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Arhi FF: Teri Khair Pe Vaar Diya(Note,19,20 ) 22/1 (Page 77)

sahada Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Superb update*

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aspatel2 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Liking it? I am pretty sure everyone is loving it. 

Pls cont sooonn

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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Heylo dearies.. Back with Chapter 17! Hug  
Aww.. 96 likes for Chap 16!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Cant thank you guys enough for it.. 

The plot is getting intense with each chapter..

P.S.: Those of you, who accuse me of leaving you hanging with cliffhangers: I honestly don't intend to do it.. Bass ho jaata hai.. 

Those of you, who think Arnav is a fool to not realise that Armaan is his son, please bear in mind that he's been kept in the dark all these years by his own wife, family and friends.. And besides, he has no reason to believe the fact.. Anyway, keep reading for more on this one.. Smile

Tadaa.. Hope you like it.. Smile



Akash's eyes popped out and he turned to face the others, "Bhai Khushiji ko ghar leke gaye hain!!"
Their eyes replicated Akash's emotions as their mouths fell open, "WHAT!! Kya?? Kaa??!!!

Chapter 17

They parked their cars and sprinted into the house, only to find a shocked Payal and Buaji, waiting for them at the doorstep. Akash shook his head and motioned everyone to walk in.

They entered Arnav's room to find the doctor dressing the wound on her shoulder, Nani-Anjali standing behind the doctor and silently conversing; while Arnav stood in a corner of the room, with his eyes fixed on Khushi!

Payal and Buaji rushed forward and looked at her; her dress was ripped at places, her face looked pale, there were bruises on her arms; Buaji spun around and glared at Arnav!

Payal noticed her gaze ending on Arnav and gently squeezed her shoulder; she turned to Anjali, "Di.. Kya hua? Khushi yahan kaise aayi?"

Anjali shrugged her shoulders and addressed the others as well, "Pata nahi.. Bass abhi thodi der pehle, Chotte Khushiji ko lekar ghar aayein.. Aur tabse woh behosh hain.. Dr. keh rahi hain, ki thakaan ki wajah se Khushiji behosh ho gayi hongi.."

Arnav saw eight pairs of eyes staring at him quizzically; he shrugged his shoulders and walked out. 
He was pacing the length of the living room when Payal, Lavanya and Manorama walked down the stairs. They shot him a look and huddled in a corner of the room. 
Akash walked in with Rehan, exchanging uneasy glances with the ladies and walked upstairs leaving Rehan with Arnav.

Rehan approached Arnav, "How's Mrs. Raizada?" 
Arnav shrugged, "Behosh hai.." 
Rehan couldn't control his curiosity anymore, "ASR, tum wahan pohonche kaise?" 
Arnav casually folded his arms across his chest, "Khushi ka phone trace karvaya tha.."

Rehan looked at him stunned, "Aur?"

Arnav: "Jab main wahan phohoncha toh koi nahi tha.. Kuch log nikal rahein the.. Lekin main Khushi ko dhoondhne laga aur phir unpar dhyaan nahi diya.."

The women exchanged knowing glances; Lavanya whispered, "Shayad tab woh kidnappers Champ ko wahan se le jaa rahe the!. The other two looked on shocked!

Arnav: "Phir unhone uss warehouse mein aag laga di, aur jab mujhe Khushi mili, toh woh behosh thi.."

Rehan looked at him confused, "Aur tumhara beta?"

Arnav heard the ladies gasp and shot them a glare before answering Rehan, "Pata nahi.. Shayad usse le jaa chuke the.."

Rehan sighed and held his shoulder, "ASR, tum police ko inform kar do.. This is indeed getting dangerous. Waise Shyam Jha ki koi khabar?"

Arnav spat out, 'Hoga kahin.. Ghar mein dikh nahi raha hai.."

He glared at them once again, "Woh toh main karunga hi, Rehan; but before that I need answers."

The women exchanged knowing looks and sprinted upstairs avoiding his gaze.
Arnav gritted his teeth and followed them, determined to demand answers, this time!

He entered his room and realized everyone had stopped talking as soon as he had stepped in; he walked up to a worried Akash and NK and crossed his arms across his chest, 'So? What's going on? Khushi wahan kya kar rahi thi?"

NK and Akash looked at each other and then at the others, silently pleading them to take Arnav away.

Arnav hadn't missed it, So, everyone knows!

But before he could repeat himself, they heard Anjali's whisper, "Khushiji!"

Arnav glanced over Akash's shoulder and saw her mumbling in her sleep. They walked towards her and strained their ears,

Khushi: "Armaan, beta kahan ho aap? Dekhiye Amma aa gayi.. Armaan???!!"
They looked around worried,

Khushi: 'hey Devi Maiya, kahan hai humara bachha? Yahan toh kitna andhera hai.. Yahin hoga Khushii; theek se dhoondh unhe.."

Anjali couldn't take it anymore and gently shook her shoulders, "Khushiji.."

They saw her forehead furrow; she clenched her eyelids shut; as if grimacing in pain. She balled her wrists and screamed, 'Arnavjiiiā€¦' and opened her teary eyes.

They were shocked yet again and exchanged worried glances. 
Payal and Anjali had just taken a step forward, when they felt Arnav walk past them.

He had sprinted towards her and gathered her in his arms.
He gently pulled her upright and Khushi leaned forwards, resting her head on his shoulder; he patted her back and mumbled incoherent words into her hair.
Khushi had drifted back to sleep, to everyone's surprise.

He gently placed her back against the pillows and glanced at the others; he saw them staring at the two of them with their eyes popping out.

Arnav turned around to get up, when he felt a tug on his shirt; he turned around and saw Khushi latching onto his shirt!
He couldn't help but smirk lightly and slowly freed himself..

He spun around and Arnav was gone; ASR was back! Having asked Nani and Anjali to stay with her, Arnav walked to the door. He turned back and motioned the rest of them out..

They exchanged worried looks and descended the stairs half-heartedly.

They saw him sitting on the edge of the couch, with his hands folded; Arnav glanced up at everyone and saw nervousness etched on their faces.

He finally mustered his voice and spoke, "So, will someone care to explain ki yeh sab ho kya raha hai?"

He saw them exchange the same worried looks yet again and shook his head,
"Khushi wahan kya karne gayi thi?"

Silence prevailed in the room..
He clenched his jaw,
"Khushi ka beta? Kya woh sachmein kidnapped hai?"

He saw them exchange knowing looks and before he could bark at them, Akash stepped forward, "Haan Bhai.. Champ kidnapped hai.."

Arnav glared at him; Oh so they call him Champ!

He faced NK this time, "Khushi usse chudaane wahan akeli gayi thi?"
NK gulped, "Nannav, woh hum sab bhi.."

Arnav shook his head and stood up rolling up his sleeves, "Kya yeh sab Shyam karva raha hai?"

Their mouths hung open as they looked at each other confused,
Arnav knew it was now or never; they knew the truth!

Arnav growled in frustration and punched the wall behind him, "Answer me, Dammit!"

Lavanya fluttered her eyelashes and cleared her throat, "Yes ASR."
Manorama Mami stood next to her, lending her support, "Haan.. Arnav Bitwa.."

Arnav looked on bewildered, they knew Shyam kad kidnapped the boy??!!

He turned to Akash and Payal, "Lekin kyun?"

The couple exchanged worried looks and remained mum.
Arnav groaned, " Fine, mujhe Shyam se hi poochna hoga.." and he turned around to face the front door.

The moment he had said that, everyone sprang to their feets and surrounded him,
Buaji stepped forward and looked him in the eye, "Kya jaanna chahte ho?"

Arnav glared back at her, "Yahi ki, yeh sab jo ho raha hai, kyun ho raha hai?
Shyam apne hi bete ko kidnap kyun karvayega?"

He heard gasps and shrieks around him and stumbled a bit when he felt two hands grip his collar.

He looked down and saw Payal holding him by his collar; her eyes were red with rage, even as tears flew out of them.

She gritted her teeth and scowled, "Kya bakwaas kar rahein hai aap?"

Akash grabbed her hands, attempting to free Arnav, only to have her spin around and snap at him.
The family looked on shocked as they saw a docile and reserved Payal lunging at Arnav's throat.

She tugged at his collar and looked him in the eye, "Aap Khushi ke baare mein, itni ghatiya baat soch bhi kaise sakte hain? Chee.. Humein toh sochkar bhi ghinn aati hai!"

Buaji yanked her hands off Arnav and stood between them, leaving him confused; She turned around to face the others and exchanged a look and spoke softly,
 "Oo bachha tumra aur Sankadevi ka hai!!"

Arnav looked on shocked as the others nodded in positive; he couldn't believe his ears; His Son! That wasn't even possible..

He knitted his eyebrows together, "What the!!"

NK saw him bewildered and volunteered to step in, "Yes Nannav, mere bhai! Khushiji aur hum sab ne aaj tak tumse yeh baat hide kar rakhi thi.. But this is the truth! Champ tumhara aur Khushiji ka beta hai; your son!"

Arnav stared at him with confusion dripping from his face, "But.."

Lavanya stepped forward and gently squeezed his shoulder, "Yes, ASR! Champ is your son.. Tumhara aur Chamkili ka beta, Armaan Arnav Singh Raizada!!"

Arnav felt his head spinning; he slumped on the couch and clenched his eyes shut as he tried to recollect the moments he had spent with Khushi. 
He had flashbacks of their marriage, when had forcefully dragged Khushi to the temple and married her against her will; how he had told her on her face that he hated her! 
Their confessions on Holi, the fake honeymoon in the house, his staying over at the Gupta's, everything just zoomed past his eyes. 
He remembered the moments when he had revealed to Khushi that he had married her to protect his sister's marriage; he had left for London a few days later, only to have been kidnapped!

His eyes flew open, 'No! He had never accepted that he loved her; he had never accepted her as his wife! Him bearing a son, was unfathomable!!'

He raised his head and looked up at his family members, 'Had Khushi had lied to everyone? No, she couldn't have!
He shook his head and shrugged the thought off!, He knew she wouldn't; she loved them all!

Was there more to all this? Was he still being kept in the dark?

He stood up and marched past the family leaving them stunned yet again; a hundred thoughts crossed his mind as he strode upstairs.

So was he really a father? Had he actually fathered a child, and was kept in the dark all these years? Why had Shyam kidnapped him, now?!

He pushed the door open and saw Anjali placing a pillow behind Khushi's back; their heads shot up on the instrusion. 

He walked in towards Khushi; she had just woken up and looked stressed.

He stood opposite her, with his eyes holding her gaze, and spoke, "Di.. Aap aur Nani please thodi der ke liye bahar jaaiye.. I need to talk to Khushi.."

He spun around and glared at them; they were both shocked and hurt, he had never done that before!,

 'Di.. Maine kaha, mujhe apni patni se kuch baat karni hai.. So aap aur Nani please kuch der ke liye humein akele chod dijiye!"

Anjali held Nani's arm and walked out of the room glaring at her brother, banging the door behind her.

Khushi looked up at him and flinched when she saw fury and determination etched on his face. She clutched her mangalsutra between her fingers and let out a silent prayer.

Arnav latched the door, locked the poolside doors and drew the curtains. 

He turned to face her, crossed his arms across his chest and looked her in the eye;
 Tonight, he was going to demand his answers from his wife!!

Yippee.. The most-awaited confrontation coming up soon.. Okay, I need your views.. Would you like to read it as Khushi narrating the past events to Arnav or as a flashback sequence?? Coz I'm having trouble deciding on that one.. 

Anyway, hope you liked the Chapter.. Stay tuned for more.. Smile May update next week.. Smile

Those of you who would like to be PMed, please send me a buddy request and I shall PM you when I update next.. Please press the LIKE button and leave your valuable feedback.. Take care and Keep falling in love!!

NOTE: I do not own the characters.. My stories are my fantasies and are based on ideas derived from the show.. My works are only meant for members of IndiaForums and 
are not to be copied to other sites..

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That was an awesome update..i dont understand why arnav cant remember the time he spend with khushi???well, atleast he knows typical of ASR blaming khushi for everything...pls continue soon and many thanx for the pm...

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Jaan_Arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged
cliff hanging yaar..Cry.why u doing like this?

Amazing update...

Continue soon...

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Devilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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awww yaar you make me crazy it was awsum love it 

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Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Hey ...
Great update ...
Love the way Arnav comforted her ... 
Khushi have got everyone by her side n ufff luv the way fragile payal converted into a tigress ...
N love the way in just a few seconds Arnav turn into ASR n vice-versa
Plz update soon ... I can't wait to read the way the story will unfold and obviously ASR demanding answers sounds super cool ...

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sahada Senior Member

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 3:57am | IP Logged
And tonight I demand an update aftr this thrilling chpt!!! 
I love him in his dominating ASR mode!! Hope he listens to her n believes her!!! Eagerly waiting for the nxt one!

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