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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 80)

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Chapter 28
part a
Raichand mansion
After hearing that their unborn was in danger,piya's heart broke into thousand pieces. She immediately ran inside the car and cried their whole heartedly, abhay was shocked to see the emotional ourburst of piya, he didn't knew what to say at first, he just hugged piya and piya cried silently in his chest, atlast abhay could not take it any more so, he after lots of effort, consolation and persuasstion made piya understand that they will face every danger together and would not let anything happen to their unborn, at last piya listened to abhay as she knew that abhay will do anything to protect their baby and she trusted him more than anything else, so at last piya stopped crying but due to excessive crying and emotional outburst, she was feeling unwell so abhay decided to take her back home. After driving for 15 minutes abhiya reached raichand mansion. After reaching home abhay had carried piya till her room, though piya protested but, it's impossible to stop abhay raichand. After reaching in their room abhay have forced piya to lie down and had promised not to leave her side. Now, piya is sleeping peacefully on her bed and abhay is sitting beside her and carrasing her hair. Abhay saw piya sleeping deeply so decided to not to disturb her anymore and he lied down too and decided to think how will he make the dobriyals understand his situation and more over how will he protect his piya and his unborn from the coming danger, which he himself is unknown too.
'No one knows what destiny holds for u, but u must learn to face every hurdle that come in ur way, don't leave everything over destiny which is uncertain'
Kabir house
Misha is sitting on a couch and kabir is sitting there too. Their was a unexpected silent in the room.
Misha broke the silence and spoke,
Misha-: kabir, yesterday what ever happened was just a mistake and I want we both to forget about that moment.
A trickle of tear maked it's way through misha's eyes and kabir felt like it pierced through his heart,
Kabir-: (in his own mind)what is happening to me, why I feel like someone has stabbed my heart whenever I see tears in her eyes, I need to talk with abhay, may be he can help.
Misha saw the confused and pained expression on kabir's face,
Misha-: kabir, what are u thinking?
kabir-: misha, let's forget everything that happened yesterday, let's make a new start of our friendship from today, pls forgive me for hurting u and breaking ur trust, I promise I will never repeat my mistake again.
Misha looked towards kabir for few minutes and then finally said,
Misha-: ok, I forgive u but I have one condition.
Kabir-: what condition?
Misha-: U will take me to raichand mansion, I want to meet piya, I know she may not recognise me, but still I want to see her.
Kabir-: Ok, misha we will go tomorrow only, ummm how about at tomorrow evening?
Misha-: (smiling) ok done
Kabir-: ok and now I want my bratty and naughty misha back.
Misha-: done thakur, anyways this emotional things doesn't suit misha dobriyal right?
Kabir-: right mish, ok now are u feeling hungry?
misha-: of course, bring 5 burgers, 2 rolls and one chicken pizza will do.
Kabir-: ( shocked) Misha, u will eat all of this?
Misha-: yea, why? any problem?
Kabir-: no no, no problem, wait I will bring all this.
Misha-: ok, do one thing, bring coca cola too.
Kabir just nodded and went away with a big smile plastered on his face.
After 30 minutes kabir brought all the food items ordered by misha and misha had ate everything in one go, making kabir both shocked and surprised, he wondered how can      girl who can eat so much be so slim, then he realised that the girl is none other than misha dobriyal so, anything is possible in her case, after that misha decided to get back home, so kabir dropped her home as misha didn't bring her bike. Kabir dropped misha and headed back home with a peaceful and happy mind, and misha too smiled thinking of kabir which was suprising for both, but both shoved of the thought and went back to their respective places, that is kabir to his house and misha in her room, with new hope for a new beggining.
Next morning
This morning was special for both dobriyals and raichands, as dobriyals will come to know something, which they could never think of and raichand was going to disclose their secrets to mere human beings unsure of what will be their reaction.
Abhay had woked up before piya and made breakfast for her himself only, piya woked up a bit late and was surprised to see abhay standing with a tray full of breakfast, he was wearing a apron and a chef's hat, piya just burst out lauging seeing the chef avatar of abhay.
Piya-: (giggling) abhay, u.. u are.. looking like.. like a typical.. typical chef..(and laughed more hardly)
Abhay was just feeling exuberance seeing piya's brightened face which was showing how happy she was with his this little effort, which was adding to her heavenly beauty more and more.
Abhay-: what to do, a girl's love can do anything to a man, see what u have done to me.
piya-: really, oh then that girl wants u to see in different roles everyday, for today chef, for tomorrow driver and then day after...
Before piya could say more abhay said,
Abhay-: husband.
Piya looked at abhay with a mixed expression of confusion, shocked, happiness and surprise.
Piya-j husband? That means we will be married?
Abhay kept the tray on the table and sat beside piya, he holded both her hands, and spoke
Abhay-: piya, today we are going to dobriyal mansion, u are daughter of mr. arnab dobriyal, I know u don't remember anything, but that day in the mall the man u saw was ur father, piya I want to tell ur family everything then we will get married with everyone's blessing, I want to tell everyone that I am going to be a father, I want to tell that u are my wife, I want...
Before abhay could speak more, piya hugged him tightly and murmered,
Piya-: abhay I am the most luckiest girl of this whole world, I have got the most perfect soulmate anyone can wish for, abhay I don't remember my family but I know they will accept u, if not also we will be married na, u can never leave me I know, I trust u abhay and I am waiting for that day when I will be called mrs. piya raichand.
abhay-: piya ur family will accept us as ur father loves u a lot, and yes, I can never leave u, piya I am the one who should be called lucky, I never knew god has given me this darkness, this cursed life, so that he can bring such a angel in my life who will take away all the darkness and fill my life with ray of new hope and happiness.
Both abhay and piya hugged each other more tightly, at last their sweet little moment was disturbed by haseena.
haseena knocked at the door, which made piya embarrased and blush, but abhay just smirked.
haseena knocked at the door and entered the room.
Haseena-: piya, I know we have not talked that much but chand and I are like ur mom and dad, so don't hesitate anything and u can tell us anything u want, don't be shy. One more thing u are pregnent, and I am not a human but I know how motherly instincts are, mood swings are a commom part of ur pregnency, so abhay u have to be careful and patitence, don't force her to di anything she don't want, it can irritate her and emotional outburst are not good for her health, do u both get me.
Abhay and piya both nodded.
Piya-: aunty, a mother is a mother, whether, she is a human, a creature, or anything else, motherly instincts are always same, she is same protective, same loving to her baby, u are not a human being, but I know that u love abhay more than ur own life, that's why u have accepted me, u knew that I and my child both are dangerous for ur existence, but for abhay's happiness u accepted me and my child.
Haseena was just overwhelmed by happiness hearing piya's words, she could not control anymore and hugged piya and a drop of blood tear rolled down from her eyes.

Scroll down for part b

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Part b
On the other hand abhay felt so happy seeing the bond developing between his mother and piya, he also realised that how much chand and haseena loves him, he just thanked god for giving him so much happiness which he could never think of.
Abhay-: (smiling) u both forgot me, mom I am ur son too.
Haseena smiled and hugged abhay too, meanwhile chand entered and seeing all the family reunion he joined too.
After that chand and went out leaving abhay behind so that he can feed piya and then they will go to dobriyal mansion.
Abhay fed piya all the breakfast and piya ate everything happily as it was made by abhay specially for her with lots of love, so how can she not like it. Abhay also felt happy seeing piya eating everthing peacefully and lovingly. After finishing lunch piya decided to get ready because she was excited to meet her family, although she doesn't remember them, but still in her heart she was excited. piya dressed up in a yellow knee length short dress, and went out. Chand and haseena were already sitting in the car, abhay with piya joined them too and all drove towards dobriyal mansion.
Dobriyal mansion
The enviroment of dobriyal mansion was as usual but arnab dobriyal was not in his usual self, he needs to bring back piya home, he need to tell his family about his yesterday's encounter with piya and the news that piya is pregnent with that bas****ds child, suddenly a door bell brought him out of his chain of thoughts.
The servent opened the door, and mr and mrs. raichand entered, everyone knows them as they are one of the most reputated family of dehradhun. Arnab and madhu welcomed them in and finally abhay and piya entered, madhu and panchi were shocked to see piya, entering by holding abhay's hand, infact mr. dobriyal was shocked too. Piya entered and looked at everyone confused at their reaction. Before anyone could say anything, madhu just hugged piya and tears of joy and happiness fell from her eyes, on the otherhand piya could sense the woman who hugged her was surely her mother, she doesn't remember anything but still a child can always identify her mother with her smell and child, she gave a warm smile to madhu and uttered 'mumma'
Raichands were shocked and arnab too, does this mean piya's memory came back?
Madhu-: piya beta, where were u? We searched for u everywhere but couldn't find u, we were hell worried for, why u left us?
Before piya could say anything more panchi hugged her, piya didn't recognise her but felt like she knows her.
piya-: who are u?
Panchi and madhu were hell shocked, but before anyone could say anything else, abhay spoke
abhay-: piya has lost her memory.
Both panchi and madhu were hell shocked now.
Madhu-: piya had a memory loss? Then how did she recognise me.
Abhay-: that's what we all were thinking too.
piya-: abhay I just sensed that she is my mom, her touch, smell everything is familiar, and the way she hugged me and cried I understood she is my mom.
Everyone were just overwhelmed by emotion hearing piya's words, madhu couldn't think of how to express her joy so she hugged piya once more, but this time with more happiness and gratitude.
Chand spoke up-: Mr. dobriyal we came here today to talk about something important.
chand's voice took everyone's attention, madhu left piya and all sat down together.
Haseena-: we are now going to say something which may shock u all to the core, piya ur daughter is pregnent and abhay is the father of this child.
Madhu, panchi and arnab looked at each other shocked.
before anyone could speak anything, piya spoke up,
piya-: I know what u all are thinking, but trust me abhay is my life, my saviour, my love, he saved me and today I am alive is because of him.
piya told the whole incident to her family, how abhay saved her, how she fell in love with abhay inspite of knowing that he is a vampire.
This news now shocked all of them to the core, no one knew how to react, how is it possible, a vampire, but vampire doesn't exsist, is this some kind of sick joke, no no how is it possible?
Abhay observed the shock and confused faces, it was now time for him to speak.
Abhay-: I know u all are shocked to hear that I am my whole family are vampires, blood sucking creatures, I know it's my fault, that I loved a human, but that human is not just a mere human, she is a angel who took away all the darkness and hollowness of my life, I don't know what good deed I had done that god blessed me with this angel, I don't love piya more than my life because she herself is my life, I don't have heart but piya's heart beat is my heart beat.
Dobriyal's were stunned by abhay's words, they understood why piya trusted and loved abhay so much, he may be a vampire but still he has a heart, a golden heart, which beats for piya inspite of being dead.
Madhu-: Abhay, I know u are the most perfect partner any girl could get, and I want piya's happiness only, so I don't have any objection.
Abhay smiled and looked at mr. dobriyal who nodded too as positive and panchi hugged piya as she was very happy with all this.
Chand-: mr. dobriyal we wanted to tell u all something else too.
Dobriyals looked at chand confused.
chand-: we want to get abhay and piya married soon as the baby is a hybrid, half human and half vampire, so it will be growing at a rapid rate, we don't want anyone to point fingers at piya or their baby.
Everyone was delighted to hear the marriage proposal.
arnab-: We don't have any problem, but we want that the marriage should be according to rituals.
Abhay-: uncle I agree with ur wish, but uncle piya is pregnent and u know that much stress is not good for her health, so I think it's better if this wedding will be simple and between closed ones.
piya-: I think abhay is right, I don't want grand celebration, I just want all ur blessings.
Arnab-: ok beta as u all wish, I just want u both to be happy.
Madhu-: piya beta I forgot to tell u, I know u don't remember us but...
before madhu could complete her sentence, a tomboy looking girl, with brown hair, interruped.
The girl-: piya, omg u are here?
The girl simply ran to piya and hugged her.
Piya-: who are u?
Misha-: piya I am ur another sister misha and don't be shocked but I know about ur vampire lover and I have heard all ur conversation about marriage and yea, a big yes from my side.
piya hugged her back and felt complete with all the happiness she has got back her family, piya looked at abhay and abhay gave her a assuring smile.
Madhu-: ummm, I want to say one more thing I want piya to stay with us still marriage.
Now suddenly the atmosphere became dull, piya didn't want to leave abhay and abhay was hell worried for piya's safety.
Arnab-: I agree with madhu too, piya pls only for two days, can't u give us this two days pls and abhay I promise u nothing will happen to piya and u can come here whenever u want.
Abhay-: (with a heavy heart) piya I think u should stay, if u want to.
piya was now hell confused she doesn't want to leave abhay but how could she say no to her family who just wanted her to be with them two days.
Everyone looked at the confused face of piya and waited for her answer...
Ps-: guys, I don't know if this chapter is good or not, but I have just tried to do well, I am hell busy with my studies so written this part in a hurry.Ouch I will not say sorry as I don't want to get more scoldingROFL. So, just hope u all will like it and give ur comments plz. One more thing this chapter may be boring because it's full of family and bondings but I wanted to show bonding of a mother, sister and father, so just hope u all will like it. Thank u guys for all ur previous comments.
Love u all.

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Yeah i was firstDancingsorry for Editing lateWink
Love the Way Abhay cares for Pia. Day DreamingLiked the Pia Haseena bondingSmile.
Pia has a difficult decision to make, whether to stay or go back with the Raichands till her Marriage.D'oh
Thank u for reminding me warna yeh comment kaab unres hota pata naheeLOL

Update soon Embarrassed

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lovely update...Embarrassed

loved it...abhiya scene was cute,awesome n nice...

abhay is words to say his care,love n everything 4 piya..
loved the way where dobriyals accepted abhay,his truth n abhiya marriage..
loved abhay cheifs look...but now i hope so no danger comes between abhiya if comes abhiya face them together...
It was awesome...mishika was nice..
N haseena cares 4 piya was awesome...n now plzz update soon n thanks 4 pm...

Update sooonEmbarrassed

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i liked mishka part very muchEmbarrassed
nd haseena nd pia convo
i m so glad that dobrials accepted abhay..,
continue soon thank u for pmSmile

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awesome update

loved pia and haseena part

wow abhiya r getting married thats gr8

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Thank God Smile For once u heeded my advice ROFL There was no apology mentioned Approve And no, the update was not at all boring coz its important to focus on other relations in life. Romance is not the only aspect of life Tongue There are other relations that are probably more important in life that shapes us into the person that we are Embarrassed So I liked this update a lot Approve I hope Mishka realise their feelings soon n not run away from it. I am happy that Abhay finally has his family complete Smile It was nice to see the Dobriyals accept Abhiya relation Embarrassed I hope they dont create any problems for them now but anyways Misha is team Abhiya so I dont worry too much on that Wink This update was very much needed n glad u showed the bonding of families Thumbs Up Clap

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awesuum update romi...Clap it was beautiful in every way!! Thumbs Up And wonderfully written! I so so loved this update!!Heart Embarrassed
Misha kabir part was lovely! So bth r back to friends mode again,nt knwing wat they feel for eachother!! And omg! Misha ate all those foods alone! ROFL she is surely something!LOL
Loved haseena-pia bond!! It was an emotional moment!!Embarrassed
I loved the part where abhay mentioned the word husband!!Embarrassed and the emotions pia felt,everything was just wonderful! StarIt was again beautifuly written!Thumbs Up
And the scene pia calling madhu mom,inspite of loosing her memory,was most memorable part of the story!!Approve A mother-child bond is the most strongest of all,and the way you brought out this whole thing,was marvellous!!!Clap
Am happy dat dobrials inspite of knowing their truth accepted abhay!!! Smile
And ya abhay's dialogues in the last,were fav! Thumbs Up
hm..nw pia is in dilemna! She doesnt knw wat to do!!
Overall a lovely update! Brilliant job!! ClapKeep it up dear..Thumbs Up
continue plz..and thanks for the pm..Embarrassed

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