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.:.Khatta-Meetha Express #1 - Forever Together.:.

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Khatta-Meetha Express #1 - Forever Together

Ridzzi Enters: Hello Ji Hello, LOL U all must be thinking whats wrong with me to say 'Ji' well thats what Parvarrish has done to me, Sweety 'Ji' Lucky 'Ji' All Ji ROFL
Jyoti Enters: Hello! Ridzzi Stern Smile u love to make a fool of yourself na.. ROFL
Ridzzi: Jyo Shocked Yehi mera andaaz hai, I am VERY Special ErmmLOL
Jyoti: Such a BIG lies, SPECIAL?!? YOU?!?! Stern Smile Forget all This Now, Why are we here? Confused
Ridzzi: Angry I knew u would Forget for what are we here..
Jyoti: Ohhh I remembered Cool To Grill u with 500 Questions. Big smileLOL
Ridzzi: Noo Ouch We are here for Something else, Jyo think, think, think Ermm
Jyoti: ShockedShocked Haan, I remembered, D'oh We are here to do a very special thing and that is welcome our Sweet Parvarrish Members to

Parvarrish Newsletter Issue #1
Which is Called the 'Khatta-Meetha Express'

Ridzzi & Jyoti: We would Like to Welcome ALL of YOU to the 1st Issue of the Khatta-Meetha Express of the Parvarrish Forum!

I would Like to thank all the NL-Team Members, for their Help and the Entire Forum Members' for their endless Support. Great Stuff by everyone! Special thanks to Jyoti for being such a sweet Moderator.

Enjoy Reading Everyone! Hope U Like this Issue, and I would like to know ur Feedback on this NL, So that we can Improve and do better in NL Issue #2

3 CHEERS to ALL the Parvarrish-NL Members and also a BIG BIG THANK YOU!

> Dialogue Of the Week:
aquariun26 & Shwets1502
> Picture Of the Week: aquariun26 & SBSrocks
> Summary Of the Week: swethasyam08
> Emotional Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Funny Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Boring Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Irritating Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Best Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Rating Of the Week: sns23
> Best Costume Of the Week: sns23
> Best Episode Of the Week: Priyank.
> Filler Episode Of the Week: swethasyam08

> Avi Of the Week: jyoti06
> Siggie Of the Week: jyoti06

> Winner Siggie/Avi: Sublime Fantasy
> Newsletter Banners/Logos: -Stutz- & shareen
> Post Layout/Idea: -Ridzzi- & jyoti06

Loads Of Love,
NL-Heads: Jyoti (jyoti06) Cool and Ridzzi (-Ridzzi-) Approve


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7th May, 2012
Epi #121
Rocky comes home with blood on his hand. Sweety ji shouts at him and asks what happened. Rocky says he had a fight and goes to his room. Sweety ji calls Lucky ji in anger and says that Rocky had a fight.
Raavi was in deep thought of the incident and she gets scared for phone and door bell sounds.
Luckyji comes home shouting at Rocky and Sweety ji says to control but he goes in anger to Rocky's room. He talks to him lovingly explains his experience and how he handled it. He says to remember that what ever he acts, it effects on the parvarish of his parents. Rocky gets inspiration from his father's words.
Sweety ji comes and says he unnecessarily taunted Rocky and caresses him and says she will take care of her kids and takes him to the room.
Raavi thinks in which problem she is in. Pinky ji comes and says to Raashi that Dad is calling and asks her to leave right now. She asks Raavi what happened and Raavi covers up saying headache. Jeet n Pinky asks abt Raavi's diff. behaviour but she says that its all exam tension and nothing else. But Pinky smells something fishy.
Next day Raavi checks for the guys and after finding none runs and hides in bus and checks from the window. but the guy was sitting beside her.
8th May, 2012 Epi #122
Raavi gets a bad dream of that boy's presence in the bus. Next day she refuses to go to school but her parents send her. She checks the bus thoroughly and says abt the dream to Rashi. Rashi consoles her.
The kids were returning and the guy comes and gives a letter n rose to Raavi. Rocky, Ginny n Rashi threatens the boy and they make comment that Raavi liked the rose. They ask Raavi as why she didn't answer to the guy. She says that he knows her name and now they need to say everything to their parents.
Rocky says everything to Lucky ji. He calls Jeet ji and says all this. Jeet ji is disappointed abt his parenting. He panics what if they are in college and who will help them. They decide not to let their women know abt this.
Lucky ji assures to have faith and they will solve this problem soon. He comments that its not the problem with their parenting but of those guys parents coz of whom these guys creates problems.
9th May, 2012 Epi #123
Jeet hesitates to go home but Lucky ji fills in confidence and and he reminds of the will power god has given to the parents. Near the apt. Jeet run into a kid who is on cycle. He shouts at him and reaches home.
Pinky ji & kids are surprised to see him early at home. Jeets says that he want spend time with his family. He observes Raavi being dejected in all this. 
He talks to Raavi, who knows that Jeet got the news. She burst out in to tears and says she is scared to go out. She tells her doubts of being watched and want to be home the next day.
Jeet gets the blanket which was the magic blanket as he named. He assures her not to worry just coz of one person. He says he will drop her in school and also keep an eye. He gives her a pepper spray for her protection. Jeet is all disappointed at the situation.
Next day, Pinky thinks that something is cooking up and calls Sweety ji who assures that everything is fine and asks her to be cool.
Lucky ji, Jeet ji & Rocky are waiting for the guy and they see someone and follow him. But to their surprise its not the one. The creep comes to Raavi and asks abt the rose and holds Raavi's hand. She slaps him. That guy thinks that Raavi will pay for it.

10th May, 2012 Epi #124
Raavi worrying for slapping him. Rashi says she would have given him more. Pinky isn't in home and she leaves a note abt the keys and food. 
Luckyji takes the bike keys from that creep's friend and gives him his card. He tells him to bring that fellow to his office, or forget abt the bike.
R & R both have food and Rashi leaves to play. Raavi lifts the call and to her shock it's the creep. He says that he know even her address and he isn't nearby. Raavi hangs up the call and is all terrified. The phone keeps ringing but she won't answer. She thinks the problem isn't over and runs to her room.
Lucky ji & Jeet ji were waiting for that guy in the office. Rocky enquires abt the guy and Ginny concerned abt Raavi. Sweety ji don't understand the situation. Ginny wants to go to b'day party and Lucky ji asks Rocky to accompany her.
The phone again rings and Raavi puts the receiver a side. The guy (DJ) says he want to be friend with her. She cuts the call and when the door bell rings she hides her self all terrified. Pinky ji wonders what happened to her and takes her on a walk. Raavi scared on seeing a gang of boys and when a bike passes by she shouts. Pinky got worried but she covers up.
Jeet ji is fed up and wants to file a police complaint but Lucky ji calms him down.
Sweety ji tries to get the info from Rocky n Ginny but they lie. Sweety ji is determined to know the truth.

Raavi wants Rashi to accompany her home as she is alone. But Rashi is busy playing and she doesn't care to go. Raavi is fed up and walks home and near the lift, watchman hands over her a bouquet and informs her that some guy has asked him to give it to her. Raavi is shocked.
11th May, 2012 Epi #125
Raavi throws the bouquet and card and runs to the house. Rashi n Sunny comes homes. Raavi scared to open the door but after listening to their voices she opens the door. Rashi n Sunny are shocked to see Raavi in that condition.
DJ's friend reaches Lucky ji's office and was abt to steal his bike. Sweety ji shouts and Luckyji n Jeet ji who were coming downstairs catch hold of him and give earful. The reveal all that happened to her.
Sweety ji with full josh scares him of calling police and get the address of DJ.
The door bell rings and R,R & S are scared. Raavi asks not to open. Rashi manages to see who it is but its pizza boy sent by DJ. Raavi after listening to neighbours sound she takes it. She was abt to throw it on the ground floor from balcony but shocked to see DJ there. She throws it down and he was seeing as if what to do next. All the 3 kids are scared.
Pinky ji, Jeet ji, Sweety ji n Lucky ji reaches home. Pinky ji asks what's the matter and why aren't they saying to her. Sweety ji takes her to the room. Jeet ji goes to see Raavi and finds all the kids hugging and slept in fear. His stands broken heart to see them so. He consoles some how.
Later they explain to Pinky ji. Pinky ji says she is not scared and she knows that this day would come. But she is bad that their daughter has grown up so fast. She is missing the innocence of her child.

I am here to tell u the MOST Emotional Scene Of the Week, Well It goes without a Doubt that the scene between Raavi-Jeet was the BEST! Embarrassed In this scene, Jeet makes Raavi Confident. Raavi's relationship with her father was so much that she even knew that he dad has come to know all that has happened with her. Embarrassed

The Boost and Love that Jeet had for Raavi was so special, It was a DIFFERENT feeling ALL together, the way he explains the things to her, the way in which he gave her confident, EVERYTHING was so sweet and Lovely. Embarrassed The way Raavi opened and spoke everything out was too good. Embarrassed
In All a TOTAL Emotional Scene!

I am totally Confused as to what was FUNNY?!? Everything was like Emotional..Well.. I think when Pinky-Sweety have that convo, remember? They talk to each other thinking, what everyone is upto. They feel that there is something special for them which is FALSE LOL

Then another scene where Rocky-Ginny are going somewhere and then Sweety tries to remove things out of them, but they stay quite. Sweety's Expression's were really VERY FUNNY ROFL

There wasn't ANY Boring Scene, Everything was Interesting, But Since there was NO Boring Scene, I'll tell u the BEST Scene.

Well, This too without a doubt, was the Episode where the creep is SLAPPED. Creep SLAPPED by Raavi which was ALL IN ALL Unexpected. LOL Creep is that STALKER, But that was SO AMAZING! He did deserve the Slap, Raavi's Slap was the cake, and her 'Get Lost' was like the Cherry on the Top. Clap Though her is thinking of something creepy, Still the slap was the Highlight of the entire Episode. Thumbs Up
All in All it was definitely THE BEST Scene ROFL

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So here is Dialogue of the week
"Karni pare gi aapko baat.mai akeli maa nai hoo. aap bhi pita hain.samjhe aap?"

This is when Sweety ji was getting angry on Rocky due to injury on his fore arm.she was complaining about this to Lucky ji and at the end she says this dialogueLOL

There are many dialogues which are good but i selected this one only because i found reality in it.we find our mothers saying this dialogue in our lives as well.that's why i picked it.Big smileit is common in everyone's life.every mother complaints about her child to her husband like this.and also sweety ji has delivered this dialogue so beautifully that we find reality in it.she is acting like a real and typical mother and her dialogues are always perfect.Tongue

Here's another DOTW
Jeet to Raavi: "Sach toh ye hai ki hum tume ek acha society nahi de paya"

In a sea of dull and over-used colors, this bright tunic catches the eye. This outfit, is classy, casual and trendy at the same time. Paired with pretty green earrings, this outfit is definitely a winner.

Sweety Ahluwalia

Lots of action by the 'Awesome Foursome' cousins this week. But the award for this particular category goes to, or better say, is snatched by none other than our very own Sweety Ahluwalia .. Though the males along with the kids were somehow handling the situation, but it was Sweetyji who within few minutes not only traced the guy down with her motor-mouth lecture to a certain 'Jogi', but also confronted the kids and the fathers for hiding such big truth from the ladies. Girls become friends to their mothers once they enter teenage. Father can provide security, but it's always the mother who can provide with the much needed emotional support. Thanks to Sweety ji's confrontation, Pinky's aware of the problem. Lecture, Confrontation - added with her 'usual' funny phrases like - 'Maa Baap ne bhi kya dhundhke naam rakha hai' - TOTALLY adds spice to the show and cheers the audience for few minutes. Now it's upto Pinky if she will be strong enough to put confidence in Raavi to face the world or not.


Undoubtedly the person who also wins 'Stalker of the week' award. Guess you already know who it is, cuz unfortunately, we dont have a name for this character yet. But name or no name, he is the ideal representative of thousand of eve-teasers in the country who trouble girls and stalk them to make their lives a living hell. With a bike and a smile on his face, he leaves no stone unturned to make your blood boil whenever you see him following Raavi to the school or to the bus-stop or even call her to her apartment. This deals with a very age-old common yet serious problem of all the countries across the world which even causes serious mental trauma and other disorders for girls with weak nerves like Raavi. Now that the guy has been traced down, audience can expect a mature and sensible ending of the track which will not only help the parents of the girls to teach their daughters about how to handle such situations, but also will help the parents of the stalkers on how to react and teach their sons a lesson so that they dont even dream of going down to the same track ever in their lives.

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Picture Of The Week, My Fav
i really love this sceneLOLbecause sweety ji is meddling in other people's affairs in this sceneLOL

She is awesome.the boy is getting scared because of her anger.sweety ji was succeeded to make that boy feel guilty because she is thinking that the boy has stolen the bike.LOL

Episode Date: 9th May (Wednesday) Episode #123

Reason: Really liked the conversation between Jeet and LuckyJi where Lucky was consoling Jeet and also liked Jeet's way of explaining Raavi not to hide anything from parents through a short story and also the discussion that led thereafter between both of them\

Kind Regards

I really didn't feel that there is any filler in this week's episode. It was perfect pace with equal amounts of all emotions.

Rating - 3.5/ 5

The week started off well, by touching an issue which is present not just in India, but everywhere in the world. Eve-teasing, is something, that will shake a woman's confidence to its core. Raavi's fear and insecurity about being followed all the time, was portrayed very well. But there were quite a few details, that I found rather silly, considering the seriousness of the issue being addressed. Raavi accepting something that a known stalker gave her, or  actually hesitating in telling the guy off was something that puts one off. Here is a girl, who is scared to her bones to even go to school, and every time this guy comes in front of her, she seems to be giving both him and the viewers mixed signals - as though she is actually interested in the guy.

The multiple solutions to this problem, even more bizarre.  Kids dressing up in Karate outfits to try and scare these bullies - Rashi and Ginny are still too young to realize the seriousness of the situation, but Rocky is shown actually accepting and praising this? What was supposed to be a show of strength, fell rather flat. The slap that finally came, as well, felt like it might be too little too late. But considering that this is a daily soap, all the extra drama can be overlooked..

The end of the week saw Sweety and Pinky finally getting to know what was happening, and added the punch to this story line. Pinky's anguish and helplessness was wonderfully executed and portrayed. Here's hoping that the next week, the creep finally gets what he deserves!!

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In this Section we will have additional 2 Sections i.e, Siggy of the Week and Avi of the Week, In these 2 sections, 1 Siggy and 1 Avi from the Creations Gallery will be chosen as the Siggy & Avi of the week, and the creator of the Siggy & Avi will be given a GIFT! Embarrassed

Best Siggy-Maker of the Week goes to -Ridzzi-
Here is the beautiful Siggy made by  -Ridzzi-

Here's Your GIFT!

Best Avi-Maker of the Week goes to Faraan_4_Shweta
Here is the beautiful Avi made by Faraan_4_Shweta

Here's Your GIFT!

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Note for Everyone
A Very Beautiful work done by the Entire NL-team, Thumbs Up I want all the members of the forum to please have a look at the NL Cool and give ur Views on it, Criticism, Likes, Appreciations are much welcomed, Big smile Give us ur views and then we can have an improvement in the NL. Embarrassed

Note for the NL-Members
Yay! Party Our 1st NL is FINALLY UP! We had some late entries, but thats Fine Embarrassed u all must be busy, but we were really happy to see everyone sending their entries, Next time, U can also write a few things for the NL Viewers, so that they too get engrossed in the NL LOL Anyway, Wonderful work by everyone.. Dancing Everyone needs a BIG Round of  Applause. Clap

See u wonderful people Next week. Embarrassed
Ok Also, 1 more thing, -Juliet- is -Ridzzi- so call me Ridzzi only, NO Juliet LOL Hopefully my Username will be Back to -Ridzzi- soon Tongue

Parvarrish NL Heads Big smile

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OMGG This is a beautiful edition of Newsletter ClapClapClapClap...loved it Day Dreaming..the entire team has done a wonderful job with the selections StarStarStarStar...Siggies , texts , banners ,write-ups ,layouts everything is looking top-notch ClapClapClapClap
Congrats for the first NL edition ClapClapClap

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Great Work by everyone, the 1st edition of the NL is just awesome, cant ask for more

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