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Love Is Mistake-Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows - Note Page37 (Page 23)

ojaswi_kajen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Wow awesome update...soo nice...cont soon...waiting eagerly for the next update...:):)

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2013 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

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ashwini16 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 7:17am | IP Logged

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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niki jeee. Buri baaat

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desir IF-Dazzler

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                     Love Is Mistake Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

Face Of Life 9- I Adore You In Your Reflection

      And seeing riddhima nodded meekily armaan clenched his fists more tightly as he can saw that pure hurt in her green almond eyes well that's what he does not wants to face but what a irony the more he wanted that his this side of complete Professionalism comes in front of her smoothly and right just now it happened fully opposite and he sighed what's now in store for them and riddhima did not dare to look at him as she is sure if she will looked at him tears will surely slipped from her eye lids which she is controlling very hardly after having a scold from her bestest friend the person from whom she can never expect that she will gets scolded like this that too in front of so unknown  people, let some unknown people armaan never scold her in front of anyone if he has to get angry on her he will always tells her or shouted her whenever they are alone and right now this is something very much new to her well and it's very harsh and hard thing that she has to believe and she is still in her thoughts when she heard his deep husky voice again as he managed to say

Ar:''ohk so interns as i was introducing to you with our Sanjeevani Staff here are Resident Doctors of Sanjeevani he is Dr.Atul Mallik he is child specialist''

At:''hello interns and welcome to you Sanjeevani all the best''

He said politely with a smile and everyone greeted him with a smile they finds him really very sweet and then armaan moved towards anjali and

Ar:''and she is Dr.Anjali Gupta she is cardio-surgeon in Sanjeevani''

An:''good morning everyone and welcome you all and have a nice days''

She said and all looked at her though she did give them a smiles but she too sounds little bit of professional too and then interns wished her too

Ar:''and now he is Dr.Rahul Gupta skin specialist and surgeon too''

And rahul smiled at all of them and greeted with polite voice

Ra:''hello interns and very warm welcome to Sanjeevani hope you liked here''

And interns finds him friendly in nature and they wished him back with the smiled on their faces and then armaan moved next to his colleague

Ar:''and she is Dr. Sanjana Singhaniya she is Orthopaedics here''

And then that slim girl welcomed them with a smile and just with the normal good morning and interns do finds that she has some attitude in her nature as she just gives them a small smile and they looked at them

Sa:''good morning interns''

And then armaan moved back to his work and then he told the interns

Ar:''mujhe aap sab jaante hii hain fir bhi again i am Dr.Armaan Mallik neurosurgeon here and all yours mentor too and you have to report to me in your Internship and here is Dr. Shubhankar Sharma, Dr.Abhimanyu Modi and Dr.Shashank Gupta and Dr.Samriti Gupta is Gynaecologist are the chief surgeons of here and you will meet them soon  and now i will assign your duties for today interns and make clear in your mind that you people are here to work so no indiscipline will be tolerated in the duty hours and your pagers will be on 24 * 7 and makes sure you will report on your duty on time this is it for now Interns and hope you have a nice journey working with Sanjeevani and you people learn here so much and from the doctors so all the very best interns''

All:''thanks sir''

As armaan said to them wishing them in his polite voice and stating all the necessary guidelines to them and then he finally gives their duties

Ar:''now your duties Dr.Riddhima Gupta General Ward Dr.Muskaan Modi and Dr. Sapna Shah Special Ward Dr.Nikkita Mallik and Dr.Yuvraj Children Ward Dr. Vedant Verma Path Lab and now collect your pagers and get back to your work and yes Dr.Riddhima And Dr.Vedant you too have today 48 hours duty too now back to work dismiss interns all the very best and in break you can visit Sanjeevani too ''

And immediately all of them picked their pagers and left for their duty and riddhima just gives armaan a look and armaan with a hurt look moved towards his cabin too and riddhima is hurt as they all are working to their respective destination for their work riddhima has only armaan's words ringing in her mind as

Mu:''yar maine socha bhi nahin tha kii aapna hero aisaa khadus hoga''

Ni:''han maine kabhie nahin socha tha kii vo ridzi ko aisee daantege''

Mu:''han aur nahin tou kya aagar vo ridzi ko aisee daant sakta hain tou humara tou pata nahin kya hal karege hitler kahin ka''

She said and nikki nods too off course they never expected this

Ni:''han yar muskii''

Sa:''areey bas karoo tum log duties par chalein hum log aabhie''

She said and gives an understanding nod to riddhima and they leaves for their duty and riddhima too entered in General Ward for her duty and she just speaks

Ri:''armaan tum aisee kyoon ho mujhe laga kii maine aapna armaan kahin kho diyya hain armaan aaj aisee laga kii ajnabi armaan saamne khada hain mere''

And with these thoughts and mumbling to herself she entered in General Ward for her work and here armaan slumped on his chair in his cabin and his eyes filled with few tears and then only he picked the photo frame from his table it's his basket it's his bestest friend's photo his riddhima's photo and he just say

Ar:''i am sorry riddhima please mujhe maf kar do mujhe isi baat ka dar tha kii tum is naye armaan ko accept nahin kar paogi jo tumhara best friend se aalag hain aur tumhari aankhon ne sab keh diyya kii tum kita boora laga aur kaise tum kho sii gayyi thi kii jaise tum is armaan ko jaanti hii nahin ho sorry riddhima''

And only then he finds her cabin door opening and then he immediately wiped his tears which is swimming in his eyes and he finds atul and anjali there in front of him and seeing them he fakely smiled at them and atul and anjali gives each-other an understanding look and then they he just asked them after as be

Ar:''areey anjie atul bhaii aap donow yahan mere cabin meiin koi kam tha kya main bas abhie jaa hii raha tha rounds par anyways koi kam tha aap donow ko''

At:''armaan mere bhaii''

He said while moving near him as he placed his hand on his shoulder and

Ar:''kya hua bhaii''

An:''armaan tuu humse nahin chupa sakta''

Ar:''par main kuchh bhi nahin chupa rahaa anj main kya chupaonga''

He said while not meeting their eyes as he knows they knows he is in pain

An:''armaan hum sab samjhte hain hum kya nahin jaante hain kii aaj aapni riddhima ko aapni bestest friend ko aisee daant kar armaan kaise ro raha hogaa''

She said while holding his hand on the table giving him knowing smile

At:''han armaan anjali theek keh rahii hain jitni pareshan rinsi hain oos se zayada tuu hain ose daant kar kya hum nahin jaante tune kaise kuch kaha hogaa''

He said and armaan looked at him with blank eyes and then only anjali

An:''han armaan par tum chinta maat karoo riddhima tumhe samjhegi armaan after all she knows you''

At:''han armaan anjali sahii keh rahii hain vo samajh jaayegi kii ose daantne vaala Dr.Armaan Mallik hain Sanjeevani ka mentor ooska bestesta friend tou ose humesha bas humesha Pyaa''

He said and armaan looked at him as atul bites his tongue as anjali too glared at him as and then he just said

At:''matalb teri dosti meiin ose bas pyaar hii mill sakta hain''

He said and then anjali too speaks up saying that

An:''han armaan chinta maat kar she will understand you''

At:''han chal aab smile kar tera rishta itnaa kachaa nahin hain''

Ar:''thanks champ thanks anj aab mujhe samajha aa gayya hain kii basket naraz ho sakti hain par humara yeh rishta tut nahin sakta hai kyunki yeh bahut pakka mazboot rishta hain naa''

He said and both anjali and atul smiled and then hugged them finally they are right they knows armaan right now needs them and it worked and after that

Ar:''thanks anj thanks champ''

At:''chal oye''

An:''han what are friends for''

She too said and then armaan smiled too and then said to them

Ar:''ohk fine aab jao back to your duties now'

At:''yeh lo anjali hitler armaan is back in action naa''

He said and anjali and armaan laughed and anjali hi-fived with him and then she

An:''offoo atul he is right kam zaruri hain so bye armaan aur atul you too chalo duty par''

At:''tum donow naa hitler ho''

He pouted and then both armaan and anjali said just together

Ar&An:''well thanks for the compliment''

And then with this laughed aloud while atul just pouted and then both anjali and atul leaves from there and outside

An:''atul tum naa kuch bhi bolne lagte ho kahin par bhi''

At:''sorry yaar muh se skip honein vaala tha vaise yeh hain bhi tou sach hii naa pata nahin yeh donow kab samjhenge aapne rishte kii sachai''

An:''samajh jaayenge atul vaise bhi armaan ko jahan tak mujhe lagta hain pata hain bas riddhima ko shayad der se hi samjhengi''

At:''hmm main samjhta hun par vo samajh jaayenge jaise hum samjah paayen nahin''

He said and she smiled and then atul entwined his fingers with her saying

An:''han atul i love you''

At:''i love you too''

And she blushed as he pecked her fingers and then leaves for their duties and here armaan

Ar:''anj aur champ sahii keh rahein main aisee hi pareshan ho rahaa tha vo merii riddhma hain vo mujhe nahin samjhengi aisee nahin ho sakta hain''

He said and then back to his work, after few minutes he is passing from the General Ward and seeing her working there talking with the patient with a smile on her face and he stands there admiring her she looked so much beautiful with that serene smile on her face and she is beautiful in this red churridar red sauce vaala laal and then he just left as announcement for him made and at that moment only riddhima looked at the door as she feels someone is looking at her somewhere she feels that it was her armaan but when she finds no one there she went backs to her work. All the day passed like this only as all were working in the Sanjeevani and the all are tired like anything and right now as they all are sitting in Cafeteria for their lunch break tired and as soon muskaan seated there

Mu:''hey bhagwan yeh yeh  Sanjeevani vaalon ne tou merii aaj pehle din hii band baja dii kitna kam karate hain yeh''

She said as she slumped on the chair with her head on her arms as she put them on the table lazily

Ni:''han sahii keh rahii hain tuu mujhe tou aisaa lag raha hain jaise kii maine poore One Month ka kam 1 one day meiin hii kar liyya ho''

Sa:''correction nikki one day abhie baaki hain right''

Mu:''han yaar pata nahin kya hoga''

Ni:''hey yuvi come join us''

She called him as she be friended with him as they two has same duty and

Yu:''yea sure hey girls''

Sa:''hey yuvi come have a sit''

Mu:''han baith jaa aapnein aap hum khade hokar tujhe welcome nahin kar sakte bahut thake hue hain''

She said and all laughed and sapna immediately speaks up that

Sa:''yuvi please don't mind her she is like it''

Yu:''no not at all yar after all we are friends na''


Mu:''oye vaise tum log batein hii karte rahoge tou yeh break aisee hii khatam ho jaayegi saps kuch order kar naa mujhe bhookh lagii hain''

Sa:''han vo humein bhi lagii hain tou par ridzi nahin ayi abhie tak yaar''

She said looking at the door and then yuvi speak up in between as he finds another two nodding

Yu:''tumhari doosri friend vohii naa jise subh subh Dr.Mallik se daant padii thi''

Mu:''han vohii aur pata nahin aab yeh kahan reh gayyi hain merii haalat kharan ho rahii hain yahan bhookh ke mare nikki dekh naa ose aapnein Bestest friend ka''

But she cut short in between as they heard one voice

Ve:''hey friends can i join too i am also new intern Vedant''

He comes and introduced himself and all gives them a warm smile and

Yu:''han yar come subh subhh duties ke chakkar meiin hum ek-doosre se introduction bhi nahin kar paaye''

Ve:''ye aright hello girls but if i am not wrong we are six interns here nahin''

Ni:''yea vedant right actually riddhima is not here still''

Ve:''oh yea silly me i forget the one who gets scolded by Dr.Mallik in the morning itself''

And with this description of riddhima muskaan laughed a loud and

Mu:''aaj naa ridzi ka introduction aisee ho raha hain kii jise subh daant padii thi vohii naa''

And all of them giggled at this and unaware that one pair of beautiful eyes looked at them and heard a bit of communication of their and 

Ri:''i will kill you Dr.Armaan Mallik for this swear''

She cursed him under her breath and her trance breaks as sapna spotted her standing at the door of cafeteria

Sa:''oye ridzi chal aandar aa vahaa kyun khadi hain hum tera kabse wait kar rahein hain''

And riddhima with a smile plastered on her face walked near the table and then she just apologized from all of them saying

Ri:''sorry yaar mujhe thodi sii der ho gayyi ane meiin''

Mu:''is se pehle tumhara it's ok ka programme shuru ho please kuch order karo ridzi please tere intezar meiin mera haal kharan hain''

She said and all laughed at her state and then ordered their food and till that time riddhima introduced to everyone and

Sa:''vaise ridzi tujhe derii kyun ho gayyi ane meiin''

As they start munching their food riddhima replied to her as sapna asked the reason

Ri:''vo mujhe 1 report denii thi reception par saps isiliyye''


And then everyone went back to eating and chatting as they all becomes friends with each-other as riddhima is not eating properly

Ni:''ridzi khaa le bhaii ne kha liyye hoga tension mat le''

Nikki whispered in her ears as she sat beside him as she is noticing her from sometime she knows she is worried for her brother and riddhima looked at her as she blinked her eyes assuringly and riddhima too nodded her head and she start eating her food while thinking about him only and she is involved in the talks too but her heart and mind is on him only her bestest friend and right at the same moment they all heard the giggling sound and they followed the suit and saw their seniors entering in the cafeteria riddhima and niki and sapna and muski has a smiles seeing them for obvious reasons atul bhaii and anjali dii and muskaan's kankjura and then a new face with them maybe some another senior Doctor but riddhima's smile vanished as she finds armaan coming with Dr.Sanjana with a smile on his face and she did not know why but instead of hurt she feels JEALOUSY and she keeps on looking at him until armaan's eyes too makes their way towards her but the time his eyes landed on his bestetst friend she averted her gaze and seeing this armaan thinks she maybe still angry with him so he muttered under his breath as all of them walked towards the table and INTERNS stopped making noises seeing their seniors there and he as

Ar:''lagta hain riddhima abhie bhi naraz hain mujhse subhh vaali baat ko lekar aab tou tera bhagwan hii mallik hain armaan riddhima ko samjhana shayad se itnaa easy nahin hoga armaan''

Little did he knows his riddhima already stopped thinking about the morning incidence there is something bothering her right now is armaan sitting next to Dr.Sanjana she did not liked it at all she does not why and just seeing the mere scene she immediately does not have any appetite left for food as she keeps on looking at them as it's something she faced first time as she is always sat with armaan be it's her home Gupta House OR be it's his home Mallik House the seat next to armaan is known as riddhima's seat and vice-versa everyone knows and the same in armaan's car OR armaan's bike may be in pub in restaurant they always sat together even when they went somewhere for holiday their seats are always with each-other be in Bus Or Train Or in Plane so riddhima can't takes this she suddenly start feeling Dr.Sanjana is sitting on her place but technically she did not as maybe she sat there with Armaan but why her Armaan and suddenly she feels she can't see anything more if she keeps on seating there her head will surely burst with stupid thoughts and nagging questions and she hates this facts and then only she gets up telling everyone she will be going as she finished her lunch they tried to stop her as still there are some few more minutes left for lunch break and she can relaxed as it's her 48 hours duty too but sh did not wants to be so she refused but as soon she gets up she finds

W:''mam yeh aapke liyye Ornage Juice yahan rakh dun''

She looked at him weirdly she did not ordered the Orange Juice then suddenly she remembered her bestest friend in front of her eyes and she knows who did this and she smiled and takes the Orange Juice while settling back on her seat and armaan smiled seeing hr genuine smile he knows his riddhima knows it as

Ri:''kya karun main tumhara armaan pehle khudd hii pareshan karte ho fir khud hii mante ho par jaise bhi ho naa sirff mere armaan ho aur I Adore You In Your Reflection''

She said to herself while start sipping her juice and then only sapna who find her mumbling

Sa:''oye ridzi kya badbada rahii hain tuu aapnein aap se yaar''

But instead of riddhima muskaan replied saying to her that

Mu:''oye chod naa saps iskii ridzi kii tou aapnein aap se baat karne kii habit hain naa''

She said and all laughed while riddhima glared at her saying

Ri:''muskii tuu''

And she is cut short with anjali's voice who called them 

An:''interns have fun with your lunch and enjoy yourselves''

In:''thanks mam''

And then only riddhima finds armaan is coming towards Sanjana and after settling he speaks up

Ar:''yeh lo Sanjana tumhare roz vale noddles yaar tum bore nahin hoti inhein roz khakar''

She just heard this and she did not bother to heard Dr.Sanjana's answer as she left from there seeing armaan smiling with her as she leaves armaan looked at her worriedly what happened to her she is fine a moment back and now she leaves like this only he wants to go behind her but he can't after all here they have a different relationship and here riddhima sat on the bench thinking why she is feeling like this why this is troubling her so much why she can't see him with Dr.Sanjana he is just sitting why it affects her so much pained her so much, little did she knows she is the only one who in future will takes this kind of pain for every moment seeing him with another one she herself is going to do this while she is sole responsible for all this she will push him to the extent and little did he knows for her himself he has to stop himself not asking about the reason of her worriedness the future and destiny stored.







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-AK- Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2013 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Awesome part :D
Awww brchari ko dant diya
He sooo cute pehly danta and jowbhebis upsate
But ruddhima is more cute
She is sooo jealous :P
Loved armaan's care and riddhimas anger as well as adorable attitude :)
Thx for pm
And sooo sorry for late comment

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ashwini16 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 March 2013 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Res...par part kb update hogaaa???????

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ojaswi_kajen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
But nikki update...!!!!!

heyyaaa awesome update...
ridzi is sooo cute..
i hate that sanjana...
fab update...just loved it...
cont soon...plzzz
waiting eagerly for the next update...:)

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