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FF :Time and Again Book 1 completed (Page 134)

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Originally posted by Abhiya_Visu

Fantastic update
N abhayendra Is not like abhay don't worry
Thanks for pm

Thanks for that ShreyaEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by --peehu--

awesome update..loved it...

Thanks so much, PeehuEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Rmuk

Hey sorry for late comment yaar read last two parts now, both are awesome dear!!! I liked AK-47 rofl. Hmmm reina is still a big mystery plz solve it soon na and yea abyendra piyali convo was awesome, metz piys bonding was gr8!!! Superb job, continue soon please!!!

Hey, that's perfectly ok dear. Hey, I can't solve it so soon, warna Reina ki izzat kya rahegi?LOL
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Chapter 15

2011, Dehradun:

When Abhay strode into the Raichand Mansion, he was as usual greeted by the sight of his foster parents lounging by the fireplace. His father was  holding a silver goblet to his lips, while his mother sat reading one of her fashion magazines.. As though sensing his gaze on them, Haseena looked up. "Good evening, Abhay," she said. "Any new leads?" said Chand , still gazing into to the fire. "Yes," said Abhay at once. "Alina Khurana." Chand looked up, up eyebrows raised. "A Khurana family member?" "Yeah, a werewolf, she didn't even bother to hide it," said Abhay. "We don't need werewolves, Abhay," said Haseena. "I know that, " said Abhay shortly.  "I think she's been tampering with my mind." Chand hissed in anger, Haseena spoke. "How could she? Werewolves can never touch a vampire's mind. How do you know if she's been tampering?"  "I don't know!" snapped Abhay. "She's not an ordinary werewolf, maybe. I felt her presence in my mind, trying to find something- and then it vanished just like that." "Are you sure it was her?" said Chand. "There was no one else Dad," said Abhay. "Apart from me and Alina.

Chand and Haseena stared at each other. "Dad," said Abhay tersely, "Do you mind examining my mind? I need to confirm that she's not…tampered with it." "I'll do it," said Haseena, moving forward. Abhay linked his mind with hers, and Haseena tried sifting among his thoughts, trying to check for the presence of a werewolf. For several long minutes, they waited. Finally, Haseena withdrew. "Nothing," she declared. "I couldn't find anything."

Abhay's eyebrows knotted together. Without any more words, he went to his own room. He plugged on his headphones, trying to gain a sense of calmness, and trying to link the missing puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, there were just too many which he had no idea how to fit. He was in the middle of a Tchaikovsky when he felt a soft tap on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Haseena standing near him. Resigned, he took off his headphones. "Yes, Mom." "Would you like to see this?" she said, holding out the magazine-the one she had been reading earlier- to him. "No, Mom, I don't like them," he said as evenly as possible : Did she not know when he was irritated?

She didn't move. "I know that," she said as coolly as him. "I thought you might be interested in this particular one." "Mom, please!" snapped Abhay. "Leave me alone, I-" his voice gave out as he saw the model on the cover. Piya.

Abhay's brain seemed to have jammed. He stared at the cover without a word. "There's even an interview of her inside," said Haseena sardonically. Something cleared in Abhay's head. "She's looking awful in that dress," he snapped.  "I'm not interested in her interview." "Stop it,Abhay!" snapped Haseena, now at the end of her tether. "Stop hiding your feelings for her! Stop pushing her away! Do you even realize what you've done to her? You broke her! Look at what she says here- 'I've sworn never to fall in love, because I don't believe anyone out there could ever give me what I really need.' This- " Haseena's voice rose in her fury- "This is what you made her into! A broken woman who doesn't believe in love! This is what you did to the nave girl who brought you back from death even though she did not remember you, the girl who risked everything to protect our truth when we were powerless, even though she knew you'd bitten her! She needs you, you thickheaded, dung-brained idiot!" Haseena flung the magazine into the opposite wall : It immediately made a dent in it. "A walking, talking mannequin- this is what you wanted her to be, when you separated yourself from her? And now, when she finally makes a stand without your knowledge, you decide you want her back, and you go to Paris to search for her! I know you love her! For blood's sake, Chand knows your feelings for her! Half the city knows about you two! Why are you enduring the torture, and torturing her along with it?"

Haseena paused . "Mom, look," began Abhay, but Haseena held up a hand. "No, I won't look," she said shortly. "When she gets back, Abhay, you are to give her back her memories at once. Am I clear?" Abhay gaped at his mother : he had never seen her so furious before. Haseena whirled around and exited, closing the door with a snap.

Abhay put his headphones back : but almost as soon, he took them off again. Much as he hated it, his mother's voice kept ringing in his ears. Right from the time he'd returned from that ice grave, she'd been pestering him about the damned memories. He had taken them to keep her happy, but somehow it didn't feel like such a great decision anymore. Suddenly, he was conscious of the burning in his throat. He hadn't fed since the day Piya had left, and as if on cue, the burning intensified. He needed to hunt.

He was out of the house in two seconds. Soon he was making his way to the forest, careful to walk at a slower pace than usual, in order to allay the suspicions of any human who might be watching. However, he failed to take any special notice of a car on the opposite side of the road.

Panchi Dobriyal watched Abhay Raichand go into the woods. Killing the engine, she called up Snigdha. "He's gone into the forest, Snigdha," she wailed. "What will I do?" "What are you hesitating about?" said Snigdha. " Follow him! Who knows, maybe he's meeting that younger sister of yours. You have to stop him!" Emboldened,Panchi took a big bite of the burger kept in the dashboard of her car, and then left the car, moving into the forest. "Snigdha,I can't see anything," wailed Panchi, after twice tripping among the brambles in the jungle. Snigdha sounded irritated on the phone. "Oh come on, Panchi. Don't be a ninny! Find him, for God's sake, and don't be a baby!" Sighing, Panchi plodded on through the forest. She could see no sign of Abhay. She felt a sudden rush of anger at the thought that he might be closeted with Piya.

Lost in her thoughts, Panchi was brought back to reality by the feeling of air beneath her feet. She felt herself fall deep into the ground, landing with a thump that jarred her teeth. She screamed, but there was no response . It was pitch-dark, and Panchi could not find her cell phone. She was distracted by the mosquitoes, though, as they molested her, biting her from every angle they could(and there were too many). Suddenly , she felt something hit her, then a prick at her ankle. It didn't feel like a thorn. Then she felt something like a very thick rope slither past her. White hot pain spread through her bones, searing her like fire. Panchi, screamed, but there was no response again. Worse, her pain increased by the minute, causing her to feel nauseous. Her vision blurred, and the many dark shapes she could see were spinning around.Her throat constricted, lodging it's own protest against the blistering pain. In a few minutes, Panchi Dobriyal drifted out of consciousness.

Another part of the forest :

It felt good to  have the deer blood trickle down his throat. He sunk his fangs into the jugular vein, this time draining it of his blood. Abhay exhaled. Just then, he heard a rustle behind him.  A faint rustle, but there it was. Abhay moved swiftly, coming up behind a cloaked person. When it turned around, Abhay knew it was hooded. It was dressed ib black, with slits for eyes and nostrils. Abhay tasted the air- and sensed a curious aura which seemed familiar and strange at the same time. He knew the scent, but it was as if something had warped it somehow. They stared at each other, and Abhay asked :Who are you?"

The stranger started in surprise, retreating. Abhay advanced, stretching out a hand to pull off the hood. With lightning reflexes, the stranger whipped out of the way, and ran. He was as fast as a vampire, which only added to Abhay's suspicions that this was the newborn.

Abhay stood alone in the forest. Where had it gone? How had he given him the slip? He ripped out a tree and flung it away in frustration. To be so close, and to have missed it…….He was suddenly distracted by the howling of wolves. As he spun around, he saw the werewolves forming a tight circle around him. Grimly, he realized he would have to fight his way through. He knew also that it was going to be nigh impossible to kill twenty of them at once.

The air seemed to ripple as the hooded figure stepped out. The wolves ceased moving, turning their heads to the stranger in confusion. The hooded figure, however,merely flung something to Abhay, who caught it by pure instinct. Then he saw what it was:  a wooden stake with it's end dipped in silver – fatal for a werewolf. He looked up to see a similar weapon in the stranger's hands. The stranger threw his own weapon towards Abhay, who swept out of the way, caught by surprise. And then he saw the stake get buried in the heart of the wolf which had lunged for him. Wasting no time,  Abhay pulled it out and threw it back to the stranger who'd just saved his life. Almost by an unspoken agreement both turned to face opposite directions, each tackling a dozen wolves at once. It was easier with the stakes, thought Abhay grimly , brushing away blood from his arm. His jacket had torn, but from what he could gather the stranger wasn't doing too badly either.

Abhay veered away from the two werewolves attacking him, parrying them with his stake. Vampires were genetically stronger and faster than wolves, although the wolves were larger. Abhay used his strengths, stepping deftly away from a triangle formation of three wolves, so that they were carried forward by the momentum, crashing into each other. The werewolves regrouped, attacking again, but this time Abhay was more than ready. His thirst felt more than quenched as he drained the last of those attacking him. However, five of them still remained- and the hooded stranger was having difficulty fighting them now.

1858, Pandher :

It was a bright moonlit night. Piya had found a hidden pathway outside the castle, and was now using it to venture out into the gardens. After her rushed first dream, she had it again and again, and saw every detail in them as clear as crystal. Frustrated though she was with Reina, she recognized that the older woman was only trying to help. Which was why she had tried to sneak out in the dead of night to meet her. However, her plans were interrupted when she heard a voice.

"Who's that?"

She recognized Abhayendra's voice immediately, and turned around. Sure enough, it was him. He came up to her. "Piyali? What business have you out of doors so late in the night?" She found herself smiling at him, seeing the concern in his eyes. Abhayendra had become very friendly to her in the past few days, talking to her, encouraging her improving efforts at archery, accompanying her on rides. "I could ask you the same thing," she said playfully.  He shook his head. "I am much lower in stature than you, Piyali. You are a woman : your safety could be in danger." Piya smiled at him, not caring if he saw it or not. "I was going to visit my aunt- but I changed my mind. I think I'll sit down here on the lawns." Abhayendra looked concerned. "Was it important?" She shook her head. "Then I hope you will not mind if I give you company? I just couldn't sleep, and it would be agreeable to speak with a friend, that is, unless you would prefer solitude?" Piya laughed softly. "Don't be silly. Of course not." "Very well," said Abhayendra, slipping off his jacket and laying it on the grass. "You may sit on it. The grass will be wet." Piya looked at him in alarm. "But you'll be cold!" He smiled, and shook his head. "I will not."

They sat side by side, almost touching. Piya had insisted Abhayendra share the jacket with her, which had resulted in the seating arrangement. For a while, they stared up at the twinkling stars. Then Abhayendra spoke. "My brother is arriving tomorrow," he said in a light voice. "So you won't be needing me anymore." He looked at her, smiling, waiting for an answer. Piya smacked his arm. "Don't be foolish. I like talking to you." He let out his breath; it misted out in front of his mouth. "It's been nice talking to you too," he said quietly. "You listen to me." Silence fell again. Abhayendra seemed to be having some internal struggle, then he spoke. "If I tell you something, will you swear never to tell anyone?Not even- my brother or Maithali." Piya shook her head. "Of course not, Abhay. You know you can trust me." A small frown creased Abhayendra's forehead. "You shortened my name?" he said. Horrified, Piya clapped a hand to her mouth, realizing her mistake. "I don't mind," he said hastily, misinterpreting her feelings. "I was just surprised, that's all."

"So what's the secret?" said Piya, tying to change the subject, while her heart pounded violently. "I think…I have developed affections for someone," he said, sounding guilty. "if the books are correct, anyway. All I can think about is her, I dream of her, and- " he broke off, turning pink. Piya's heart jolted.  He went on, "But her status I society is…far above mine. It would be best to forget her, of course. But she is already too close to me, and she is a special friend. I cannot ignore her and hurt her feelings. What do I do?" he said , sounding so vulnerable that Piya wanted to hug him. She wondered who this girl was. Could he- could he possibly mean her,Piya? If he did, oh- if it was her- she suddenly realized he was waiting for a reply. "I think," she said, trying to keep her voice neutral,"You should tell her." He started to protest, but, she cut across him. "No, listen to me- if she refuses, then apologize, and agree to be her friend. And there's always a chance she could accept. Isn't there?... Good night, Abhayendra," she said, standing up and leaving for the castle before she betrayed her feelings.

PS. Here's wishing the festival of lights lights up your life, and brings everlasting smiles on your faces. Happy Diwali everyone!

PPS. This was the hardest chapter I ever wrote, so please, please comment. Also, brownie points to anyone who can tell what exactly happened to PanchiLOL


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Oh my god...what exactly is this chapter??? So Abhay has developed feelings for someone? And Piya thinks that 'THAT SOMEONE' is Piya herself but probably its Maithali? And then there is this jerk Abhay who is so dumb that he doesn't even realise what exactly he so stupid! I loved Haseena - Abhay convo...especially haseena's dialogue...shez is one hot woman when shez angry (Don't misunderstand I'm straight! LOL)...btw whoz this new entry?? Hooded figure?? Yaar tum bohot jyada suspense mat rakho warna hum readers suspense se mar jayenge...and please hum readers pe thodi daya karo aur reina or hooded figure mein se kisi ek ki toh real identity bata do...itna toh humara haq banta hai...btw thanks for the pm...

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awsum update
glad that haseena told abhay to return pia's memories.
did panchi die?who was  the hooded person with it sid or alina?
so abhayendra has fallen in luv with maithili and was sharing it with pia who has completely misunderstood him...poor pia she always gets hurt from him.
wonderfully written
thanks for pm.

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Happy Diwali Sherya dearrHuglovely updateSmile

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Nice update.I hope Panchi diesROFL 

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