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Savage-II (AR) Chapter 8: Page 54 New!!

gypsy Goldie

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Link To Savage-I

Chapter 1-17 :
Chapter 18-24:

Oh wow..SAVAGE 'II..Like last time I wasn't expecting it but here we are on Savage-II and it feels SOOO GooD. Thank you..Thank You..Thank You..Thanks a ton for all your support. It wouldn't have been possible without you guys. So Thanks a ton Hug

I hope I live up to your expectations and you enjoy Savage-II as much as you enjoyed Savage-I. I am so excited for Savage-II as bit scared as well.LOL.. because ..Oh you'll find out as you read the upcoming Chapters. There's a lot going to happen now. It's going to be more interesting, a bit darker and we are going to see Armaan as the alpha, dark possessive hero who's going to make sure no one touches or harms his lady love this time...WinkBig smile 

We saw few close interactions between Armaan- Riddhima in Savage I. There wasn't much like an actual love story to begin with but Savage-II will have all the missing elements and the most important of all the love story we all are so eagerly waiting for...Big smileWinkEmbarrassed

And it begins now...Big smile

Happy Reading..Embarrassed   


Chapter 1 : Page 1

Chapter 2 : Page 1

Chapter 3 : Page 16

Chapter 4 : Page 21

Chapter 5 : Page 27

Chapter 6 : Page 38

Chapter 7 : Page 48

Chapter 8: Page 54

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gypsy Goldie

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Thank you note posted above. This is not a new story but a continuation of Savage with some major changes..That's it.. Smile

Also I wasn't able to PM anyone for the last Chapter which is posted on Page 59 of Savage #2. If you haven't read the chapter, do read it first before you start with this one..or you may get confused..The link is posted above on POST NO: 1 Smile


Chapter 1

After Two Years

~And glimpse it is~

Time is never ending. It goes on and on. It never stops for everyone.  And the same can be said about life. Life moves on and stops only when you reach the end of your life. Death. The only difference between them is that life has a full stop, time never stops.

Life is all about learning. It never ceases to amaze you. You always learn new things. And the last two years were a proof for me. I learnt a lot in those two years. Living alone taught me so many things which I was never able to learn before. I learnt from my mistakes and I was learning.

Two years passed. A long time to think about. Two bl**** years since the last time I saw her. And after two years I was still looking for answers. What went wrong and where? I won't say everything was right but it wasn't so bad either. The only time it went from bad to worse to the end was when she tried pulling the act she shouldn't have. What made her do it?

I didn't know.

What was she thinking?

I didn't know.

And from the last two years I was trying to find the answers to these questions. Till now I had no such luck. She left like a wind, never turning back and just flowing out of my life. I tried stopping but like wind she was unstoppable, unreachable. I didn't get the chance to touch her. But her presence was there with me...always.

In such a short span of time, she made a place for herself inside me. It wasn't the attraction but something else. It was like I wanted to protect her. I wanted to keep her safe, not just from father but from anyone who wanted to harm her. She was so lonely and fragile. Her body, when she had hugged me was so small that I was scared to hold her tightly afraid to hurt her. Yet she never came across as a weak person to me. Physically the things she endured were more than enough to break any person emotionally. And she wasn't immune to it. But she fought back. She tried so hard to come back and she even won a few times. But the last time, she didn't fight but called the death herself.  And that time she had made sure she didn't fail like before.

Three bullets and I felt like everything was over. Her face, it haunted me every night. I wasn't able to sleep properly. Whenever I tried her pained face flashed in front of me, waking me up from my sleep. There were so many questions, waiting for answers but I didn't have had clue from where to start to get the answers to the questions.

Her last breath before she left me, the pain in her voice when she said those words, it always told me what a failure I was. I couldn't fulfil Tanya's promise and I failed to live up to the promise I made for myself when I saw her the first time.

"I had to.." These were the last words I heard from her mouth. And the three words that reminded me about my failure.

I don't remember much after that except a pair of hands pushing me away from her body. I was into shock as I continued looking at her lifeless body. Blood oozing out from her as her dead eyes continued looking at me. I didn't even get the chance to close her eyes. I couldn't do anything, didn't do anything as I heard voices of people surrounding me, one of them was of father. I was forced to stand up. Her touch left me and it brought me back as I tried fighting people holding me. Before I could have released myself something pricked my skin and I felt my body going weak.

By the time I came back I was in my room, on my bed and father was sitting in front of me. His eyes, there was a spark in his eyes. The spark which you see in the winner. The spark that always mock you on your face. The spark that always reminded you about your failure. I was seeing the same old spark I saw..

When Tanya died..

Everything was repeating itself. The only change was the person. First it was Tanya and now..

"Riddhima.."  Her name came out of my lips.

And everything that happened in the room came rushing back. The bullets, her dreadful eyes, her blood and her death.

I looked at father and there was no remorse, not even a hint.

Were you expecting it?

No, but a part of me wanted to..

Come out of your illusion. He's a cold hearted murderer. He can never feel that way. Even when you die.

And you both know it.

 "What did you do to her?" I asked in a cold voice. There was no need to show any emotion when he didn't had any, for me or for anyone. Living with him, if not something good, had taught me how to hide my emotions. It was one of the few things I had learnt from him and I was using it.

"I did nothing."  He replied coolly.

Sitting on the chair in front of me, his posture screamed dominance. Every gesture, every action showed me POWER. His win at the end and he wasn't hiding it. He was proud of it.

"Father where is she?"

"Where she should have been long back...with his sister"

He was lying. I knew it. He was an excellent manipulation. But I was his son. And I knew when he was lying and when he wasn't. He was looking directly in my eyes. Trying to prove his statement. But I knew the real truth.

He wouldn't have. Because I knew him better than anyone. And knowing him, I knew he would have used all in his power to make sure she was alive.


Because she was his trump card. The card he wanted alive so he could have used it against me.

"Rest son, you are tired. We'll talk later"

Avoidance. Another tool of him. The tool he always used only against me. The tool that was more than enough to strengthened my fact that she wasn't dead. Not until I had seen her dead body.  He was an open book for me. His actions and his words everything always held another meaning. The meaning only I was aware off because he was the person who had taught me all this.

Survival of the fittest. That's what he had called it. You need to be the fittest to survive in this world and it meant doing anything and everything, even if it goes against the nature. The target was to survive. By hook or by crook. And he was a follower of this. During my growing years, right before I left for further studies he had taught me everything about his world. And if you ask me, I wanted to learn it myself. Because at that time my only aim was to come back and take the legacy forward that my father was carrying on his shoulders from so many years. But everything changed. And this place, his work wasn't something I wanted to be a part of anymore, all because of one person..


Yes, Riddhima showed me the path I was a bit afraid to see before. She showed me the direction I wasn't ready to take before. With Tanya I never got the chance to go against father. But after Riddhima came into our life, I was more than ready to go against anyone who wanted to harm her. And the promise I made to Tanya helped me. But it was the sheer strength I saw in her that helped me in taking my decision.


After father left that day we never talked about her. Because we both knew the answer. He wouldn't have given answers directly and he knew I wasn't the person to sit silently. I had my ways of doing things just like he had his. The major difference was I knew his way as I was born and lived almost my entire life in his world but he wasn't aware of mine.

I left his place. And not for once he tried to stop me. But he was watching me. He had his men around me 24*7. Their eyes on me. What I was doing, where I was going. My every move was reaching him. But only what I wanted him to know. He wasn't aware of my search of Riddhima. He wasn't aware of what I was doing to look for her. And he wasn't aware of how close I was to reaching her.

It took me two years. Two whole years to get information about her whereabouts. It was a shot in the dark but something was better than nothing. And for this something I was more than ready to take my chance. Even if it meant father knowing about my plans. I had no idea what happened to her in the last two years. All I knew was she was to come to this club. And I had only 10 minutes to grab and take her away.

I was sitting at the far corner of the room. It was sitting in the darkness but it was the best place to not only remain disguise but to see every person entering and leaving the room. The clock stuck 8:00 and at was time for her arrival. I had my breath stuck in my throat as I waited in anticipation.

The time had finally arrived.

The door of the club opened and I swore under my breath as I got the glimpse of her after two years.

~And glimpse it is~


Want PM for updates...Send me a buddy request..

Check out my new FF if you are interested. It's called
You are my fantasy (AR)

It's a Romance/ Fantasy FF. Rest details in the FF.
The link is given below..

Thanks ...

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gypsy Goldie

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Thank you note posted on page 12

This chapter has not much in terms of story moving ahead still I think it's important. All the unanswered questions at the end of this chapter will be answered in the next chapter. So keep reading. Wink


Chapter 2

~And joy it is~

Was she the girl I was looking for?

Was she?

I must have asked this question to myself so many times just to..just to hear a "NO". But the truth was she was THE girl I was looking for from 2 years.

She had changed. She wasn't looking like the girl I saw two years back. There was no similarity between that Riddhima and the new Riddhima. No one could have guessed both of them to be the same person.

So much happened.

But the change?   

It was time. Time brought about the change I wasn't ready to see. I was seeing a perfect example of how time changes everything...including people. Time changes circumstances so people changing shouldn't have been a big deal. But for me it was.

And she was looking like the perfect example.  Her dress had changed. Her hair style had changed and most important of all, her actions and behaviour, it had changed completely. She wasn't looking like Tanya's kid sister at all. The girl, Riddhima, I was used to seeing. The girl standing in front of me was a new Riddhima who I was looking at for the first time. But in spite of the major change I knew the old Riddhima was somewhere inside her. And it was only a matter of time before I got her back.    

But to get her back I had to be fast and quick. And that's what I did. I slowly moved from the hiding place. One step at a time. I had to make sure no one was watching me. A casual walk. But a well calculated one.  I didn't want to raise any kind of attention on me or on her.  

Chance. It was all about chance. I had one chance and in no way I was letting it go. My life depended on it. I had just 10 minutes to whisk her away before someone would have caught us. It wasn't like I would have let her go, in case we get caught. The only reason was I wanted to leave this place without making a scene. And for that I had 10 minutes.

"Come on..Come on..." I chanted in my mind as they slowly moved inside. She was approximately 10 steps away from me but those steps felt like the longest distance. She was standing with her back towards me. The two other guys with whom she came were sitting and she was standing behind them. One of them whispered something.

He nodded. The one who nodded called and whispered something in Riddhima's ear. She nodded and looked around suspiciously. She inspected making sure...

F******. S***

My heart tightened as I noticed the look on her face. NO. Gone was the girl that had no confidence. The girl, who was scared to take even one step on her own, who tried killing herself at one point of time. In her place was the girl that oozed confidence. Her posture, her way of looking around, her way of talking and what she was holding in her hand were the proof of the change I was seeing.

This couldn't have been possible. This just couldn't be. I had seen people changing over a period of time. But this change. Father wouldn't have done this. He just wouldn't have.

But he did.

And if he did "he should be ready to pay the price of it." I told myself.

My eyes were fixed on her. And only her. If my assumptions were right I had to be on more alert. Because in case what I was thinking was correct getting hold on her wasn't looking like an easy task ...anymore.

She stood behind them for some minutes. And then she moved. Perfect. It was what I was looking for. One opportunity and I had to use it in my favour. She started moving towards the back of the hotel. But not before looking around and making sure everything was clear.

I waited for some time. Making sure not to draw any suspicion. And followed her. I entered through the door and looked around. It was muck darker than outside. Smoke filled the passage. People were drinking, smoking and some were high on drugs. I turned my head and looked both side. With the smoke in the air it was difficult to look around. But even in such a crowd she was hard to miss. The change in her was the major factor.  And at that point it was working in my favour. She went out of the hotel through the back gate.

I followed her.

I opened the gate she used just a second back and went out.

Before I could have got a hand on her I heard her voice.

"Looking for me?" I stopped. I looked at the source.  And I had to take few steps back as I saw the gun pointed directly on my face.

After two years of searching I came face to face with her. Riddhima. The person I went against my father. The person for whom I fought with him and the only person for whom I was still fighting and would have continued so.

But was she the person I was actually fighting for?

"Riddhima.." Her name came out of my lips. And I saw a flicker of confusion going through her.

"Who's.." She couldn't complete her sentence. Because I didn't let her. I held her wrist that was holding the gun on my face and turned it down. I pushed her really hard towards the wall behind her. Her face hit the wall and I heard a whimper coming out of her mouth. Or she swore. I couldn't make out.

"F*** O**" . I heard her this time clearly. So she was swearing.

"Riddhima and swearing" I asked myself. This was a first just like the other changes I was noticing in her. It was amusing to hear her throwing bad words at me.  Because of all the people who would have swore, Riddhima was the last person to join the list of people. And if it wasn't for the situation we were in, I would have laughed and teased her for it. But I was sure we were getting time for it later. First I had to take both of us out and to my place. Rest everything later.

"Get Off me.." She said trying to release herself from my grip. She was struggling so hard. When she couldn't use her hands she used her legs by kicking me in the legs. And few of the kicks were bang on as they were actually quite painful. But still she wasn't a match for me.

"Anything for you babe but not this.." I told her. With one hand holding her hands behind her back I took the gun from the other.  I was hurting her. But she wasn't giving me any other way. I had to be rough on her. When she was looking around in the hotel room her actions raised my suspicion. And how she greeted me just a moment back nailed it. The only person responsible for bringing this major change in her was father. And he was going to pay a big price for it.

I would have made sure of it.

But my first priority was to get both of us out of here...Safely. Only then the questions that were coming in my mind would have got the answers. Though I did get the slight idea of what would have happened but I wanted to hear it from her mouth. And her answers would be the last piece of the puzzle I was trying to finish from so long.     

The good thing for me was that she chose the back of the hotel which was empty except for the two of us. And it was dark. My car was parked just at the end which was working in my favour. I just had to reach the other end of the alley and we were out. But her continuous struggle weren't helping me. They were delaying us. And I couldn't have allowed it for a long time.

"Stop moving or I'll have to shoot you" I said as I pointed the gun on her back.

"No you won't" She replied quickly. There was a confidence in her voice. The confidence I never got the chance to see before. Earlier she would have stopped at once. But not now. She was challenging me. And for once I liked it. The change in her wasn't new for me. Because living in father's world had shown me the worst of the lot of what he did to others. What he did to her definitely took me my surprise because never in my dreams I would have imagined him changing her. But he did. And I just hoped it was for her good.

"Clever.." I chuckled at her response. After two long years looking at her alive, feeling and touching her, the emotions I was going through were beyond relief. There was the need to protect her and take her away. But her quick responses were making me to tease her for some more time.

After two years a part of me was enjoying it. Her standing there brought the joy in me I was missing from so long.

~And joy it is~


Want PM for the updates, send me a buddy request. Many readers have not replied from a long time and when I say long time, it's a really LONG time. So if I don't get the response before posting the next chapter, they will be deleted from the buddy list. You can bookmark the link in case you don't wish to reply.


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Reserved. Wink
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EDITED...Big smile

Priii...Finally I am commenting on the thread of SAVAGE-IIDancing... Wowww..You truly deserve it...And I am so looking forward to it..I am sure that I am gonna love Savage II also as much as I loved its first volumeEmbarrassed...You are an awesome writer Prii and I always looking forward to your writing...I enjoyed like anything...And see,you again Proved me  right...Just love the Chapter first like anythingSmile...So Ridzy is alive...woww,That's a good news yaar...Really want to know And read more...waiting for more intense and cozy AR momentsTongue...So do try to continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care



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congratulations on your new thread! I can't wait to see where you take this story :) Sorry about not commenting lately, i'm stuck with revision for exams :( But i do try to read your ff when i have time, keep up the awesome work :D

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congrats  for the new thread...:)

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