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Love Is Mistake-Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows - Note Page37 (Page 6)

blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
nice story line ...please continue soon

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araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Nice part. Thanks for the pm

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blue_lotus22 Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Awesome story...loved it so much.
You r a Amazing writer dear.
Continue soon.
Sorry for the late reply dear.
Thanks for the pm, take care.

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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Congrats nikki sis for becoming goldie.
Great update

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 July 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Love Is Mistake - Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

                              Face Of Life 4- Friends Always Chosen By Heart

As life start passing with the passing moments of like armaan is much more involve with riddhima, they were bestest friends ever as armaan says, ananya and samriti falied to tell him that bestest is no word it's best friend but no he is adamant saying that

Ar:''nahin girl friend mom best tou sab hotee hai bestest aap dekhna humari friendship sabse aalag hogii''

And samriti and ananya  smiles hearing him and stopped saying to him knowing very well he is not going to listen and yes they agreed armaan proves a very good friend of riddhima, he always took care of riddhima, he is always there with riddhima when she start going to school and it was her first day and being everyone's princess all were nervoused how she will manage though the other kids were there also but armaan

Ar:''riddhima tum daro nahin mai hun naa tumhara best frien tumhare saath buddy (to shashank) mai riddhima kaa dhayan rakhunga don't worry''

He said while holding riddhima's hand in his tightly and after that riddhima smiles and both walked in school gates and seeing the scene shashank and samriti left to the house knowing armaan will be there for their princess shashank said samriti also

Sh:''chalo samriti armaan hai naa princess kaa dhayan rakhne koo ooske hotee hue kuchh nahin hogaa humari princess koo''

And that day was clearly remember by everyone now it passed 7 years and riddhima is 7 years old and armaan turns 10 year old today all the kids were not toddlers they are now school going kids and today Mallik Mansion was decorating with ballons, flowers and cartoon pictures as it is Armaan's birthday today he turns 10 years old boy now a very handsome and cute boy and in evening time everyone was present in Mallik Hall and there was a huge table placed in middle and on the table a huge cake was placed  and on that cake superman made armaan's favorite hero, and in corner many stalls was there of various foods and drinks and outside in park games were there for playing for children and there was sitting arrangements for parents and guests everyone was there armaan's school friends, his parents, his buddy and girlfriend, atul, anjie, nikki, raool, and muskaan (rahul's crying friend armaan's neighbor) even armaan was there standing in front of cake with his arms folded against his chest, he was looking so cute in white three piece suit but his face did not showed his charming dimples and his blue eyes was angry and seeing him not cutting the cake rahul finally spoke up could not control

Ra:''armaan tuu cake kyoon nahin kat rahaa hai?''

At:''han armaan mere bhaii kat naa teraa favorite hai dekhh superman bhi bna hai iskee oopar''

A:''han armaan kitna time lagaoge''

Mu:''humein bhookh bhi lagii hai''

All the children said to armaan seeing the cake being kids they could not control themselves as it looks so yummy and delicious

Ni:''mom bhaii koo bolo naa kii cake katen''

Nikki said holding her mom's saree pallu and instead of ananaya armaan spoke up

Ar:''nahin katunga jab tak riddhima nahin aayegi''

He said with  pouted face and shashank and billy looked at each-other helplessly knowing this is coming armaan never ever celebrate his happiness without his best friend neither did riddhima they are like inseparable

An:''armaan beta dekho sab wait kar rahein hai naa chalo please naa bachaa cake katoo aapke sab friends yahan hai beta''

Ananaya tried but she knows that was in vain

Ar:''nahin mom merii riddhima merii bestest friend tou yahan nahin hai naa tou mai nahin katunga ooske binaa jo bhi ho''

He said stubbornly and everyone sighed knowing armaan will not going to cut the cake till riddhima is not here so shashank

Sh:''samriti yar yeh riddhima kahana hai tum  ose kyoon nahin laayi?''

An:''han samriti riddhima hai kahan har sal tou vohii yahan armaan kee saath khadi hotii hai naa''

Bi:''btayiye naa bhabhi princess hai kahan''

Sa:''kya bataon bhaii sahib pichle 1 hour se aapne room meiin pta nahin kya kar rahii hai jab pooch rahii hun tou bta nahin rahii kii kya dhundh rahii hai jab maine kahaa kii mai dhundh detii hun joo bhi ose chahiye mai nikal kee detii hun tou kehne lagii nahin mai aapne aap hii dhundhungi jab maine ose daanta ooske room kii halat dekhh kar sab kapde bahar fenke dekhh kee tou ronee lagii aur tabhii shashank nee ooski aawaz sunni rote hue kii aur mujhe room se bahar le aye kehne lage ose joo karna hai karne doo ose daanto mat mai aapni princess koo rotaa hua nahin dekhh sakta chalo tum mere saath bas bhaii sahib tab se aapne room meiin hai riddhima ur sun nahin rahii''

She completed while glaring at shashank

An:''par samriti tune ose nahin kahaa kii armaan ooska wait kar rahaa hogaa cake kaatne kee liyye''

Sa:''kahaa tha bhabhi par vo bolii aap jao mai aa jaongi''

Sh:''aur hum aa gayye yahan''

Bi:''par aab kya karen yeh (points to armaan who has still his arms folded on his chest) tou nahin maanega riddhima kee binaa cake kaatne koo''

Sh:''han billy yar''

But shashank's voice cut short with a cute voice and

Ri:''armaan armaan armaan''

And all of them turned to saw an exciting riddhima enters in the hall and straight comes towards armaan leaving everyone behind, she stood beside him and everyone sighed in relief finally she is here now armaan will surely cut the cake and riddhima kissed armaan's cheek while wishing

Ri:''Happy Birthday Armaan''

She wished him

Ar:''mujhe tumse bat nahin karni kitni der bad ayi ho tum tumhe sabse pehle ana chahiye tha naa tum tou merii best friend ho naa''

He complained and his voice was angry and riddhima looked at him

Ri:''vo mujeh naa tumhare favorite color kaa frock nahin mill rahaa tha isliliyye der hoo ane meiin mai ise dhundh rahii thi''

She said innocently and armaan looked at her she was wearing red color frock his favorite color like every year she wears his favorite color on his birthday armaan smiled looking at her and then kissed her cheek

Ar:''thanks basket aur sorry kii tum par chillaya aur pta hai tum humesha kee jaise bahut sundar lag rahii hoo''

He said and riddhima smiled and then she stand beside him and

Ri:''thanks armaan''

An:''achaa chall armaan aab riddhima bhi aa gayyi hai aab tou cake kat lo beta sab wait kar rahee hai''

Only then ananya says and armaan nodded and picked the knife and cut the cake while holding riddhima's hands this is tradition in like Mallik And Gupta House whether it's birthday of Armaan Or Riddhima they always cake cut cake with each-other as if both of them has  birthdays and  then only armaan cut the cake and feed firstly his dad and mom then his buddy and his girl friend and everyone  feed him back and then come to his bestest friend riddhima and feed her and riddhima feed him back and armaan feed the other children an, at, ni, mu, and ra and then he was just wiping his hands and did not notice that two hands were reaching towards his cheeks and before he get to know that his cheeks were shining with cream and armaan looked at the person who dared to do that and  when his gaze fell on riddhima with her hands were covered with cream and eyes were sparkling with naughtiness next moment riddhima laughed for her life from her best friend and armaan ran after her while saying to her with lots of cream in his hands and

Ar:''riddhima kii bachii mai tujhe chodunga nahin aaj''

And riddhima turned and showed him her tongue saying

Ri:''pehle pakdo tou''

And she ran

Ar:''riddhima tuu ruk aabhi btata hun''

Ri:''pakdo armaan pakdo''

She teased him showing her tongue

And he ran after her and both reached in garden running and running and then we saw a beautiful girl 20 years old wearing a red party dress and a boy around 23 years old wearing a white shirt with blue jeans was running behind her whose face was covered with cream chocolate cream his favorite and he was running behind his best friend try to catch her and she was laughing and laughing and seeing him and she reached near the swing when she turned to look at him and at that moment only he catches her hand and caught her wrist while she was laughing and panting and he was panting too because of running and then he finally said

B:''caught you as always naa''

He said and she smiled and then she pouted and replied 

G:''hmm kahan bach paati hun mai tumse''

And hearing her words he grinned and next moment he leaned his cheek as always and she nodded her head in disagreement while frightened

Ar:''yes tou aab eyes bhi khol lo riddhima u have to pay as always for your mischief  riddhima''

He said with a grin on his face and yes they are Armaan-Riddhima Armaan  handsome 23 years old guy now and Riddhima 20 years old girl now and

Ri:''nahin armaan please mat karoo naa dekho mera saara face kharab ho jaayega please''

She said pleading him and

Ar:''no sweetie aapnein bhi tou mera face kharab kiyya hai tab tou aapnein yeh nahin socha tha''

He said while holding her wrist more tightly with his left hand and right hand was pulling her close by holding her waist

Ri:''han par tumhar tou birthday hai naa aaj isliyye kiyya maine''

She explained and next moment she heard

Ar:''so what riddhima''

And he rubbed his cheek with hers making her cheek also turned into chocolaty ones and riddhima pouted seeing her face's condition and then armaan settled on swing

Ar:''so mam chahe mera birthday ho tou merii best friend kee binaa sab adhoora hai so I have to share everything with her whatever it copuld be my life, my piggy bank or this cake''

He said wiping the cream over his cheek and tasted


And he licked his lips and riddhima smiled this is the tradition in between them every time whether it's armaan's birthday or riddhima's birthday both cut the cake together and then covered each-other with cake and armaan wore riddhima's favorite color on her birthday and riddhima wore his favorite on his birthday and seeing her smiling armaan pulled her beside himself and she sat with a smile

Ri:''happy birthday armaan''

She again wished him while wiping the cake from his cheeks with towel which she herself put on his cheeks and armaan smiled

Ar:''yes princess aab laga meraa birthday hai merii bestest friend joo hai saath meiin mere kyoon sahii kahaa naa''

He said while taking the towel in his hands and clear her cheeks and then pinched her nose while she whimpered and says to him

Ri:''armaan bestest nahin hotaa''

And she was cut short by armaan's voice

Ar:''I know best hotaa hai kyonki humari dosti sabse aalag joo hai tou sabse aalag word humare liyye''

Ri:''tum nahin manoge''

Ar:''jab jaanti hoo kyoon koshish karti ho vaise bhi tumhe pata hai naa kii bhagwan jii sab rishte khudd choose karke dete hai mom-dad, bhaii-behen, bas 1 dost kaa rishta chodd dete hai kyonki vo chahte hai kii hum ose khudd se choose karen aur humara heart sacha dost choose karvata hai''

He said and riddhima cut him in between

Ri:''jaise tumhare heart ne mujhe choose karvaya aur mere heart nee tumhe''

She said with innocent face and armaan smiles while nodded she is so innocent just like a kid just like she was used to when she comes in this world and then

Ri:''vaise armaan tumhare saath shuru se hun sab bhi dostt hai par tum mere sabse close vale friend ho aisaa mai kisii kee saath nahin feel karti muskii kee saath bhi nahin dekho matlab bas tumhi mere close friend ho sabse''

She said while hugging him and what armaan can say he was feeling very happy knowing very well she is close to his heart over anybody else but as they were growing riddhima also start feeling the same.

Ri:''armaan vo isiliyye naa kyonki tumne mere born honein se pehle hii aaona bestest friend bna liyyea tha isliyye mai tumhare sabse zada clse hun dii se bhi zyada hai naa armaan mom nee btaya tha''

She said still hugging him looking in his blue greay oceanic eyes and armaan nodded she was so innocent and he knows riddhima always attached with him as she considered him her closest  friend but now she start admitting these facts that like she is not close to anyone as the way she closed with him though everyone knows but still riddhima start accepting it with their growing age and their friendship bond getting stronger with their age and they were so much happy about this.

Little did she knows she was way too close to him that their friendship soon going to rule over their heart may be armaan's already and she is going to share each and everything with him as her bestest friend as her heart choose him as her friend or may be way more than too the bestest friend but right now this relation is better for them especially for her and time will decide the future.


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KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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lovely part! AR r grown-up! now it will b more interesting! update soon thnx 4 pm

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