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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 67)

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Part b
Piya's room
Piya had woked up from her sleep and was feeling perfectly fine, she heard the sound of opening of her room's door and she very well knew who is it, she saw abhay enterering the room with a tray full of foods.
Abhay-: Piya how are u feeling now?
piya-: Perfectly fine, I am feeling hungry abhay.
Abhay-: I know, that's why I brought all this things for u.
Piya smiled and looked at the tray which contents, roti, paneer items, sandwiches, soups, fried rice, dum aloo. Piys was shocked to see that abhay had brought three days food for her, is he mad, how can someone eat so much food at once.
Piya-: Abhay for whom u have brought so much food?
Abhay-: piya u are weak now, u need strength.
Piya-: Abhay are u mad? A human can never it so much.
Abhay-: No, I am not mad and u need to eat, u are so weak and skinny piya.
Piya-: Abhay, I don't want to gain weight and become like some aunty, and it's impossible for me to eat so much.
Abhay-: (Smiling) piya if u gain weight and become like a aunty also u will still be my piya only. Now stop talking and eat, u talk too much.
Piya-:.No, I am not going to eat so much, and I don't want to eat all this thing, I want chocolates and chocopie.
Abhay-: Piya chocolates are not.good for health, u have to eat all these then only u will get chocolates.
Piya-:(suddenly shouting) What the hell? Why do u always throw ur desicion on me? I don't want to eat all these crap now, just throw them awayAbhay was shocked to see piya behaving like this, he didn't know what to do,
Abhay-: piya, why are u shouting and getting angry, whatever I am saying is for ur good only.
Piya-: (still shouting) Just cut the crap, how can I forget the great mr. abhay raichand can never be wrong.
Abhay-: (now losing temper) Why are u behaving like this? Have I done anything wrong? Fine u don't want to eat all this, then eat whatever u want, I will not tell anything.
Abhay got up from there, and was about to leave when suddenly piya started crying, Abhay was now more shocked to see piya crying, who was a tigress few minutes ago. Abhay's anger vanished he immediately went to piya. He holded her by shoulders, and hugged her.
Abhay-: shh shh, stop crying, what happened? Are u feeling same pain again piya?
Piya-: (sobbing) No, u don't love me, u don't like me, I am a burden for u.
Abhay was now more shocked, piya is telling him, he doesn't love her, is she joking, she knows very well that I love her like a maniac, she is my life, my light, my world and she is saying she is a.burden.
Abhay-: Piya, how can u say like this, why are u feeling like this, how can u say u are a burden for me, u and our unborn baby is my life, my sunshine, my world, u are the one hope and ray of light in my darkness, I believe god has given me this cursed life because, he knew a angel will come in my life, I had to suffer all this years so that I could get my happiness in form of my angel and that is u, and now our unborn baby is a part of my angel, how can u think u two will be a burden for me.
Piya was touched, by abhay all these words, true how can she think like that, how can she doubt his love, she very well knows that abhay's most sensitive part is she and their baby, how can she hurt her abhay like this.
More tears welled up in piya's eyes and she hugged abhay more tightly and mumbled.
Piya-: (mumbling) I am sorry abhay, I don't know what happened to me, I get irritated sometime, I am so sorry, my intentions were not to hurt u, I...
Before piya could speak more abhay sealed her lips with his, pouring out all the love he had for piya. Piya was shocked at first, but could not stop more so she reacted with same intensity and love she had for abhay. Both kissed each other passionately and hungrily pouring all the love they had for each other. Suddenly abhay felt, piya was suffocating, he immediately left piya, and let her take fresh air. He was feeling guilty for letting his desires overcome him, how could he forget that piya was weak and fragile now.
Abhay-: I am sorry piya, I...
Piya cut in, don't say sorry abhay, I was just out of breathe for some moment. Now I am fine and feeling hungry, now feed me and after having food I want chocolates, actually our baby wants chocolates.
Abhay smiled and fed piya some soup, sandwich and one roti. He stopped feeding when he saw piya couldn't eat more as piya's facial expression was telling him that. He smiled and said,
Abhay-: I am sorry piya, for shouting on u and scolding u.
Piya-: it's ok, and I am sorry too. Now where is my chocolate, I want my chocolate.
Abhay-: wait, I will bring it.
Piya-: ok, but fast.
Abhay nodded and left from there, within few minutes he came back with a box which contained small small round shapes chocolate. Piya happily took them from abhay's hand and ate them fast fast like a child, as if someone will take it away from her. Abhay just laughed seeing the way piya ate all the chocolates.
After she finished all the chocolates, abhay helped her to wash her hands. After that piya wanted to watch a movie so abhay, brought her a dvd of 'Baby's day out' movie, and piya just laughed seeing that movie and abhay joined her too.
After watching the movie, abhay had forced piya to take rest so, piya again slept but for half an hour only. After that piya had forced abhay to let take her out. She was feeling nauseated at home, so abhay decided to take her for a town trip. Piya got excited and happy like a baby and immidiately got ready in a pink shoulderless dress. She was looking like a angel in that cute pink colour. Abhay drove the car to the main city and piya's eyes were only roaming here and there. Suddenly her eyes caught sight of a man sitting in the food path with some cards.
Piya-: abhay stop the car.
Abhay immediately stopped the car and followed piya's gaze, he could not understand where piya was looking, so he decided to ask
Abhay-: piya what happened?
Piya pointed towards that man, and abhay understood what piya was trying to say.
Abhay-: piya all these things are stupid, don't believe in all these let's go.
Piya-: abhay, pls for once, pls, I promise I will not eat anymore chocolate today then.
Abhay could not refuse anymore to piya, as she was looking with her cute baby brown eyes towards abhay.
Abhay-: ok ok let's go.
Piya happily got down from the car and abhay followed her. They reached to that old man, and the old man looked towards them and smiled.
Piya picked up three cards and gave it to that man. The man looked at it and said,
the man-: U both will be very happy couple, but life can never be easy for u too. U both have to go through many difficulties and a big danger is coming for both of u and ur unborn...
Both abhay and piya looked at each other and piya's eyes filled up with tears and she immediately ran towards the car and abhay ran behind her...

Ps-: guys I am ending this chapter here, I know it's not written well as I am doing my project and writing so it may have many mistakes and written roughly, and I myself had no idea what I have written. Pardon me for dissapointing u all. If u still like it, give ur precious comments, it will mean a lot to me.

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Well I guess u will never stop apologising Ouch Angry Coming to the update I loved it esp Abhay's care towards Pia n their unborn Embarrassed It was so sweet. U showed Pia's mood swings very well. Well I had a friend who had been pregnant last year n I pity her hubby LOL Boy did she get terrible mood swings n her cravings were funny ROFL  n her apetite used to surprise me but I suppose thats normal Smile Who is this Piyali Jaiswal now? Shocked I hope she isn Pia's look alike Confused n I hope Abhiya find her soon n hopefully she will help Pia have a normal delivery Smile But please make Pia a vampire, as I want Abhiya to be with each other forever Embarrassed MishKa were hot Blushing I hope Misha realises her feelings for Kabir soon n I want her to support Abhiya Smile I know it'll take time as no sister will want her sister to end up with a blood sucking monster however angelic he is. This time I wont request u to stop apologising as u will never listen to me Cry Anyways the update was fab Romi Clap

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awsm update!

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res..its my sis id okk...aur is mai hi edit karu gi..
Me fatima..
res..its my sis id okk...aur is mai hi edit karu gi..
Me fatima..
Very nice update..loved abhiya cute scene..specially when abhay broght so much the care of abhay..
Mishika r also awesome..n now which danger comes between abhay..i hopethey face...n i hope arnab accept abhiya...n now abhiya married coming the way u describe everything...
Loved piya character..she likes cc...i also love to eat cc..
Keep it up...thanks 4 pm in tjis account..i know u r also in my sis frnds list...

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Book 2 also finished Big smile! waiting for next update . sooo... Piya is nws Embarrassed loved the part where Piya carried 5 suitcases with her to Europe LOL. bechara Abhay !ROFL loving Mishka's growing bonding too...& really yaar Ihate Arnab Angry!  continue soonSmile

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awesome update.I loved it.So Pia is preggo & LOL wht an encounter of arnab & Pia.He got 2 know his daughter is preggoLOL.Oh loved Abhiya & mishka.Plz cont.Embarrassed

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