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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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Do Ajnabee MG FF new thread link added in pg157

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Hi all Maaneetians
how r u all
I'm again with my new FF as I told my two ongoing FF will complete by this month as there is only couple of parts left and as I Promised to start new FF here it's  New FF , another FF will also be come soon Embarrassed
All of u always giving me ur love, support for my all FF and I hope and wish and req u all to continue this in future also
love u all
my new FF

" Do Ajnabee"

Glitter Text

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

pls see the next posts also

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Glitter Text

Concept :-

               He is MP             

She is First Yr M.COM student

He is King of his Place, territory

She is Princess of Her Home

He is laadla of his home

She is laadli of her home

He is arrogant, angry

She is kind hearted.

He has his own charm to love his near ones and destroy his enemy

She has her own charm to make every one love her.

He has his own world and very few friends

She has lots of friends and she can make easily any one her friends

He is well matured

She is too naive and innocent

He don't believe in love , he believes in hard reality

She dreams about her prince charming and for her love is everything.

His love for his near one is extreme

Her love for her near one also extreme

His hate for his enemy also extreme

Hate word doesn't exist in her life

Meet MP Maan Singh Khurana and bubbly, beautiful Geet Handa in

"Do Ajnabee"

Vm made by Angel (gelgurti)

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

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Glitter Text

Maan Singh Khurana :-30yrs old MP, he is very hot, strong, , rude some time, arrogant, man, for him everything is extreme ,love or hate. He loves his family very much.his enemy feared him like hell.In his dictionary forget & forgive doesn't exist.

Geet Handa :-22yrs old, first yr Student of , beautiful , matured, bubbly girl, she dreams about her prince charming and waiting for him. For her world love is everything.

Savitri Singh Khurana :-51yrs old mother of Maan Singh Khurana ,very determined, strong headed woman, once she handled alone their family business

Rajveer Singh Khurana:-57yrs old retired from his party and business ,he was once shrewd business man. He is still has authority ,people said maan got it from his parents , sply from her papa . he is still an angry young man but has golden heart.

Megha Khurana:-20yrs old sister of maan Singh khurana , daughter of  Savitri Singh Khurana , princess of her house and everyone's heart. But very arrogant, & snob. But loves her brother very much.

Aditya Singh Khurana:-27yrs old. Younger brother of Maan Singh Khurana,and one and only friend of maan also ,he is handling business , maan insist him to join serious politics but aditya deny every time but whenever possible he will helped him.

Yash Singhnia :-25yrs old cousin of  Maan Singh Khurana ,care free nature , don't serious about anything,friend of Geet Handa .


Natasha Kapoor :-23yrs old model cum actress , snob arrogant woman lust on maan want to fall him on her trap for his power & money.

Meera Kapoor :-25yrs old architect of Khurana Construction, admire maan for his honesty and think him as her big brother.meera is elder sister of Natasha

Mohindar Handa:- 55yrs old father of Geet Handa, MD of  Handa Textiles and Handa Construction .he is very strong headed person but soft only for his family sply for his princess geet.

Rano Handa:-51yrs old Mother of Geet handa ,social worker & Artist (Painter ), she loves her family very much, they r everything for him. His husband is her sole inspiration.

Randeep Handa:-29yrs Adopted son of Mohindar & Rano Handa and brother of Geet Handa,he lived in USA, perfect Casanova.he is but for him geet is everything, for geet's happiness he can do anything , anything means anything.

Sheetal Shekhawat :- 21yrs old class mate of Geet for her some own selfish reason, she is very nice to geet in front of her but in real ?

Pari D'souza:-21yrs old Class mate of Geet, very jovial, lovely beautiful girl . loved geet.

Rahul Singh Khurana:-20yrs old ,Careless,hot headed, and lust on women, proud of his power of coming from Khurana family

Veer Chatterjee:-29yrs old ACP ,very handsome, honest police Officer

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

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Glitter Text


A young girl wearing a jeans and olive color Top and enter the Disc for her friends . today her friend's birthday sot hey decided to celebrate it here.

She spotted them and cheer hiii and went to meet them . they cut the cake , and she fed him and hugged him when as a friendly gesture but he feels something else.

Later they bid good night and went from there .

That girl left alone when that boy stopped her & offered her for a help. She denied politely but boy insist as it's too late so. The girl agreed with him.


Two days later:-

A man came out from his room and take a blessing from his mom and dad then said ma I'm going to office will see u at night.

Mama:-but son, at least take ur breakfast .

Man:- mama will take something at office bye mama and kissed her cheeks and left from there when his dad smiles & said y u r so tensed darling.

Mama:-I'm not tensed Raj , he is not taking care . he is neglecting his health Raj.

Raj :-Savitri , shhh don't worry , He is fine and he is busy with his duty and don't  take stress .

Savitri :- u will not understand , see he should agree for that proposal ,

Raj take a seat and said which proposal savitri ,

Savitri :- well meera's sister Natasha ,

Raj:-hmmm, we will talk about it later now Savitri where is Rahul and yash now?

Savitri :-Well yash went to meet his friend for some study as u know exam is coming and Rahul is sleeping , told me that he is tired .

Raj take a sip in his coffee and said well last two days he was not at home also, where was he?

Savitri: - some excursion tour.

Raj:-hmmm but still, have a look, he is too much carefree.

Savitri nodded.


Party Office:-

A young man is looking at the TV and his face color is changing gradually,He shouted Sujay SUJAY,What is this?

Sujay turned and see the Tv and noticed there is breaking news :,

Police found a Body of young girl and make her hospitalized. Doctor Said it's case of Gang Rape most probably, we see doctor r trying to hide something.we try to talk with that young girl but she is in trauma, We contact with ACP Veer Chatterjee who just said it's under investigation, we can't say more now.

That man Switched off the Tv & said what is this Sujay,what is going on our city? Make a meeting with Acp Veer with me today evening.

Sujay:- but sir

That man give him a glare when Sujay meekly said sir u have to go University for a function today.

Man :- canceled it and make this meeting first or delay it.

Sujay nodded and went to follow his boss order , his mp's order.


At 8.20 p.m, University premises :-


MP entered there when Principal welcomed him then a young lady welcome him by placed garland on his neck but her face showing some kind of disappointment.

MP amused to see it but ignored it.

Later there is some function going on , at the end there is some questions answers session between MP &  STUDENTS.

Most questions from students r general about his work, duty, love, hobby. Few about country, few about his student life, and few about his love life.

MP politely replied them back  After this questions answer session there is last session some imp debate about some imp topic.

Maan noticed that young lady participate  also. He smiles at her.

After 1 week, Meera's house:-

A young lady come & wished meera for her birthday & hugged her tightly then said so how is the birthday girl?

Meera hold her ear & said m fine doll but what about u, totally busy, forget me ha.

Young Lady:- no di, little busy but how can I forget my best chalo chalo forget it and let's cut the cake.

Meera:- wait dear, there is one surprise , my brother will be here any time , wait just for few mins.

Young Lady :-yes sure ,till then let me decorate it as I know u forget it when a young handsome boy came & said nope when there is Yash every problem will be solved within few min and madam I already done that.

Young lady oh really and hugged him then said ok now wait for meera di's spl person.

Meera smiles then they heard siren when that young lady asked who is that ?

Meera just smiles & open the door before the door bell ring and meera just hugged him & called bro, how r u?

That man hugged her back & said m fine meera,when they entered the room and find that young lady looking at him like, she seen something alien .

That man , meera let's cut the cake first .

After cutting the cake meera first fed her bro then that young lady, her sister then yash when yash hugged her and wished her again & said now bro is here so he will give u gift on behalf of me , what say bro?

But got silent after receiving glare from him.

Here Young girl keep looking here to there and looked confuse when meera's bro came & said what happen young girl.

Young girl smiles awkwardly and said to meera, she want to go to her home now when meera stopped her and said not before dinner now sit here ,no but and don't't ry to protest.and wait let me introduce well he don't need any introduction still bro come here na pls, meet my best friend come sister Geet, Geet Handa and Geet here is he MP of this state Mr Maan Singh Khurana .

Maaneet shake their hands and said formal hello when maan recognized he seen her before and yes in that university function, placed garland on my neck but constant with fuming and disturbing face and here also she is looking disturbing.

Later , at the before of dinner time, meera :-bro, come here na oh, bro actually , geet want to asked u something.


then Geet asked a question to MP

Geet:- SIR, I want to ask u a question?

When Maan turned and found she is the same one who placed a garland on his neck.

He smiles at her then said yes young lady

Geet at first felt something with that smiles then shrugged and said can u tell us where is the security for us in this city?

Maan:-Pardon miss and raised his eye brows when Geet said GEET HANDA, My name is Geet Handa ,I just want to ask a simple question being lady and  student and citizen of this city, what is ur view for girl, women, what u r doing for our safety, when we travel here there or come back to home some time late where is the security for us? Is there same fate for us also like that young girl, is that our fault to born as women when some so called men came and she make a disgusting face.

Both Meera and Yash r looking at Geet like wide eyes when

Geet:- well then I'm sorry sir I'll not as I asked a simple questions to MP Sir, no offence.

Maan:- it's ok sir, young lady , I'm glad that only one have asked this question , anyway As investigation is going on but I know it's sad thing , will say don't worry this city is still very much safe and it's my promised to u and every one culprit will behind the bar soon.and about view for girl, women then I respect them , care them and they r back bone of this society and inspiration of us, without them we r nothing, together we can changed this society .

After one week :-

Geet is running in the treadmill and thinking about her encounter with the MP, and she said to herself, no , He was not that bad, well still.

She came out from her treadmill and wiping her sweats when she got msg on her blackberry that her friends r waiting for her in her room. She slapped her head that she forgot it. She quickly took a shower and went to meet them as today there will be an outing .

She changed her dressed in light pink long skirt and white top with light pink scarf and noticed the card of MP MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

At evening, our side a Shopping mall:-

Geet is waiting for her car and just she spotted it and went to that side when some one whistled from behind but she ignored it and take a step but again some one placed remark,wanna be my chammakchallo ,

Geet try to control her anger and moved towards her car when some one push her little & she stumbled little but hold herself.

She turns but found there is crowd as she guessed right they mixed up with this huge crowd ,she cursed them and enter in the car.


Next day ,Party Office:-

Maan entered his office when he found that young student is telling something to his PA.

He smiles then said hello young lady.

Geet smiles little then said I want to talk to u .

Maan:-ok , come inside.

Geet:- can I ,ermmm I mean we talked here.

Maan:-well , ok if u don't have any problem then carry on.

Geet:- no, I'll go inside .

Maan chuckled and enter inside when Sujay looked all confused to see his boss like that.

Maan:- have a seat miss handa.

Geet smiles then said sir I want to tell u something, well I know like this coming in ur office is not good but, as it's something imp.

Maan:-hmm, ok first relax now tell me what happen?

Geet:- well there is eve teasing happening in huge way in our city and no one cares , police muted themselves like they didn't know anything and more they r mistreating us also when Maan cut her & said us means ,

Geet :-Oh I mean , last evening I faced it also.

Maan's faced changed and  he dialed a no, and shouts Sujay come inside right now and then dialed another no and said this MAAN SINGH KHURANA speaking ,ACP want to talk to u now.

Geet shivered to hear the intensity of the voice , she closed her eyes and murmur he is so angry ,I think I should go from here and get up when maan said where r u going,Geet no ,no I mean yes no , oh actually, when maan get up and noticed Sujay entered the cabin and maan said to him send some one with Miss Handa and u will meet me here then.

Then to Geet:-thanks Geet,have a nice day and take care.

Geet smiles then said same to u sir and leave the room when sujay stood there baffled.

Here two other person thinks

  Maan :- nice and impressive girl

Geet:- oh God, how angry he is .

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

P.S .:- New Readers ,who want to received pm for this FF pls send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Glitter Text




Different Life:-

Hone do Dil toh Fannaaa

Geet is dancing in her room when her cell ring but she is so engrossed in her dance , she failed to hear it.

When some one throw a pillow on her head and said Guddi , phone is keep ringing take it , other wise ur so called girl friends will sad.

Geet turned after hearing the familiar voiced and screamed in pleasure BROOO when randeep cover his ear by his hand and said calm down Guddi.

Geet jumped and hugged him tight and said I MISSED U LOTS BRO.

Randeep closed her mouth and said calm down guddi ,uff.

Geet pouted cutely like little child when randeep give her bear hug and said so how is my guddi doing?

Geet smiles broadly and said I'm doing fine bro.

Randeep :-ok; let's see who called u few mins ago .

Geet:-oh it's may be meera di

Randeep grinned stupidly and said oh really it's meera let's call her.

Geet:-oh ok . she checked her phone and found yes it's meera, she called her back & asked how r u di ?when randeep itching to talking with her but control in front of his kiddo sis.

After geet's little chit chat, she said ok di bye , see u then, take care.muhhaa and yes surely .

Randeep :- so there is plan to going out some where , u will leave here alone guddi.

Geet :-nope , there invitation for u also bro.

Randeep :- that's grt when geet hugged him and said pls bro patch up with Meera di na.

Randeep :- guddi,u r still small when geet said I'm not and don't change the topic ha.

Randeep :-ok , but guddi I never leave ur di it's ur di who left me and anyway, take shower and come fast.

Geet nodded when randeep left from there as he want to meet with his parents now.

Here in Khurana Mansion :-

Maan is reading news paper and taking sip from his coffee when aditya and rahul joined him.Both greeted him good morning ,when maan just nodded and asked rahul where was he from last two days.

Rahul is caught off guard and just smiles then said oh bro actually, when their dad came and said same questions I also want to ask rahul where r u ?

Rahul is sweating then said I.I oh actually exam is coming so went to do the join study and grp discussion u know , with some common topics and issues.

Dad:-hmmm when maan is not convinced , he is keep looking at him when adi said maan there is some phone for u, from the morning then want to meet u but u were not at town from last couple of days so.

Maan:- let them meet me at out house , m going there.

After maan leaving from there Rahul take a deep breath when aditya said dad we should appoint few more guards with Rahul and as u know what I want to say.

Dad:- agree adi .

Rahul try to protest and but can't.

Here in the Handa Palace :-

Geet is running behind Randeep as he is take her fav butter scotch and vanilla ice cream.she shouts BROOO and throw a cushion on him but it's went to some one else and it's none meera.

Randeep looked at her with sheepish smiles when meera glared him then said geet , when geet excitingly said Meera diii nd runs towards her.

Randeep chuckled to see his sis like this ,then said hi miss kapoor ,how r u? When Meera again glared him but randeep couldn't miss the moist on her eyes but meera said I'm fine how r u Mr Handa ? anyway, Geet  need to talk with u about something, come with me .

Meera dragged geet from there to her room.

Randeep only smirked the left from there.

Here in the geet's room:-

Meera :- what is this ? u didn't informed me that u faced eve teasing .

Geet lowered her head and said oh actually ,oh sir means mr khurana told me that to lodged a complaint against them but for now he will see this matter and I forgot to share or say .I'm sorry di.

Meera looked at her intently then said bro told u, hmm ok, did u say this to ?

Geet lowered her head and said no didi I forgot and sorry ,now what to do?

Meera:- u have to tell them , let them come back , we will talk with uncle and aunty .

Geet nodded like good girl.

Later at evening,Geet's papa :- geet come to my study want to talk with u.

Geet meekly nodded and looked at meera and then moved


mohindar's study room :-


Geet entered their with lowered head when mohindar placed his hand on her head and cares it lovingly and asked what happen geet?

Geet:-I'm sorry papa, I didn't want to hide it it's just slip of my mind when mohindar make her seat on the sofa and said shhh beta looked me  first I'm not angry on that matter at all, u r my princess , but yes some where I'm little hurt beta, see we r friends more than father 'daughter then when I came to know about this from some where else , some one else .

Geet hugged mohindar and said sorry sorry papa, trust me papa, it's just slip of my mind, I know that u might be felt really bad but papa seriously I just , sorry sorry.

Mohindar patted her then said shhh beta, it's ok now tell me what exactly happen ?

Geet narrate the whole incident then said oh sir told me to lodge complaint so I when mohindar said good , now I will see the matter who dare to raised his eyes on my princess.

Geet hugged him when mohindar said I'll accompany u tomorrow and talk with ur sir and principal, chancellor in the university when geet said ok papa then mohindar asked will u share ur sir's name ?I want to thanks him personally also. He helped us when geet said surely papa, he helped me and even promised to looked after this matter personally, even he will discuss this matter with his government so women's security can increased when mohindar look shocked and asked what r u saying beta? Who is he ,how he is involved with government ?

Geet: - he is very much involved with government papa, he is mp of this state Mr Maan Singh Khurana.

Mohindar received another shocked then said how do u know him ?

Geet:-oh we met him in the university function then at meera di's place, he is brother of meera di.

Mohindar :-hmmm, understand , ok beta will talk later now princess from now whatever the issue , just talk with me ha,

Geet nodded happily and apologies again when her papa said it's ok beta, now go to sleep and no bed time story , it's too late , u have morning classes so good night.

Geet smiles and wished him back good night and went from there.

Here, rano is waiting for geet with milk glass and her face is dull when geet noticed it and hold her ear and said sorry sorry I will never do it pakka ,promise.

Rano smiles then patted her head and said u know we will not angry on u for a moment but geet never do it again, we r as parents need to know what is happening with our children and u will more understand it when u will get married and become mama.

Geet who is playing with her milk glass listen it and said no I'll not marry now and never, mama , don't punish me like that., ok I'm sorry ,but mama pls.and more I'm still kid , I have so many dream so shaadi cancel and good night mama see I finish this milk and kissed her mama's cheek & cover her fully upto her face when her mama said stop this drama in front me and grow up.

Mama:-I'll not and again good night mama.

Rano smiles to see her kiddo daughter and kissed her forehead and cover her properly then switched off it the light and closed the door when geet sighed and said sorry friends we will not meet today, and kissed her bed time story book, Cinderella.


One day later geet is playing cross word in news paper when meera said geet, take ur chocolate milkshake and try to grow up.

Geet excitingly said di m , di it's my fav pass time, I was searching this news paper  from last few many days and finally got it.gosh thnku thnku oh di , forget to tell u mama want to talk with u, she tell me to convey my msg to u .

Meera :-ok , I'll call her when geet said di , I'm wondering about one thing papa came to know about eve teasing and lodging complaint but how?

Meera:- don't u forget he is ur father and Mr Mohindar Handa , he know everything and sply about u.

Geet nodded and said oh toh hain , di I hurt them,I know papa and mama will not say anything as they love me lots but still I didn't do it intentionally, it's just

Meera hold her hand and said geet, they know u and trust u don't worry.they understand it's slip of mind nothing more. So chill and forget everything but yes from next time don't forget this little thing,ha.

Geet nodded then again concentrate on the game.

Here in Khurana Mansion :-

Personal gym of Maan:-

Maan running on treadmill and thinking about something .I don't know y but m feeling that girl is not good for me neither for this family, but mama want to meet that girl once. Damn ,Natasha , meera's sis ..

I don't want to marry her but if I will tell this to mama then she will find it's my another lame excuse,

His cell ring and he smiles broadly then said m coming.

Few days later:-

Geet came back from her university , geet enter the house with humming a song when she noticed there is guest in the living room.

She went there when her father said come here geet, meet ACP VEER CHATTERJEE .

Geet shocked and surprised to see him there and said aap iha?(u r here?)

Acp greeted her then said miss handa ,I'm here for some questions , answers, will not take ur much time just few information that will be help in our investigation.

Geet puzzled what kind of investigation they need for simple eve teasing (but geet don't know this eve teasing convert into some serious and cruel crime), she nodded and take a seat when ACP  asked her Few questions  then said ok , thanks for ur co operation.

Geet smiles then acp and mr handa shake their hands and acp take a leave from there.

Mr handa is looking tensed when geet said papa what happen?is there any problem?

Papa:- no beta, there is nothing go and meet with ur mama and meera di , both r ur mama's room.

Geet jumped in excitement and runs there.

In office:-

Maan:- adi ,damn that woman is so she trapped mama for this,

Adi:- calm down bro, we can't take any haste decision , mama will find it our excuses and that woman has reputation for good image.

Maan looked at then looking at the paper weight in his hand and said and I will expose her then smirked evilly.

After one month :-

Geet is looking for some cds in store but couldn't find ,

She twist her lips and murmur jab dekho kuch nehi milta(when I want something there I will not get that arrhhh )

She twisted her lips and came out from the place when she heard some noise and noticed couple of men entered the placed and loaded with heavy guns.

She feared and thinks what is going on now? She is looking here & there when a man who covered his face said where is mr khurana , the mp , bula uss(where is mr khurana , the mp of this city, called him)

Geet's ear quickly turn and she murmur sir is here and oh so for this reason they r checking that time and security is very tight but what is sir doing here, are jhalli geet u r na too much and ofcourse he came here for cds to buy them, , sir has this hobby I guess when some one snapped a finger in front of her and said what r u saying here?

Geet smiles in her thought and said wait m trying to find out what more he likes

That man is none other than one of terrorist and said shut ur mouth  when geet understand who is in front of her , is a terrorist and she shouts AHHH ,BCHAO BACHA SAVE US HELP HELP.

Another terrorist came and slap her and she falls on the floor when some one said dare u raised ur hands again will cut ur hand then.

All turned and looked at the man found he is none other than MP MAAN SINGH KHURANA  ,maan helped geet to get up from the floor and noticed her lips r bleeding and tears fall from her eyes.

Maan trance broke by whistles from a terrorist and said bara taklif horahi hain , iye toh suruwat hain, agar sukar chahethe ho aapne iye saare logo ka toh abhi ke aabhi ke humare sath chalo iya phir seedhe tarikase humari baat mano.

(feeling hurt for this girl ,oh oh then it's just beginning and if u want to save this others citizen then come with us or listen to our demand)

Maan looked at him and his eyes r spitting fire and maan with anger said dare u try to mess with me.

That terrorist hold a woman by her hair and said now save her and placed knife on her neck when maan tensed not cause of him but for that woman and said leave her I will accept ur all demand .

One of Terrorist ok , fine  then moved there and hey u take those men one side and women another side and mr khurana u came with us.

Maan make geet looked at him & said don't fear , I'll be back and stay here and turns to leave when geet said don't go pls.

Maan smiles and said shhh, don't worry , I'm here only , nothing will happen and left from there.

After 2-3hrs:-

All r sitting quiet when geet is keep looking at the way where maan left with them.her mind is now worried for maan don't know y but now her full concentration only on maan.

Later they said they r releasing all hostages as government agree with their demand...

Geet feels happy and just simply asked where maan sir when another terrorist said kyuon tere yaar lagta hain , chup chap bathi rehe,aur jab time aayega iha se nikal jana.uss S*** ,B*** ko but soon received tight slap from geet.

(y,who is he for u, ur boy friend,just stay here quietly and when ur time come just go away from here)

When geet roared dare u say anything bad against maan sir.

That terrorist just roared and try to hit her when another one hold him and said something in his ears and left from there.but before going that one of the terrorist looking at geet who give him equal glare.

After that they released all hostages when geet came out side and but her mind is thinking only about geet, she noticed her brother is there for her , randeep runs and hugs her tightly as if secure her in his arms like protecting her from every evil thing, he noticed the slight bruised on her lips when geet noticed it and said nothing bro, it's just simple cut, m ur sis na.

Randeep smiles , geet went with randeep and entering the car and just turn to look at maan if he is there but no he is not there.

Later that night, geet is lying in her bed and thinking about the morning incident and then her over reaction for maan, no it's not good, she just met him in couple of occasion and it's just she admire or may be he is good or he is different than others so , nothing more . let's try to grab some sleep , don't think too much it's just small gesture as it's courtesy. Ha geet.

She cover herself by the spread then again she found herself thinking about maan, y those sweet confident talk touching her heart , y his small gesture making her's wrong to thinking about him like teenage crush wait where it's crust no just small gesture nothing more , chal good night so so ja, baba jee samal lijiye mujhe.

Here maan is taking sip of wine and smiles evilly when adi came and said so u took the risk of ur life and make them killed.

Maan offered a drink to adi and said those B******** who killed innocent human they don't deserve to be live , and more if they succeed in their plan then don't know in future how many lives will killed brutally , anyway , let's forget it cheers adi and both toast  a jam for maan's victory .

Maan smiles and think how he fooled them how, he make them belief that government is ready with their demand but in real all is trap for them, how foolishly they entered that truck as they think that will be their freedom path ,huh freedom path from this world .

He lay on the bed and closed his eyes for some sleep but soon he jerked and get up and think how is geet now, hope he is fine?oh no in this time I forgot about her ,I have to find out but from whom, shall I call her or meera, no this is late night , I'll find out about it tomorrow morning, I guess she is fine as she with her brother , I saw her ,her brother who is protectively hugging her, he smiles & take the spread on his body and good night geet.


Maan:- geet, geet come on get up, he noticed there is blood in her shoulder , oh no,they shot her

Meera:-kya hua bro ise

Maan:- don't know some one shot her, see, geet is looking at me, geet get up geet, GEETTT,


Precap:-Innocent faced somethingOuchShocked

Next Part:- Innocent Faced Something :-Page 54

 Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

P.S .:- New Readers ,who want to received pm for this FF pls send me buddy req or post a comment here

Hope u all like this part

pls read & do comments

pls pressed the liked button

I know short of maaneet moments but this is the bast for more and major maaneet moments in next parts

this part is showing the two different life of maaneets

hope u all enjoyed it also

sorry for any mistake



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Hi all

How r u all

posted my new FF

" Do Ajnabee" MG FF

pls read & do comments
pls pressed the liked button
as m nervous about this FF also and it's start
pls keep supporting me and shower ur love and support on me and my FF

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OMG i m inlove with thsi concept already 
i hoep we get regular update of thsi FF

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