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Love Is Mistake-Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows - Note Page37 (Page 2)

desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 8:27am | IP Logged
                     Love Is Mistake - Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

                                            Face Of Life 1 
        -Ur Loved Ones May Be Hurt U But They Loved U Also

One man in his early thirties were going to somewhere when he saw a little boy around 3 years old was sitting in garden and his face was buried in his knees and seeing him man come towards him and put his hand on boy's shoulder and the boy looked at him and the man smiled to him but the boy did not returned his smile and again buried his face in his knees and this behave makes the man surprised he never behave like this so he sat beside him and patted his back try to know what was with him why is he so quite not with himself then he asked
M: ''What happened buddy aap itnee oodas kyoon hoo?''
But the boy did not replied so the man once again asked patting his back
M: ''Kya hua buddy aapko billy nee daanta kya aapko?''
He asked with so much love in his voice he was none other than Shashank Gupta, Balvinder AKA Billy Mallik's best friend and armaan's buddy and once again
M: ''Armaan what happen son?''
And the child is none other than our armaan and he has tears in his eyes and seeing them shashank hugged him while saying
M:''kya hua armaan aapko beta aap ro kyoon rahein ho kisi ne kuchh kaha kya mere buddy se mera buddy tou bahut strong hai vo tou kabhie rota hii nahin hai tou aaj kya hua aap aapne buddy ko bhi nahin bataoge''
He asked and armaan hugged him while weeping and shashank caressed his hairs and
Ar:''vo sab bahut gande hai buddy mai oonmein se kisii se bat nahin karunga mai sabse katii hun buddy''
He said and shashank was surprised whom he was talking so he
Sh:''kya hua armaan buddy aap kis se bat nahin karunga kya hua aapko''
Ar:''oon sabse buddy vo anjie, atul bhaii aur nikki, raool sab gande hai sab gande mai kisii se aapni chocolate share nahin karunga sab gande hai''
He said while still weeping and shashank was surprised what happens to him why he does not want to speak with any of child not his own brother and sister atul was armaan's brother who was 5 years old and anjali was his daughter who was 4 years old a year younger than atul and rahul his son 3 years old he and armaan are of same age only a month's gap in between them rahul is one month younger than armaan and nikki is armaan's sister who was just 1 and half years old and they all five kids are like the life of both Mallik And Gupta Mansion all five and if one of them was unhappy both the houses are like dull and here armaan is weeping who was life of both the houses so shashank asked
Sh:''par buddy kya hua aap inn sabse bat kyoon nahin karoge inhone kya kahaa aapko?''
He asked and
Ar:''buddy inmein se koi mujhse nahin khelta atul aur anjie aapas meiin khelte rehte hai atul ke plants kee saath ya anjali ke dolls kee saath mujhse nahin khelte aur nikki mom ose bhi mujhe nahin detii kehti hai mai chota hun mai ose giraa doonga par mai tou big boy hun  naa buddy aap hii tou kehte hoo naa''
He asked and shashank could not help but to smile hearing him
Ar:''buddy bolo naa mai tou big hun naa''
He asked stretching his arms and shashank smiled and nodded
Sh:''han bilkul par buddy aap rahul kee saath kyoon nahin khelte vo tou aapka best friend hai naa betaa''
Ar:''nahin buddy vo bhi bahut ganda hai pta hai humare gharr kee saath joo log rehne aye hai (pointing to his house which was beside armaan's house's left side while right side shashank's house) aaj kal naa vo oonke saath khelta hai vahan par naa 1 baby hai ooske saath khelta hai vo''
He told him with a cute pouted face
Sh:''kaun baby buddy tou fir aap oonke saath kyoon nahin khelte armaan?''
Ar:''nahin buddy vo bahut rotii hai vo bhi zor se isiliyye mai nahin khelta maine raool koo bhi bola par vo manta nahin buddy aisee thode naa bst fnd hotee hai''
He said and shashank chuckled as he could not pronounce best friend rightly and seeing him quieted armaan pulled his arm
Ar:''buddy kya hua''
Sh:''kuchh nahin buddy par aap bhi oonke saath khela karoo naa vo aapke dost hai naa buddy ''
He said try to make him understand
Ar:''nahin buddy mai oonse bat bhi nahin karunga''
He said while folding his arms in front of his chest and shashank smiled he was looking so damn cute with that frown face
Ar:''par buddy aab mai kya karun kiske saath khelon mai?''
He asked with low face and shashank hugged him
Sh:''yeh bhi koi problem hai aabhie joo 1 nayii dostt ayegi naa thode din meiin humare gharr meiin vo aapki dost banegi''
Ar:''kaun dost buddy joo girlfriend lekar aayegi hopppital se''
He asked with innocence as he knows that there is new friend of theirs coming that his buddy and girlfriend getting from hospital his mom 
Ananya Mallik told him earlier and hearing him shashank nodded
Ar:''tou buddy vo sirff merii dost hogii mai ose kisii koo nahin doonga khelne bhi nahin atul, anjali, raool aur nikki kisii koo nahin vo sirff merii dost hogii buddy''
Sh:''bilkul buddy vo aapki hogii''
Ar:''buddy vo girl hogii naa''
Sh:''pta nahin buddy boy bhi tou ho sakta hai''
Ar:''nahin buddy aap hopppital se girl lekar ana mai ooske saath khelonga aap mujhse ose dogee naa mna tou nahin karoge naa jaise mom nikki kee liyye karti hai buddy aap''
He asked and shashank smiled
Sh:''nahin buddy bilkul bhi nahin aur vo aapki hogii promise''
Ar:''pakka vaala plomise''
Sh:''han pakka vaala''
He said and then armaan hugged him and 
Ar:''yea buddy mai aabhie girl friend aur mom aur sabko bta kar aya''
And then he ran from there and shashank smiled
Sh:''pagla hai poora''
Little did he know whatever armaan says was going to be true in near future?

p.s. i did not pm anyone this ff so sorry please read at your own wish it may hurt u.

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Redrose21 Goldie

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Awesome start Niki
Aww..Armaan is sooo cute
Loved his convo with Shashank
Waiting to read ahead
Cont soon

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 June 2012 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
heyy nikkk...fact of life 1 is mindblowing , amazingClapClapClapStarStarStarStar...i just loved it sooo much till now...dn,t know about future...shanky n armaan talk superb...hmmm to armaan ne ridz k aane se ppehle hi use apna bna liya great...superbbb,,,,,,,plzzz continue soon

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ashwini16 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
awesome part...

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2012 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
I loved it.
Armaan is soo cute.
Guess I'm thed special one for u Niks.
Thanks for it..
Shanky's buddy is goin to get Ridz as his friend then love.
OMG!I'm so excited..
Plz update the next part soonest.
This ff is gonna rock!!
love ya

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

Love Is Mistake - Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

                                            Face Of Life 2 
       New Member In Life Always Brings Happiness And Tears Of Joy

And an excited armaan barged in Gupta House where he saw his girl friend was sitting on the chair beside dining table whereas his mom Ananaya Mallik was standing beside her with fruits plate in her hands

Ar:''girl friend girl friend girl friend''

He ran towards Samriti Gupta but he was stopped by Ananaya

An:''armaan beta aaram se aapki girl friend koo lag jaayegi''

She said as Samriti was pregnant by 8 and half months and her stomach was visible clearly

Ar:''mom mujhe girl friend aur aapko kuchh btana hai merii nayii dostt kee vaare meiin''

An:''armaan beta abhii nahin abhii aapki girl friend koo bhookh lagii hai naa oonhein kuchh khane dijiye naa hum aapki bat bad meiin soonege''

She said try to make armaan understand and turned to samriti who was smiling

An:''samriti chl abhii yeh fruits finish kar''

But she was cut short by armaan

Ar:''par mom merii bat bhi jaruri hai''

An:''armaan beta bad''

But she was cut short with samriti's voice

Sa:''rehne dijiye naa bhabhi mai pehle aapne armaan kii bat soonogi''

Ar:''yea girl friend aapko pta hai buddy ne mujhe bola joo yeh merii nayii vaali dost hai naa sirff merii hogii''

He said happily while ananya and samriti looked each-other with confusion about whom he is talking

Sa:''achaa boy friend par yeh kaun hai aapki nayii dost aapne tou humein nahin milvaya''

An:''han armaan kahin aap jo humare saath rehne aye oonki baby kii bat kar rahein hoo kya''

Both of them asked and armaan hit his for head

Ar:''nahin aap dono buddhu hoo vo tou rotii rehti hai raool hii khelta hai ooske saath''

Both the ladies smiled seeing his antics then only samriti

Sa:''tou fir aap kiskii bat kar rahein hoo boy friend?''

She asked and before armaan can reply

An:''samriti yeh tou pta nahin kya kahee jaa rahaa hai tum aapne fruits khaoo''

She again forwarded her plate of fruits and

Sa:''nahin bhabhi mujhe janana hai please''

Ananya nodded seeing her face and she

Sa:''han armaan batao naa  kaunn hai aapki nayii dost aur kahan hai''

Ar:''areey girl friend vo tou aapke pas hai naa''

And hearing him samriti and ananya was confused while looking at each-other what is he saying

Sa:''mere pas armaan anajali tou aapki pehl se hii dost hai fir vo nayii dost kaise hui?''

Ar:''oho girlfriend anjali nahin''

An:''tou kaun armaan''

Ar:''oho aap sachii meiin buddhu hoo vohii joo girlfriend hoppital se lane vaali hai buddy ne kaha vo merii nayii dost aur vo sirff merii hogii girlfriend mai ose kisiko nahin doonga girlfriend''

He replied while hugging samriti putting his tiny arms around her bulky stomach and that time miracle happens the baby kicked in her womb that too so hard and in the anticipation samriti holds armaan close to her stomach and armaan was little frightened feeling movement in samriti's stomach

Ar:''girl friend aapkii tummy hil kyoon rahii hai?''

He asked innocently while samriti and ananya smiled not knowing what to reply to him so she just suppressed her smile along with samriti at his innocence

An:''achaa armaan tumne yeh bat aapne dad koo  batai''

She asked try to distract his mind

Ar:''nahin mom nahin btaya maine abhi dad koo''

An:''tou fir jao btao oonhein''

Ar:''han mai abhie bataonga dad koo mom''

And he ran after placing a kiss on samriti's stomach as he was hugging her from stomach and as once again samriti feels kick of child that too very hard kick and she sat on chair and ananya looked at her worriedly

An:''kya hua samriti tabyeet theek nahin  hai kya''

Sa:''nahin bhabhi lagta hai ise (caressing her stomach) bhi armaan bahut pasand hai jab bhi ata hai bahut zor se kick karti hai''

An:''karti hai samriti''

Sa:''pta nahin bhabhi mujhe bhi armaan jaise lagta hai kii yeh (caressing her stomach) ladkii hogii armaan kii dost''

An:''achaa yeh bhi theek hai par pehle tu yeh fruits finish kar le armaan kii dost healthy honii chahiye naa oskee  saath khelne kee liyye''

Sa:''kya bhabhi fruits''

An:''jii han fruits aur aapko yeh poore khane padege''

She said making a face but ananaya makes her ate finally with lots of samriti's protests.

And time passed samriti's due date is coming one night she was sitting on bed with shashank caressing her stomach and seeing him samriti

Sa:''shashank mujhe lagta hai betii hogii''

Sh:''kaise pta samriti''

Sa:''pta nahin jabse armaan nee kaha mujhe bhi lagne lga hai aur aapko pta hai jab bhi yeh (points to her bulky stomach) armaan kii aawaz sunti hai naa itnii zor zor se kick karti hai jaise abhii bahar aayegi aur armaan se khelne lagegi''

And then once again baby kicks and shashank feels that and looks at her

Sa:''dekha aab ooske nam par bhi''

Sh:''han lagta hai buddy aur iss princess (kissing her stomach) kii bahut gehri dosti hogii''

Only then he heard samriti's loud cry

Sa:''oouch aah''

She cried in pain holding her stomach and shashank panicked and knows may be she was in her labor

Sh:''kuchh nahin hogaa samriti mai abhi billy aur ani bhabhi koo call karta hun samriti''

He said dialing their number

Sa:''aaa oouch''

She again winced and after few minutes Shashank, Billy and Ananya was pacing in hospital's corridor while inside the labor room Samriti was delivering a child and shashnak was hell worried and billy was trying to calm him down, though he himself was doctor but seeing samriti in pain, he is like feeling so much restless not able to do anything for her only then doctor comes with a new bundle of joy in her hands and with smile on her face and the trio rushed to her and

D:''congrats Dr.Shashank bitiya aai hai''

Sh:''thanks so much doctor kirti''

He said taking that bundle of joy in his hands and kissing her lightly

Sh:''billy buddy sahii tha it's my princess''

Bi:''han shanky it's our princess''

He said hugging him and

An:''bahut sundar hai bhaii sahib yeh''

Shashank nodded and then he

Sh:''doctor kirti samriti theek hai naa?''

D:''jii Dr.Shashank Dr.Samriti bilkul theek hai aabhie thodi der meiin oonhein hum general ward meein shift kar denge tab aap mill lijiyega''

Sh:''thnaks doctor kirti''

And she nodded and leaves from there after sometime they also met samriti who was shifted in the room and she was as happy as everyone seeing her daughter and like shashank she also says that Armaan was right for having them a daughter and shashank says like armaan was his buddy she was his princess but he was cut short by billy and ananya that she is their princess as they have already armaan now she is theirs and in morning children comes to met them.

First it was armaan who quickly rushed to her girl friend who was lying on bed and seeing her like that firstly he frightened what happened to her girlfriend and he quickly placed his tiny hand on her forhead

Ar:''girl friend aapko feevl hai kya''

He asked and samriti smiled seeing him and nodded in disagreement but instead of samriti shashank answered

Sh:''nahin buddy aapki girl friend theek hai bilkul par aapki nayii dostt laani thi naa tou hum yahan aye hospital meiiin''

Ar:''buddy merii nayii dostt aaa gayyi kahan hai mujhe doo naa''

He said getting all excited and shashank smiled

Sh:''vo aapki mom kee pas hai''

Only then samriti entered with new born child in her arms

Sh:''voo dekho aaa gayyi voo''

Ar:''mom mujhe do naa please''

He said rushing to her

An:''nahin armaan vo aapse gir jaayegi aap bahut chote hoo betaa''

She said but

Ar:''buddy aapne bola tha mai ose ootha sakta hun''

He said making a face and shashank picked him in his arms

Sh:''off course buddy''

And he made her settled on bed beside samriti and then take baby from ananaya's hands and placed her in armaan'a lap and

An:''bahii sahib vo bachaa hai''

She tried to warn him as armaan himself is too small that too handle a new born kid but shashank nods and smiles and caressed armaan and child's hairs

Sh:''koi bat nahin bhabhi hum sab hai aur armaan ooska dhayan rakhega hai naa buddy''

Ar:''han buddy dekho yeh mujhe jaanti hai isnein kaise merii finger pakdi''

He said whole caressing her face with his tiny fingers and everyone also smiles seeing the fact that the tiny one actually holds armaan's finger in her tiny hand and seeing this, these words escaped from samriti's mouth

Sa:''lagta hai yeh merii betii mere boy friend koo nahin chodegi kyoon shashank''

She said making everyone laughed while armaan was too engrossed in the baby that too intently and she also was not leaving his finger as if she has got someone very close to her just after few minutes of her arrival in the world

And here the elders were still chuckling at samriti's words.

Little did they know this was going to be true she was not leaving armaan in any way, in any circumstances, in any conditions at every moment and part of life she was going to be with him only in his heart like his heart beats in his heart where she can stay for forever?

p.s. do tell me how is this one going on people?

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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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nice story yar
cont soon

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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