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KYPH - Update for 26th April, 2005

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I think today's episode rates 10 / 10 on the cuteness factor! I simply loved Angad and Kripa's chemistry in today's episode and Angad was like….WOW! Words fail at times to describe how damn cute and cuddly Angad looked today and he acted superbly! The episode did not contribute much for the story to move forward, but we did see a lot of A-K moments today, which gave us a glimpse of how cute they are going to look when squabbling with each other! And we also got to see Angad's sweet, vulnerable, childish side, I loved his scene with Dadi, but the best scene of the day, and probably one of the best shown till date was the one in which Angad and Kripa drive back home! I was laughing like anything, it was hilarious!


Naina is telling Angad that she has thrown out Tania from the group, Angad is surprised but not much, and asks her why. Naina tells him that she was getting too attached to Angad and that she did not want any last minute scandals. Angad gets a, oops, she knows about it, look and makes a cute face. Naina tells him that they have to get a replacement very soon and that she is going to get the best available professional singer for the concert. Angad is like, no way mom, I won't sing with a professional singer, I want to perform with someone new. Naina tells him that no one in World can ever over-shadow Angad Khanna and even if she does get the best talent from the industry, Angad will shine in front of her also. Just then Kartik comes and tells her that some legal hassle has come up in Delhi and that Dilip and she will have to fly down personally and sort out the matter. Naina is disturbed and tells Kartik and Dilip (who joins later on, I think) that she has never missed any concert of Angad's and this is a big one, how will things get managed. Angad assures her that everything will run smoothly and  that Kartik and he will manage things on their own. Naina is not too happy but realizes she doesn't have much choice, and then the three of them leave for Office.


Angad is seen to potter around the house, when Dadi comes and Angad reacts happily like a child and gives her a warm, bear hug. Dadi smiles affectionately and asks him, ''Duniya ka sabse accha baccha kaisa hai?'' Angad and Dadi are shown to share a great rapport and Dadi seems to love him like anything. Angad seems to be a little lost and Dadi asks him what is bothering her darling baby, for which Angad asks her if she too thinks that he is too insensitive as a person. Dadi smiles knowingly and tells him, oh so that is what is eating you up today. Dadi says that Angad is like the Race Horse which has been trained rigourously to just look ahead and concentrate on the race and win it by hook or crook. If the race Horse ever makes the mistake of looking on his sides, he will probably get behind in the race and lose it. Angad smiles at Dadi and asks her, is it wrong to be ambitious. Dadi smiles back sweetly and as Angad places his head in her lap (I was like awwww in this!) she says that it is definitely not wrong to be ambitious but it is wrong to be inhuman. Angad is taken aback and asks Dadi that she too thinks that he is inhuman. Dadi says that she knows that Angad is a sensitive and loving person, but he has buried that facet of his personality under layers of outwardly harshness and ruthless ambition and he does not let his inner goodness come in the way of his achievements. Angad gets a little introspective and tells her that if ever he did make the mistake of falling in love with someone, then it would probably interfere with the career and his future plans and he would never want it that way, he says that he is sure, he wants to put everything in the backburner for his ambition and future and that he is willing to make any amount of sacrifices. Then both Dadi and Angad get into a very jovial, leg-pulling mode and  Dadi keeps pulling Angad's leg and he keeps giving smart retorts back. Angad is like, what is this Dadi, you keep calling me a Horse, then you say I am inhuman, this is not fair, I am your favourite Bachha, how can you call me names? Dadi goes like, awww, my baby and then Dadi tells him how would he like to have his favourite Chocolate Cake baked specially by Dadi in the evening. Angad is like, wow, yum, yum, ofcourse, I would eat the whole thing up. Dadi tells him that he can drop by at her home after his evening jog. Angad mocks and tells her that, ''Chocolate Cake after evening jog?'' Dadi tells him to shut-up and jog for one hour extra! Angad hugs her and tells her that he will surely drop in by at her home in the evening.


Dadi is shown to be frantically preparing the Chocolate Cake for her favourite person in the kitchen with her maid helping out. Dadi tells her that she has not even started baking the Cake and Angad will come by any moment and ask for it, what will she say. (Dadi seems to be besotted with her grandson, like all other women!) Dadi looks pretty unhappy with the way the Batter is turning out and she asks the help to get some additional flour for the same. As the Maid goes to fetch flour, Kripa comes in and hugs Dadi affectionately from behind and Dadi is elated to see her. Kripa is curious as to what is going on, while Dadi tells her to go and see where the maid is, she had gone to fetch some flour for the Cake. As Kripa goes to see her, the maid comes in and bumps into Kripa, spilling the entire contents on to her Kameez! Kripa is like, oh no, while Dadi starts laughing and tells her to go to her room and change. Kripa very cutely tells her that she doesn't have another set of clothes, Dadi tells her to put on her track-suit. Kripa goes to Dadi's bedroom, gets a pair of track suits and goes to the washroom to take a shower. Just then our stud enters prancing happily and looking va, va, vroom in a pair of sleeveless T and track-pants, sweating from this evening jog! He goes straight to the kitchen and very cutely asks the maid  where is his Dadi and where is his Cake, the maid, who seems to be equally besotted with Angad Baba tells him that Dadi has gone out for 5 minutes and he can wait for her in the living room. Angad is like, ok, whatever and goes straight to Dadi's bedroom. He takes off his shirt and then stands infront of the mirror and admires his muscles and all and seems generally very happy with himself. As he keeps admiring himself in front of the mirror, and does something with the towel like Superman, Kripa dressed in a bath-robe, very causally comes into the room from the Washroom and both of them are facing their backs. Suddenly Angad begins to whistle a tune, and Kripa is stunned and slowly turns to look around, at the same time, Angad who is completely unaware of anything, is still admiring himself and he also turns around and both of them shout at the same time, ''TUM?'' Angad is stunned and Kripa looks ready to faint, Angad is highly embarrassed and wraps the towel around his bare chest and Kripa is mortified and quickly puts a towel over herself and asks him, the words barely tumbling out of her mouth, what is he doing her, Angad who is still shocked, asks her what is she doing out here. Both of them keep looking at each other for some time, with the Camera panning on Angad and Kripa's eyes and while Kripa lowers her eyes, Angad keeps looking at her, mesmerized and hypnotized for a moment. Kripa just shakes her head and rushes inside the wash-room, while Angad is still not belieiving what just happened, then the cutest thing happens, Kripa very slowly opens the Washroom door slightly and as Angad turns to look at her, she puts her hand inside and says in a very slow, soft voice, ''Aap please mera track-suit mujhe denge, who andar hi reh gaya.'' Angad kind of makes a rotten face and gets an irritated look in his eyes and without saying anything, hands over the track-suit a much relieved Kripa!

But just then Dadi comes in and both Angad and Kripa are self-conscious and thoroughly embarrassed, Dadi keeps looking at both of them and smiles indulgently and tells them that its ok, no need for explanations, she can well imagine what would have happened. Angad is like, thank God, he makes a cute, relieved expression and goes out with Dadi, but not without giving a snort to Kripa, who looks ready to fall down any moment. The next scene shows Kripa looking really funny in the over-sized track-suit, looking very discomfited and coming to the living room, where Angad and Dadi are sitting. Angad throws her his typical intimidating look, but it was kind of softer than before and since he too is still embarrassed over what happened, does not say anything and looks her and there. Kripa suddenly tells Dadi that it has got really late and  that she has to leave for home, Dadi tells her nothing doing, first she has have a piece of the Cake, it is Angad's favorite. Kripa makes a funny face and says that she doesn't like Chocolate Cake, while Angad gives her antagonistic look. Dadi very sweetly says that she has to taste it since she herself baked it, Kripa is at a loss and sits down resignedly, Angad then gets up to go, Dadi scolds him maternally and tells him that both of them have to finish the Cake. The poor souls eat up the entire thing, sulking and not looking at each other at all. Dadi then tells Angad that it is very late at night and since he is going home, he can drop Kripa. Angad is like, yuck, whatever, and Kripa is like, oh no, home with this Monkey? Kripa tries to get out of the situation but Dadi refuses to listen to her, and Angad who has the cutest, sulky expression on his face tells Kripa rather harshly that he will drop her home and that he waiting for her in the Car. Kripa just keeps looking sullen and in a huff and does not reply, while Dadi asks Angad if he has forgotten anything. Angad is like, oops, and he goes and gives a warm hug to Dadi and kisses her on her cheeks and scoots off. While Kripa too hugs Dadi and is about to leave, Dadi tells her that she should not judge Angad so soon and so harshly, people are always not what them seem to be. Kripa gets a sad expression on her face and  tells Dadi that its true what she has said, people are not what they always seem to be. Dadi understands Kripa's meaning, and tells her that this is not what she meant, and that as Angad's grandmother, she knows him inside and out and tells Kripa to be less judgemenal towards Angad and she will realize what she has just said. Kripa appears confused and just bids good-bye and leaves.


Angad and Kripa are shown to be in the Car, sulking and brooding and generally in a resentful and morose mood. While Angad is concentrating on is driving, Kripa is looking out, and at times looking at Angad covertly! Angad gives a sly look at Kripa and then gets a very devilish expression on his face and suddenly increases the speed of his Car and as Kripa looks on scared and shocked, he begins driving very, very fast. Kripa is petrified and asks him what is wrong with him and why is he driving the Car so fast. Angad gives her a grouchy look and tells her that this is the way he always drives and if she has a problem with his driving, then she can just get off here and now. Angad pulls his Car to a stop at a deserted place, Kripa just gives one fuming look at Angad, who is obviously enjoying the drive now, and gets off the Car in a huff. Angad doesn't even bother to look back and Kripa and just drives off leaving the poor thing stranded in the middle of nowhere. As Kripa, looking very cute and lost in the over-sized trackpants and slippers walks down, dejected, tired and slightly scared, a roadside waif begins to follow her. The guy is middle-aged and looks like a junky or something, at first Kripa does not notice, then she is very anxious and begins to walk very fast, the junky keeps following her and he too speeds up. Kripa is now terrified and starts running, just then the swanky Red Car pulls back and Kripa's fearful, timorous expression changes into one of reprieve and she breaks into a tearful smile as she watches Angad walking out of the Car looking intense and forceful and walks toward the Urchin, who is now obviously scared. As Kripa looks at Angad, who seems as if he will he will just kill the guy, in the most hilarious and funny manner, Angad's expression changes into one of extreme, false sweetness and he puts his hand over the Urchin's shoulders and tells him rather kindly, that he is an old guy, why is he wandering about like this alone in the middle of the night  and that he should get into his Car, he will drop him wherever he wants to go. (I must have laughed for atleast 5 minutes continuously in this, the way Angad's expression changes was so good, so cute and so funny!) As a stunned and appalled Kripa looks on, her eyes wide open with surprise, Angad throws her a, ''I won this round baby'' type of cheeky look and very coolly drives off with the guy. Kripa is still shocked and then realizes how Angad has made a total cartoon of her and stomps her feet in frustration and picks up a stone and hurls it at Angad's Car, and mutters something in irritation!!! Angad is almost laughing aloud as he drives off with the Old Man!  As Kripa walks down dejected and irritated, her face lights up when she sees Angad's Car parked down and he lying on the Bonnet very coolly, as if nothing has happened. Kripa is very happy at seeing him, but at the same time angry, she just gives one cold stare at Angad, who is completely unperturbed and sits in the Car. Angad hops inside the Car and gives her a, ''you loser'' type of a competitive look and very victoriously drives off as Kripa is majorly frustrated and annoyed!


As the Car pulls down at the Khanna House, Naina, Dilip and Kartik are seen to be in another Car, leaving for the Airport. Naina tells an indifferent Dilip and an irritated Kartik, that just because she is away, she doesn't want anything going wrong with Angad's concert and that she will never tolerate if anything messes up. She says that she cannot bear to take one single chance with Angad's career, Kartik looks quite upset but tells Naina to cool down and that he will take care of the Concert behind her back. Naina tells Kartik to find the best replacement for Tania, for which Kartik tells her that she should rethink about getting Kripa back, as she already knows the composition well and getting a new person at this stage won't be such a good idea. Naina tells him stubbornly that nothing doing, she can't stand Kripa being anywhere near Angad and that he will perform only with the best talent. Kartik gives up and just shuts up. Just then the three notice, Angad and Kripa in the Car, and Naina gets very disturbed and asks Dilip and Kartik, what is Kripa doing with Angad. Dilip is not bothered and says that they must have come back together from the rehearsals, so what, just let him be. Angad leaves Kripa sitting in the Car and goes towards this parents and brother and bids a very affectionate good-bye to Naina (who clearly loves him too, as opposed to what we were thinking earlier) who tells him to not be careless and practice well for the concert. Angad teases his mom and tells her that if she worries so much for him, she will get wrinkles on her beautiful face, Naina's face lights up with affection for Angad and she tells him to be serious sometimes. Kartik and Dilip both break into a laughter and we see a rare glimpse of the Happy Khanna Family. Kripa is looking at them from distance and she has a strange look on her face. Angad bids good-bye to his Parents and walks off.


Angad and Kripa are shown simultaneously in their bedrooms, both lying on their beds, and both thinking about each other and both getting disturbed by their thoughts! Angad keeps thinking of the Bathroom scene, where he had bumped into Kripa and how she had been mortified with embarassement. Angad is highly disturbed and gets up and then switches the lights off and then keeps tossing & turning on his bed, trying to catch some sleep.

Kripa, meanwhile is equally disturbed and keeps thinking of Angad slapping her back, in the Studio and then about their Car Drive and how he had waited for her, lying on the bonnet. Kripa appears to be very confused and she too switches off the lights and tries to go off to sleep!


Kripa goes to meet Tania at her place the next day and overhears a conversation between Tania and her Mom and gets to know that Tania is facing a huge financial crisis because she has been thrown out of Angad's group. Tania sees Kripa and is pretty rude to her, Kripa tries to talk to her, but Tania gets emotional and tells her that Mumbai has no place for losers and that no one has time to wipe off the tears of people who have failed to make it, and that Kripa should go and make her future, so that she won't be alone and waiting for someone to wipe her tears off. As a sad Kripa listens on, Tania tells her that she dreamed of an upper-middle class existence, and ended up in a financial and emotional mess like this, because of people like Angad, who will trample anyone and everyone, to secure their future. Tania breaks down and walks off, while Kripa is shown to be shaken up and thinks to herself, that ''No Dadi, I was not wrong in judging Angad, he is what he seems to be.''


Very cute episode, I loved the Car scene, especially the way Angad's expression changes from that of intense, anger to that of false sweetness, and the way he gives a victorious look at Kripa was priceless. Iqbal acted superbly, his comic  timing is just bang-on and he looks all the more endearing when he has this innocent, sweet, boyish look on his face. Kripa looked like a 13 year old going for a Pyjama Party in the Track-suit, she looked about 10 years younger than Angad, but nevertheless these two share a wonderful and warm on-screen chemistry, even in the scenes, where there is no romance or intensity potrayed! Loved the interactions b/w Angad and Dadi, atleast one person in the Khanna House treats him like a baby and spoils him with love & affection instead of unwanted independence and wealth! Angad looked such a chweety pie in this and the way he puts his head on Dadi's lap was so heart-warming! So, Dadi is one person who understand and sees the human in Angad and adores him absolutely! I liked the fact that she calls him, ''Duniya ka sabse pyaara baccha'', that was so sweet! And after today's episode, I am of the view that Naina is not a bad Mother to Angad, she is just a highly misguided one, she is seeking to fulfill her ambition through Angad, but at the same time, is hyper about his career, the way most Modern Mothers today are…..its just that Naina has been dramatized to make her look like a Monster. I actually liked her interaction with Angad today, and the way she brushes him off like a typical mom, when he pulls her leg! There is definitely something special about Angad, he shares a great rapport with almost all the characters, and I am not just talking about Iqbal the Actor, I am also commenting on Angad, the Character! Overall an interesting episode and a very funny one too!

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urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Thanks Chilly for the update. You have tremendous patience ...hats off to you.
saarahkhann IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:15am | IP Logged
wonderful update chilly...thanx a million
Rupa87 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:19am | IP Logged
thank u so much for ur wonderful update. i just cant wait to see it tonight.
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot....amazing update Clap
dreamerrrrr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
thanx soo much for the update definately a funny episodeLOL
bips IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:24am | IP Logged


totally a cute episode....i was just smiling thru out....n gr8 update......but somehow i think they have jumped the gun..... angad is supposed to be this arrogant, insensitive brat.....n later kripa discovers his softer side..... but they are already starting to show him very normal boderline cute..... wasn't this supposed to be a long process ?

but still it was a way toooooooooo cute episode.....smiles all the way TongueTongue


Jots Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2005 at 11:25am | IP Logged

thanks alot for the wonderful update chillyflakes Big smile


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