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Arhi FF: Teri Khair Pe Vaar Diya(Note,19,20 ) 22/1 (Page 8)

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zohakhan59

amazing update Clap
urghhh this snakewa has crossed all his limits Dead how dare he talk to khushi like that Angry
nd i m so sure arnav is gonna regret badly for the way he has treated khushi nd i want him to regret
continue soon

Yupp.. totally.. The creep gets creepier.. and his plans actually work in my story unlike the serial..LOL

And well for Arnav, only time will tell..
Keep reading.. Smile

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

I Guess It's NK & Lavanya ;) Embarrassed Ohh God, Arnav Was SO Rudeee . He Should Never Get His Wife & Son Back :X You Gonna Regret Badly Arnav ! Stern Smile

Again.. It maybe them.. or may not.. Wink LOL

As for Arnav, wait for the story to unfold.. We shall decide that later..Smile Wink

Keep reading.. Smile
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ongongong

THIS IS JUST AWESOME GIRL*cries*!!!! Loved loved it...loved it a LOT!!! I'm just crying out of frenzy! This is damn SPLENDID!!Pls continue soon and don't even dare to forgot PM-ing me. I'm just loving this,thanks a lot for such a great ss!

Hey.. I'm glad you're liking it.. I won't forget dear.. Keep reading.. Smile
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by darkninja

awesome update i loved it Thumbs Up
it was so intense and emotional u made arnav so full of hatred it was amazing and let me guess the 2 people ar NK and Lavanya 

Yupp.. he's full of hatred, coz he's been hurt.. The past will unfold slowly and maybe you might understand him better then..Smile (Not defending!! Tongue)  Keep reading.. Smile
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by misaki

im sorry fr the late reply..
but wow!!!!!...
nice update yaar!...
2 good finally evryone will knw abt that sicko!!..hopefully??
thnk u fr the pmSmile
lookin frwrd 2 the next update..i have stoped watchin the show but i love this story pls continue nd pm wen do..Smile

Hey.. glad to see you following this one as well.. Thanks..Smile
Yea.. the revealation might be a little away, actually.. Sorry to disappoint.. Smile
You must start watching the show again.. Its going through the best phase.. Just a suggestion.. Smile Keep reading.. Smile
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by moon_mine

i guess the two frnds r NK n Lavanya!!!!!
pls update the nxt part soon...n remove the crap as soon as possible!!!!

Yupp.. maybe.. or may not..Wink. Just wait n watch.. Smile

I will try my best.. but what if the crap makes it more interesting.. just like on the show.Smile. Jab tak love story mein villian na ho, humari filmein aur tv shows incomplete hain jaani.. Big smile Keep reading.. Smile

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by burberry07

even though it is just a fiction felt like pulling the face n hair of the f***** twitching snake ... please carry on 

The feeling is mutual dear..Ouch I know how i control my raging hormones while i right this story..Angry Its just that we hate the character soo much but it seems to be an unavoidable part of Arhi' s stories..Smile Keep reading.. Smile 
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Hello people, I loved reading all your comments and feedbacks.. Thank you for appreciating my work.. I'm glad you guys are liking it.. 

The story's going to unfold in layers.. All I have to say, is sit back and enjoy reading.. Smile

Part 3

Arnav had left from the scene after their confrontation..

He drove as fast as he could and reached a secluded spot near the highway.. He got down from his seat, and sat in front of the car, with his back resting against the bonnet.. The day had turned out to be emotionally exhaustive for him..

But was it a confrontation?? He had raged at her like an angry bull while she on the other hand hadn't uttered a single word.. This is not how he had expected it to be.. This is not how he wanted it to be.. He had wanted to hold her, demand answers from her..But he had done exactly the opposite..

Once again the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada was standing at crossroads.. His heart had yearned for her for the last 3 years.. How he had waited for the day when she would be back in his life! But then, things had changed..How dare she come back and act as if nothing had happened in the past? And that too, came looking for Shyam?? Even after all these years??

Yes, nothing had changed between the two of them.. She has always been this way.. Wake up ASR, open your eyes and see.. She enticed you to fall in love with her for her ulterior motives.. She has always been a gold-digger..

But was she still involved with Shyam? And they had a child together?? How dare that man do this to my sister?

He pounded his fist on the rearview mirror.. It had smashed into pieces.. Exactly how his head felt at the moment..
He stood up to go back home.. He needed a cold shower to sooth the fire that was raging in his head.. He needed answers.. But did he have questions?? Maybe..

Akash and Payal had reached the secluded ground and were calling out to Khushi.. They found her sitting under a tree, clutching her knees close to herself and praying with her eyes shut..

"Hey Devi Maiya, unhe kuch mat hone dena.. Agar unhe kuch ho gaya, toh hum aapse phir kabhi baat nahi karenge.. Aap humari aur kitni kasautiyaan lengi? Pehle humare Amma-Babuji, phir Arnavji aur ab humara beta.. Kyun aap humse humare saare rishte cheen lena chahti hain? Humne kissi ka kya bigada hai??"

She was brought out of her monologue by a gentle hand on her shoulder.. She turned around and found Payal. She held Payal's knees close to herself and started sobbing.. "Jiji.. Jiji.. humein bohot darr lag raha hai.. Woh theek toh honge na?" Payal sat down next to her and let Khushi rest her head in her lap.. She stroked her hair and tried to calm her down, "Khushi, dekh.. Tu chinta matt kar.. Hum hain na tere saath.. Unhe kuch nahi hoga.. Hum hai.. Akashji hain, Amma-Babuji hain.. Hum sab milke unhe dhoondh nikalenge..Bass bharosa rakho.."

Akash bent forward and held Khushi's arm.. She winced in pain at his touch.. Both Payal and Akash were shocked to see red fingermarks imprinted on her skin.. "Khushi yeh??"

She managed to cover the marks by wrapping her saree pallu around her arms.. "Kuch nahi hai Jijaji, ghar chalte hain.." Akash opened his mouth to protest but was silenced by his wife's gaze.. 

They walked towards the car and drove away to Gupta House. Garima had come running to the door hearing the car's horns.. She engulfed Khushi in her arms, "Khushi.. Khushi.. bitiya, tum theek toh ho na.. Damadji ne kuch??" She looked up at her mother, held her hand and walked into the house.

They had all settled down in the living room, while Buaji had brought some tea and snacks for all of them.. She held out a jalebi in front of Khushi, "Aye titaliya, ek jalebi toh kha lo.. chakh ke toh batana kaisi bani hai.." Khushi signaled a 'no' with her head.. That's when Akash jumped and grabbed the jalebi from Buaji.. He ate it, savouring every bite as if teasing Khushi, "Bohot hi laajawab hai Buaji.. Bura mat maaniye lekin isse badhiya jalebiyaan Khushi banati hai.. Kyun Payal??"

Payal giggled and everyone looked at Khushi for her reaction, but she had walked to the window and was gazing out.. She seemed to be immersed in her own thoughts.. 

Payal walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.. "Khushi?? Kya soch rahi ho?"

Buaji had answered for her, "Eeh Parmeshwari humre lalla ke baare mein soch rahi hogi.. Nandakishore pata nahi ka haalat mein hoga??"

"Nahi Buaji, kuch nahi hoga unhe.. Humein Devi Maiya ki shakti aur humari bhakti mein poora yakeen hai..",Khushi had turned around and answered..

Everyone was relieved. They knew they were in deep trouble. Yet, they felt their strength return back with Khushi's words.. She had been their pillar of strength all these years. It had pained them to watch her broken. But now that she was back, they were confident that she would claim her son back very soon.

It was Payal who spoke this time, "Khushi, chal andar, thoda aaraam karle.." She shushed Khushi's protest with her index finger.. "Kuch nahi sunna hai humein.. Hum jaante hain tum bohot pareshaan ho.. Lekin humein thande dimaag se kuch sochna padega na.. Aur iske liye zaroori hai ki tum apne dimaag ko thoda aaraam do.. Ab chalo.." She made Khushi lie down on the bed and covered her with a quilt. She closed the door and joined the rest of the family.

"Akash, aap ghar chale jaiye.. Wahaan bhi aapki zaroorat hogi.. Aur haan, hum nahi chaahte ki Maaji ko ek aur bahana miley Khushi ya humare gharwalon ko beizzat karneka.." Akash gave her a understanding look and left for Raizada Mansion..

Garima held Payal's arm and stopped her from walking back into Khushi's room.. "Aye Payaliya, usse pooch na ka hua? Damadji ne ka kaha.. Woh bohot gusse mein the.. Unhone zaroor Khushi ko bura-bhala kaha hoga.."

Payal came and sat next to Khushi, cradling her head in her lap. She removed Khushi's pallu from her arm and asked, "Bohot dard ho raha hai?" Khushi looked up at her sister not understanding what she meant.. She followed Payal's gaze and realised that she had started applying ointment on her wound. 

"Khushi, bohot ho gaya.. Woh tumse itni nafrat karte hain.. Unhone aaj tak tumhe sirf dukh aur takleef ke siva aur diya hi kya hai? Kyun chup hai Khushi??"

She raised her head to look at Payal and sat up on the bed resting her head on Payal's shoulder.. "Jiji, hum jaante hain, Arnavji ne humein bohot dard diye hain.. Kayi chotein di hain.. Kuch aisi jo shayad zindagi bhar na bhar paaye.. Par phir bhi Jiji, humein unse koi shikayat nahi hai.. Hum har baar unke galti karne se pehle hi unhe maaf kar dete hain.."

Payal stared at Khushi, "Kya? Kis mitti ki bani ho tum? Kyun karti ho itna pyaar unse? Tumhe dikhayi nahi deta ya tum samjhna nahi chahti? Woh nahi chahte ki tum dobara unki zindagi mein aao.. Bhula chuke hain woh tumhe.. tum bhi unhe kyun nahi bhool jaati Khushi?"

She looked up at her nave sister, "Jiji, kya tum saansein lena bhool sakti ho? Nahi na.. Arnavji humari saanson mein baste hain.. Agar humne apni saanson ko apne aap se door kiya, toh ek pal bhi jee nahi paayenge .."

Payal had had enough.. "Bevakoof ho tum Khushi.. Khair chodo, tumse unke baare mein baat karke koi faayda toh hai nahi.. Tum humein yeh batao, ki aaj subah hua kya tha? Aur tumhe pata kaise chala?"

Khushi was scared to even recollect that dreaded moment.

                                              ****FLASHBACK**** :

Khushi was as usual getting wrapping up her work, to go pick up her son from the nearby playschool for lunch.  Her phone rang. She ignored it once. She thought it must be some client of hers wanting an urgent appointment. Everything in her life took a backseat when it came to her son.. She couldn't wait to gather him up in her arms and pull his cheeks.. She loved the way he frowned when she did that.. Her Junior Lad Governor!!

Her phone rang for the second time, "Hello, Khushi here.." There was momentary silence on the other side and then she heard that sick, lusting voice of Shyam, "Khushiji... kaisi hain aap??" She felt her hands trembling, she clutched the phone with both hands..

"Khushiji, hum jaante hain ki aap humari baat sunn rahi hain.. Aap itni hairaan kyun hai? Ek na ek din toh aapka pata chalna hi tha na.."

She dared not speak.

"Khushiji.. Aapne humare saath achha nahi kiya.. Aap bhag gayi.. Aapne apna vaada poora nahi kiya.."
She heard that vice creeping up his voice, " Khushiji, ab humne kuch aisa kardiya hai ki aap khud humare paas aayengi."

Her heart stopped beating for a while..Arnavji?? "Tumhari himmat kaisi hui Arnavji ko nuksaan pohonchane ki?"

He smirked, so finally she has given in.. He felt an immense pleasure running down his spine after hearing her voice after a long time.. And the very next minute, it was replaced by anger. She still cared for him..

"Aap acche se jaanti hain, hum Saale-sahab ko kuch bhi kar sakte hain.. Lekin aapne apni kasam jo de rakhi hai.. Ab hum aapki kasam kaise tod sakte hain, Khushiji?"

Arnavji was safe?? Then whom had he harmed?? She thought of Anjali.. But then he would never do that. Coz Arnavji would chop him into pieces if he hurt his Di. And besides she was his all-time lottery.. He would never do that.. Then who?? Her family??

"Khushiji, kash hum iss waqt aapke saamne hotey.. Aapke maathe pe woh shikan!! Khair chodiye.. Hum hi bata dete hain.. Aapki jaan humari moothi mein hai Khushiji.."

She felt the ground slipping away from beneath her feet.. No.. that wasn't possible.. He was here.. Just 20 minutes away.. And how did Shyam know about him??

She opened her mouth to speak but felt as if someone was trying to strangle her.. Words failed to escape her lips..
She heard him laughing like a madman and that confirmed her suspicions..

"Haan haan Khushiji, aapka BETA humare paas hai.. Humare kabze mein.. Aapka aur ARNAV ka beta.."

She heard him stress on beta and Arnav.. Things were definitely goingwrong!!

"Khushiji, waise aapko ek sach bataayein? Humara ji kar raha hai ki hum abhi inka gala daba dein..Aur aapki bewafai ki nishani ko khatam kardein..  Lekin hum aisa karenge nahi..Poochiye kyun??"

She was sobbing now.. Words still failed to escape her lips..

"Khushiji, hum aapke same ek aur shart rakhte hain.. Vahi puraniwali.. Aap humari ho jaiye humesha ke liye.. aur hum aapke bte ko lauta denge!!
Humein aapke jawab ka intezaar rahega.."

Khushi had ran to to the playschool only to find the old lady-incharge lying unconscious on the floor. Her eyes fell on her son's cartoony bag.. She cutched it close to her heart and had cried her heart out..

The very next thing that she had done was called up Payal to inform her that she would be reaching Delhi within 2 hours, avoiding any questions thrown her way..

                                             ****FLASHBACK OVER****

And now as she sat crying onto Payal's shoulder, she felt the world spin around her eyes.. The last image she saw and the last words that she heard were of her son..

Her baby, Armaan Singh Raizada..


Done!! Hope you guys liked it.. Smile 

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and 
are not to be copied to other sites..

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