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The Versatile Rajeev.K FC IMP-RK Gold Awards Pg 40

suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged

A hero is the person who have following qualities:

1.good look

2.overall attractive pesonality

3.unique style that impress spectator

4.can do daredevil heroic task


5.main thing is

"he must be a real hero not reel hero" that is

hero in his real life.

And Rajeev has all these qualities.Big smileBig smileRajeev resume may not be as deep as some of the others actors but I do believe he is among one of those versatile actors ever to grace the big screen. He is like the Olympic athlete of acting, the one who no-one can beat. He inspires as many actors as he frustrates, simply out of sheer talent.His eyes speaks for him.An all around great actor who absorbs himself in every role he gets to play whether its Sujal or Rajveer on TV or Aamir,Arvind and Ronak in movies.
He has reached this position with sheer determination and hard work.He has no God Father in Bollywood and no big banners to support him but he has prooven himself again and again.He can act in love story like Kahin to Hoga which was a super hit serial and won many awards.
He can act in army related serial like Left Right Left in which he was praised for his acting abilities and people all around the globe became his fan.

He did movies like Aamir,Shaitan and Soundtrack which were appreciated by the audience as well as critics.
His gud looks add to his charma and that million dollor smile can melt any girl's heart.He is a natural - his timing is impeccable. He becomes that character.
He can do  do justice to any kind of roles given to him, be it the "Aamir" or "Ronak".
He has an amazing talent of touching the hearts of people through his natural acting.He is an actor with the ability to effectively portray the character's inner feelings and emotions and express what the director wants, very fast and convincingly. You can feel the pain and joy of the character he portrays on the screen. Thats why he is known as one of the best natural actor in the country.
He is the example of versatility and he can do difficult and challenging role with perfection.
He doesn't care for box office or big banners .He works on his conditions and his ATTITUDE makes him someone with different mindset and idealogies.He has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood.His selection of movies seems extraordinary but its not the script that makes him great.. its his sheer quality of acting and his dedication..he is a real genious and charismatic actor.
According to him myths are meant to be broken.He never came with the intention of becoming a film actor because he feels television actors are equally great. he shifted gears from television to films becausehe was getting monotonous on television as there is no scope for growth and he wanted to grow as an actor.He is never afraid to start from a scratch and thats wat makes him diffrent from other actors..

Versitality by thy name is Rajeev Khandelwal..his name is synonymous with being versatile...This  quality of his attracts the audience..as though he is a magnet...& being versatile, he takes his chances, risks & works for his satisfaction which has the utmost importance in any career...He enjoys his work and one day he wants to b a director too.
He consciously keeps a low profile, feels that he is still learning and wants to reach the Everest one day.



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suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 9:41am | IP Logged

 Rajeev's Journey

Rajeev Khandelwal is a popular Indian film actor notable for his vesratility and choice of scripts. He has played the harrowed Dr.Aamir Ali in his critically aclaimed 2008 debut film Aamir and powerfully depicted the torn ACP Arvind Mathur who battles his inner demons in Shaitan. Rajeev has also had immense success on television where he has portrayed a variety of powerful roles such as the popular Sujal Garewal in Kahin To Hogaalong with Capt. Rajveer Singh Shekhawat in Left Right Left. Rajeev also hosts Sach Ka Saamna which is aired in the U.S.A as The Moment of Truth (U.S. game show). In 2011, Rajeev became the brand ambassador for the National Geographic Channel's show Supercars.
He is the perfect combination of style and talent.He is popular in both TV as well as movies.

Name :

Rajeev Khandelval

Date Of Birth :

16th October 1975

Star :



Degree: Bsc chemistry , engeneering one year Background: army Father and brother is in army Religion: Hindu ,

favourite color:  Black '

College: ST Xavier's college, Ahamdabad

Personality: He is very reserve person He likes to cook, play sports, gymnast, horse ridding Before acting he was a documentary filmmaker He wrote 30 documentary films on army and women labor Which airs on doordarshan channel He also directed docu dramas He made his own drama and produced it also, its name was pilot but not aired.. Then he came to Mumbai to try his hand in modelling because of his good look was selected as a model in commercials LML bikes, Crystal combs, Gilbleys green label whisky, videocon refrigerators, Kodak,etc.. Then he tried into acting.

                            Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat
He played a role of very manupilative man who cud stoop to any low just to achieve his objectives.
Kahin to Hoga
He played the role of a very rich and arrogant man who cud sacrifice anything for his love.Overnight he became every mom's favourite son and every girls dream man.
Time Bomb
He played the role of a perfect cop who loves his nation more than anything..
Deal ya no Deal
This was his first show as a host.At the end of most episodes , Rajeev ended by saying, "Keep Smiling!"
Left Right Left
He played the role of mentor to 6 confused, dis-oriented youths and help them on their way to finding their destiny.
This was his debut film and he played a role of a Muslim doctor.Aamir was a man-on-the-run thriller revolving around the eponymous London-based doctor's visit to his family in India.
He played the role of an uptight cop Arvind Mathur who is assigned to solve a case unofficially as he is suspended after he throws a corporator from the first floor of his own house for allegedly beating up another woman. Inspector Arvind Mathur is shown having a disturbed married life and nearly divorces his wife.
He played the role of Ronak Kaul (Rajeev Khandelwaal) lives, eats and breathes music. Music is his life.
Will u Marry me
He played the role of Rajveer.

Sach Ka Samna?(Season 1 & 2)

His second show as a host and he was very successful in this new innings on TV.It is the Indian version of the popular American reality show The Moment of Truth.

Rajeev tied the knot with girlfriend Manjiri Kamtikar on 7th February 2011.

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suhana.dixit IF-Dazzler

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Awards and Achievements

StarFresh new face - Indian Telly Awards (2004)

StarBest TV Personality - Indian Telly Awards (2004) 

StarFavorite jodi (with co-star Aamna shariff for Kahin to hoga) - Indian Telly Awards(2004) 

Star Best TV Personality - Indian Telly Awards (2005)  

StarMost stylish Actor - MTV Style Awards (2005)

 StarMost stylish Anchor - MTV Style Awards (2006) 

StarBest Actor in a Cameo role (for CID) - Aap jaisa koi Awards (2006)

StarBest Actor (for Left Right Left) - Sansui Awards (2007)

StarBest Actor (for Left Right Left) - Gold Awards (2007)
StarSpecial Recognition ~ Rotary Award (2008)

StarSpecial Felicitation - Indian Telly Awards (2008)
StarBest Anchor for 'Sach Ka Saamna' - Indian Telly Awards (2009)

StarFavorite Host for ' Sach Ka Saamna' - Star Parivar Awards (2010)

StarBest Anchor for 'Sach Ka Saamna' - Indian Television Academy Awards (2010)

StarYouth Icon Award - Big Rajasthan Achievers Awards (2011)
Star IRDS Film Awards: Best actor for film Soundtrack (2012)

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FC 3
Rajeev Khandelwal FC

Rajeev Khandelwal FC  

FC 8
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 9
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 10
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 11
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 12
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 13
Rajeev Khandelwal FC  


FC 14
Rajeev Khandelwal Fan Club

FC 15


FC 23

FC 24

FC 28
Kiran di
FC 30
FC 33

FC 36
FC 37





FC 58
Rajeevians Hangout

FC 62
-Rajeev Khandelwal Fanclub- 

FC 63
Rajeev Khandelwal FC 

FC 64
Rajeevians Den 

FC 66
RK FC-Birthday Bash 

FC 77

FC 79

FC 80
*Rajeev FC* ||~K A R M~||

FC 81

Striking A Chord~Rajeev Khandelwal FC


FC 83

~Rajeev K. FC~B'day Celebrations Continue~


FC 84
.Mr. Dreamy Rajeev Khandelwal.. RKFC
FC 85

FC 87
FC 88

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                 Management team


Star Purnima (Puri) Star
Star saheligswm (saheli) Star
Star Surya.Ravi (suri) Star
Star Waniya_Fatima (Fatima) Star

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  Rules and Regulations

Please Follow The Following  Rules In Order To Keep The RKFC, Clean, Neat Tidy & Warning Free...

1. Please avoid more than double or triple quoting of posts. Members can quote thrice but more than thrice quoting is not allowed.

2. Please only one person write the captions for any pic

3. Please avoid repetition of pics for Caption

4. Please avoid saying hello or welcome posts

5. Please discuss Rajeev in every of your replies

6.Discussion about SK can be done but please do avoid discussing RA in the FC

7. Similarly,do discuss RN but do avoid topics related to RP

8. If there is any disagreement regarding any post of any member in the FC then the members should first bring the matter to the RKFC Management Team before reporting the post to the moderators. Unnecessary warnings in the fc are not wanted.

9. No one should open new RK FC or any Fc relating to Rajeev Khandelwal without informing the Management team and getting a yes form them. this is to avoid multiplicity of FCs and clash between members regarding the new FC.

Please keep the FC clean and  warning free .

This measures are just to avoid unexpected fights and chaos and warnings over here...Youur co-operation is sincerely expected.

RKFC management team


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FC Updates

Articles -
  • Check Important Note  About Gold Awards Nomination For Rajeev Page 40
  • The Anchor: Manish Porwal on 6 celebrities who marketers have Ignored - Page 8
  • Television Actors Make It Big -- Page 15
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  • Another B-Town film here - Page 36
  • Rajeev prefers Rishikesh over Switzerland - Page 39
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  • Table No. 21 in Fiji - Page 64

Rajeev's Pictures -  

  • Page 28
  • Page 35
  •  Page 39
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  • Page 46
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  • Page 52
  • Page 52 (Fiji Pics Link)
  • Page 53
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Siggy Creations - 
  •  New Siggies - By Surya - Page 2
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