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ARSHI FF:SHALL WE pt31 Pg154 14/06

-Koeli_Appy- IF-Stunnerz

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-Koeli_Appy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2012 at 5:06am | IP Logged

While doing rehearsal's with lovelin arnav was missing khushi...he couldnot concentrate...he wanted to dial tanni's no to ask her how she is but he didnt...

Lovelin: Arnav! why are you fighting with your emotions...just go and talk to her.

Arnav: Whom are you reffering to lovelin?

Lovelin: Is there anybody else in your thought other than khushi?

Arnav: Oh lovelin whats wrong with you guys? Subha Avi and now you?

Lovelin: Its because we know you cannot hide your feelings from us.

Arnav: Please lovelin just stop it.

Lovelin: Fine arnav...we will not say anything...but i hope its not too late before you actually realize.

Arnav: There is eally nothing to realize lovelin...lets do our rehearsals...


Next Day also khushi didnot turn up for college...she was extremely week due to viral fever and also the stress she was having was working adversly...

After the lunch while arnav was sitting with his friends in the coffee shop he could sense her...he looked behind...he saw her...pale, no life, walking heads down with tanni...his heart skipped a bit with the every step she took...he saw she was struggling...he could sense any monent she can fall...

Immediately he saw her holding her head and drowsy and she was about to fall...anrav was about to get up to catch her but AVI was just behind her...he held her...khushi fainted...everyone went towards her...tanni panicked...

Avi: Tanni go and get some water for her...(arnav was just observing...clutching his fist...playing with his fingers nervously...he so badly wanted to go and hold khushi, but his ego...his esteem stopped.

Tanni got the glass of water...avi sprinkled some water on her face...khushi gained her conciousness...avi ran his wet hands over her face and looked at arnav narrowing his eyes...(arent you supposed to do that arnav? he thought and arnav just understood his expression how could you be so mean after looking at her like this? for the first time i hate myself to call you my best friend arnav)

Khushi tired to get up when avi held the glass in front of her mouth. she sipped and coughed immidiately...arnav stood up pointing his hnad towards her...but again he restricted himself in that position...

Avi: Are you all right khushi?

Khushi: Ya avi i am fine...just a little dizzy...

Tanni: I told you not to get up from your bed today...but you will not listen...would you?

Khushi's eyes welled up...I just wanted to see you has been more than 48 hrs and i was feeling wierd staying in the room...

Khushi looked at arnav when arnav turned his back towards her...a tiny drop fell from her eyes...but i think i should just go away from her (it was equivalent of someone stabbing his heart...he closed his eyes tried to control his emoitons.

Tanni and Avi helped her to sit on a chair nearby...

Tanni: Would you like to have a cup of coffee? Will that make you feel better?

Arnav: Tanni you used never have coffee when you are having never know caffine might react.

Khushi: Coffee would be fine Tanni.

Arnav: (damn he thought and hit his leg on the table)

Tanni put her stoll aroung khushi to keep her warm...Arnav was looking at khushi ocassionally but khushi never looked at him after he turned his back to her.


Next day moring...

Metron: Khushi you have a call from someone called Angad.

Tanni: Who is this Angad Khushi?

Khushi: He is my uncle's son.

Tanni: Oh your cousin?

Khushi: No No, my uncle who sponsered me...his son.

Tanni: Oh I see.

Khushi: I will see you in sometime Tan...


Khushi was nervous...this is the first time she will be talking to Angad...and after that day she was all the more nervous...

Khushi: H...Hello

Angad: Hi Khushi! How are you?

Khushi: I am are you?

Angad: I am fine too...sooo...well...its a little ocuired you know...

Khushi: Ya I know...and she smiled...i dont know what to say...

Angad: Doesnot matter...i want you to be comfortable with me first...well i have seen your picture...and

Khushi's heart was facing...

Angad: And my dad kinda like you you know...he keeps on telling about you...and...

Khushi was speachless...she tired to talk but she failed.

Argad: Well first of all i would like to thank you as for you i am here in US today...unless you released the sit i would have got this opertunity...and i kinda...i think i like you pic.

Khushi gulped...

Angad: I mean not you pic...but are beautiful...Hello...are you there?

Khushi: hmm...ya

Angad: Ok you seen me? did dad send you my picture?

Khushi: No...I mean no he has not sent any...

Angad: Ok i will talk to dad and arrange to send you the picture of mine...ok?

Khushi: Y...ya ok...

Angad: You dont want to ask me anything?

Khushi: mean...i really dont know what to ask...

Angad: You talk this much only? 

Khushi: Oh no no...I talk a lot but its just today i am a little

Angad: Uncomfotable...right? Its ok khushi...i totally understand...take you time...well talk tomorrow or may be day after...whenever you are comfortable...ok? Take down my no...


Both Khushi and Arnav avoided each other for past 7 days...not that they wanted to but the gesture they made while crossing each other...both felt hurt...and so they tired their best to ignore each other...but failed the eye-locks and racing hearts...


Finally it was time for the play to be executed...everyone was busy...some were at the back stage preparing for the show...arnav and lovline was in their make up room doing their final rehearsal...

Khushi was in charge to back stage as a prompter...she so badly wanted to be in this play...she loved jenny's charecter a lot she thought...but she concoled her...


The play started...both arnav and lovelin did amazing on there first part of it...they were indeed at their best...

Khushi smiled looking at one could have played jenny like you lovelin she hugged her...

Lovelin: I am sure khushi you would have played it much better than me...

Arnav: Dont waste you time lovelin we have the last part to go...looking at khushi piercing his eyes onto her...she felt stabbed...she knew what was comming on the last was jenny's confesion and james acceptance...

While running down the stairs lovelin tipped and fell...Arnav went running to her so did all...

Arnav held her in his arms...

Arnav: Bubly are you ok?

Lovelin: No bubbles my legs...aaah...

Arnav: Oh my god its swollen...

RS: Ready for the last scene guys it was going to start in 15 mins...WAIT...Oh my god what happened? 

Arnav: She fell down RS...

RS: Oh my god...can you walk?

Lovelin who was wipping badly no sir i cant walk...

Arnav: Shit...

RS: Doesnot matter we will call the show off.

Lovelin: No RS this is Marks prestige issue we cant play with it...

RS: We dont have a choice lovelin

Lovelin: Khushi! Ask her to replace me...

Arnav: Are you mad lovelin? Do you want her to take the cake like this? Its you who have been working so hard for this and now you want the most important scene to be done by her?

Lovelin: Arnav dont waste time please...for god sake agree what i am saying...please let her do it...

RS: I think she is right arnav...we should just announce that lovelin met with an accident so we have to finish this with another lead..yeh marks a izzat ka sawal hai arnav...and who knows it better than you?

Arnav: Fine.


Annie: Khushi...come with me right now...

Khushi: Annie where are you taking me...arrey kuch to bolo

Khushi and annie arrived in the dressing room and she saw lovelin sitting stretching her legs which was swollen...

Khushi: Oh my god...what happened to you? how did this happen?

Lovelin: I can explain that later khushi...before that you need to be jenny.

Khushi was shocked she looked at arnav...and arnav nodded no looking in the ground.

Khushi: How is that possible...i...i cant do it...

Arnav: thats it RS we are not doing it.

RS: Khushi, Arnav do you know what you are saying? why is it always about you...why cant you think beyond it? its about marks...

Arnav: closed his eyes...ok fine sir...but please dont ask me to convince khushi.

RS: Khushi, please!

Khushi: Fine RS.

Everyone dispersed...lovelin and khushi was left in the dressing room...

Khushi cupped lovelin's will be fine ok? dont worry...she was about to go when lovelin held her hand..

Lovelin: Khushi i did this purposely...

Khushi: What? What do you mean?

Lovelin: I wanted you to perform with arnav...even he wants that but he doesnot admit...

Khushi: What are you talking about lovelin...

Lovelin: Just go and pour your heart out...just do it khushi...


She was looking like a princess in the white sleeveless gown...her hair roller set...a pearl drop in her ears and a small pearl drop as a locket...with minimum make up she wore...

Lovelin: you look james' today...only you can be jenny's james (Arnav's Khushi she thought)

Arnav: Are you ready?

Khushi turned...arnav's heart skipped looking at on the earth can she be so beautiful he thought.

Arnav: Can we do the rehearsal in our dressing room if you dont mind?

Khushi agreed and walked with him...

He grabbed her in the mid way...listen khushi kumari gupta...dont you dare come near me on stage...

Khushi's eyes welled up...i just dont want to touch you. understand. STAY AWAY...I dont care how you will get the hint...but i just dont want to touch you...and he left her and walked towards the stage...

Khushi was shattered


On the stage

Khushi coming close to arnav: James please dont leave me.

Arnav: Why you always think about youself only jenny? What about what i want? How I want.

(Actual dialogue was James: Jenny i wish i could...but you know my dreams...)

Khushi was a liitle shocked and arnav was talking totally opposite of the script...she didnot know what to say..what to do..the prompter was keeping on giving cue to anrav but he was rigid.

Khushi grabbed his collar: so i was never a part of your dreams...What about those dreams which we saw together?

Arnav: what dreams are you talking about jenny? I only dreamt of joining millitary and today i have got an opertunity to join the same...and you are stopping me.

(Actual dialogue was James: What dreams are you talking about? We have never promised anything to each other...we always wanted each other's support thats it.)

Khushi: Thats it James? So if i die it will not matter to you that means?

Arnav: Dont try to blackmail me emotionally. It is not going to work jenny...yes you did a lot for me...and...and i think you should just get married to someone else as i can never be ours...i have my responsibilities towards the world as a protector.

(Actual dialogue James: Shut up Jenny how can you tell this?)

Khushi's eyes filled with tears: How can i servive without you james...and you ask me to marry...marry someone else and see you die for the world?

(Actual Dialogue Jenny:You are expecting me to do the same...)

Jenny: I cant see you die James...I cant...I cant see you hurting me like this, i...i and she fell on the ground crying like a mad person (bold are khushi's words)

Arnav turned to her and saw her state...he just couldnot hurt her more...enough he did...his eyes became moist...he went towards her...held her shoulders and picked her up making her stand...looking into her are making me week jenny...just let me go.

Khushi held his hand: Please dont go. I love you (she didnt say james after I love you as per the scrpit). I really do...(she missed are my world of happiness, my world of sorrows...please dont leave me as per the script.)

There was silence...they stood infront of each other...finally a chunri was dropped on them and finally RS decided to do voice over while they stood beneath the chunri looking at each other...

RS: James can never leave her jenny...thus he decided to live the rest of his life with his love...

Arnav slowly cupped her face and placed a kiss on the corner of her lips...

the curtains dropped...and the crowd bursted out screaming once more...once more...


they stood like that until the students came and picked arnav up and congratulated him...he looked at khushi who was moving back...he wanted to speak to her...but she moved back and finally turned and was lost in the crowd...

Precap: Khushi refuses to take the award with Arnav

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thank u once again for a lovely update.
love u

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Very cute...this angad character is gonna cause a lot drama. bring him in soon :) :) :)

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the confession was amazing 
wooow loved this part alot
great work 
seriosuly i loved it tooo much 
thnks 4 da pm also


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oh my god it was briliant...i had tears in my eyes after reading it...just beautiful dear...pliz update soon as i cant wait for he next part n thnx 4da pm...

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wow!!!! what a confession...waiting for the next part...let's see whatz gonna happen so damn excitedClap

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