Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Happy Birthday Dearest Harshad Chopda

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12th March 2008 It's been 10 days since Kis Desh Main Hain Mera Dil has begun, and people can't wait to see who Heer's Prem is. Well, maybe not can't wait...because rumors are abound that he is a short-lived character whose brother will take his place in the lovely village belle's heart, so viewers opt to steel themselves just in case. Until, of course, Prem arrives -- making not just Heer's heart quiver but the hearts of millions of viewers. A single, simple, oft-repeated-in-soaps scene like the rain scene post-Prem's departure from home, urges a poster to comment: "I forgot to breathe...". When his death scene arrives, only one thought lingers in the minds of the viewers: Harshad Chopda's played his role so well we don't think we can even accept him as another character romancing Heer, forget seeing her in an entirely different actor's arms!

14th June 2010: A madman as a hero? Not many people tried this technique out at the very beginning of a serial -- for a good reason. Heroes are their to create an impact. To make us swoon for them. To make us say: "Wah, kya style mara hero ne!". Could it be possible for a man with downcast eyes, a beard, uncut hair and a barely-clean kurta-pyjama to create that kind of an impact?

Cut to six months later...people still agonize over what drove Anurag Ganguly to madness, wonder pagal Onu doesn't make an appearance any more. Separate threads are created for this particular aspect of the character. Two years have passed since pagal Onu came and left, leaving a mishti-sized hole in our hearts, but people still remember Onu for exceeding the boundaries of serial-presented love, while still being so utterly human.

24th January 2012: With a heavy heart, fans of the serial Dharampatni watch the serial knowing that time is short, and that they would have to bid the serial goodbye. Having agonized over the way the storyline was handled for five months, viewers now wonder whether Mohan's change from Champu to Champion will ever be justified.

The CVs give us that: in just two minutes.

And in two minutes, Harshad Chopda wrings your heart and makes you want to hug him for what poor, confused, misled Mohan went through. Suddenly, he's not the boy to did ayyashi and paid for his immaturity -- he was a confused boy who was constantly aware of the financial pinch he was going through and doing all he could to stop it. Two minutes was all it took, and HC gave it all he got.

...so, what is it about Harshad Chopda that makes him so special to us? What is it about him that makes us connect dots even once the show is over? Why do we all end speculating entire histories from a five-minute scene? What is that special X-factor that makes us see him both as a star and a stellar actor?

In the Indian TV industry, it's easy to describe characters in just a few words - a deewana, a masoom girl, a bold character...they mostly follow a fixed pattern that doesn't allow for much change. And in a tele-world centered around a female audience, good roles for men can be hard to come by, and scope for any serious acting can be little. How is humanely possible for any actor to be able to go beyond his characters...to distinguish them from the ones he's portrayed earlier and make each one a lasting memory? How is it that Anurag can convince us that signing divorce papers with Taani is really an affirmation of his love for her? How is it that we can hate what Mohan does sometimes, but empathize with him still? How is it that Prem's public declaration of his love for Heer at his own wedding mandap shakes us at our very core, when there have been a hundred different scenes like it?

To HC, the characters he plays aren't outsiders he'll need to portray. They're people, with layers, with mannerisms that have nothing to do with HC and everything to do with them as unique individuals. Check any two scenes of his, from any two different serials, and you'll see what I mean -- no one character is the same in any way or any form. Check any interview he gives at the beginning of the serial, and listen to how he describes his character -- in an India-forums interview he relates each step of Mohan's journey from India to England and back, to layers that form over the character's personality, and how these circumstances build him into the person he is. In an SBB interview on his second day at the Saubhagyavati sets, he speaks of Raghav's connection with Sia as one that forms when you see your own pain in another person's eyes.

When Harshad Chopda speaks of the characters he has portrayed, you can almost sense the convinction he has that this character is special, that it is the kind of role you should feel passionate about and give your cent-percent -- so when Ali of Kanpur with his trademark shyness can nowhere be compared to Anurag Ganguly, who is just as introverted, it's because HC has convinced us that the demons haunting Anurag are different. Mohan's wit sparkles in his exchanges with his Mamu, his mother and later his wife, but we can tell immediately why Raghav's wit is different -- Mohan's wit has loads to do with hiding his inner feelings with nonchalance; Raghav's wit is more on-the-go, used as a weapon to ensure that he silences his opponent. And if you check his interviews, none of these will share much with the real Harshad Chopda, besides his physical attributes and his green ring.

Even the little things he incorporates into his characters makes him special. He makes Prem an agonized not-so-perfect man when he lives alone with Heer, he schools a number of Anurag's expressions to match the one's played by his younger counterpart, Devarsh (the way he caresses his chest, for instance), his Mohan plays the rebel by turning his ring inside-out, wearing T-shirts with smart-alec captions and adopting lazy, care-a-darn body movements.

HC doesn't just act out his characters -- he creates their stories, gives you a million reasons behind an action, with just a look. It's a technique that seems effortless, but that involved years of sweat and change -- from his roles in Mamta, Left Right Left and Amber Dhara, where he was not the focus of attention yet managed to make his presence felt. He regards his roles the way he regards his fans: unique and special, precious the way they are, an outlet for his own vast creative fervor which we hope he never stops dazzling us with!

Happy birthday, Harshad
 and we hope the coming years will provide us more time with you, more time to delve into your roles as passionately as you act them out, more time to relish in your camaraderie with the people on your sets, more time to peel and unravel whatever you play -- to us, you're not just cute' or hot or stylish. To us you're the reason we go on a journey to understand a character, and would gladly choose to travel the same road again. Thank you for making us, your fans, part of this wonderful creative journey you have shaped ...for being an utter gentleman who never ever loses his sense of fun. Thank you for making us love who you play as much as you do, and thank you for being the hardworking, passionate, creative force that you are! We love you!

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Dear Diary,

Yipeee, he is back!!! Prem is back and he looks killing, more handsome than ever before!!! I still remember the September night when he had taken those vows in his ever husky voice "aaj mey Prem Juneja" ' it was then it had struck me that they are probably going to kill him in the show! I did not know Harshad then, all I could think of was that Prem Juneja won't be appearing on my screen any more and it hurt! I don't remember when I actually started liking Prem and when that liking turned into something more! All I know is it was sometime in July, August that I started making a conscious effort not to miss any episode of this daily soap that was first for me!!! My fear proved right, they did kill him and those last scenes before the blast that actually took him away from my TV screen, were so brilliantly executed that you could not help but feel pained! Prem was gone, I had hope he might return and while waiting for that I went back to watch some of the episodes I had missed. It is then I think when from someone who liked Prem I became someone who went mad after him! Words can't describe the sheer brilliance that was Harshad as Prem Juneja! I saw the shiv mandir, rasta roko, drunk Prem and Jail scene, the "app meri maa hien"  brilliance, 27th May's confession, the invincible Prem Juneja of 18th June, the engagement romance and many other exceptional performances ' I was no longer a Prem fan I think I had slowly started turning into a fanatic!

Now he is back in the show and I can't help but jump with joy!!!

Dear Diary,

Prem is leaving us, I am not sure if I am really sad, I feel numb. I think the show had reached a point where its best it ended. I do wish they never shifted it to afternoon, it did not deserve it. We did fight really hard to save it from being shifted but channels are channels when do they care! Prem has left behind unforgettable memories of both a larger than life character that was Prem and an actor who was sheer brilliance in his portrayal! Who would know better than you that I am no longer just a Prem lover, I have also become a huge Harshad Chopda fan! Prem's scenes and dialogues are etched in my memory, aaj mey Prem Juneja, bas chachi bas, mey wo ranjha hoon, aap hi meri maa hien, yahan kharey kharey tumhe bech sakta hoon, thoda contribution mera bhi hey, waadoun ko hum tor detey hien yaadien humey tour deti hien and many more leave behind an ever lasting impression! And what should I write about the acting performances of Harshad, he has delivered brilliance one after another, every time you would think it was his best, he would surpass himself and deliver an even better performance.

I wish him all the best and hope he soon gets a character befitting his talent! I don't think I can wait for too long ;)

Dear Diary,

Tere Liye is finally on-air, his first scene in the show left me mesmerized! Just how brilliant is this guy? From scribbling her name on the wall, to holding that mithai ka dabba so close to his heart as if his life depended on it, he was just fabolus! I am in love with the pagal *DD*

That one scene blew my mind! Anurag is PAGAL? But why? Kudos to harshad, without speaking a single word he told us the untold story of that mad  lover'. I don't know why he is in the asylum, but I know he is there for his love! He does not speak anything but I can listen his silent and painful cries for his love''.and as if these heart wrenching scenes weren't enough so that he gave me that lone tear! *DD* that lone tear *DD* it wasn't a single drop of tear, it was the ocean of pain in which anurag is living and he is ready to drown all of us in it or maybe we are already in that ocean, in a doomed mode =))

Harshad, my heart stopped beating during that scene! You are too good to be described in words' I am sure you are gonna rock as anurag and we are going to get another diwana!

Dear Diary,

Oh my God oh my God oh my God, I am going crazy, will you believe it HC won best actor award yayyy! He tweeted about it himself  ' and we could not help but think is it for real or one of those dreams we often have???

I know I know he deserved to win one long back but better late than never!!! Every one is going crazy, it looks as if its not HC but they who won an award! Can't wait to see him holding this one! I remember how happy he looked in 2008 when he won his first ever award and I am sure this one in particular would have enthralled him!  Oh pictures come out soon!

I am sure the party of pagals won't stop anytime soon!!!

2nd April 2011

Dear  Diary,

"I love you but I am not in love with you"-  I was trying to find out what is so special about this line which left me staring at my TV screen with a open mouth? Hmmm it was a very creative line, kudos to dialogue-writer for that but the impact it had on me and many other poor souls is a crime committed by someone else! Yeahh' and why only this "tune mujhe maar daala tani" "tere kamre mein ya mere ghar" were equally killing! Chahe duniya badal jaye ya taqdeer,halaat badle ya haqiqat  par ek sachai kbhi nhi badal  skti- There was, There is and There will be only one Anurag Ganguly! He came, stole our hearts and left all of us with an incomplete feeling!

Yeah, he is leaving us, TL is gonna end because of some useless rift between channel and PH. And, our Anurag is leaving us with so many unanswered question. Throughout his journey from a fat, foodie teenager to pagal onu, he was an unsolved riddle! And his complexity always made him even more adorable. We have seen so many larger than life perfect lovers but he was the only perfectly imperfect character of Indian television! His jealousy, his anger, his passion, his love everything incredibly represented feelings every second guy of our real world and needless to say harshu was always at his best! How always he questioned his heart for his pain, and refused to listen its answer, as he was too busy to make us all go awww on him =)) then came realization, confession and promise of not letting anything harm his love was equally drool worthy!

We got a sbs seggy of last day shoot and I saw what I hate to see the most- pain and disappointment in those beautiful eyes.  You know whenever he cries on screen, in spite of knowing that it is not real, I feel like *in prem's ishtyle* aag laga dungi duniya ko,jala kr raakh kr dungi :@@@@@@@@@@ and here tou my harshu was actually upset''..grrr. harshu, you don't how much adore onu, just because of you. Whatever was the fate of show, you always rocked'.. and we love you for that'..God bless you

Dear diary,

I am sooo happy today!!! Do you know why?  He is back''..


Tum aaye tou aaya mujhe yaad

Gali mein aaj chand nikla

Jaane kitne dino ke baad

Gali mein aaj chand nikla

Yes, you guessed it right! Finally, our wait is over. Almost after two long painful months we got a performance of him. OMG, I can't explain what I am feeling right now'' is it something you called pure bliss? You know he has not visited saloon in ages =)) oh I so love that dense jungle on his head =)) he was looking smashing hot! Whole day I was thinking about everything happened so far. The day he made his spectacular entry in my life, his breath taking performances, desh, TL's end, his disappointment, our sadness, our intezaar  everything. I concluded that our journey as his fans are equally adventurous as his journey as an actor. I think you know the reason. Oops I forgot to update you' hmmm he made an appearance at EKLKBK and their he performed on SRK's romantic numbers. First was one from DDLJ, second was from KKHH, then Don and ultimately he removed his shirt and did Dard-E-Disco *DD* haiii I am soo dead!!!! He chorified my heart again. Oh God his deadly looks with those trillion dollar expressions!!!!! Yummylicious! However, on a serious note, he has improved a lot as dancer' I remember his previous performances and I must say he is really very hard working. Waise he did a stunt of breaking a bottle on his hand, which I highly dislike.  Chot lag jaati toh!!!!!!!!! :@@@@@@@@@@@. Overall, it was a mind-blowing performance.

You know I want to sleep but I can't. He chorified my sleep.*blush* I am a crazy hopeless creature and why only me all of us are! We all were damn khafa at him but he came and gave us those deadly looks and we literally melted. =)) He is truly a charmer, a heart stealer; sometimes he is a dream and most of the time he is a sanki like me. =)) He is so precious for us! Though he is little naadan and very saitan but still he is our jaan!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Diary,

Dhadkan Dhadkan tere basere

Mann tere naam ki mala phere

Tere paar na kuch bhi dekhe

Jab bhi dekhe  naina mere

Prem made me dewaani, Anurag made me pagal, and now thanks to Mohan, I am a baawri.

Tu jidhar bhi chala

Tere piche chali hoon

Jogan piya ki

Piya baawri hoon

He is back to claim my little left sanity, in a brand new role, new look with classic one-liners, killing style and bratty ways ;) ;) haiii watching him in a new role is such a thandak for my pyasi ankhiyaan. Don't worry K today I will not create any crazy scene on your pages! Because now I am a huge supporter and blind believer of "cutting the melodrama" program me! You know unnecessary drama is injurious to health =)) this time he is playing the role of a spoilt brat, who is arrogant, alcoholic, womanizer and gambler! OMG such killing characteristics!!!!!!!!!! He made his entry on the airport, with a shloka in BG, in a white tee, green jacket and faded blue fati hui jeans! For the first time we saw him with head phones around his neck (needless to say, those stupid headphones are already in my jealousy hitlist :@@@@@@@@@) uff his urti zulfein , his naughty smiles, those tight fitting Tees are so so tempting!

My Mohan believes in cutting the melodrama and he understands that change is the need of the hour. In his world everything is either his way or the highway but let me tell you his ways are as namkeen as him ;) he don't do fashion, he is fashion and such a fascinating fashion that following him can take your life on a roller coaster ride! Oh I am so much in love with my Mr. Unpredictable. He is full of surprises, unpredictable but behind all these saitan features you can listen the heart beats of a innocent guy, whose innocence will leave you mesmerized and at the same time his another side of a lady killer will take your heart away. He is full of life and irresistible. And the best part is, harshu is doing complete justice to this new character, he is too good for words''.. you know what sometimes I feel asking is he the same person who gave me an innocent character like Ali, or a mature character like Prem and a lover like Anurag!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know my Mr. Perfectionist, perfection uski adat bhi hey, beemari bhi hai aur sanskar bhi hey!!!!!!!!!!! I loveee him'''''

Dear diary,

Today I wanna relive some golden moments with you and Mohan! Those moments in which I laughed on his witty humor' in which I fainted a zillion time because of his hotness' in which I was mesmerized by harshu's brilliance'.in which I cried buckets on my Mohan's pain!  My Mohan is going yaar, hmesa ke liye L within just five months! TL ending came to me as a shock but this time I am not shocked but I am sad. They not only ruined a beautiful show with good potential but also wasted the hard work of whole cast and crew along with my harshu. I can bet that they never executed the original concepts and kept serving useless stuffs.

It is really very hurting. However, as harshu says by the end of it we will have to accept this sorrow, this disappointment. The show is ending but it gave me and all of us such beautiful memories that we will cherish forever. Harshu nailed each and every scene; he was more than brilliant throughout the show. From his entry on the  airport, to the last scene with his mom he was superb! Mohan Galla is unforgettable for us. Thinking about him always makes me smile. How can we forget "mujhe aise morning walk nhi krni, life is a race mujhe bhagna hey " "kstur pati hoon main tumhara, teacher nhi", his fake smile "nhiii, main sharaab nhi peeta, khush!", "dimaag chalati kiun ho tum apna" his flirty ways, our very own talli Mohan- "I am sorry darling" AC wala Mohan, Office wala Mohan, different different  avatars wala Mohan and last but certainly not the least, our darling TOWELIYA! ufff, we got only two scenes my harshu aka Mohan was just in a towel *DD* uff he was hotness personified. If I will grace you with more details your pages will burn and you will be finished within seconds, so control your emotions =))

Harshu, DP's ending is another story but you and Mohan never disappointed us, and I am glad you did such a challenging role with such an ease. We loveee youuu for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Diary,

Sab pagal hien ' no I am not joking I mean it but yea that is not new information is it? Aaj wo SBB mey dikha, we got to see him after full two months and two days, how frustrated everyone was at his disappearence after DP ended,  but all it took was one appearance and everyone melted as if they were never upset, what more proof you need of pagalpan! But who cares we are proud pagals, naaa proud happy pagals!!! Oh Harshad he looked super handsome, nothing new I know but but but saw him after two months, itna tou banta hey!  His new character's name will be Raghav and the excitement is just killing!!! I wonder how many more days we have to wait now for his entry in the show!

Dear Diary,

Raghav is finally in the show and oh boy kiya dorta hey *DD*

Dear Diary

Today is 15th May, only two days left in the big day. After having "successfully" deleted my inbox that had messages for Harshad's birthday and other important material for the thread, I am left with no choice but be an object of "mockery" for my fellow creatures called Harshadians!!! While I am worried about the messages and material I lost, they are busy telling me to cut the melodrama and giving me 101 ideas on how to ensure "Safety" in future! I must tell you these creatures are items to behold, each one a unique piece! But no complaints it's the craziness we share that makes fandom worth while!

So we had planned to send HC a little something this year on his birthday, through a third party, well decided to just take a chance, not even sure if it will reach him! But that's not the fun deal, we actually send him some chocolates with a card from the fan club, we have couriered it to SBB hoping they will pass it on to him! Only after the courier was dispatched did we bother to use our brain and think that its 45 degrees outside and they would melt even before they reach Mumbai, HC tou is still far away! But wo HCian hi kia jo aisi baatoun sey darr jaey! We contended ourselves thinking if the packet does reach him and he can't eat them anymore, he can still drink them!  All was fine till one pagal in all innocence asked "oh there is no chance of ants getting into the packet, is there?" Great just great!!! I tell you, you can't easily find a match to this pagalpanti! And did I tell you one pagal's hubby actually offered to hand deliver them (how sweet I know) but the pagal did not trust him, I think with the chocolates ;)

Oh and I am so excited for 17th, we have "de-composed" this BG for his birthday thread and I can't wait for it to play :D

Happy Birthday Harshad Happy Happy Birthday

Long Live Harshad ' Long Live our PagalPanti!!!

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Dear Harshad,

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Harshad! I Hope you have a great day and a wonderful birthday with lots of love, laughter and fun. May you get everything that you want...May all your wishes come true and may loads of happiness's come your way!! Praying that you have a wonderful year filled with only the best things and many more years like that to follow, you are an amazing person and I really, really admire you. I wish you all the best and hope that all your dreams, wishes and plans for the future come true as such as you like. Thank you soo much Harshad for entertaining us fans and bringing a huge smile to our faces with your beautiful and gorgeous smile. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday...love you soo much! Have Loads Of Fun!!God bless you! You're one in a million!!!

Take Care and Keep Smiling!!

luv, Alina


Dearest Harshad,
Wish You A Very Happy Birthday.
May This Birthday Brings Loads And Loads of
Happiness and Success For you.
All Your Wishes And Dreams Come True.
And I hope this year, you get all your dues!

I love You Sooo much Harshad !!!! I have always been your Fan since Amber Dhara days.
And I have loved your every work since then.I sooo want to meet you one day Harshad. Please try to visit Pakistan(especially Karachi) You wont believe you do have sooo many fans over here too. And We All love and praise your work !! And we do admire you for who you are! God bless you.

Once Again A very Happy Birthday.
Take care
luv Anum,Pakistan

   ~~~~~HaPpY BiRthDaY HARSHAD~~~~~

    Wish u a very happy birthday dear
    May God bless you with all the Happiness and Success in lyf...

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Harshad and many happy returns of the day

Happy Birthday Harshad Chopra Partymany many happy returns of the day <3
today is a very special day, as someone special was born, and its none else than you Approve Your work is LOVE and your LOVE is RESPECT :) we fans LOVE your work and respect yoy and your hard-work. Not everyoen can win million hearts, and not every heart can love one in a million. You are SPECIAL, not because we love you, cause you love us Hugour good wishes and blessings are always with you. Big smile May GOD always bless you, and may each and ever second of your life be filled with happines & may success touch your feeet <3 ameen :) 

Have a BLAST :) & enjoy your special day to the fullest <3

Love from Hina :)

Wish you a very very very Happy birthday Harshu!!
May this birthday bring lots of happiness and success
in your life!! This is your day ..enjoy it and have a blast!!
Loveee you moreee then much Muwaaah
muah muah muah LOVE YOUUU Heart


May every Birthday remind you the number of people who love you and can't do without you. Happy Birthday.

And In the journey of your life, may your joys double and your success triple, may your sorrows halve and your failure disappear. Wishing you a stress free life. Happy Birthday! <3 <3

What new to say or what new to wish. I know its one very important day as its his birthday but then which day isn't, he certainly makes every second of every single day very memorable and special for all his fans and seeing his fans smiling and appreciating your work makes the day special for him as well. So kind of at loss of words since every day we just wish best for him and want him to succeed in whatever he do and stay blessed.

One of the rare gem in this glamorous world who is not only one best of actor but is a very humble and genuine being. On his 29th birthday just want to say

"Happy Birthday Harshad"

Always stay the way you are coz your fans love you for what you are. May all your dreams ,desires, wishes gets fulfilled and you touch new heights with your every new venture.

The only person who can restore smile on our faces, may always keep smiling and shining.

We wish all the happiness for you.


Lots of love

Maha and Ashlesha

Its the time of the year which brings smiles on my face..Big smileBig smile


Here's ur dear Fan Wishing you good health, happiness, success and love on your special day and always.

Love u Today & Forever ,

Happy Birthday Harshad, May all your dreams come true and may you get loads of success and happiness always

Happy Birthday HarshadParty
Many many many many happy returnz of the day
wish u get all the happiness & success in urz life
May all ur dreams and wishes come true and May God bless u wid lots of love and suceess
u r such anamazing person and a fabulous actor...just love the way u are
stay blessed and keep smiling
Have a rocking birthday
 love Faiza

Here's a little something from me on this special day of yours:


Dear Harshad

Wishing u many many happy returns of the day... May God bless u always and may we keep celebrating this day together for many more years to come

love vandy

Happy Birthday Harshad.
There is no one like you.
And, now, I have no words to describe you, as there is no word good enough for you:D.
May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer.
May this day bring to you all things that make you smile.
Hope you have a birthday as awesome as you are.


Hi harshad bhaiya.. wish you many many many happy returns of the day!
happy birthday. ..may your birthday be as special as you are. may it flourish and be joyous.
I sealed my Birthday wishes for you in an envelope full of love and respect so that it reaches you and goes straight to your heart. More than how long you live, I hope you count the smiles and happiness that you've brought in other people's lives.
have a great birthday! .. and a great year ahead.. keep smiling.. may u be blessed with the best!!
love you.. love ya loads..

with lots of love



A very happy birthday to the handsome hunk of tellywood,popularly known
as Harshad Chopda

His role as Prem left a brilliant impression in my heart making me realize how can an actor emotes so well through his eyes,secondly his role as anurag ganguly made me a made fan of him 
and when Tereliye ended i felt apart of me has left.But soon he returned back with Dharampatni in which he played Mohan,a spoilt brat,my heart beat started to beat faster nd faster and i fell more in love with him.Now his Performance as Raghav is mindblowing and within months as capstured a special place in my heart.All i can wish for harshad is to have a wonderful nd a healthy life nd may god protect him frm evil nd all his dreams comes true.I love u Harshad Chopda,u RockkkDay Dreaming

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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Its Harshad's bday today.. Big smile Party Its been long Ive known and admired him as an actor.. Way back to Left right Left in which I found him extremely cute.. Big smile The "Usool Bhai" That he was.. LOL And I never knew when this phenomenon called "Harshad Chopda" started dominating my liking on TV.. His presence anywhere used to get a big smile on my face.. Didn't follow Kis Desh.. regularly for some professional and personal reasons but had made it a point to keep myself available for his "Tere Liye" and I did.. He as "Anurag" in Tere liye was something so different and so unique.. His acting mesmerizes you.. Its like getting hooked.. His million dollar smile.. Day Dreaming His body language, his presence.. There is something about him that makes you love him more and more' And today on his birthday I just want to wish him all the happiness in the world.. He has taken the character of "Raghav" to an altogether different level.. It's a pleasure watching you as "Raghav" Harshad.. Keep the good work up..  With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you in every walk of life.. Happy Birthday..



May every Birthday remind you the number of people who love you and can't do without you. I'm one of them! Happy Birthday.. Hug You rock my world..


|| HBD Harshad ||


Dearest Harshad,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday and Many happy returns of the day

I wish and pray all your dreams and good wishes come true

Hope you get loads of success and happiness in life always

You are a brilliant actor and its a pleasure watching you onscreen

On this Birthday just want you to know we fans love you!!!





Happy birthday Harshad! (once again :p) People today will wish u in a million different ways, some will give presents n hugs n God knows what. But I want to wish u in a little special way of my own by saying a prayer n then throwing it up in the clouds so it reaches straight up to God. It may not be the most significant present but I hope my prayers come true n turn out handy just when u need them the most!

Dont ever feel sad about getting old... u have the secret formula to everlasting charm n elegance!!! This birthday is nothing but the first day of another 365 day trip around the sun. So chill and enjoy yet another wonderful journey!!!

Hope that for every candle on ur cake, u get a wonderful surprise with tons n tons of luv n happiness. Dream the impossible n make it possible! May all ur dreams come true and u remain under His blessings 24/7. Wish from the bottom of my heart that u always remain happy in ur life n never let that perfect smile of urs fade away! Luv u loads...

Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

Harshad Chopoda my Jaanu

Wishing you a very very verrry Happy Birthday!!!!! PartyHC main tumse bohut Prem karti hoon. The moment I saw you on screen with your raw talent as Karan Srivastav, I knew I'll be your fan for life. You're a true Essence of the word Actor. I don't need convincing with any of your roles, you emote your scene so well we your fans fall in love with your character each time. I respect and loved each characters you played equally, your chemistry with your co-stars and cast is very endearing. You're Hotness personified with and without shirt Day Dreaming. I love your eyes cause they're like a window to your heart, your voice sound like a melody and your smile is a ray of sunshine. I love that you're a wonderful and humble human being, who marches to beat of his drums and just want to be left alone to do what you love and that is to entertain.

          Harshad may God Bless You with love and happiness always
    Happy Birthday to the Enigmatic Harshad Chopda
    Heart Rani  Heart

Happy Birthday Harshad...Party
You are sooo sweet and cute we love you...Embarrassed
May this day brings a ton of success in your life...Thumbs Up
Regards Sadaf...

Hi Harshad I am a big big big big fan of you. I am watching you since your show mamta. You did an amazing job with all your roles. You made an amazing chemistry with all co stars whether its been aditi anupriya asiya and now sriti. You are a great person. Even with getting so much success. you are still so humble and kind and this is the thing which I like about you

first happy birthday to you. may you get a long life with loads of happiness. may you get loads of success. may you get everything you wish for and which is better for you. keep rockking and keep shining. you are rockking as raghav with sriti. so keep it up. love ya

 PartyHappy Birthday Harshad!!Party 
Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.Hug
May all your dreams come true Smile


Happy Birthday HC!!! Wishing you all the best! May you have a prosperous year and future ahead of you. You have been a joy to watch and your acting is beyond amazing. Great talent such as yours should be flaunted.  You are continually gaining more and more fans from all around the world with your presence on screen. Never feel discouraged if something doesn't go accordingly, cause your fans will be there through thick and thin and will always appreciate your work.  An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact, he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feetand you have done that HC, proud to be your fan. Once again, hope you have a terrific birthday and hope you continue entertaining us!! Much love Sheila!!

Hi Harshad. I'm a really big fan of yours and would just like to take this opportunity to wish you a very big Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have blast and enjoy your birthday a lot!!! Just love you, Shreya.


Wish U A Very Very Happy Bday My Sweetheart Harshad...May God Give U All D Happiness And Success As Alwayz...
U R D BEST ACTOR And Talented And Handsome Hunk...
Luv U My HarshU...
Keep A Gr8 Working As Alwayz...

A Very Very Happy Birthday to Harshad Chopra...Smile
I can't tell u how much I Love U Harshad...
U r simply amazing onscreen as well as off-screen...
I just pray to the God to bless u with all the happiness, success u deserve...
Love u loads...
Again a Very Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY...



I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!!!
May you get the best things in life - personally and professionally!!
and May you day be filled with loads of cakes and presents!
We all wish to see you reach new hieghts of success!!!
Keep rocking HC!! 

Love ya loads!
Sidra Heart

On your birth day...I wish you
much pleasure and joy...
I hope all your wishes come true...
May each hour,minute and second...be filled with delight...
And your birth day be perfect for you...
Happy Birth Day To You My Dearest Heart Harshad Heart
May God bless you with loadsss and loadsss of happiness and Success Hug
Love you to the tiny little bitsss..

Have A Blissful Lovely Cute & Magical Birthday

With Love


My dear HARSHAD...

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 29th birthday.
May you get all your deserved success and happiness in the coming year of your life.
I am really happy and proud to be your fan, an may you continue to get more andd more crazy fans like me.
PREM was your first character which made me love you,and later all the other characters of ANURAG, MOHAN, RAGHAV made me lose my sanity and go ga ga over you.
I have never seen such a brilliant actor like you. I just pray that may i always get to see you on my tv screen.
Always keep smiling and may god bless you with a very healthy and wealthy life ahead.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Harshad! May u have an amazing day, God Bless and May this bday be a super duper one!


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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Birthday HarshadParty .May God bless you with loads of happiness and success in your Life.Wish you get everything that you want and deserves.Keep smiling & Keep shining.Thank you so much for giving us Prem ,Onu ,Mohan and Raghav.
Love you

PS : This thread is a combine effort by Me ,nadia ,silky ,vandy di  & Lizzy.Thank u So much Lizzy for such an awesome Writup for first post .Thank u so Much Nadia and Silky for writing Fan dairies for Harshad and Thanks alot Jenny & fizzy for your beautiful creations.

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Soaps1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
On your birthday I just want to tell you once more
You are awesome Smile and you absolutely rock at what you do!!!

Happy Birthday Harshad!
Wish you many happy returns of the day!
Wish you health, wealth, happiness!
May your smiles grow, and frowns fade!
May you continue to get bigger and better success!!!
May all your dreams and wishes come true
Have a great day Harshad!!!

We all love you!!!


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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

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Finally its 17th MayParty the day we all have been waiting forDay Dreaming Someone grew another year older today but am sure wiser as wellCool

Just want to say

Happy Birthday BroParty

You are simply amazing. Love the way you are.

Not many people are capable for creating a niche for themselves in such short duration but you did but you deserve much more.
I just pray and wish you to get all success, love and luck in  life.
May you always keep shining and with every new year touch new heights of success

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day HarshadPartyDancingParty

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