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Love Is Mistake-Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows - Note Page37 (Page 18)

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Nikki isey bhool gayi kya?

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                     Love Is Mistake - Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

Face Of Life 7-You Are My World

And today all because if her armaan her best friend oops bestest friend in armaan's words she is here completes her M.B.B.S. and  then done her M.D. in Gynacelogist field and now all set to do the internship in Sanjeevani Hospital one of the best hospitals in India her drema Hospital well more than her its armaan's dream that she will do her internship their only, after all what he can think for his riddhima is the best for her naa only and riddhima how she can breaks his dreams and there she is tomorrow is her first day that she will pursue her internship in Sanjeevani well more than this she is happy with the fact that now she will remain closer to her armaan and she so loved that feeling, after armaan passed out from college and start his internship and then he becomes resident doctor in Sanjeevani they are not at same place, as she is in college and she does not like that truth, though they are still with each-other but still she never like that fact she has to far away from him, she can not distance herself from him not even for a second, little did she knows she herself will becomes the one who is the resaon of their distance. But right now as she comes after doing her party with nikki, muskii and their one another friend sapna as tomorrow is their first day of internship in Sanjeevani so they did not knows when they get time as they knows when they start their internship they will surey busy as Doctors are very busy persons and they loved to help the others so no partying off course enjoyement will be there as she saw anjie dii, atul bhaii, rahul bhaii and her armaan still enjoys their lives compltely with properly fulfilling their responsibilities, and she off course wants to be like them especially like her Armaan off course her parents Dr.Shashank Gupta And Dr.Samriti Gupta is her idols but with her armaan is little different as he is her not only idol but her mentor, he is the one who taught her everything, her first A for Apple and then helps her to takes her first step in life, he is someone special he is her best friend oops she forgets once again not best friend bestest friend off course and with these thoughts with a smile on her lips she moved inside her house with nikki as they bid bye to muskii who moved inside her house as she wants to sleep otherwise she will not be able to wake up in morning and she did not wants to be late as riddhima and nikki entered in Gupta House, nikki greeted Shashank and Samriti along with nani who sat there and next they saw anjali comes from her room near downstairs and seeing them 

An:'' aa gayye aap log so kaise rahii aapki aakhiri party ridzi nikki''

Ni:''dii bahut achii thi we enjoyed alots me muskii and saps bas sivaye riddhima kee dii sabne enjoy kiyya but aakhiri party kyoon dii aisaa kyoon dii aap aisaa kyoon keh rahii hai hum tou aur bhi parties you knows naa dii''

She said making everyone smile as she sat beside anjie who slumped on couch and riddhima just stand there with a cute frown on her face and

An:''areey yar aab tum log bhi doctors ban jaoge aur oopar se internship meiin tou bahut mehnat karni padti hai aur oopar se Sanjeevani meiin tou vaise hii bada kam karvate hai internship meiin yar 48 hours non-stop pata hai atul kii tou band baj gayyi thi hab he got 48 hours duty''

She said with a sigh and a smiel appeared on her lips and a shine in her eyes as she remembers atul and nikki looks frightened hearing her and seeing

Ni:''dii poore 48 hours without any break non-stop dii''

Hearing her shashank and samriti smiled and then samriti replied

Sa:''anjie kyoon dara rahii hai inehin aisaa nahin hai nikki vo sirff aapka stamina judge karne hotaa hai and yes you have breaks but apako hospital meiin hii rehna padta hai in case of emergency so beta no worries''

She said making nikki understnad as nikki gave a small smile

Sh:''aur nahin tou kya beta aapki samriti aunty bilkul sahii keh rahii hai Sanjeevani yeh nahin bhullta kii Doctors needs rest too after all they are alos human beings han par jab vo world ka top class hospital hai tou vo aapko bhi world kaa top class doctor banane meein help kart hai aur yeh sab sochh kar logon kii help karnee kiis ochh you decide to be doctor so no worries aur dekho yeh anjali aapko dara rahii khudd kitnii successful  cardio surgeon hai so beta no worries chinta mat kijiye''

He added also making nikkin understand as well and then nikki nodded with a smile and then anjali also said with a smile saying

An:''yea niks don't worry yar i am just kidding and pulling you leg''

Ni:''jii dii no worries i am all prepared for internship in Sanjeevani dii''

She said with a smile and anjali gave her smile too and then she

An:''thats like spirit areey han nikki iss ridzi koo kya hua tuu keh rahii thi kii isnein vahan party meiin enjoy nahin kiyya aur aab bhi dekhh kya hua hai ise jab se aye hoo tum log kaise but ban kar kahdi hai bat kya hai niks''

She asked from nikki slowly as she saw riddhima did not said a word as the time they she and nikki entered in Gupta Mansion and still standing right there lost in her own thoughts and nikki replied softly to anjie that

Ni:''ammy bhaii''

As she said anjie grinned somewhere she knows her one of closest friend is going to be the reason of her little sister's condition after all both of them riddhima and armaan their happiness and sadness just revolves around one another, she grinned and then the called riddhima as she wants to tease her little her darling sister and she then said

An:''kya hua ridzi tujhe abhii bhi dar lag rahaa continue 48 hour duty sun kar Sanjeevani meiin koi bat nahin ridzi tuu tension mat le armaan hai naa vahan tera bestest friend i am sure he will help you so please''

She said with a cute face breaking riddhima's trance with her extra emphasises on the word ''bestest friend'' and '' armaan'' and as soon riddhima's ears registered her dii's words and the name heard her ears from which she is just reminiding in her all the day now breaks all the damns and she just burst out in complete anger as expected while saying

Ri:''nam mat liiye oos armaan kaa dii aap mere saamne''

She said and both anjali and nikki grinned hearing that expecting reply from her while the elders trio nani, shashank, samriti smiled knowing their daughter's anger and deep in their hearts knows armaan is in deep trouble today and

An:''kyoon ridzi kya hua vo tou tera best friend hai naa tou''

She said with most innocent face and voice making riddhima's temper getting at her heights and she just burst in more anger surprising everyone

Ri:''best friend yea right dii aapko pata bhi hai oosnein kya kiyya hai aaj subhh pehle tou pata nahin kahan tha jab mai ose oothane gayyi as always he is not there, mai aapni vacations meiin jaldi oothi ooske liyye aur ose koi parvah nahin hai chala gayya tha Hospital mujhe aunty nee bataya, ohk fine man liyya, kii vo doctor hai and its need of his profession, par dii see mujhe nahin milla koi bat nahin par breakfast bhi nahin kiyya oosnein dii aisee hii chala gayya dii you knw chalo yeh bhi man liyye kii vo kisii koo disturb nahin karna chahta tha itnii subhh aniee aunty, ramu kaka (armaan's care-taker) kisii ko bhi nahin i admire his decision but dii what about MEE mujhe hii 1 message kar detaa yaa call kar detaa kii 'Basket mujhe jaldi jaana hai tum mera breakfast bna do' par nahin nahin kiyya janab ne khudd koo bahut superman samjhta hai naa voo, maanti hun oos se achaa doctor nahin hogaa par aisee kaise voo tou khudd beemar hoo jaayega aisee aur aagar khudd beemar hoo gayya tou patients koo kaise dekhega, achaa dii chalo bat bas itnii sii hui hotii tou i can understand but nahin dii dekho isnein mujhe nahin bataya kii iskii surgeory kaise rahii i can understand kii itnii subhh koi emergency surgeory ayi hogii aaj ooska time bhi nahin hai janab kee pas kii ek message karke bata den, koi 'good morning message basket' nahin kiyya oosnein aaj, aur i know koi Breakfast nahin kiyya hogaa hospital meiin bhull gayya hogaa kam kee chakkar meiin aur khudd jab call nahin kar rahaa mai karti hun tou ootha nahin rahaa aisaa koi mai oon the superman kaa time nahin waste karne vaali thi bas yad hii karana tha naa oosko kii time par Breakfast aur Lunch kar len par janab koo kya, pata tha naa kii meraa phone oothaya tou daant padegi joo kii aanie aunty se humesha bachh jaata hai had hotii hai dii, aur you know dii shamm koo jab mera bilkul man nahin tha stupid sii party meiin jaane kaa tab mai gayyi aur you know dii maine ose message bhi kiyya tha kii mai party meiin jaa rahii hun, aage peeche tou 'basket aaram se jaana aur yeh muskii bahut rash driving karti hai ose bola slow chalaye aur seat belt pehnana aagar ooske saath aage baithi tou aur mai tumhe pick karne aaonga kisii bhi aaltu-faaltu ladke se baat mat karna tum naa hii nikki kii koi short dress pehnana tum vo tou pagal hai par tum mat honaa you look beautiful as my basket our riddhima only samjhi tum' yeh sab dii''

Ni:''kya ammy bhaii nee mujhe pagal kahaa aane do oonhein''

She said with her mouth left open but riddhima ignored her and she continued

Ri:''yeh sab bolta dii mmediately phone karke aaj tou phone tou bahut dur kii baat hai 1 message bhi karna jaruri nahin samjha oosnein aur maine kitne message kiyya poori party meiin no reply  aur dii mujhe naa hii yeh bataya kii raat koo kitne baje aayege jis se kii hum oos time par walk par jaa saken dii aur aap kehti hai vo mera best friend hai nahin nahin oos idiot kee words meiin bestest friend kehta hai aisee hotein hai bestest friend koi parvah hii nahin subhh se ek bar bhi mujhe baat nahin karii aisee hotee hai bestest friends kya aur bada aya sambke saamne kehne vaala 'basket aur armaan bestest friends hai we are bestest friends basket armaan basket kaa bestest friend hai aur he cares for her' (she mimicked him what he used to say infront of everyone) aur aap kehte hoo he is my bestest friend dii aisaa kuchh nahin hai he is so bad dii''

She said and all looked at her in surprise as they knows she is hurt deeply hurt and sighed this times armaan will be in very big trouble and riddhima will surely kill him as she is bothered for him especially

Ri:''aur hai dii mai koi darii hui nahin hun Sanjeevani meiin 48 hours kii internship duty non-stop duty se mujhe iskee baare meiin pehle se hii pata hai mere armaan nee mujeh pehle hii bataya aur samjhaya bhi dii''

Before any one can say any thing to her or replied to her She said and all smiled seeing this little cute bond of these two friends or more well this surely will time telss or anyone else she is sngry with him still she is saying all things about him Meraa Armaan after all he is her world and

Ri:''but dii i am not going to talk with him he is too bad dii''

She tells him and befor anyone can say anything to her as anjali

An:''par ridzi merii baat tou sun naa yar armaan naa actually''

But her words are cut short with the husky voice as he just


And she turned at once hearing that husky voice for for which she craving for morning to hear it and as her gaze fell on him, he is standing there with his head bent down lookinng tired as he looked at her she glared at him seeing his condition, but she sighed in relief seeing him fine and as he try to come to her riddhima just whispered to her mom

Ri:''maa mujhe bahut need aa rahii hai mai sonein jaa rahii hun aur nikki aapnein pyaare bhaii koo aapne saath gharr le jaa aur annie aunty koo bolkar inhein kuchh khila dena yaa mom aap dekhh lijiyega par please janab se pooch jarur lijiyega will he is free to take his meal aur not. Aab mai jaa rahii hun sonein i am really very tired after attending the super bore party and waoting for soemone aur kal mera pehla din hai tou mujhe derii nahin karni hai so please i will take your leave now kal milte hai good night papa good night maa good night nani good night dii aur good night niks kal milte hai ohk bye everyone''

She wished everyone good night and moved towards her room and everyone noticed the sarcasm in her voice and samriti even tried to makes her understand or try to give her peace of mind for behaving like this with armaan poor guy works whole day and comes just to receive wrath from his bestest friend but armaan stopped in mid ways samriti

Sa:''riddhima yeh kya tareeka hai armaan se baat karne kaa''

But as she saw armaan is signalling her to stop and she stopped nodding her head and riddhima ran upstairs to her room and armaan sighed and ruffled his hand in his hairs and samriti comes and placed her hand on his shoulder saying

Sa:''armaan tumne mujhe kyoon rouka beta she is at fault thi time ose tumse aisee baat nahin karni chahiye thi tum thakk(tired) kar aye hoo''

She said still angru with the fact that her daughter beahaved like this but

Ar:''nahin girl friend galti merii hai aap chinta mat kijiye mai ose mana loonga aafter all this time i am at fault maine ose subhh se call nahin kiyya naa hii kisii message kaa reply nahin kiyya so merii galti naa''

He said as he very well knows how much his riddhima worried for him

Sh:''par armaan beta you are busy she has to understand beta and here she just did ignore you this time armaan she crossed her limits she don't even bother to saw how much tired you are beta this time she is wrong son and i have to talk to her beta she can not talk like this with you''

Shashank who till now seeing thid scenerio also said as he aslo found his princess did not do fair while talking like in this manner with armaan he saw how from morning armaan is working and how much tired he is

Ar:''nahin buddy koi baat nahin hai yeh tou naa ooski mere liyye care hai joo oosnein aisee baat karii budyy its ohk aur vaise bhi yeh hum do bestest friends kee becch kii baat hai so aap log tou bilkul bhi tension mat lijiye mai ose mana loonga buddy don't worry vo maan jaayegi vaise bhi oos se pehle galti tou merii hai naa buddy so i have to make it up and don't worry i will do''

He said as he sis the only one who can see riddhima's extreme care behind her rash words and wrath for him, he knows how much she cares for him and right now she is crying sitting in back garden as she ignored him, as everyone can saw what she she sopke but van not saw the deep meaning which only armaan can saw and feels so he smiles. 

 Ar:''so aap log tension mat lijiye mai ose mana loona aap log jayiye aur rest kar lijiye buddy kal sabke liyye important din hai Sanjeevani kee is batch kee new interns ane hai so sab jayiye nani girlfriend anjie nikki tuu bhi ghar jaa kal tera bhi pehle din hai naa Sanjeevani meiin so go everyone''

He said and everyone nodded knowing they can not do anything and armaan and riddhima both are going to handle each-other but

Sa:''par armaan mai tere liyye khana laga dun beta tune subhh se kch nahin khaya naa tuu 2 minute ruk bas mai abhie laga detii hun bf''

She said knowing how much her darling daughter scolds him she is right if she tells armaan has not takes anything from morning it will be true

Ar:''thanks girl friend par aap tension mat lijiye mai le loonga good night

He said and hearig him samriti nodded and then trio leaves from there leaving only anjali, nikki and armaan there and nikki also leaves saying

Ni:''mai bhi jaa rahii hun anjie dii nahin tou mujhe bhi bahhut derii hogii subhh oothne meiin aur gharr par mom kii daant kee bad sanjeevani meiin bhi pehle hii din daant pad jaayegi dii so dii good night bhaii''

And after hugging armaan and anjali she wished them and leaves for Mallik Mansion and armaan looked at stairs and then anjali smiled

An:''chal armaan mai bhi chalati hun tuu jaa aur mana ose''

She said while placing hand on his shoulder and armaan gave her a small smile and he nods his head while ruffling his hairs and anjali said to him

An:''kyoon chinta kar rahein ho armaan tumse naraz hokar kahan rehh sakti hai vo abhie jaoge naa manane dekhna thoda saa gussa karke kaise man jaayegi jaldi se vo don't worry after all she is your best friend naa''

As anjali said armaan smiled at her but then anjali knows his smile is not the warming one off course she very well knows till riddhima is not fine armaan can never be fine even though he wants to then also he never be fine when his bestest friend is not and here she is actually not fine just because of him

Ar:''han anjie i know par iss bar sarii kii sarii galti merii hai maine ose kitna pareshan kiyya hai subhh se yeh hum samajh bhi nahin sakte, abhie jo vo itnaa bol gayyi naa mujhse baat nahin karii, hum sabne tum sabne tumne ooska gussa dekha buddy kii nazar mein badtmzi dekhi girlfriend nee ooske tantrum dekhe par actually anjie yeh ooski are hai mere liyye hum sochh bhi nahin sakte hai kii subhh se vo kitni pareshan rahii hogii mere liyye aur maine ose ek call bhi nahin kiyaa, ose merii itnii chinta hai kii vo bhull gayyi kii ose khudd bhi girlfriend kii daant padegi baad meiin mere saath behave karne par, par iss time anjie i really hurt her mai humesha ose mana leta hun par sachii meiin aaj maine had kar dii yar anjie vo humesha mujhe maf kar detii hai naa tabhie mai aisee karta hun, hum andaza bhi nahin laga sakte how she feels when i am not calling her or answering any of her messages she''

He could not continue anymore as he can feels how much worried she feels in absence of any call or any message after all they are two for world but the heart is one which is beating in their sides but the thing is they did not know it still may be one of them knows it but this will time tell right now armaan's priority is his riddhima and then anjie

An:''hum bhale hii naa samajh paayen armaan par yeh tum bhi jaante ho armaan aur hum bhi kii tumse behtar ooske dard ko koi nahin samajh sakta aagar tum ooske khushi ko samajh sakte ho, tou ooska dard bhi sabse pehle sirff tumhe feel hotaa hai armaan maa se bhi pehle, tumhara rishta hii kuchh aisaa hai aab jao manao ose aur kuchh kha lenaa dono''

She said and armaan looked at her with surprise he knows what she is saying right they shared something deep that if one person among both of them gets even a scratch the another person immediately gets to knows it as the another ones start feeling restless this is their realtion and as armaan is still looking at her anjali smiled and

An:''armaan abhie mujhe nahin dekho abhie merii behen ko dekhne kaa time hai (she grineed making him more smile and armaan shakes his head he is turning to go when anjali whispered slowly) armaan vaise tum abhie saneevani se aa rahein ho naa (armaan nodded his head in yes as he stopped and turned towards anjie) tou tumhe i wonder pata ho kii atul free ho gayya aapni surgeory se kya i mean he has his surgeory lined up tonight naa so i was wondering he is free or not armaan (she asked selectng correct words to ask about atul armaan little bit surprsied first but then nodded knowing atul bhaii and anjie is good friends)''

Ar:''han anjie jab mai hospital se aya naa tou bhaii jas just completed his surgeory but he has to stay in sanjeevani for the night as he has to monitor that little kid so i guess he will be back by morning only why you have some work with him anjie i mean you are asking some imp work?''

He asked and anjali nodded her head in no saying

An:''naa nothing i was just asking as he is really worried about his surgeory so thinking to call him but then decide to check of he is free or not that's why i was asking anyways i am too sleepy so i am going to catch my sleep and you two Best Friends when your game of roothna manana finishes please do eat armaan as it is long day today and will be long day for you too tomorrow also so and don't worry she will agree''

She said and then armaan nods at his friend and then smiled and anjali smiled and after wishing him good night she moved towards her room

An:''good night armaan see you tomorrow all the very best''

Ar:''good night anjie and yea thanks i really need it seeyou tomorrow''

As anjali leaves armaan sighed in relief and then mumbling to himself

Ar:''i hope mujhe basket maaf kar degii aur zyada naa ro rahii hogii''

He mumbled to himself and makes his way towards the back garden where he knows his basket will be sitting on grass and crying and as he makes his way through stairs to back stairs and opened the door of back garden there he saw her sitting on grass in garden, her face is buried in her knees as tears were flowing from cheeks, though there is all dark because of night just the moon light is there but in moon light to he can saw her tears, that makes his heart wrenched in pain, any time he sae that horrible tears in her emerlad green shaped almond eyes, his heart cried in pain, may be its happiness or sadness, he just hate tears in her eyes, it makes him gave him the feeling that thousands of needles pricked in his skin and he cursed hismself for making her like this, he looks at her for sometime and then he makes his way towards her as he very well knows its only him who can make her calm, though she is angry on him only, but he is the only who can wiped her tears like in childhood she just calm by him only so he takes his steps towards her and then sat beside her actually kneeled beside her and then he placed his head on her hands and let his own tears flow down from his eyes which he is controlling from the time he is seeing her like that, that too because of him only and riddhima feels him close, she knows he is there from the time he is standing there looking at her, and now actually as she feels his head on her hands and his warm tears on her hands she knows he is crying and before she can say anything to him she heard his husky voice

Ar:''i know basket maine kam aisaa kiyya hai jiske liyye tum mujhse bikul baat mat karoo, mujhe maf bhi mat karoo, i know maine tumhe bahut hurt kiyya hai, subhh se bahut parehsan kiyya hai, bahut rulaya hai maine aapni basket koo, i acted totally a jerk, par basket mai sachii meiin keh rahaa hun mujhe ek second bhi fursat nahin milli subhh se, jaldi se jab gharr se gayya tha tou bas 1 surgeory thi, par nahin basket jaise hii i get free after doing that surgeory i have 3 more surgeory lined up immediately and i have to do that aur almost 3 0' clock free hua tha tabhis sabse pehle tumhe call karne kee liyye phone oothaya kii bataon merii surgeory theek rahii aur i will eat something tum pareshan mat hona, par osi time Dr.Shashank buddy nee bula liyya aur then he assigned me to arrange everything for welcoming new interns basket aur beech beech meiin i have to monitor the patients also aur anjie, atul bhi busy the aaj i can't take help of them too aur rahul aur sanjana une gayye hai so mujhe hii handle karna pada jaise hii kal kee New Interns kee welcome kii saari preprations karke cabin meiin baitha i was dialling your number to telling you kii i will come to pick you up from the party when i read your message kii you are going to party with your friends but right then i got paged and a patient is there and i have to do surgeory immediately, blood loss kaafi hoo gayya tha, aagar 1 minute bhi der hoo jaati tou pata nahin kya hotaa but we managed to save her aur bas jaise hii surgeory finish hui its already 10 o' clock i know aab merii basket gharr aa gayyi hogii, kyonki iss se der raat ko vo mere binaa bahar nahin rehti, so after ensuring the patient is fine i rushed up here basket, par basket i know yeh reason nahin hai kii mai tumhe itnaa pareshan karun aapni basket koo jaante hue bhi kii ooske liyye bas merii awaz sun kar yaa mera 1 message dekhh kar hii tasali hoo jaati hai kii ooska Bestest Friend theek hai aur i act just like a jerk sorry basket please i am so sorry maf kar do aapni basket aapni riddhima kee binaa mai kuchh bhi nahin hun you are my world riddhima''

He said and all the time he says his eyes were not meting hers just his head were placed on her hands, and his warm tears all the time kissing her wrists and ridhima all the time hearing him sitting just like that not even moving a bit and as he finished she slowly detanged herself after lettig his head up from her hands and armaan looked at her in surprise with lots of pain and he looked at her as she walked from there and

Ar:''basket riddhima sorry''

He just said while kneeling on his knees and riddhima did not even dare to look back and went inside from the door and armaan keep on looking at her reteating figure this time he desrves this and he just sat there and after few minutes he feels a hand on his shoulder as he looked upwards and shocked to see riddhima in front of him sitting and before can say anything to her he saw a morsel coming in front of him and he smiled in between his tears, how his basket can leave him like this, she cares for him more than he himself did his family or his parents did, just the way he did for her and seeing him looking at herself like this not opening his mouth riddhima finally said in her warm voice looking towards him

Ri:''mujhe tumse koi maafi nahin sunani hai tumhe jarurat ho naa hoo i know tumhe nahin hogii kyonki tum tou Armaan Mallik The Super Man joo thehre par mere Bestest Friend koo iss samay khane kii bahut zarurat hai, kyonki duniya kee liyye ooske patients kee liyye humari family kee liyye humare friends kee liyye vo The DR.Armaan Mallik khudd kee liyye The Super Man hogaa par meree liyye armaan you are my world jiskee aas-pas riddhima kii khushiyan ghumti hai armaan so please aap aapna muh khole kii meherbani karenge mere Bestest Friend nee aaj bahut mehnat karii hai, pehle itnaa kam fir aapni pagal sii dost kii daant khaii hai oosnein, vo subhh se bhookha hai aur aab tou ooski pagal sii bestest friend ose khilla rahii hai tou ose koi problem nahin honii chahiye khane meiin so please meherbani kariye aur muh kholiye meree Bestest Friend koo bhookh lagii aur vo merii duniya hai mai ose aisaa nahin dekhh sakti so please muh kholiye aapna armaan''

She said in her utmost caring voice and armaan smiled seeing her she is Riddhima his basket his Bestest Friend, for whom he only matters and then smilingly he take hold of the plate she is holding and put it on grass making her surprised with his actions as he holds her one wrist in his hand and kneeled on his one knee in front of her and riddhima just

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho khana khao subhh se bhookhe ho tum''

She said as she is not understanding what he is upto and armaan placed his finger on his lips indicating her to stop talking and then he armaan

Ar:''mujhe aapni basket aapni bestest friend aapni riddhima se kuchh kehna hai please''

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahei ho tum khana kaho pehle bhookhe ho subhh se

She repeated thinking he is doing something to make up with her but right now all matters to her is him and she is not at all angry on him  but armaan is armaan and he just shushed her by again placing his finger on her lips and

Ri:''armaan par mai naa''

But she is cut short with armaan's hand in air and as he started

Ar:''i Armaan Mallik aapni Riddhima Gupta se promise karta hun kii aab mai kabhie bhi ooska dill nahin dukhaonga, kabhie bhi ose intezar nahin karaonga, kabhie ose worried feel nahin karaonga aapnein liyye, kabhie bhi gustakhi nahin karunga ooske phone calls yaa messages koo reply nahin karne kaa, kabhie ose nahin sataonga kii maine khana khaya yaa nahin, aur chahe kitna bhi der hoo jaaye yaa jaldi hoo jaaye kabhie bhi ose oothanein meiin der nahin lagaonga aur humesha ose ootha doonga kii basket mujhe bhookh lagii hai khana bana do, kabhie bhi stupid parties meiin jahan tak ho saken akele nahin jaane doonga bas aabki bar maf kar do i am so sorry riddhima merii bestest friend kan pakad kee sorry''

He said and riddhima looked at him with tears in her emerlad green shaped almond eyes,he is her world, she is his too ,they knows this thing very well and she just bend on her knees in front of him while hugging him putting her arms around his neck making him engulfing her into his while his arms went around her back as riddhima knows he is her world and without him she is incomplete little did she knows she herself going to make her world incomplete with her own hands and armaan knows she is the one who will never leave her she is his world little did he knows she is going to be the one who leave him and shatter his world into pieces with hurting herself to the core beyond repair little did they knows this.

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

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ashwini16 Senior Member

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Mashttt... Loved d update...update soon

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wow awesome update...srsly dey wer sooo cute...loved it...fab one...cont soon...waiting eagerly for ur nxt update...

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Amazing update !!

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really awsome  update...plzzz continue soon...and update ur other FF specially sindoor and DBGHT  ...thanks for pm

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