soft tone:-''can you give your answer quick,plz'''my knees are hurting''

On that she brust into laughter and he too,after sometime controlling her laughter she looked at him and said:-''I have forgotten my surname,can I use yours???????''and kept her hand in his.

And as she confessed the whole auditorium was brighten up by lights,claps and whistles.The whole collage was present their and witnessing their confession.After that he too stood up and both tightly hugged each other.

Flashback end.

She moved her hand on his picture softly and then taking a sign of relief she kept it in her bag and by picking up that bouquet she too stood up and moved towards the exit of the garden.

After sometime she was standing infront of'''''his grave with moist eyes remembering their last day together'''..


After completeing their collage,they both told everything to their parents about their relationship and their parents got agreed and fixed their engagement.One day he was busy with his office work when she called him and asked him to come along with her for shopping but he denied and said that he has lot's of office work to do and after 15 min. of argument he gave up and
agreed to join her for shopping.

In shopping mall:-

She picked up a blue saree and asked him:-''hwz it?????...hwz I am looking??????...

He looked at her and replied:-''hmmm''.nice but I think this red one suits you more''holding a red saree.

''No,blue suits me more than red'':-she said it looking at the saree.

''No,red suits you more and I too like this colour'':-he said while picking it up.

And after that they both started to fight on the suitness of the colour,after 10 min. of argument she threw that blue saree on counter and said in an angry tone:-''I have to wear it or you,fine I don't want to buy any of these,go and find someone else who will wear this red saree for you''after saying this she stromed out from the shopping mall.

He laughed at her act,''she actually looks cute when she got angry'':-he thought''pack both''he said it to the sales girl and he too came out from mall behind her.

Both were walking on the footpath beside road,she was few steps ahead with him and he was behind her.

''Listen.i am sorry'':-still following her.

''Oh puleeez''.don't be,spare me and find someone else'':-still walking ahead.

''Ok,ok I am sorry and I agree that blue suits you more than red,now plz leave that and remember I love you'':-he said while coming closer to her and kept his hand on her waist and hugged her from behind but she pushed him,smiled and turned but before they could realise what is happening,his foot got slipped and he fell on the road and before they could balance the situation a car speedly came from behind and ran over him.

Flashback end.

Millions of tears came out from her eyes,it all happened in just a few seconds that they never got a chance to reaslise that what was happening with them.She remembered all the memories,their first meeting,how he came as a savior for her,how he proposed her''''

                                         Rabba ve, rabba ve,rabba ve, rabba ve,

                                          Rabba ve, rabba ve,rabba ve, rabba ve

                                          Kiu khwabon pe tere saye hai,kiu dil hai tanha mera

                                          Kiu khamoshi hai zuban meri,ashkon se keh paun na

                                          Kiu dard hai itna,tere ishq main

                                          Rabba ve rabba veraba ve rabba ve

                                          Kiu dard hai itna,tere ishq main

                                          Rabba ve, rabba ve,rabba ve, rabba ve'''''

She knelt down on her knees and kept that red bouquet on his grav, bent down and kissed his grave and said in a cracking voice:-''happy valentines day,I know you are always with me and I love you too''.

She sat their with him,celebrating their 6 proposal anniversary together''''''

                                                              THE END***********

                           DEATH IS NOT THE END OF LOVE...


People die but their memories doesn't,their memries remians with us till our lifetiime and gives us the strength to fight with world...


the rising:-

snow white and the prince:-

the saviour:-

phir se:-

pyar toh hamesha rahega:-

ek mulakat:-

my wish comes true:-    73809402 

a walk to remember:-  76140684  

a big mistake of my life:-   76695929 

tum hi ho:-  79273124 

once upon a time:-

jeet:-  JEET- a murat-karnika ff 

murat fantacies by radhika:-   Murat Fantacies By Radhika (short stories)... <3

my another work...Smile

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged

let me tell u 1 thing that i love u 4 this baaki baad mein bolongi padne ke baad

ridzzi u make me cry today u know i never cried to read a story or ff
bt today i hv tears to read last part
that was shocking that he died

she missed him vry much...she celebrte 6 valentine without him

awesomesttt n vry touching story yr
i just can't say anything except that u r amazing

u said that u r not writer bt u wrote vry well u r awesome n superb

truely loved this update
loved the flashkback scenes,loved ur description,loved the songs u used
rabba ve is my fav also...

Ridzzi pls write more stories on rtmc bt not too emotional nhi to mein phir rone lagungi

cont soon with new story
thanks 4 pm,sharing n wrote a wonderful story

a hug from my side 4 u
luv u

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Senior Member


Joined: 23 April 2011

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Ridziii ... u wrote OS ...Wow
Thanx yar!!
u write it very well
The concept n writting is so nice
Bot u know ...   really  I  m crying when come to know that He is not in her life .
she was thinking about him ...remembering those sweet ... unforgattable memories
" Woh Lamhe "
u made me cry ...
How Badly she missing him
their memmories are so nice...
Their first meeting... Her saviour... his Proposer  on valentines day
All  are remain alive in her Memmories
Kash vo lamhe vahi Rukh jate na...
 Kash ...
She was celebrating their  sixt  anniversary of proposal .
" hamare loved ones hume chod jate hai but vo humare Dil me Hamesha rehte hai
...ek live photo ki tarah... "

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Joined: 05 April 2010

Posts: 4270

Posted: 17 May 2012 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Embarrassedreso jii

will comment very soon...
thnx di for writing this for us...
specially me, aap sachi main hot accha likhte ho

apne mera dil jheet liya h, 

ab aap kuch dinn aur indepence days banalo, phirr aapko ek ff likhne ke liye busy kr dongi

aap sachi bhot acha likhte ho di, sachi bahatareen...

yaad h voh jack ka titanic wala dialogue, wahi main aapke liye bolongi...

''bahatareen h madam!''

chalo ab os ki baari, 
bhot emo. kr diya di aapne mujhe.

rt bro nhi rahe, he is no more, n she is celebrating their 6th proposal anni...

yahan yeh baat sabit hoti h, 

''some love stories our beyond romance,''

mujhe bhi kuch aisa hi likhna h rtmc pr, dont wry usmain mc mer jati h, and rt uski death ka revenge leta h, bhot hi supernatural stroy h voh...

first flashback, by god rt ws damn cute flirter...
kinna cha flirt karta h, 

he is loved to anoy her, 
me to, meri mom ko, bhai ko, and saari IF ki di's ko...

second fleashback...
yeh, mugdha ka savior...
amazing..just so perfect...

3rd flashback...

god such cute proposal...

''so that i can show our children how their mom looks!''...

but mc ko kya pata tha ki use uss pic ki jarurat padegi ki dis is how ur father lokks.
lekin unki tho shadi bhi nhi hoi thi na...

verna mc at least rt k bache ke saath hi aapni saari jindagi guzaar deti..Cry...

lovd this line-
'I have forgotten my surname,can I use yours???????''Embarrassed

mugdha tokas...sunene main kitna perfect lagta h...Embarrassed...

but rt bro nhi rahe, kyun?????/Cry

loved the stry like hell, sooperbo, mindblasting...

abhi main entrnce de loon, phirr ek ff likhne k liye bhi manogi...

lov u di.
thnx for writng it for me.

Edited by sweetsanyo - 18 May 2012 at 3:02am

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Joined: 05 May 2011

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
beautiful story..Clap
it was too emotional in the end :)

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Joined: 15 March 2011

Posts: 2082

Posted: 17 May 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged

jhoooti jhooti jhooti "i m noot a writer "

then tel me wat the hell is written above that gave me goosebumps

just got tension free as tough paper is done rest can b tackled . so came to IF . saw inbox was flowing with rtmc ud but can't read any as i m lagging . coz once i get the taste of it . then toh 
pura padh ke hi rehti hoon. but then u r message appeared on top of the list  it  said OS. so 

checked , glad i did,

wat to say i m
heartbeat animated animation heartbeat
valentines03 static happy smiley valentine
Crying Crying

i just loved it simplr gr8

 u shou;d write more...

guess u shud make this os as ff
. if i may suggest u cud continue this with a PS ILOVE U touch that is lovely flashbacks n her struggle to move forward bit

as i m a selfish rtmc fan so want them together so u may then continue with doppelganger track 

may b  like kaho na pyyar hai with ps i love u touch.

or if time doesn't permit u shud b our official rt mc os writer n give us these lovey dovey treats.

last loved it , fab

want to read more n more ... frm u 

finallly doing happy dance after long timr read rt mc stuff

Dancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing DancingDancing DancingDancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing   Dancing Dancing  Dancing Dancing


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Joined: 10 August 2009

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Awesome os dear
its so poignant
such a tragic end to such a sweet love story.
Oh! I so hope no lovers meet such a fate.

Edited by sweetshera - 17 May 2012 at 10:43am

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
What can i say wasn't good... It was excellent...loved it...i think you must start writing...Radhika it was simply awesome..well done...Clap

It touched me...thanks for writing one and sharing...Superb update sweetie... Clap

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