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RASIA OS: So Far...So Close

sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Hello...guys...writing an OS after a long time. Hope you will like it
So Far...So Close


It was afternoon...around 4 pm. The marketplace was busy with customers on shopping owners were busy describing their products' features to each and every person walking past their shops...some people were walking aimlessly...enjoying the commotion going was a nice afternoon.

Sia walked along the roadside stalls...slowly...taking time and watching the stuffs being sold.

She didn't like to roam around in Mall...they seemed artificial to her...

There is a certain charm in walking along the road and seeing these stalls that is not there in malls...they also offered a huge variety.

Sia was there to get some tees for her and Gauti...her shopping was over and now she was just taking a trip of the place.

She didn't bring Sama or Taniya with her...although they insisted. She was a bit sad...she needed some time alone.

Sia sighed when she remembered was Raghav...he was not there at Elite.

It has been almost 3 weeks that he has gone to Bangalore for some special boxing training. Coach Sir had told him about this and he agreed. Well he had to was Coach's orders! Not that Raghav had any issue with this...he was excited!

Sia got angry suddenly remembering their conversation before he was about to leave...

Sia: Tum waha rahoge kahan?

Raghav: waha ke campus me...they have a residential area for all the training students and ofcourse food coupons bhi milenge!

Sia paused for a moment and said,

"Tum bohot excited ho na?"

Raghav: of course Pushpa...tum nahi ho? Agar tumhe aise mauka milta to tum khush nahi hote?

Sia: bhi khush hoti Raghav...par..

Raghav: par what Pushpa?

Sia: 4 weeks?...kuch zada nahi he?

Raghav: No way Pushpa...4 weeks to kam could be more...and if they like my style then may be...I will get admission there also! Isn't that cool!

Sia was so hurt hearing his words...he was so excited to go there ...he didn't even think about her! He said it will be cool if he gets admission there...then he wont be back at Elite anymore...he can complete his studies from there...they have such provisions...and what about her then??

Sia was angry but now on remembering their conversation she felt hurt...very empty. It has already been 3 weeks and she has never stayed such a long time away from him since they have met. Even when they used to fight initially...then also they used to be at the same place same time Gym, at Class, at Hostel...Cafe...Jungle and God knows where else...and now when they are truly together...they have got apart!

Sia thought that she will feel better after this shopping trip but now...she got more depressed. She found an empty bench and sat there. she put her bag aside and took out a diary from the bag. It contained all her memories,,,pictures of people close to her and also few writings and comments and some special events. She turned the pages of the diary...she stopped whenever a picture of her and Raghav came...which was quite frequent.

Sia felt that she was breaking within...the more she went through their pictures the more she wanted to see him. Sia closed the diary.

Raghav...tum wapas kab aoge?

She was crying...there were no tears...she was crying within.

Sama and Taniya had said to her that Raghav will come back soon...he was just pulling her leg as always! Well even Raghav said to her that he will come back as soon as it is over...but Sia could not trust his words. He called each night during the 1st her detailed description about what is happening there...asking about what she is doing...irritating her as always. But then the calling interval increased slowly. She didn't talk to him for 2 days...and she was both angry and hurt on that matter.

She took a deep breath and got up..she had to return to Elite. at elite was boring...without him everything felt so colorless! Every time she enters the Gym...she expects him to come from somewhere shouting "Pushpa"...but he does not.

It has only been 6 months since he have proposed her...and already... they are separated.

She started walking towards the bus stand. Her heart heavy...wanting to be with him only!

Ring! Ring!

Sia took out her phone irritatingly...must be Sama or Taniya...getting worried about her.

But it was not them... was Raghav!

She took the call immediately!

Sia: Raghav?

Raghav: call kar raha hoon to mehi hoonga na??

Sia felt like crying...she was so happy to hear his voice! She was so happy to hear that "PUSHPA".she was missing him so much and right at the moment he called! Thank you Bhagwan!

Sia: Raghav..tum mujhe call kyun nahi kiya?

Raghav: to me ab kya kar raha hoon?

Sia; Me pichle do din ka baat kar raha hoon!!!!

Raghav: Pushpa..I was a bit busy..or tum to raat me online nahi hote kaise baat karu?

Sia calmed down a bit...he is calling after 2 days...she didn't want to ruin the moment with this quarrel.

Sia: Raghav...tum kaise ho? Sab thik thak chal rahe na?

Raghav: sab superb he Pushpa...kal friends ke saath ghumne gayatha! Will mail you the pics! Aur yahan ka khaana! Me to dewana hoon!!

Sia got disheartened at his remarks...he is so me kyun itna dukhi hoon?? But she didn't want to show him that..she put on a cheerful tone..

Sia: really? Wow! Aur wahan weather kaise he...yahhan bohot thand he!

Raghav: great weather here now...right amount of hotness!

Sia: well yahhan ka thaand bhi bariya aur Sama to kal snow fall dekh rahe the!

Raghav: kal snow fall hua? Fir to tum he bohot khush hogi...snow man banayi??

Sia: Of course banayi! Aur me to bohot hi khush hoon!!

The line got silent for a second...Sia wondered if the line has got cut? But the again she heard his voice..

"Tum khush nahi ho Pushpa..."

Sia was shocked to hear his did he know? Kayi Sama ya Arjun ne phone karke use bataye to nahi? Uno ne hi bola hoga! Shayad isiliye Raghav call kar rahe he! Kyun kiye aisa? Mujhe itna daya ki zarurat nahi he!

Sia: nahi khush hoon...bohot...khush kyun nahi rahungi?

Raghav again paused a second and said

"agar me yahan khush nahi tum kaise khush reh sakte ho..Pushpa?"

Sia's grip got loose...her heart sanked..she felt weak...

Sia wished Raghav was there in front of her...she wished she could shout at Raghav'she wished she could just cry holding him...

"Raghav...", her voice cracked... "Raghav tum kyun gaye?"

Raghav: I had to Pushpa...

Sia: Jhooth Raghav! Tum jana chahte the! Tumhare liye me maine nahi rakhti hoon!

Raghav: Pushpa...agar aisa hota to me tumhe call karta? Pushpa...don't cry please...acha yeh bolo tum kya kar rahe ho?

Sia: kya farak padta he tume? Tum apne life me khush raho!

Raghav: are tum to mere life ke hi hisse ho...Pushpa!

Sia: Jhooth mat bolo! Phone kyun kiya tumne ?

Raghav: ...kyunki tum mujhe miss kar rahi thi...

Sia could not answer for a whole minute...use kaise pata ke me use miss kar rahi thi?  

Sia: me tume miss nahi kar rahi shopping pe ayi hoon..

Raghav: Kya khareede?

Sia: bohot kuch...tumhare liye kuch bhi nahi! Me abhi wapas ja rahi hoon Elite.

Raghav: Mere liye kuch kharred ne ka zaroorat bhi nahi...mujhe jo chahiye wo dukan me nahi milte he!

Sia could almost hear his laugh on the baat ka kya matlab he?? yeh Raghav bhi na kuch bhi bolta he!

Sia ignored his lines...she walked casually along the road...she wanted this call to last till she reached Elite!

Sia: tum faltu bolna bandh karo...

Raghav: Faltu? Me ekdum sahi bol raha hoon...Pushpa...boxing kaise ho rahi he?

Sia suddenly remeberd his boxing training...she wanted to know about it...when will he return? Or will he continue there? But...then she would have to be strong and ask.

Sia: Raghav...tum wapas kab arahe ho?

Raghav: pata nahi Pushpa...

Her heart beats got faster...her breathing stopped for a while...kya bolna chahta he wo?

He wont return?

Sia took a deep breath...her eyes were teary...she wiped them.

Sia: Raghav...meri boxing acha ja rahi he...ab to tum paresan nahi karte ekdum sahi practice hota he.

Raghav didn't reply.

Sia: Raghav?

Raghav: ha Pushpa...

Sia: Kya hua?

Raghav: kuch bhi nahi...

She wanted to quarrel with her anger...shout at him names!! But the distance was too much and the time was too could she waste such precious moments on quarreling!?

Her eyes suddenly fell on a showpiece in a stall. it had a girl and boy sitting on a rock against their back...they were not facing each seemed they were angry on each other...but...the boy's face was turned a little towards the if he was dying to see her face...the girl was looking if waiting for him to talk to reminded Sia of them...of Raghav and Sia!

Yes she was missing him a lot...she wanted him to be here...with her...but that is not possible now...but she wont feel bad...she would wait for him...Because he will at Elite soon!

He was just joking when he said like that. She knew he won't leave her alone like this...he loved her a lot...and he can never see tears in her eyes. She almost grinned remembering Raghav's dialogue

I Hate Tears Pushpa!

Sia: Raghav...mene abhi ek bohot sweet sa showpiece dekhi...dekh kar humare yaad a gayi!

Raghav: acha? Kaisa Showpiece?

Sia: ek girl aur ek boy..ek dusre se jhgra karke baithe he! par they are dying to talk to each other!

Sia took a deep breath...she felt light...after a long time she is feeling so warm and nice...she thought of buying the showpiece.

Raghav: Pushpa...tumhe wo showpiece pasand he na?

Sia: ha Raghav...mujhe yeh bohot pasand ayi...

She got a bit closer to get a better look of the showpiece. It was placed within a glass showcase of about her height. She looked at it...adoring the two...thinking about her and Raghav...

They always quarrel and sit like this and then Raghav comes to cheer her up...

She was so lost in his thoughts...

that she could even feel his image on the glass...she touched that image softly...Raghav.....

Sia: Raghav...tum abhi bhi ho na phone par?

Raghav: Pushpa...I am there with you...

Sia felt that image felt quite was not just her imagination...the image didn't vanished when she touched it...ike it always does...


She touched it again...this time also it didn't vanish...on the contrary it felt that the image was smiling!

Kya me pagal ho ja rahi hoon?? She felt helpless.

Sia: Raghav! Pata nahi kya ho rahi he mere saath...mujhe...tum dikh rahe ho...

"Mujhe bhi tum dikh rahe ho...pushpa..."

Sia got shocked...not only she could see she could hear his voice much if he was here...what's wrong with her???

"piche dekho... Pushpa..."

Sia turned around...slowly.

It was him...standing a few distance away from her...he had his phone in his  right hand...and a bag in the other...he had his ever warming smile on his face...that smile which could light her thousand dark nights!


Sia stood stunned for a few seconds...not understanding whether this is a dream or reality...

She walked slowly towards him...fearing that this dream would break any second...

She stood close to him and...gently touched his face...he was still smiling...

Raghav...he was here!!!

She flung her arms around him and hugged him tightly...

He put his arms around her back and pulled her as close to him as possible...

Sia was crying already...she could not believe it was Raghav for real...but it was him!

She could feel his familiar touch, his warmth, his love...she clutched his shirt and cried!

Raghav ran his hand through her hairs...

"I missed you so much...Pushpa!!"

Sia didn't say anything...she didn't need to...raghav knew how much she had missed him!

"Pushpa...sab dekh rahe he...ab to rona bandh karo..."

Sia looked around...yes people were looking...she felt a bit shy...what was she doing...hugging Raghav in this marketplace like this? But what else could she do? If this was Elite she would have kissed him!

She wiped her tears and looked at him.

Raghav smiled. But Sia was mad at him. She pushed him hard and said

" Tum bhar me jao!! Kyun nahi bola ki yahan pe ho?? Itne der se phone pe baat kar rahe ho aur bataye bhi nahi tum yahan ho??"

"Agar bol deta to tumhe surprise kaise dear Pushpa?" he touched her nose playfully.

Sia felt a hundred butterflies flying in her stomach...she was dying to see him and his such guestures!

"tum yahhan kaise Raghav?"

"arey I read here at Elite! Bhul gaye kya?"

"mere matlab...tumhare training ka kya..wo to 4 weeks ka tha na?"

"No my dear...', Raghav grabbed her hand and got her closer, " the training was for 3 weeks and agar koi extend karna ek aur week uske liye"

"to tumse jhooth kyun kaha mujhe,,,pata he me litni paresaan thi?" sia said with a hurt look.

"tumhe paresaan karna to mera hobby he Pushpa!"

" I hate you!"

Raghav grinned.

"tum wo showpiece khareed ne chahte the na?"

Sia turned to look at that was one lucky showpiece...she had to buy it!

"sach me...yeh dekhkar humare hi yaad ate he Pushpa...", Raghav smiled. He bought the showpiece and asked the shopowner to wrap it in a colourful paper. He then gave it to Sia.

"yeh tumhare liye...tumne mere liye kuch nahi khareedi...but I love you a lot...and so yeh mere tarafse gift...take jabvi tum e gussa aye...tum yeh dekh kar smile karo.."

Sia smiled. She took the gift. She put her arms around his...they walked.

They went towards the bus was getting late.

" to tumne kyun nahi kaha ki tum wapas a rahe ho aaj?"

"Pushpa...yeh surprise tha! Pehle se bataya to surprise kaise hoga?? Kisiko nahi pata tha...bas Juno ko...usne kaha ki tum yahaan ho...aur me airport se sidha yahhan agaya!"

Sia was still angry.

"kyun wapas aye? Waha hi reh jate! Itna friends...acha khana!..boxing..aur pata nahi kya kya he waha!"

"he na...sab he...acha Gym...acha Classes..kya great accommodation and playground! Kya campus! Sab ekdum A class he...par ek cheez ki hi kamiya thi wahan..."


Raghav stopped. He looked at her and smiled...

"Wahan Pushpa nahi thi na..."

Sia blushed at his remark.

" I missed you so much there Pushpa...har moment sirf tumhare bareme soch ta tha! Aur tum? stupid pushpa! Kaise soch liye ki me wahan reh jaoonga?? Agar me waha reh gaya to tumhe paresaan kaun karega???"

" tumhi ne kaha me kaise...?"

Sia was crying again...thinking of those lonely days...

Raghav got close and hugged her tightly...Pagal ladki....he smiled.

Sia felt relaxed, in his embrace...she held him...resting her head on him...

It was so strange...a few moments earlier there were tears of pain in her seemed empty and fade...and felt as if her whole world have lightened up. Events in our lives changes so quickly...just a few seconds ago he felt so far...and now he was so close to her.

It was getting was twilight now...the moment when the day ends and night begins...

But for her...

The day just got started...his presence has erased all darkness...

Sia closed her eyes...lost in Raghav's embrace...lost in his love...lost in his warmth...

It was really a nice afternoon!


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Amzing os..ClapDay Dreaming

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Wow...riku..ur an amazing writter...totally loved your os..its really awesome and it actually cheered me up...thanks for the PM and do write more.. :-D

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sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by AbiAnshUtpol

1st Reading:

I'm Speechless

Thanks For Such a Beautiful OS Just MindBlowing.

First Of All i Like To Read Love OS/FF So Such Long Only Sira OS Just Awesome.I Really Felt The Moment.

I'll Be Happy If U Continue It On Bus n On Elite How They Spend The Moment.

Like Romance In Bus

Thanks Again For Such A Beautiful OS       
Thanks a lot UtpolSmileBig smile
Well i know you always like to read Sira OS...
will try to think about any part 2 of this OS like you saidSmile
sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by abhiya_pkyek

Amzing os..ClapDay Dreaming
Thanks a lot PrimaBig smile
sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Sajan_forever05

Wow...riku..ur an amazing writter...totally loved your os..its really awesome and it actually cheered me up...thanks for the PM and do write more.. :-D
Thanks a lot DishaBig smile
Bhavikakosambia IF-Dazzler

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thanx for writting such an os it was so beautiful...Day Dreaming
and thanx for the pm...

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