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FF :Time and Again Book 1 completed (Page 69)

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Originally posted by luckdiya

srry 4 d late reply...

b'ful updt sid guessed dat she liks abhayendra & its true though...likd d way u hv described d sid & piya moments...cnt wait 4 d nxt

Kitni bar comment karogiLOL

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Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

Originally posted by luckdiya

<font size="4">srry 4 d late reply...

<font size="4">b'ful updt sid guessed dat she liks abhayendra & its true though...likd d way u hv described d sid & piya moments...cnt wait 4 d nxt</font>

Kitni bar comment karogiLOL

nhi toh LOL MUJHE toh error shw kia tha

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Very well written Shreya ... beautiful Smile

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Chapter 8

Somewhere, sometime :

Reina paced her room, still wondering at the change of events. Not for the first time, she wondered whether she'd done right by sending Pia to the past. And if the indications were right, Pia was falling slowly and surely for Abhayendra. It wasn't right! And what would Pia go through when she revealed the true reason for bringing her to the past….Would Pia forgive her? Would Sid?


She'd known all along it was a hare-brained scheme, but not till now had she felt the full repercussions of it. Pia was going to get very badly burnt in this fire….

But how foolish she was! Falling in love with a vampire was bad enough, then falling in love with his lookalike, in another century, who did Pia think she was kidding? Okay, so they were technically the same person, but it wasn't like Pia knew that! What was she thinking, falling for …

Who're you to talk, anyway? Said a snide voice in her mind, making her smile ruefully for a moment.

She'd not made  a mess, anyway so far, thought Reina…that was something…Now she needed to help Nicolas  with Pia's contract……




Dehradun, 2011

"What do you mean, Misha?" said Madhu Dobriyal. "How can Pia do such a thing? Abhay must be lying, why would she do such a thing? And who is this- Nicolas?"


"One way to find out, isn't there?" said Misha grimly. "I'm calling him."

She scrambled about and located her mobile, finding Nicolas in the contacts.



"Ma chere Misha, 'ow 'ave you been?" said the friendly voice of Nicolas as he received the call.

 "Just spiffing, Nicolas, " said Misha urgently, "but a friendly chit-chat isn't why I called you. I need to know where Pia is."


There was a small silence.

"You mean, that she did not tell you?"

"NO!" said Misha in frustration. 

"I'm….sorry," said Nick slowly. "We- er- signed a contract. Pia told me not to- well, tell anyone. I am…sorry. 'owever, she is safe, and 'appy. You may count on it, of course."


"I- but Nick, wait!" said Misha, nearly driven to tears. "Please- I'm her sister- please just let me talk to her- "

"Eet ees a sad business indeed," said Nick, sounding regretful. "But Pia was very clear- I must not tell anyone. Pia wants to think things through. You are aware, of course, that she 'as been under a lot of…."


"She wants to be alone," realized Misha finally.


"K, Nick- thanks a ton for your help," said Misha.

"Au revior, my dear, do take care," said Nicolas.


Misha kept the phone and looked around at her parents, resigned to the job of telling them what was going on.





Pandher, 1858 :

"Piyali, I am sorry!" said Maithali.

Pia who was standing near the windows, started and turned. "Oh- you're back," she said , hoisting a smile on her face.

"Piyali, I am really sorry- I didn't mean to be so late, Sid told me he dropped you here- Oh, what must you think of me? Deserting you like that…"


"Calm down, Maithali, it's fine!" said Pia hastily,  seeing that Maithali was babbling now.


Maithali blinked. "You don't mind?" she asked.

"No, I really don't," said Pia at once.

Maithali seemed to buy the lie without question, for she smiled happily and hugged Pia.


After dinner, Maithali was reclining on her four-poster bed, while Pia looked on, sitting in one of the squashy armchairs. A fire crackled merrily in the grate.




"If you had to choose between Abhayendra and Siddharth, who would you choose?"

Maithali's eyes opened.

"Why do you ask?"


"I don't know ," said Pia honestly. "I just….wondered.."


"Well, firstly, I don't think I'll ever have to choose," said Maithali "But if I had to choose, let me see……."


"Abhayendra's more caring, I think. More…empathetic. Siddharth, on the other hand….he's more blunt. More….I don't know, complicated.Abhayendra is reckless, Siddharth is more..careful, you know? Abhayendra wouldn't think twice before plunging in with his impulses, and Siddharth, well- he has second, third, fourth, fifth thoughts…..They're sort of similar in a way that they're both rather chivalrous, and I think that's a nice quality to have, don't you?"


Pia was listening in rapt attention, absorbing all this information. Maithali noticed her expression, and laughed merrily.

"You wanted to know about them , didn't you?" she said, laughing.

Pia flushed.

"You did!" exclaimed Maithali delightedly, sitting up and laughing openly at Pia now.


Pia smiled but said nothing, and presently a comfortable silence prevailed over them.


Finally, Maithali said, "Siddharth seems to have taken to you rather well."


"We've – become good friends, I suppose," said Pia uncertainly.

"Yes, it does seem so- Siddharth isn't really very happy around people, did you know that? Abhayendra thinks you're miserable for something. Is that true?" asked Maithali, her dark brown eyes boring into Pia's.

"No-of course not!" exclaimed Pia at once. "No, I'm happier than I've ever been, Maithali, I love being with you!"

Maithali smiled. "Thanks, dear.We'll go to meet them  tomorrow, if you are not too tired?"

Pia assured her that she wouldn't be, and after a time departed to her own room. Finally, the day was over.  And perhaps she would be able to sleep properly that night.



Dehradun, 2011, Next Morning :


"Sir, I managed to set up appointments with five of France's top modeling agencies, and I arranged your flights, and your cars, and sir, your first flight's noon, I believe- I've emailed you the details, and sir- the addresses of the agencies, along with their managing directors, so-"


"You've done well, Sharma," cut in Abhay impatiently. "Thank you . I'll get back to you if I encounter any problems."


Cutting the call, Abhay  moved swiftly towards his laptop, Opening his mail, and checking it. He made a mental note of the addresses of the modelling agencies and the names of their managing directors :


Name                                                           City                           Managing Director

Karin Models :                                            Paris                                   Nicolas Moreau

9, Avenue Hoche



Viva Models:

15, Rue Duphot                                          Paris                              Celestyn Fortescue



Suo Mode:

30B , Avenue Isola Bella                          Cannes                            Amelie Dupont



Glady's Model Management:

8, Rue jean Jacques Rousseau                  Paris                                   Alain Renard



Valery's Model Management:

2, Rue Piat                                       Paris                                     Nicolas Bourg





Abhay frowned. There were two  Nicolases. That was not good at all. Well, it could be any agency, he thought. Nicolas may or may not have been the head…perhaps he was a fellow model. He felt a sudden flare of   jealousy.


So he was going to France…..and he'd know for sure if the librarian was telling the truth or not, he thought  with a grim kind of satisfaction.


He strode around the room, wrenching open his closet and dumping his business clothes in a suitcase. There was a quiet knock on the open door of his room, and turning around, Abhay looked at his foster-mother.


"Are you going somewhere?" asked Haseena, looking perplexed at his suitcase.

"Mom, I'm going to France," said Abhay tersely.

"And, why would that be, exactly?" said Haseena, her eyebrows shooting up.

"Because," said Abhay, now selecting ties, "Pia's vanished, and someone told me yesterday that she's gone to France. And I need to talk to Pia , and and make sure she's safe."


Haseena did not speak, and Abhay felt irritated with her lack of comment. In recent times, his mother had developed an sometimes-irritating, sometimes-helpful habit of being very interested in his life, and especially in Pia. He'd always cut her off at some time or other, but now realized that he'd missed hearing her views. He  turned out to look at her. "What?"


Haseena looked at him with a guarded expression. "Well, I won't say anything because you're so obviously unconcerned about my opinion- "


"Skip  the drama, Mom."

"Well," said Haseena, her expression still closed, "Why am I feeling that Pia- is not going to be seeing you?"


Abhay stopped and stared. "And why would you say so?"


"Because," said Haseena, "I think she's finally doing what I've wanted her to do all along. She's running away from you, and now , perhaps, you'll know what it's like when she actually listens to you, and stays away from you, and it's painfully obvious you don't like it at all. And that means Pia's found a way to get even with you. Serves you right, showering affection on that horrible spoilt whale of a sister right under her nose. I told you Panchi Dobriyal was bad news- now look what's happened. I suppose Pia finally decided she'd had enough, about time, too. Have a safe journey, Abhay. Best of luck." She stalked away from his door, leaving Abhay speechless for once.




Abhay landed at the Mandelieu Airport of Cannes first. He'd figured it would be best if he met Dupont first, given that the rest of the agencies he'd memorized were all in Paris.

Amelie Dupont was extremely co-operative, but regretted to inform him that Pia Dobriyal had never worked off the agency.

Strike one,  thought Abhay to himself as he boarded the flight to Paris.


Next on his list, Nicolas Moreau, proved slightly more helpful as he said Pia had done a single assignment for their agency, and she had been very good to work with, but the last they had seen was six months ago. Celestyn Fortescue, a very beautiful lady, also said that though she had met Pia Dobriyal once, it had been a very long time since they had had the pleasure of communicating with her, and though the agency knew of a model called Nicolas, he had apparently died of a drug overdose the previous year. Alain Renard  of Glady's volunteered the information that he thought Abhay should enquire at the agency where Pia had started her career, as they would probably give him the best information, but that made no sense to Abhay because he didn't know which agency it was.



Abhay was starting to feel a sense of defeat now. It was obvious now that Miss Gupta was lying, and it was a very cynical attitude that he walked into Valery's office and sent a message to the receptionist that he would like an audience with Nicolas Bourg, sure of receiving a negative answer like all the rest.







Disclaimer : While the names of the agencies are real, the names of the managing directors are completely and unabashedly made up by me. So, I don't own those names, and those are fake. Point is, don't sue me.


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yipppe/... me first. 

coming to the update, i loved haseena scolding abhay. serves him right actuallyLOL

and pia-maithili were good in the past. how i wish things cud hv been that way in present tooEmbarrassed

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Nice update Shreya Clap Pia is falling for Abhayendra n Metz feels Sid holds a torch for Pia? Confused Metz already seems to have made her choice but she pretended in front of Pia. Reina now feels unsure abt having dragged Pia into the past? I hope nothing happens to her. I guess now Abhay might also go back right? Waiting for the next update Smile

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I just finished reading all d chapters. Your ff is a bit different from d others. Nd i must say it's really interesting. Thnx for d pm

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Hey shreya awesome update.So Pia is falling 4 Abhayendra & metz seems confuse soul.She can't decide b/w Abhayendra & siddhartha.Hmm 18th century mai bhi Abhay nai Pia ki restless ko recognize kar diya.Will Abhay realized tht Pia is in past?Oh LOL no worries nobody will sue u.Plz cont.. Embarrassed

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