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The written update for May 15th 2012

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The written update for May 15th 2012

Hi Everyone, Maria is unable to do the written update today because of cable problem, so I am doing the written update on her behalf. Smile

The episode starts with the 2 puppeteers :innocent: Niharika Kapoor and Priya Ram Kapoor having a conversation...In the whole conversation, Priya's dialogues and demeanor lean more towards humour and Niharika is Niharika...But statutory warning...some of the dialogues may induce :puke:

Priya tells Niharika that she is calling her back to the house from which Niharika kicked her out. Niharika wants Priya to come back immediately and Priya says that she likes seeing Niharika desperate. Priya wants to know the reason for Niharika's desperation. Mmm...what to say, desperate times calls for desperate measures Niharika gives a dialogue about how irritating it is when people ask questions and then says that isn't it good that Priya is being asked to come back to Kapoor frees her from her middle class life.

Niharika says that if Ram did not need Priya, she would not have let Priya anywhere near her. Priya says that she can see Niharika's desperation. But it is not necessary that everytime Niharika gets her way. Priya asks what is her benefit in returning back to Kapoor Mansion. Niharika looks :eek: Priya says that today Ram misses her, he needs her, so Niharika knew her value. But what if Ram hated her one day, what then? Priya asks for financial stability.

Priya then goes on to say that hers and Ram's marriage was a compromise. She got stuck in the middle of the Karthik and Nutz's marriage. Priya asks Niharika didn't she know how it was, in middle class families, girls over 30 who weren't married...when she got Ram's proposal, it wasn't bad. Ram was rich, famous...Priya says that not that Mr Kapoor was some Aamir or SRK, but because of so much of wealth, it was difficult to say no. Even if it is to save the whole universe, this dialogue wasn't necessary! Niharika looks at Priya, she does't appear to believe her.

Priya says that she thought Ram would do a lot for her but that did not happen. But now she wants this to happen in the future. She asks Niharika to buy in her name 2 flats which were near the Kapoor Mansion. Karthik did not have a job and Priya wants to start her own coaching classes, be her own boss. I'm sure you'll be a good boss :wink: Niharika could be your business partner...2 women who love to boss :laugh: Niharika asks her if she's come here for a deal...she would give Priya everything but Priya has to do something. She has to make Ram hate her.

Priya agrees but once Niharika fulfills her promise. Niharika asks Priya how come she's changed. Priya says that she hasn't changed, she was always like that. Niharika failed to recognise her. Priya asks Niharika if she could share a secret with her...that she likes Ashwin. During the Deepavali hungama with Ashwin, Priya says that she almost thought that she would spend her life with Ashwin. But Ashwin did not have money. Niharika doesn't believe Priya but Priya says that she's telling the truth. She is used to the comfort otherwise where is Ashwin and where is Ram. Ashwin is so fit, Priya says that she and Ashwin used to do yoga in the mornings together, go for walks together. The Ashwin dialogue was so was :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: even if Priya is saying it for some higher purpose.

Priya makes fun of Ram's weight and says that Daadi has named him correctly...Golu Puttar. Priya says that Ram has troubled her so much with his snoring, his shouting that she thought that she would not return back this time. But she is so used to the luxuries in Kapoor Mansion. Niharika asks if Priya is doing some drama but Priya convinces her. Niharika asks Priya to come back because Ram was depressed, he isn't going to the office and they were facing business loss.

Priya teases Niharika that she thought that the mother in Niharika was concerned but Niharika was more concerned with the loss. Priya tells Niharika that she had a condition, Niharika should stop calling her middle class and she also wants a makeover with make-up, jewellery and the whole lot. Priya with a serious look says that she will make Ram hate her and Niharika promises to give Priya what she wants. I cannot really think how this plan of Priya's is going to help Ram or herself or expose Niharika...if the smart woman in Niharika actually taped this converstation, then Priya is in trouble!

Slimy Sid and Mamaji come into Ram's room. It is dark and Ram is lying on a chair. Sid opens the curtains and light falls on Ram's face and he is startled. He is annoyed. Mamaji and Sid try to persuade Ram to come back to the office. Mamaji talks about the loss they are facing. Slimy Sid wants Ram to come to the office to meet a Mr Agarwal. But Ram doesn't want to come to the office far, far some exotic location for a holiday...seems like the 2 women in your life have decided to bid for you!! :no: :laugh: He tells Sid that he doesn't want the light in the room...Slimy Sid goes to close the curtains when Stepmommy comes in.

She gives Ram the good news about Priya coming back! Good news? :whistling: :laugh: just kidding, of course we all want Ram and Priya together! Ram is shocked, he asks Niharika how she did this since Priya was not even ready to talk to him. Niharika says that this was the strength of a mother's love :sick: Shiney Mama had the most disbelieving look on his face! Niharika says that there was nothing in this world greater for her than Ram's happiness. Niharika is not telling a lie :tongue: she's being truthful...only if Ram is happy can he earn paisa money for her! Ram slowely gets a smile. Niharika continues and says that she can do anything for Ram's happiness and his happiness was Priya.

Ram literally jumps up from the sofa :jump: his face having a big, big smile. Then he does something which makes me want to pull his ears :laugh: he hugs Niharika and calls her the best. Ram is so excited, he gives instructions to Slimy Sid to go and keep Mr Agarwal occupied, he would come to the office in half an hours time. Ram is so happy and in that happiness, he's stammering about what he's going to wear...the colourful tie which Priya likes and a suit. Ram goes to get ready and Niharika heaves a sigh of relief.

Shiney Mama asks Niharika how did Priya agree so easily. Niharika says that money talks. Intelligent Shiney Mama tells Switty not to trust Priya. But Switty says that Priya wants money and in exchange, she will do what Niharika tells her. But Shiney Mama is not confident...says that his horoscope says that Rahu Kal was going on...Niharika tells her brother to talk something good at least some time! I think that Shiney Mama has the most underrated brain in BALH...he always talks sense! :P

We have a Vikram and Neha phone conversation. Neha is at her mother's place with the kids. Neha is happy that Vikram has joined Ram's office since he has time to talk to her. Vikram says that it wasn't as if he purposely didn't talk to her when he worked for Harry. Neha is too happy to argue. They talk about Hari who Neha says she will let go after she returns from her Mom's place. She could manage and they didn't need Hari. Vikram says that no one could understand women and tells her to do as she pleases. After the call, Neha says to herself that she didn't need Hari because Vikram has quit his job...with Harry. This was more of a filler scene but hopefully these 2 friends play an important role in Ram and Priya's life in the coming days.

Priya is returning to Kapoor Mansion in a cab and she thinks about her time with Ram...Ram trying to stop her from going, Ram holding her hand in the party, telling that he still loves his wife (Priya has a slight smile on her face). We also get to see the scene in the garden when they walk and Ram puts a shawl around Priya, the scene after their wedding in the car when Ram makes Priya laugh and hands her the tissue box, the scene where Priya calls him Ram, a scene when they hug. Lovely scenes, old is gold! Priya remembers her conversation with Niharika and she holds on to her mangalsutra.

Daadi is giving instructions to the servants to get the house ready for Priya. Nutz comes there and she is genuinely happy that Priya is coming back. I love the fact that Nutz is being potrayed as a positive character. Priya comes to the doorstep and Niharika tells her to come in. Priya wants Niharika to do Aarthi before she comes was a tradition to welcome someone back this way (Priya calls Niharika Mummyji :laugh:) when they have fought and left the house and then return would increase the love between them. :tongue: :tongue: Niharika looks annoyed! :pissed: :laugh:

Niharika tells Nutz to bring the Aarthi plate but Priya says that Nutz is younger to her, so cannot do the aarthi...Priya wants Niharika to do it as the gesture will not only have love but also Niharika's blessings! :lol: :lol: Daadi approves and tells Niharika to go and get the aarthi plate. Niharika is forced to go and get the aarthi plate. Priya takes Daadi's blessings and hugs her. Daadi gets emotional and says that the house was empty without Priya and her loud voice, sorry couldn't resist saying this! :innocent: Golu was also depressed without Priya. Priya says that she knows that and that was why she was back. She asks Daadi not to worry, everything would be fine.

An irritated Niharika comes with the aarthi plate and does the aarthi. Priya says flowers...Niharika puts flowers on Priya's head. Priya tells Niharika to tell Bansi to get her bags to her room. Niharika screams...Bansi!! :laugh: Daadi is very happy and says that until the reign of the house is in Priya's hands, Daadi is not worried. She tells Niharika to get juice for Priya and walks away leaving Niharika looking annoyed but cool.

Precap: Priya tells Daadi that she has come back to fight a battle between truth and lies and wants Daadi to help her...Priya tells Daadi that whatever she says, she want Daadi to say the opposite of that. Daadi wonders how she can do that but knows that her daughter-in-law will always do the right thing.

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Thank you

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Thank you
For the update :)

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Thanks. nice update.

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it is not as bad as people potrayed. priya is just playing games and confusing neharika. good that she now has 2 flats, her own coaching center, jewelrey etc. forgot to ask for 2 cars! this will safeguard their future. smart move

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thank you for the updates.

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thanks for the update.

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Originally posted by KBCFan

it is not as bad as people potrayed. priya is just playing games and confusing neharika. good that she now has 2 flats, her own coaching center, jewelrey etc. forgot to ask for 2 cars! this will safeguard their future. smart move

well said totaly agre with u...priya is doing this as to convince nih...that priya only love that priya can easily expose was interesting...

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