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**" We hate but still love"** #2

hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:40am | IP Logged

Happy kriyaansh friends
celebration tym again''''..

Lets cheers...

Yipee we have reached 2 a new thread
 & d entir credit 4 dis goes to my dearest , spamming queens grup' & ofcorse 2 all d readrs who read my update & leave dier beautiful coment  '..

Waise toh bahut kuch plan kiya tha 4 new thread's beginning par guys 2day vry busy & aftr sumtym my PC is gonna packd  as we r moving back 2 my home town 4m Bhilai.

so I have short tym so I ll resrve 2-3 pages were we ll celebrate d  new thread's beginning wen I ll get settled 2 my home back den we ll celebrate it '
So many thanx''..
2 Kinjal, poppy,meow,krati & maneet  who made d new thread possibl'
(agar koi name bhul gayi toh I m holding my ears sorry tym lack ke karan pura thread spam nahi dekh payi so myt b I hav missed my sum dear 1's name)   ''''         
luv u all 4 ur supprt & luv...

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

Joined: 01 March 2012
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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:51am | IP Logged
res  4 celebration
so unres now..

Happy kriyaansh friends………..

1st of all thanx 4 ur lovely congo posts I read all of dem twice….
Thanq u so much…
Hmmm … so I resrved dis post 4 celebration.. so lets celebrate dis new thread…
I feel lyk dancing aftr reading ur coments & wishes…
Hey I wanna share sumthing wid u all…
Truly speaking guys wen I was a silent readr of d FF/OS/SS, unregistrd in d forum I nevr thot dat evr I ll registr in dis forum, get such caring & loving friends & most imp. Wud b evr abl 2 write sumthing… I thot I can nevr write anything….
But KR's end forced me 2 join d forum 2 share d pain we all sufferd on feb wid all of u.
I wrote my 1st FF jst 2 get rlievd of KR's wrenchful end & u all made me capabl to do wat I m doing now.if u wudnt b dere wid such great support nevr dis FF wud hav startd & wud hav got  such a good support….
Thanx is a vry small word infront of ur luv & support….
& 2day I m vry happy to join IF & getting so many friends yet each1 vry special & unique 4 me…
Hmm.. bahut pakaya na aap logo ko par kya karun dosti mein toh evry thing is fare na ….
Achha now b4 we proceed wid dis new thread … I wanna know 2 things
1st. which has been ur most favourite KR or I can say Ramaira & Rey 's scene?
 Here's d link plzz do vote…
2nd. Which 1 is d most funny scene till now?
a)Niky teasing taani 4 hr falling talent.
b)trio fall Rr-rey & taani fall coz of taani.
c)Neel making Sw buddho & executing his own mission.
d)Rr's cupboards & guards entering d room & Sw's exp.
3rd.Which is most cute scene??
4th. Whose friendship u lyk d most in dis FF?
ok so vote soon I m waiting eagrly 4 results.. haan aur update 2day nyt as soon as 16th may begins…
Luv u all!!!

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged
(of thread 1)

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged

Happy kriyaansh
Bahut jaldi-2 likhi hun coz ryt now I m busy in paccking 4 d shift 2 my home town so if dere r spelling errors den plzz bear it up..
Fashion contest began Sharon along wid Simmy displayed dier fashion series.
As Sw  was presnt  dere so he , along wid sum othr boys were  made d crew membr of  d event.
On d othr side Cookery contest 2 b strtd.
Except swaron & simmy all went 2 canteen.
Bhr(placing his hands around Amar's shoulders): yaar amar tu tension mat le tu hi jitega ye contest.
Amr: haan yaal maine tayyali toh bahut ki h bas sab kuch theek ho.
He was worried as it was d 1st tym he was participating alone in sum contest.
Rr cudnt c any1 in tension & worries .
Rr(wid a wide smile) cums near Amar lifts his hand, places hr palm ovr his palm presses it (a sign of cheering up) says: Just smile & be cumpletly confident in urslf nevr think u r doing it 4 d 1st tym think dat u r doing it 4 ur passion & success wil surely touch ur feet.
Amar's eyes got abit wet, it seemed 2 him as if kria not Rr is cheering him up as kria did wen she made team weakling. he felt is  she rili not our kria'. 
Rr & Amar continued dier talk abt Amar's contest Rr still holding Amar's hands she was so busy in hr talk dat she even didn't notice dat she was stil holding Amar's hands.
Rey's focus cumpletly resting upon Rr's hands ovr Amar's hands(fumes of jelousy arousing in rey's heart)
Rey thinking:rey tujhe  q itna fark pad raha hai Rr bus Amar ko cheerup hi toh kar rahi h..
Hey rey ye tu kya kya sonch raha h wo kria nahi Rr h ab wo kisiko cheerup kare ye kisike sath date par jaye tujhe isse kya ?? kya sachme  ye kria nahi'.
Rr:hey rey!! Again lost!! Aap bhi na.. akhir kitni yaad aati hai apko apni GF ki?? Common congratulate Amar dude..
Evry1 congrats Amar & Amar leaves 4 d contest.
As soon as Sharon's contest ended sw flew back 2 Rr kept hr engaged d whole day away 4m rey , told hr all abt luv & romance in St.Louis ,Rr was getting irritatd bt stil bearing it up cozz she has 2 work aftr all being a princess she had principled hr lyf dat work was worship!!
#Evening tym..#
All d contest 4 d day cumpletd.
Tarey & all d members of RTR mission walking in a corridor.
While  Rr & 2R 1 team walking in othr corridor.
(Hey poppy fir se do scenes 2gethr hope u lyk it)
C1 (corridor 1) 4 RTR team & C2(corridor 2) for 2R 1 tem.
Sw:Finaly d day ended. Kitna work load tha na aaj .. But finaly everything is done.
Viky: haan yaar work load toh tha par aaj kagu pure tym mere sath thi..
Shr:Rey aaj ke contest ke rslts??
Rr:Well vish Rdx sir ne kaha hai ki ab se sare rslts last day ko reveal honge..
Ne:par kyu??
Rey:kyuki kal ke rslts ke baad hum sab itne ovr excitd ho gaye dat we hav revld d rslts 2 evry1 so d jury has decided 2 keep it suspense.
Shr:ok.. hmm so I hav 2 wait for 4 more days'
Rr:guys I 4got 2 tell u sumthing??
Rr: well I m shifting 2 a staff quarter of St.Loius coz pitaaji has gone 2 jaipur 4 sumdays.
Nil:Wen r u shifting princi??
Sw:Today, today I m shifting, rey , I have 2 share d house wid a gal..
Viky:hmm' sharing house wid a gal' Sharon beware otherwise sum1 wil take ur Swatam away & u ll not evn get notice of it.
Sw:Common viky jst house sharing .. jada dimag mat laga apna waise bhi itne mushkil ke baad toh finally I & Sharon r 2gethr aur tu naye prblms mat create kar..
Rey:BTW who is ur new' wat 2 say home-mate??
Rr:Don't knw guys who is d 1 , I jst hope ki Sw na ho '
All: kyun ??
Rr:guys ab tum sabko kya batao Sw has already torturd me a lot wid his philosophies & he behaves so weird wid me always tries 2 eep away 4m evry1..
Nil:O I c.. wel princi chalo hum sab tumhare sath chalte hai tumhari shifting mein hlp bhi kr denge'
Sw:ok guys I shall cal 4 d taxi which ll bring my luggage & den we ll move..
Now both d teams cuming 4m opposite sides 2 d house..
It was dark by dat tym so 4m far dey cudnt c each othr.
Now dey reachd jst infront of house.. 

Rr & Sw face 2 face in front of dier new home.
both :so u r my room i mean home mate.
Rr:Nature mom !!save me 4m Mr.Philosophical.
Sw:God save me 4m her , pehle sharon ka attitude kya kam maine bear kiya ab ye nayi Miss.Attitude ke sath same home sharing!!! 
Both of dem turned back 2 go 2 warden.. bt b4 dey cud move warden reaches..
W:hey student where r u going??
Rr:Mam we were cuming 2 u only.
W:is dere any prblm??
Sw:yaa mam we both cant live 2gethr , plzz change d arrangements.
W:sorry chidren bt dat was d only way 2 provide u both residing place..& Sw 4 u dis is d last option.
Taani interrupts in middle.
Ta:Bhai mere paas 1 solution  hai..
Ta:kyun na mai aur aap is quarter mein reh lete hai as we livd 2gethr in flat aur Rr mere hostel ke room mei shift ho jayegi'
Rr who was already angry of both bro & sis (sis coz yesterday she saw taani in rey's arms & got irritatd) came back 2 hr full diva attitude.
Rr: hello miss. AJS dis quarter has been allotted in d name of (wid ful attitude on hr face)
Princess Ramaira Raajvansh so its my house I ll live here , & plzz stop giving ur stupid ideas'
Sw:How can u b so rude on my sis??
Rr:I know was rude bt guys I m rili irritatd by u both & aftr all I m  princess I don't hav habit of nodding 2 sum1's idea'
(luking 2 warden)mam its my home so I live here..
W:par beta apke dad ne khud Sw ko permission di h aapke sath rehne ki..
Rr:pitaaji ne permission di hai' ok bt only coz I cant go against my fathr so I m allowing u ok'
Sw:ok..(in mind ab jab tak naya flat nahi mil jata I need 2 adjust)
W:ok chidren so dese r d keys..(she handled 1 set of keys  to Rr & othr 1 to Sw & leaves.)
Viky:waise Rr where is ur luggage,u ll shift only wid dis small bag'
Nil:dude tu bhi na Rr princess hai.. yaar kya wo apna samaan khud carry karegi d servants will b cuming soon tab tak Sw ko settl kar dete h'.
All of dem go inside d house.
Dey get seatd on d sofa'
Rr:Sw chaliye hum apne-2 rooms choose kr lete hai aur ye ghar bhi dekh lete hai'
Both of dem move dey saw d entire house which consisted of a drawingroom in which Louins r sitting now, 2 bed rooms on opposite sides , a kitchen ,a big hall & a beautiful courtyard at d back. (guys plot of dis house is imp. Coz ab age bahut se scenes isi ghar mein honge so remember it.)
Rr: d left 1 is my room & right 1 is urs.. okay'
Sw:hey bt let me atleast c d 2 rooms ..
Rr:hey I m not asking u , I m telling u..
Sw(whispers):attitude queen!!
Rr:did u say sumthing??
Sw:No nothing lets go back 2 our friends'
Dey move 2 d drawing room.
Now  a grup of ppl cum wid a lot of  stuffs & a grup of tall & sturdy men wid dark blue uniform carrying guns & rifels enter..
Sw:hey ye sab kaun hai y r dey entering our house??
Rr:relax Sw those 1 in blue uniform r gaurds &..
Viky: 1 minute , he counts dem 1,2,3''..10 . Ogod 10 gaurds.
Rr:yaa so less na , wen I was in London I had 15-16 of dem around my residence.
1 among d guard: princess aap chinta mat kijiye hum sab 20  hai, asal mein kuch gaurds raste mein hai jaldi aajayenge.
All xcpt 2R 1 team make vfy weird face hearing it.
Sw: par ye sab rehnge kaha??
Rr:ghar ke charo ore sum wil do day shift & othrs nyt shift'
Sw:kya matlab mai itne sare gaurds ke beech rahunga!!
Rr:yaa nw u r living wid a princess toh in sab cheezo ki adapt dalijye..
Rr:ok gaurds aap sab apni position le lijiye..
All d gaurds : yess princess..
Dey move out & encircle d haouse.
Bhr:Aur ye sab(pointing 2 servants)
Rr:ye , ye palace ke servants hai ,humara samaan chodne aye hai..plzz cum in 1 by 1.
D 1st grup  enterd carrying a big cupburd .
Vish: Such a big cupboard wats dere dude??
Rr: My college outfits..
Anothr big cupboard entrd'
Rr:Dat contains my ceremonial & party dresses.
An almirah was brought in..
Rr:Dats 4 nyt gowns'
& d dis continued wid 1 aftr d othr racks , & tables cuming  wid Rr kept on telling dats 4 winter clothes, cushions, sandals, cosmetics, jwellery, gifts' on'
Finally Sw: Aur kuch bhi bacha hai princess..
Rr:yaa my most lovly thing & here it cums'.
Her teddy rack cums..
Sw:Achha toh ye sab tumhare room rehega na..
Rr:how's dat possibl Sw., luk at d room its so small so I think sum vry essential things wil b in my room & rest in dat big hall at d back..
Sw:okay as u wish'.
A second teddy rack enterd..
Sw: hey y dis 1 again??
Rr:Dis 1, dis is 4 my room & d previous 1 is 4 drawing room , aftr all drawing room filled wid teddies wil luk vry pretty na'
Sw murmers: haa vry pretty aisa lagega ki mai kisi teddy land mein reh raha hoon'
Again a set of things enclosed in a box were brought
Sw:Ab ye kya hai doll collection hai??
Rr: hey don't say anything 2 dis collection ok !!its my family's photographs . 
She ordrd d servants 2 hang d photo frames on wall. It consistd of Rr's pic in princly gown seatd on princess royal chair, hr pic wid hr mom & dad , hr parents pics of jaipur palace'
Rr's caretaker enterd d house.
Rr jumped wid joy 2 c hr , Rr rushed 2 CT & hugged hr saying"Maasi".
Ct kissed hr forehead & said:  Raajkumari betiya apna khayal rakhiyega , hum jald hi jaipur se lautenge..
Rr nods.
Ct handled car keys to Rr & said: Beta ye aoke car ki chaabi h , car aapke clg campus mein hi rahegi agar apko kahi bhi jana ho toh aap drivr ko call kr dijiyega wo apko le jayenge aur yaad rakhiye aap akeli kahi nahi jayengi bina gaurds aur drivr ke..
Rr : kya Maasi ab aap bhi pitaaji ki tarah  ' accha ok I knw ye sab aap humare safety ke liye keh rehi h'
Ct: toh hum chalte h..
She hugs Rr & leaves'
Viky:ok guys lets hlp dem to settle'.
All start arranging d    rooms..
Rr : hum apna room khud hi set kar lenge , I lyk arranging my things by my own..
All: ok toh hum baki sare rooms set ksr dete h..
Rr goes 2 hr room, she starts arranging hr teddy rack 1st as d rack was tall so she stands upon a stool 2 surve d purpose. D stool was a bit damaged so she was abt 2 fall & our hero rey passes by hr room at dat tym luks at Rr getting imbalanced on stool, rushes in  2  save  hr bt b4 he cud hlp Rr ,  Rr herself balances hr by hanging on d rack , she turns hr face & luks rey standing dere.
Rr: hey rey ur here??
Rey: yaa actually I saw u lossing balance so I came..
Rr still hanging on rack..
Rr: 4 d rescue' (she giggles aloud) apko kya laga wo typical movies ki scene ki tarah I ll get imbalanced on stool & sum1 will cum 2 hlp me' (she lolzz)   ye sab sirf movies hota h Mr.Careless..
Rey:Again Carelesswwat I have done dis tym???
& dier dog-cat fyt starts. Rr bcums so busy in d fyt dat she 4gets dat she is haging position so dis tym she rili loses d balance & fals in rey's arms'.
Rey holding Rr  in his laps & wat guys LLHH wid BG ooo ho ooo'
Rinny sees Rey & Rr in dis state, hr brain starts working & she closes d door of d room & locks it'
So its nyt now & rey & Rr r in lokd in a room'
End wid 2day's part'
Hehe  LOLLOLI knw bahut gussa a raha hoga ki aise moment mein end ki , par mujhe maza a raha h to keep u waiting 4 KR moments(lolz) ab aap sabke sath  rehkar thodi shaitaan mai bhi ban gayi hun'Embarrassed Embarrassed
So precap'.
Hmm.. KR moments toh precap mein reveal nahi karungi  Embarrassed'age ka kuch likh  deti hun'
Sw:Guys we rili need 2 do sumthing.. humari itni koshish ke baad bhi Rr & rey still cum close , I don't want ki rey ka dil fir se tute so .. e hav to do sumthing now!!
Viky :par karein kya??
Shr: hum aisa karte hai Rr ko jakar direct keh dete h ki wo rey se door rahe aur rey & taani ke beech na  aye'

So coment tym guys!!!!!

 waiting eagrly 4 ur coments...
luv u all
 now  i ll meet  u on 16th
 till den byeee...

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Shrvz_PoPpY IF-Dazzler

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Neeti congos dear finally a new thread wow superb nd i love ur updates specially the way u wait for my comments i love it thnkq so much nd hope to see many like this congos party time Party

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Shrvz_PoPpY IF-Dazzler

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yay maine 1st comment kia Dancing
ab chalo comment kar deti hu 
Chapter 19:
Gud sw ko aise hi kisi bhi kaam me involve kar denge to he wont disturb 2R1 mission Wink
Waah R'r love u yaar humesha she comes for rescue Rinni kelie bhi ab Amar kelie bhi Wink
offo ye contest khatam hi nahi hona chahie tha dekho fir se aagya na D'oh
hey neeti wow ya i love it ye 2 locations wala i just enjoy it like this Big smile
wohow specially neeti the connections u give to their convo i love it continue the same in all ur updates plz...
haha kya opinion hai ek bolta hai Ms.Attitude to dura Mr.philosophical LOL
R'r jealous hogai but haa yaar mujhe bhi laga ki thodisi rude hogayi hai Ouch
haha servants aate hi honge LOL
R'r kya orders paas karti he jo hukum meri attitude queen LOL
ROFL itne saare guards hey bhagwaan ROFL aur unkelie day shifts nd night shifts bhi hai LOL
neeti this one's really ROFL itne saare cupboards 
ROFL bechaara swayam i could imagine his face 
mujhe to laga tha rey jaake pakdega nd phir se LLHH chalu but tumne kuch alag style ka LLHH start kia this time  Tongue
Shocked rinni ne lock kar dia gud job but humari princi ab aur bhi bhadak jaegi i hope 
as usual update awesome tha but iss update me maine jitna husa o god cant describe it nd thnkx for the PM nd neeti tum meri frnd ho nd frndz ho mai bohot jaldi samajh leti hu Wink nd sry lagta hai ya comment kuch zyada hi bada hogaya Tongue

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moon_cupcake IF-Sizzlerz

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Firstly congratzz for the 2nd thread...hope tum aise hi bahut saare threads banati raho

Now coming to the update...its Mind blowing
awww Rr kissi ko bhi upset nhi dekh sakti
loved the way she was cheering up amar and rey getting jealous nice...
bechara swayam he has to live between the guards
hayyyee finally Rr is in rey's arms and rinni kya idea hai
she locked them up...eagerly waiting for the next part update soon

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