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Love Is Mistake-Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows - Note Page37 (Page 15)

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thanks for the pm and i loved the update :-)

Nikki <3

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Awsum update luvd it x

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ths is going awesomeee... Loved it.. Par i m dreading the day they will seperate... Hayeee... Jaldi jaldi cont kro...loved their love cum friendshippp

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so sweet!!!
cont soon
thnx 4 pm

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Just one word for this part Niks..AMAZING
cont soon..eagerly waiting to read next part

Lots of Love

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its been a month update ths tooo

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                     Love Is Mistake - Dreadful Or Beautiful Who Knows

Face Of Life 8-Change In Behave OR Relationship

And after few minutes both armaan and riddhima feeded each-other as armaan knows his basket surely did not ate as he is himself hungry and now they were now sitting there with riddhima placed her head in between her knees and armaan was laying in front of her on his elbow and he was busy looking at her as she was looking so sweet to him well she always but this is her position he founds her beautiful and innocent at the same time and then his trance breaks with riddhima's voice as she finds him staring at her without speaking



And then riddhima continued looking at him without breaking her trance saying

Ri:''i am nervous''

Ar:''tell me something new basket''

He replied while hearing her and riddhima pouted and then she just

Ri:''armaan tum bahut boore ho yahan mai itnii pareshan hun aur nervous hun aur tum aisee react kar rahein ho''

Ar:'' i know mai boora hun basket tell me something new basket''


She warned him as he continued teasing her and then hearing her warning tone armaan knows he has to take up now things seriously so he was thinking to reply when he heard riddhima's voice once again as she says

Ri:''jao armaan i am not going to talk with you tum merii pareshani solve nahin kar rahein here i am nervous''

And she quited and turned her face armaan smiled and sighed she is still his small basket and then he too bends up on his knees and then cupped her face in his palms when she tried to move armaan made her look towards himself

Ar:''basket yahan dekho (as riddhima looked at him) merii basket kyoon nervous hai i know she can do anything, mai jaanta hun nervous honaa banta hai (she nodded her head in agreement) par merii basket par tou ooske bestest friend koo believe hai naa tou vo tou kar sakti hai naa jaise oosnein aaj tak hum sab koo proud feel karaya hai aage bhi karayegi naa aapnein kam se aur aab tou yeh merii basket kaa bhi sapna hai naa ekk achii Doctor banana aur then fir top most Gynacelogist banana hai merii basket koo aapnein bestest friend se bhi aage jaana hai naa basket''

And riddhima frowned hearing him and then she just shook her head and armaan looked at her and

Ri:''kya hai armaan tum bhi naa tumhe pata hai naa mujhe aisii koi bhi jeet nahin chahiye joo mere armaan se aage le jaaye mujhe samjhe mujhe nahin banana koi top par joo mujhe tumse aage nikal den aage se aisaa kuchh kahaa naa fir tum dekhna kabhie bhi baat nahin karungi maitumse samjhe naa tum armaan''

She said pointing her finger towards him yes she do not wants any success which left him behind her and armaan hearing her out his fingers on her lips saying

Ar:''achaa mai nahin kahunga aisaa kabhie par basket aisaa mat kehna fir se kii tum mujhse baat nahin karogi mai mar jaonga jaanti ho naa tum merii duniya ho''

Ri:''armaan fir bakwas tum aisee kyoon kehte ho jaante ho naa i hate when you talk like this armaan''

Ar:''hmm achaa basket chodo nahin tou pakka jhagra ho jaayega aur aab tumhe sonaa nahin hai madam kal aapka first day hai internship kaa''

Ri:''han sonaa hai naa armaan par armaan i am really sorry maine tumhe aaj bahut boori tarah se baat kiyya naa sorry you are busy still''

And then armaan shushed her by cutting her in between saying to her that

Ar:''chal oye basket i know tumne sirff mere achee kee liyye bolaa tha aur yeh sirff mai samjhta hun kii itnii boori tarah se sab sunate hue tumhe kitna dukh hua hogaa mujhe pata hai sabne merii basket kii rudeness aur wrath dekhi joo mujhe face karni padii but vo dard nahin dekha vo care nahin dekhii jo oon kadwe words meiin thi''


And riddhima has tears in her green eyes hearing him how much he knows her and armaan smiled and planted a kiss on her forhead

Ar:''aur vaise bhi sirff tum hii ho whom can tame me naa well nahin tou mai kisii kii kahan sunta hun so i owe you naa''

He said winking at her making her smile too and then she just

Ri:''han yeh tou hai nahin tou annie aunty koo kitna pareshan karte hoo tum''

She said giggling a bit and armaan too smiled knowing she is right and then he remebered something

Ar:''basket aaj tum muskii aur nikki kee saath party meiin gayyi thi aur you are wearing this low cut top han?''

He said as now seeing her properly and riddhima bit her tongue now its her turn to take his wrath she very well knows how much he is possessive he is about her

Ri:''armaan vo mai naa actually''

Ar:''actually what riddhima han bolo naa?''

Full name that's it riddhima you are gone now and she closed her eyes and then armaan just

Ar:''mujhe naa tumse aisii expectation nahin thi maine tumhe kitna kaha hai jab bhi tum mere binaa bahar jaati ho you well are not at all allowed to wear these kind of clothes what happen sab log ache nahin hotee aur jab mai saath meiin hotaa hai tou maine tumhe kabhie rouka kya tumhara joo bhi man hotaa ha ii let you wear naa chahe mujhe achein lagee yaa naa lagee par mere binaa maine tumhe mana kiyya hai naa riddhima fir bhi i don't expect it from you at all riddhima''

He said looking at her and hearing his cold and loud voice riddhima did not dared to look at him as she knows when he gets possessive about her its very hard to handle him, he let her wear anything whenever he is accompanied her but when she is going alone especially in parties she is not at all allowed for wearing short dresses or low cut tops even low waist jeans as restricted and sometimes she did not even like this as her papa never stopped her for this but though she feels bad still she loved to obey his her bestest friend's command knowing he fulfils all her desires and dreams well that's why she did not say anything and fulfil her desires and dreams wearing of dresses and all when she is going out with armaan and he fulfils too but right now she knows she is in trouble so she just said

Ri:''i am sorry armaan''

Ar:''what sorry riddhima i don't any need sorry of yours i just wants to know why you did this when i strictly told you not to do this han riddhima bolo''

Ri:''vo naa armaan mai naa tumse bahut naraz thi tum phone nahin ootha rahii thi aur i am so much angry and frustrated aur muskii osi time yeh top lekar ayi and i just wear it because i am very much mad at you so mujhe naa oos time tumhari koi bhi baat nahin manani thi so i thought isiliyye pehen liyya sorry naa armaan maf kar do naa aage se kabhie aisaa nahin karungi par naa galti akele mere kii nahin hai naa tum mera phone miss karte naa mujhe gussa ata aur naa mai yeh pehnati aur tumhari baat avoid karti so you are too at fault Dr.Armaan Mallik''

She said and armaan looked at her typical his basket apologizing and scolding him at the same time and he smiled and then he

Ar:''fine basket i am sorry too aur you are forgiven just this time''

He said making her smile as this time he agreed so soon generally he can't remain angry on her for long time but about these things he surely can

Ri:''thanks armaan''

Ar:''wait madam but only this time samjhi aap doobara aisaa nahin hogaa cahhe aap mere se kitni bhi naraz kyoon naa hoo samjhi aao madam''

Ri:''yes armaan nahin hogaa par tumhare saath hogaa armaan i will wear with you only that's fine with you naa Mr.possessive bestest freind''

She said as she always teased him for his possessiveness and armaan smiled and then stretched his arms and she hugged him engulfed herself in his arms and armaan kissed her forhead and then as they broke the hug riddhima

Ri:"armaan mai sonein jaon bahut der ho gayyi hai aur mujhe kal tumhe bhi tou hospital meiin milna hai i am so damn excited armaan kii aab mai din kee time bhi tumhare saath reh paongi armaan i am so excited armaan sachii mein''

And armaan gave her a smile and then he just said to her that not looking at her


And riddhima is too excited just with the thought that she is going to be 24*7 with her bestest friend and she did not noticed something tension regarding this topic in armaan's voice

Ri:''chalo armaan bye good night mai kal subhh milti hun good night armaan''

Ar:''good night basket''

And then they hugged each-other once again and armaan pecked her for head once again and riddhima went inside and armaan keeps on looking at her retreating figure and then he just

Ar:''basket hope kii tumhe shock naa lagen kal hospital meiin ekk naye armaan se milkar joo tumhare iss bestest friend armaan se bikul juda hai i hope tum samjah sakoo basket i just hope basket tum samjho basket''

He mumbled to himself as he wants to tell her the difference between her bestest friend and sanjeevani's co head Dr.Armaan Mallik Neuro Special but he did not has courage to tell her and now he just prayed that riddhima can accept that changed betest friends of his and did not feels lonely and after looking and standing there for sometime hoping for the best for her he went back to Mallik Mansion for a sleep as it was going to be long day ahead for him mentally, emotionally and physically.

Next Morning

Riddhima gets up with a bright smile on her face as its the very first day of her Internship, one step she is just about to take for fulfilling her dream more than hers her bestest friend's dream and her smiled even turn up more wider and brighter as she heard a sound of her cell phone buzzing, sound of one new message and she knows it was well her bestest friend's message as she actually put the tone of her favourite song and she smiled and opened the message after picking her phone yes she is right it's his message saying 'All The Best Basket For Your first day at Hospital I know You Rocks Like Every Time and i am sorry for not coming to wish you by myself having surgeory at hospital aur jab aya tum so rahii thi ootnane kee man nahin kiyya so binaa mille chale gayya aur han madam naraz mat honaa i grab my breakfast so don't take tension and don't you dare to skip your breakfast madam ohk chalo achaa aab i have to go bye take care and All The Best Basket Again Amd Don't Be Nervous You Can Do It' and she smiled reading his message and then something caught her attention as her gaze fell on something near her bed and with curiosity she opened the packet slowly and then she finds one cute teddy having a little pocket on his tummy and right above that her name is written in shining letters and she smiled seeing the teddy her favourite colour white and she hugged it and as soon she hugged it start singing 'All The Best Riddhima Gupta' and she is amused and then she finds something in teddy's pocket, it her favourite chocolate bar and she smiled and knows only he can do such things for her

Ri:''yeh armaan bhi naa itnaa sab karne kii kya zarurat thi, wish kar diyya, wishing gift bhi den diyya par khudd nahin aya he knows i missed him so much fir bhi mere pehle din mujhe wish karne nahin aya, ootha deta aagar mai so rahii bhi rahii thi sachii meiin buddhu hai mera dost samjhata hii nahin kii in sabke alava ooska chehra dekhh letii tou merii nervousness finish ho jaati aur humesha stupid hii rahega yeh tou keh sakta tha kii 'see you at hospital basket' kyonki aab tou hum hospital meiin bhi mill sakte hai naa fir bhi sachii meiin he is such a stupid chal koi baat nahin mai tou aab ose hospital meiin mill sakti hun jaldi  se ready ho jaati hun aur jaakar milti hun ooski surgeory bhi ho gayyi hogii''

And then hugging the teddy and phone near to her heart after few minutes she smiled and went to get ready for her first day and she is ready whole ready for going to Sanjeevani Hospital entering in the very ne phase of life as Dr.Riddhima Gupta and she smiled and then she picked her and his photo from her side table in which he is looking in her eyes and she looks back in his eyes as they were playing water with each-other and rahul bhayiya clicked that picture of theirs the perfect Kodak moment and she traced his face over the frame with a smile on her lips


Then he trance breaks with her mom's voice and she placed the frame back on table and leaves from there after picking her things and one rose which is he placed on her dressing table after giving one more glance to his picture she don't know why she missed him very much and well how much she tried to make herself understand about his work and priorities she always wants him to be with her on her special day little did she knows actually she wants him by her side in each and every step of every life but may be that needs some more time and as she is habitual of his side with her with every special moment of her life, as he is always there when she goes school for first time, her college and maybe that's why she is missing him more and that's why she is feeling low and then after getting everyone's blessings her papa and mom gives her pen as her first day wish gift while anie aunty and billy uncle gives her stethoscope and then she finally made her way towards Sanjeevani after bidding bye to everyone as nikki leaves alone as as she can't able to sleep in night due to nervousness and muskaan left with rahul bhaii and sapna is going to come her own and she moreover can't go with her too as their houses are opposite in direction and she hired the cab and left for hospital waiting for a new phase of life and most importantly waiting to met armaan as her best is always incomplete without his hug and she so prayed that he will be free by the time she reached so she before starting her day hugged him tightly and then all her nervous will flew away and her heart finds its solace little did she knows there is something else waiting for her in the Hospital and she has to face a new armaan there hope she can face well.

Here in Sanjeevani Hospital armaan is free from his surgery and was going to his cabin so that he takes the list of new interns as they must be there as there is only 20 minutes remaining from their briefing session and here in Locker Room the new interns were talking with each-other

Mu:''oye nikki where is ridzi''

Ni:''pata nahin mai tou subbh se yahin hun so i guess tere saath ayi hogii naa''

Mu:''oye aagar mere saath ayi hotii tou mai tujh se thode naa poochti yar''

Ni:''very funny muskii''

Mu:''yes it is achaa aab yeh sab chod bata naa kahan hai ridzi mai tou terii jankari kee liyyye oos kankhujure rahul kee saath ayi hun yar''

Ni:''oh fir ridzi kaise aa rahii hai aur saps bhi nahin ayi abhiie tak yar''

Sa:''i am here niks and muskii''

And they turned hearing the voice of girl, standing there wearing a kurti with jeans and muskii and nikki hugged her and then she after putting her things in her locker seeing her name on it she asked not seeing ridzi

Sa:''hey ridzi kahan hai vo tou humesha sabse pehle ati hai yar so''

Ni:''yar we don't even know either hum bhi ose dekhh rahein hai''

Sa:''ohh let me call her and finds out where she is''

And she dialled riddhima's number and it responds unreachable and then she told both muskaan and nikki who gets worried hearing her

Ni:''par briefing shuru honein meiin sirff 10 minutes reh gayye hai''

An:''exactly girls so better you rush to Nurse Station armaan will be there''

She said while standing at the door of locker room and seeing anjali trip gives her a wide smile and warm hugged to all of them and then she said

An:''all the very best to all of you aab grab your lap coats and rush to nurse station armaan is there in any time there so you better rush girls''

She said as she knows how much armaan strictly professionally when it comes to work and he is the mentor and assigner of new interns and as well disciplinarian of Sanjeevani for this year as Dr.Kirti Rai is on maternity leave and hearing her muskaan is the one who reacted seeing riddhima is nowhere at sight and then she just replied to anjali saying that

Mu:''vohii tou dii hum tab se ridzi kaa wait kar rahein hai vo nahin ayi hai abhiie tak aur ooska phone bhi unreachable aa rahaa hai dii aapko kuchh pata hai dii i mean vo ooth ou gayyi thi naa dii subhh meiin dii''

An:''i don't know muskii merii early morning shift thi and i am sure she will wakes up armaan nee ootha diyya hogaa aa jaayegi par tum log jao armaan nee duties assign karni hai aisaa naa ho you got your class girls''

Ni:''par dii ridzi''

An:''don't worry about her i will call her and she must be here in any moment but tum log jao sachii meiin armaan ko der se ane vale log pasand nahin hai so you better off to nurse station right now just 5 finutes let for your briefing session so hurry up you three ohk all and leave your phones in your lockers the very best again to all of you''

All three nodded an when nikki didn't budge muskaa said that

Mu:''chal naa nikki vaise bhi armaan nee duties assign karni hai tou vo aapni best friend riddhima ko kuch nahin kahega aur humari class lag jaani hai so chal hai naa dii ridzi ko tou vo kuch nahin kahega naa''

And anjali just meekly nodded and smiled a small one and trio leaves from there after giving her a hug again and anjali wished them again as they left with their things and right now she is worried as she knows her little baby sister is in real trouble now seriously if she did not report on time and this will surely going to be punch on her baby sister's face as well her close friend armaan's face as she knows if riddhima is just going to be one second late armaan have to scold her and she has to face his wrath completely and she knows neither of them wants this and takes this as they are so close to each-other so she is more worried and just prayed riddhima will come on time and after trying once she moved to Nurse Station.

An:''i hope kii ridzi armaan kaa change dekh saken and can cope up with that kyonki aaj jis armaan se vo millegi vo ekk aalag hii armaan hope kii yeh change oonke relationship ko effect naa kar payen aur yeh Change in behave hii rahein Change In Relationship naa ban jaaye nahin tou armaan aur riddhima donow hii ise seh nahin paayenge hum sabko pata hai vo donow kehne ko tou best friends hai par jeete hai vo ek doosre ko''

And as she reached near the near nurse station she finds everyone there and she looked at the Sanjeevani's door to catch a single glimpse of riddhima but no she is nowhere at sight and now she is worried for her, her sister is always on time then what happened to her today, and she just prayed for her safety and then she saw armaan walking there and seeing almost everyone there like anjali armaan's eyes searching for that someone special and the first thing in his heart comes did she alright as he saw all her gang is there, his sister, muskii the late riser and sapna but where is she and as his eyes after glancing at Sajeevani's corridor and then following with main gate when he did not catch her glance he looked at anjali for any information but when she too shrugged her shoulder his heart raced hope she is fine and his eyes himself moved to the Ganesha Idol in enterance of Sanjeevani for her safety and then he glanced at his cock its 9'O clock in morning that means duty calls and he has to assign the duties to new interns he sighed and start doing his work

Ar:''good morning doctors first i welcome all of you to Sanjeevani and i am Dr.Armaan Mallik your mentor and co-head of Sanjeevani and from now on for two years of your internship you will report to me Doctors''

And as he gave everyone a smile all wished him back and return his smile with smile and then nodded and muskii and nikki is surprised seeing armaan so much professional and his strict tone and then armaan continued

Ar:''so Doctors let me introduce you to another Doctors of Sanjeevani your Seniors Doctors and so he is Dr. Atul Mallik a child specialist (he points to atul who gave interns a warming smile with interns too smile at him) and she''

Before he can continue he heard a voice which his heart immediately recognized and he saw that one figure in front of his blue eyes whole panting in her red churridar and seeing her first his heart sighed in relief and thanked god for his safety finally his heart beats comes to normal as right then as he heard her words now the Dr.Armaan Mallik is there naa

Ri:''i am sorry i am late ar''

But she is cut short with the voice which heard every day but right now she feels she heard that voice in her life first time as she heard well his words as he sighed and fisted his hands as he knows it will pain her

Ar:''you are late doctor by 2 minutes''

He said while glancing at his watch and then he heard her voice as she mumbled

Ri:''i am sorry i was stuck in traffic jam i am''

But again cut short with his voice as he again start with his stern words

Ar:''so gharr se time par nikalan achahiye tha you are Doctor aur Doctors can't give excuse hum logon kaa ek second bhi kisii kii jaan bacha sakta hai yaa le sakta hai so as its your first day i am forgiving you but be careful from next time it will be not going to tolerated in Sanjeevani i hope i am clear Doctor''

He said and riddhima just nodded thinking if she knows him, the armaan she knows was never mad at her so easily and muskaan, nikki, and sapna also shocked never they thinks that they can see armaan will shout on riddhima but anjali and atul exchanged looks with each-other as they very well knows this is going to happen, in Sanjeevani Armaan is Dr.Armaan Mallik who never bear any kind of carelessness and stupidities andriddhima just thought she never see this Armaan, maybe he is not her bestest friend because his bestest friend is so calm and armaan did notice the change of expressions on her face this is what he was dreading from past few days how she will react seeing this Armaan as her armaan is not like this only the armaan of hers is calm and sweet armaan and can never shout on her yet he easily gets possessive on her but not really shouts on herbut right now well he knows very well she will have to face it and he is extremely worried will his riddhima able to take her bestest friend's wrath little did they knows that their friendship and relationship is too stronger that they can cope up every change in each-other with happiness but little did they knows this changing behave of theirs and the capability of theirs handling and understanding each-other's behave is going to be the one of the important reason of their separation but that's what they have to faced in future and they can't amend it as they can't see pain of each-other and this is going to be the most difficult yet beautiful phase of their lives and they have to live with the fact of their lives which is going to be the reason of their separation their understanding and the change of behave is the important reason naa.



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Cute update

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