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ArHilicious Droolers #31: Lambi Judaai...

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
ArHilicious Droolers #31:
Lambi Judaai...

Song of the week: PurpleFairy
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: tanthya
Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Week: cindrella255
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
Videomix of the week: Deepali88
Achari Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy
Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-
Message to CVs: PurpleFairy
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: -Fatz-
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
Dialogue of the Week: -Ridzzi-
Joota scene of the week: shybabe
Rakshabandhan Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy

Funny Scene of the Week: the_rain

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supprting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 31st newsletter. 


From now on please send your assigned task by Friday night and no later than Saturday afternoon 12pm (India Time), to IPKKNDentries and not to Sanjana or Neethi.

If you are unable to do your assigned task for any reason, PM the same ID (IPKKNDentries) with the reason why by Friday and so back-up could be arranged.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged

Khushi is devastated to know the low opinion  Arnav has of her and is crushed to know the reason for the marriage ..An agitated Arnav returns to GH, His mind a whirl of churning emotions as he is unable to reconcile himself to the thought of a adulterous Khushi, Arnav hears the tinkling of Khushi's  anklets heralding her return ..Arnav turns and is staggered to see a normal, chirpy Khushi.

Khushi hides her pain and her sense  of desolation from everyone , fooling everyone..her antics begin to grate on Arnav's  nerves... Garima  notices  Arnav's withdrawn behavior and enquires the reason for it from Khushi, Khushi who knows the reason does not divulge it and covers up the reason for Arnav's angst... The  Raizada's soon take leave of the Gupta's...Khushi  continues her chirpy  act  forcing Arnav into confronting her right in the middle of the road...Khushi blurts out the whole truth with Arnav promptly refusing to believe  even a word of it..

Both return to Raizada Mansion and face Shyam who is at his creepy best ..Arnav notices the slight discomfort of Khushi  in Shyam's presence ...Arnav recuses himself on the pretext of work and leaves followed by Khushi ...

The women of Raizada notice the tense attitude of Arnav and wonder at the reason, They think that perhaps Arnav was not comfortable in GH , Maami calls up the  Gupta House (GH ) and demands to know what transpired there to get Arnav all  moody , Buaji replies that Arnav was quite happy here  takes a dig at Manorama and the RM way of living..

A disturbed Khushi is determined to prove her innocence to Arnav , she  dismisses seeking the help of Buaji, Amma and Payal on the thought that they will come to know about the 6 month clause if appealed for Help.. Khushi decides to seek the help of Shyam to clear her name ...Khushi approaches Shyam who puts his own condition to help her out .. Shyam wants Khushi to get Arnav's signature on the Will , Khushi si suspicious of Shyam's motives  but is assured by him that it is just a business deal and  in the present juncture Arnav will not  sign it for him..Khushi refuses to deal with Shyam.

Khushi decides to warn Arnav and heads to Arnav's office and warns Arnav about Shyam's malafide intentions and urges Arnav to be careful while signing the  documents ..Unfortunately Shyam had anticipated Khushi's move and  had placed himself there , Shyam warns and intimidates Khushi...An Undeterred Khushi still waits for Arnav, who pointedly ignores her ..heads back home leaving  her  alone..Shyam  preys on her  hurt and  again thrusts the will papers promising to tell the whole truth to  Arnav, Defeated Khushi takes the file with her.

Khushi now knowing the reason for Arnav's pain, removes all the traces of her presence from her room which irks Arnav who does not like the barreness of his room , He demands an explanation , Khushi quietly replies that  she does not want to hurt him with reminders of her scattered everywhere. Khushi picks up the pillow and goes out to sleep by the poolside and is stopped by Arnav who orders her to sleep on the bed..

Khushi wakes up thinking how to get signature from arnav on the deal papers ...Anjali comes in and diverts Khushi and takes her from the room, Shyam who would be lurking outside quickly substitutes the will papers , removing the   sham  Deal papers and siddles away as soon as Anjali  and Khushi make their presence felt..

A perturbed Khushi gets the idea of getting  the deal papers  signed when she overhears  Akash saying that he hs to get a sign from Arnav on some Papers, Khushi volunteers for the job and on the pretext of getting signature to Akash's papers , She also gets Signature on  Shyam's papers ...

Shyam comes in and demands the papers, Khushi refuses to give it until Shyam tells Arnav the whole truth ...

Khushi comes to know that  it will be Arnav's Mom's birthday  the next day and Arnav is leaving for London to be alone , Khushi  gets frantic  and tells Shyam to come  to the airport to  reveal everything to Arnav ..Khushi hastens to the airport and tries to stop Arnav from leaving , Arnav is in dilemma as the sight of her pleases and hurts him.. despite his decision to maintain a distance , he finds himself drawn to  Khushi... Arnav decides to  give  10 mins to Khushi , Khushi  calls up Shyam who replies that    he is on the way but deliberately  fails to turn up ..Arnav leaves after almost confessing his love, Khushi in one last bid tries to stop him , almost confessing her love..Arnav refuses to listen and heads back into the airport where a mysterious voice calls him ...

Now that our ArHi are finally back on track, I suddenly have so much to choose fromDay DreamingBut the latest scene wins my heart hands down. That moment when Khushi is crying out for Arnav from outside the airport, begging him to stop and listen to her like her life depended on it really wrenched my heart.
Another scene which stood out for me is Arnav's monologue on the airport when he can't seem to get Khushi out of his head and wonders why is it that he is feeling so agonised while leaving her behind when all she's ever done is betray him. Now this is what I call true and unconditional love which will consume them both!Heart

Its once again Babli and her devious prove Payal is wrong all the time..becuase she obsessed with Akash's attention for her.Confused Babli fakes her wounds in front of Akash and tells Akash that Payal was running after her and she got hurt. Akash scolds Payal for doing so even without realizing that Babbli tricked him. Babli has a wicked smile...Shocked

Cv's again please stop showing a little girl with psychological problems. Its not healthy for the kid as well as us the audience.LOL

Hope you all enjoyed the ME!

Have a great weekend folks.


Last week had been pretty intense and we've to go back to the initiation of the week to search for the last bit of fun before the storms. Completely determined to end her like for the sake of Arnav, Khushi bids adieu to her parents and Buaji and leaves Arnav to the last. She gets all teary with him and requests him to take care of himself, be careful about his sugar level etc. In fact, she asks him to keep his anger in check and not torture Lavanya much, which earns a brilliant expression of bewilderment from Arnav. She further adds that she forgives Arnav Singh Raizada making him utter his famous 'What the'. However, Khushi gets even more emotional at this and confess that she'd been willing to hear those two words from his mouth. 

She leaves a totally befuddled family behind, proving once again that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is and will always be one unique piece!

This week's Rakshabandhan scene is a little unconventional. It is between Khushi and Anjali. Anjali sees a worried Khushi frantically trying to call Arnav and realises that Arnav hasn't told Khushi about his yearly practice. She tries to calm Khushi down and tells her that the next day is their mother's birthday and every year on this day, Arnav prefers to be alone so this year, he has gone to London. Somehow, I love this sceneHeart
Another good scene I would want to mention is when Khushi notices Payal is worried despite her own set of worries and makes an attempt to find out what is wrong with her...

Hiya fellow Arhi droolers
This week was quite a good one...the story finally travelled a bit from where it was going in circles...
Coming to fillers, there were not many but  the ones, even  for few minutes it s really grating our nerves...
Yes,I m talking about Bubbliya n her sinister plans!!!!!! seriously, a 9-year old planning to make her SIL a bhatakti aatma, her tricks to make Payal look bad in the eyes of Akash  and Manorama mami's nimboo-mirchi drama to ward off evil spirits 
Looking forward to next week...Hope the story moves further

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged

last week i was sad abt khushi's kiddish behaviour nd i was stressing to give an award to ASR 4 tolerating her!! but i had to change my opinion. this week's BC is none other thn...

i can imagine wat d whole forum will do to me if i make arnav as d best character!LOL i must way this week arnav is nt even capable of reaching d B of best character! he insulted khushi to d maximum. but i love d courageous khushi who made arnav to tell d truth!! she prooved her innocence but again he didnt believe her! i  must say khushi is very concerned dat she hid truth thinking abt his di nd he cant understand dat! nd her patience. he said abt her family nd this tym she reacted saying ''dont u dare talk abt my parents''Clap woman power. nd khushi is ready to do anything to prove her innocence, say to beg d legs of creepwa! nd eventhough she kept failing she was trying again nd again to convince arnav, but d stubborn guy walked awaya. nd khushi's reaction when he was insulting her was d high point of this week. d button scene nd arnav saying stop ur drama, she replied truely dat she was forced to do nd as a responsible wife she stitched d button in his shirt! nd she even decided to change d whole room for arnav!! hw sacrificing khushi. im proud of u!
dats all 4 d week. see u soon.

Hey peeps!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes on our screen everyday.  This week's most irritating character was none other  Shyam Jha. Absolutely hate the guy! 

It was damn irritating to see him blackmail Khushi like that to get her to sign the papers.  How can anyone stoop so low? The guy is practically going to become a father! I can't believe he doesn't have the least bit interest in what is going on in his wife's life. Instead, he's worried about Arnav's property!  Shyam seriously needs to get a life. Firstly, he's living in Arnav's house and now has eyes on his wealth? Ugghh!! 

Well, that's it for this week.  Hope to see you in the next one. Byeee.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funnist character section. Gosh i still haven't got over the maha was great aye? anyways so this week was very progressing and need i say Ippknd was entertaining after ages!!
This week Khushi's bubbliness has gone fishing therefore the funniest character this week goes to Bua Ji...she is a great lady and her comic timing is spot on..!! she is the best weapon that u can use against Hello Hi's annoying taunts!!
So therefore this week i would like to hand over the funniest character award to none other then bua ji..!!
This is all from my side guys...see you next week..!!
Bye bye,

Without a doubt the Dialogue by KKG in the ME was the BEST

"farak padta hai aapke liye.. Agar aaap jaayenge toh humari saansein..."

Well Without a doubt this was the BEST Dialogue of the ME and also the best of the week! Loved the Dialogue by KKG, Hope she would complete it, Anyway, Glad she said it..  

Anyway, hope to see ASR back 

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged

The week was GREAT!! if at all it offered any compensation for Barun on leave.. *hands virtual tissue*

Let's start it off with the talk of the town LOL

Man is he a stunner or what!! gorgeous smile he flashes!! Heart

and i am a sucker for his side profile!! Blushing

i will never let you go, shout out to the new rabba ve..

dil jude bina hi tut gayye.. dastaaan hai yeh..

very well shot this one.. they formed a ring :)

This week the Costume goes to none other than out very own RubleBlushing

^^I, personally, feel he looks at least 5 years younger here. His rugged, no-nonsense look of ASR makes him look slightly older since he has to get rid of that boyish charm on his face. Well, that's what that character demands but Barun like this is what i loveHeart

P.S. Sindu, thanks to you, I didn't have to search for this picROFL.ROFL

I can't get this track out of my head! "Kyun dard hai itna tere ishq mein" is stuck in my head and I wish my exam prep was as thorough as the lyrics of this songTongue
But that is not why I chose it. I think it suits ArHi PERFECTLY this weekHeart


---wellooo my pals..this week was full of rock solid drama..Nevertheless our show's back on track and ive got some crazy bloopers for u guys as usual--


Okay this has to be the silliest blooper ever..but don't know why I found this worth mentioning..okay u guys must be wondering what's it all about,but notice the pic in the BG..that is buaji and its an old photo of Abha fact It's a pic from her other drama on zee..LOL


Another strange blooper was during the airport one frame there were these blue brands on the glass doors and in one frame they vanished..ughh how could this be possible?Confused



Well that's all folks..lets breath in and breath out and get ourselves ready for the rollercoaster ride ahead!


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:36am | IP Logged


by sanu (Sanugr8fan)

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Ragz.

Here is ur Gift

by ragii

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Jaan. 

Here is ur Gift

VM made By  Zoha ( UltimateBarun)

Direct Lnk :

IF Link : 

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posts: 26303

Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged

Pride and Beauty

" Love standstills , Soulmates falls apart "

It never really hurts me , it never really hit me,
The day you turned away by my side
You left me with a good-bye
Yet I had so much more to say,
With all the time you gave me
It's you I never thought I'd lose
It's you I did confide in
I did not think you'll leave me so broken, shattered

Why did you leave me like this? 
Leaving me to be solitude,
Be the same who loves the feeling 
The feeling of being in forlorn 
My lost true love left me apart,
The one and only love that I had with you,
Some days we had our fights,
Some nights we talked forever
But you are my life, breathe destiny
Is the only love I can remember,

I still hear you in my dreams saying you love me 
I still feel your hands entwined with mine ,
I miss when we were together everything was fine
I didn't told any lies to lost you forever,
I've landed upon an empty shore, breathless and gripping sand.
I've forgotten how to breathe and step ahead
 I have been suffocated by life's callous hand,

In the distance I see her, the girl , my love
Curled up and shivering in a dark corners for me,
I keep on walking and she pushing me back to her,
Memories come back so right, every little thing you said to me
Keep on singing like a haunted song in my head
But loving you with all my heart, 
would really make me depressed when we're apart

Now that you are gone i miss my life,
Now that you are gone the paths of my happiness wrecks,
Now that you're gone tears doesn't seem to cease ,
Now it seems harder to bear, when my soul is bare,
For no one but you when you're near to me
And in my heart thats exactly what i fear to loose you,
My heart cried and wished to stop at the time 

Saying goodbye is not easy,
My throat keeps dry no words coming out
Because my heart whimpers and shudders,
Even with burned hands in tears and a heavy heart
I could make things right for us, come back to me,
For every truth there'a an ear somewhere to hear it
And in our love there's a heart somewhere to receive it,
And together we standstills at the crossroads of life, until we be together. 

Runner Up

The last letter by siddy0171 

Here is ur Gift


The decisions of heart by nihita 
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Mirage by moltenlava

Here is ur gift


Before the sun sets by minimuffin86

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged

Many many things this week... Mostly, I'll just focus on ArHi MU's. Yes she told him about Shyam. It's a different that the he doesn't believe her.. After ME, hope he does Embarrassed There were few irritating scenes but this week seemed as if I can't complain about anything!! They are finally getting on with the main track! In a long time, I say that week deserves 4.5 out of 5!! See you all next week fellas, hopefully with another rocking week and more MU's being cleared off!! 

CVs, are you guys ok? I mean, you just gave us the most amazing week of IPK in months where I could actually feel the magic again! The intensity, the sorrow, the pain, the very essence of ArHi was beautifully highlighted especially in the ME. I am superstitious so I won't say more but please continue like this so that I never have to complain again. I hate seeing my favourite shows ruined so I hope it never leaves track again. AND thank you for giving us back the Khushi we all lovedHeart

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Hello, allHug

Welcome to the 31st edition of our Newsletter. Thank you so much for helping us reach so far. It has indeed been a miles better week than a lot of preceding ones and I am sure like me, there are many others who are elated and pleasantly surprised with this welcome change in the show.
Just an add on, personally, I love the black and red combo the most on the Newsletter. I just feel it defines ArHiHeart

Hope you enjoy this week's editionHeart

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