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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 56)

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Originally posted by hema_rawat

awsm update

Thanks dear.

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Chapter 26
part a
Shopping mall
The man came towards piya, both shock and happiness could be clearly written over his face. On the otherhand piya was feeling something familiar to that man, she doesn't remember anything but still she felt connected to that man.
Abhay was standing still he couldn't figure out what was happening, he could read piya's thought and that man's too, that man was happy to see piya, but why? Does he know him? Is he related to piya? All these questions were roaming in his mind, but suddenly realisation struck him, but before he could speak anything, the man came and hugged piya, tears were flowing from his eyes, the man murmured,
The man-: piya, where were u beta, we searched for u so much, why are u giving us such a big punishment, why?
piya was botj shocked and numb, she couldn't identfy the man, but she felt connected to him, she looked at abhay who was standing there with a confused expression, he was shocked, happy and sad. He was happy as piya had found her father and both father and daughter were united on the otherhand he was sad, what if piya's family doesn't accept him, what if?
But his thoughts were interrupted by piya's voice.
Piya-: (to that man) who, are u? Do I know u?
Arnab shocked
Arnab-: beta, are u joking, u don't know me, u don't know ur dad, pls beta..
Before arnab could speak more, abhay interruped.
Abhay-: Her memory is lost, she doesn't remember anything from her past.
Arnab-: (stunned) what? How u know her and what happened with her? Who are u?
Abhay-: I am abhay raichand, u must have heard about chand raichand and raichand industries, actually...
Abhay told the whole story to arnab dobriyal, arnab was shocked to hear that his daughter will not recognise him anymore, she had forgotten, she has forgotten her father.
Piya who was standing still there and was trying to understand what was happening, suddenly she felt dizzy and everthing was getting blackened out, infront of her eyes. She uttered 'abhay' and was about to collapse and hit the ground when two pairs of strong arms caught her.
Abhay-: piya, piya are u alright, piya pls talk to me, what happened, piya.
Piya-:(half consious) abhay suddenly I felt dizzy and everything blackened out infront of my eyes.
Abhay-: I will take u to doctor now.
Arnab interruped,
Arnab-: abhay, let's take her to city hospital.
Abhay-: ok.
Piya was unconsious till then, so didn't know what was happening, abhay carried piya in his arms and arnab followed them.
City hospital
Doctors had checked piya and the news that they have said had shooked the earth below arnab's and abhay's feet, the doctor had happily given them the news that piya is pregnent with a baby of almost three weeks.
Abhay knew this would happen but he didn't except this to happen so soon and how on the earth their baby could be three weeks old, it has been nearly 15 days piya had been staying with him, and they had physical relationship only since last week, everything is messed up and didn't have any idea what to do, and now piya's father is also there, suddenly realisation struck him, that piya's father had heard the news too, he looked towards arnab's direction and saw him sitting on a chair, his expression clearly told him that he was beyond shock.
Abhay went to mr. dobriyal and sat beside him
Abhay-: Uncle, I..
Arnab interruped,
Arnab-: abhay don't be sorry for anything, it's not ur fault, piya's past is terrible and I am sure this child belongs to that bas***ed.
Abhay felt rage building in himself, how can someone say his child belongs to someon else. He wanted to clear everything right then, but will piya's father believe him, He knows his daughter is only missing for 15 days then how can it be our child, it means exposure of our truth, fine u can do anything to give respect to my child and piya, no obe should dare to call his child a bas***ed child.
Abhay looked at mr. dobriyal and was about to speak, but a nurse came.
Nurse-: Mr. abhay raichand, ur wife wants to see u.
abhay-: ok, I am coming.
Arnab looked at abhay shocked
abhay-: I have told them her as my wife, I didn't want any mess here.
Arnab nodded and abhay thought in his mind that he will tell everything today itself to piya's father.
Piya's cabin
Piya was sitting on the bed, and was looking extremely happy, the glow of happiness was making her look more radiant. Abhay took the chair beside her and sat.
Piya looked at abhay and smiled.
Piya-: abhay, I am very happy today, I can't believe it, I am going to be a mother, I don't know abhay how to express my joy.
Abhay-: (smiling) piya, I am happy too, u have given me the greatest happiness of my life. I love u.
Piya-: I love u too.
saying this both hugged each other enjoying their little moment of their new found joy.
Abhay had convinced mr. dobriyal to let piya stay with him for few days, as any type of pressure in her mind will harm both her and her baby. Mr. dobriyal didn't want to let piya stay away from her family, but he knew abhay was right, if piya doesn't remember her past and if he takes her with him back to his house and seeing everyone she will feel restless which will create pressure in her mind, so he decided to listen to abhay for time being. Abhay had promised him that he will take care of piya. He wanted to tell mr. dobriyal about their love and their child, but what if somehow it affected piya's condition, if her father forces her to come with him then, no he can't take any risk, and they had many problems beforehand only he did not wanted to add more, so decided to be quiet for time being.
Doctor have discharged piya, and abhay had decided to take her at his home, he all the way was continuously asking piya, how is are u? How are u feeling? Should I get u anything? Do u need anything? which was making piya hell irritated.
Piya-: abhay, stop the car.
abhay immediately stopped the car, and looked towards piya, puzzled. Before abhay could speak anything, piya shouted, [/BR]Piya-: (irritated) abhay will u stop asking me all those question again and again, I am fine and I am just pregnene for three weeks not months.
Suddenly piya remembered that she was pregnent for three months but how can it be possible, is it because the baby is a hybrid or anything else is the reason, she decided to ask abhay.
Piya-: Abhay, Doctors said my baby is three weeks old, but..
Abhay knew what piya was going to ask, so he interupped.
Abhay-: piya I myself don't know the reason as it is for the first time a hybrid from a vampire and human is born. After going home I will ask my mom and dad, I think they can answer our query.
Piya nodded and smiled.
Abhay-: Piya are u..
Piya-: (irittated) Ufff!!! I am fine baba, if u ask this question one more time I will go crazy, and if I go crazy u know the consequences very well.
Abhay-: Piya, u know that u are not carrying a simple human child, u are carrying a vampire's child, I am worried for u, about ur health, what if something ...
Piya kept her finger on abhay's lips and said,
piya-: Abhay I know u care for me, and I love this caring side of urs, but I don't know why, but I am feeling a bit irritated now a days. Maybe because of pregnency, and I know that till I are there with me, nothing will happen to me.
Abhay smiled ans piya hugged him, abhay kissed her forehead and started driving back towards home.

Outside dobriyal mansion
Kabir had came to pick up misha at sharp 7 p.m, misha was dressed in her usual jeans and tee, and kabir in a blue jacket and grey jeans which made him look more hot and handsome.

Scroll down for next part.

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Part b
Misha could not help from staring towards kabir, otherside kabir was smiling looking at misha's reaction, though she was dressed in her usual self, but was still looking beautiful.
Kabir-: Come om, misha we are getting late, u can stare at me some other time.
Misha-:(embarrassed) I was not staring at u, why do u think that I will stare at u?
Kabir-: leave it, I don't want a fight here ok, let's go.
Misha-: yea, let's go.
Raichand mansion
After driving for half an hour slowly as abhay was hell worried regarding piya, abhiya reached raichand mansion. After reaching there abhay had forced piya to take rest and piya was getting more and more irritated, but for abhay's sake she agreed. Abhay decided to meet his foster his foster parents and tell about all that happened in few hours.
Lion club
Kabir and misha had entered lion club, and both sat on the bar counter. Misha was having a peck of whiskey and kabeer a beer, suddely misha spoke up
Misha-: kabir, u wanted to tell me something na, tell.
Kabir-: actually, it's related to ur sister, I will tell u, but first u have to dance with me, then only I will tell u.
Misha-: ok, I will dance, but first tell me.
Kabir-: no, first dance then only I will tell.
Misha-: ok, but then u have tell me, promise.
Kabir-:(smiling) promise.
Both misha and kabir went to the dance floor and dj was playing a english Song. Misha started dancing like a junglee which made kabir laugh and everyone staring at them. Everyone started laughing at misha which made kabir feel bad. He holded misha's hand and dragged her from dance floor and took her outside.
Outside club
Kabir-: misha, what kind of stupidity is this? Why were u making fun of urself?
Misha-: dude, chill why are u taking all those people seriously, they were just laughing, u were laughing too na, there's nothing wrong in it.
Kabir-: misha, I was only laughing not making fun of u, but all those were making fun of u, don't u have ur own self respect?
Misha-: Kabir I have self respect but it's just that I am like this only.
Kabir-: misha, u don't have to change urself, the way u are be that only, just have ur self respect and nothing u need to change, I love u in the way u are.
Misha-:(shocked) What? What did u say?
Kabir realised what he said just now.
Kabir-: I mean, I love u as a friend and I like u the way u are.
Misha-: oh, ok u just shocked me just now, I was going to break ur bones.
kabir-: oh, god my friend is so crazy.
misha-:yea, I am, ok now tell me what u wanted to tell about piya.
Kabir-: ok listen, ur sister is in this town only and I know where is she, but there is a problem, she has lost her memory..
Misha stood there shocked and dumbstruck.
Misha-: u mean, u knew where is piya and u lied to us, u are telling me this now, don't u have any idea, how we felt, how much we suffered? And what abt this memory loss and where is she, I want to see her right now.
Kabir-: she is staying at my friends house and she is safe, and I am sorry, but I had to lie u don't the whole story yet, come here and sit I will tell u everything.
kabir and misha sitted on a bench and kabir began to tell the story to misha.
Raichand mansion
study room
Haseena, chand and abhay was sitting and discussing about piya. Abhay had told them everything about piya being pregnent and how he convinced piya's dad to let piya stay with them for some days.
Abhay-: but I am not getting one thing, how can our baby be 3 weeks old?
Haseena-: abhay, I have read a book and there it wad written that a hybrid grows at a very fast rate, it will not be in any mother wombs for nine month, the baby will be born after four or five months and one more thing, the baby can be born with the help of a original desendent from wiccan family, doctor's can't track ur baby after he/she will be one month old.
Abhay was beyond shock to listen all.
Abhay-: u mean, my baby is a danger for piya, she may die, if we don't find that witch and I have heard that only one original white witch is alive till now.
Chand-: u are right abhay, only one white witch is alive and no one knows, where is she, and regarding piya, yes her life is in danger, u have to turn her into a vampire when she will give birth to ur child otherwise there is no way to save her.
Abhay-: (shocked) but, I can't do that, how can I turn piya into a vampire and make her life a curse, and how will I find that white witch?
Chand-: abhay, u have to do this if u want to save piya, rest is upto u abd regarding that white witch, I know a friend who can help me, I will meet him tomorrow and will tell u.
Abhay-: ok, and regarding piya I will think of other.
Haseena-: There is no other way, u have time think about it. Now, go to piya's room, she needs u now.
Abhay nodded and left, chand and haseena decided to research more on hybrid baby.
piya's room
abhay entered the room and found piya sleeping peacefully on the bed, looking beautiful and innocent as angel.
Abhay-: (in his own mind) Piya look at u, how innocent and beautiful u are, and look at me, a monster, I love u piya but, I hate myself for bringing darkness in ur life. I don't know how will I save u from this darkness, but I have to, I can't turn u into a vampire. I can't give u this curse life, I will save u and my baby and nothing will happen to u, I promise.
Abhay came out from his thoughts when he saw piya moving and opening her eyes.
Abhay went towards piya and sat beside her.
Piya-: abhay u came, what happened? What did ur parents say?
Abhay-: nothing piya they said our baby will grow in a fast rate compared to normal human childs. Now leave all this, ok are u feeling hungry??
Piya-:(smiling) yea, I want to eat chocolates now.
Abhay-: piya only choclates are not enough u have to eat healthy foods too, then only u will get chocolates.
Piya-: (pouting) fine, but I want chocolate after that.
Abhay could not help laughing at the way piya pouted and piya joined too.
After half an hour abhay brought vegetable soup, sandwiches, omlette and chocolates for piya.
Abhay fed piya soups and sandwiches slowly slowly and after that he gave her the chocolates, which piya ate in one go, like a child. After that abhay kissed piya's forehead and laid down beside her. Piya smiled and kept her head on abhay's chest and drifted off to sleep. Otherhand, sleep was far away from abhay's eyes, he lay awake and began to think how will he fight with all the forthcoming dangers and save piya and their baby, but he was sure of one thing that no matter what he will never let a single danger touch his piya and his baby...
Now let see what destiny holds for abhay, piya and their child.

ps-: Next part updated. Guys this chapter may not be good as I have written it in one go and had not checked too, so pardon me for the mistakes and dissapointing u all. Pls read and leave ur valuable comments and I hope u all are not much dissapointed as I had less time so, updated in one go. Thanks for all ur previous comment and love. Hit the like buttion if u like it.

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Awesome update RD...ClapClap

Abhiya are so much in love...and iss Arnab ko bhi abhi hi tapakna tha..
I like Mishka's budding relation..Embarrassed
I hope ab ye superiors koi nayi problem na ban jaaye...
I'm so so sorry 4 forgetting 2 comment earlier dear..

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Res - edited
Thanks Chaapli LOL

Simply amazing upd rd Clap
Loved it loved it yaar , finally yeh arnab aa hi Gaya Angry Koi nai he loves daughter a lot but hope he doesn't separate abhiya nahi toh uski Censored And yipeee piya pregnant tats awesome PartyDancing Just loved the caring abhay and In the car the way he was asking question ROFL And misha and kabir very cute and hilarious Big smile Relli hope abhiya finds a white witch and soon and abhay toh abhay hi rahege always saying piya I m a monsterLOL but hope he turns her in vampy , 
Amazing dear Big smile
Conti soon Smile
U rockCool

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Originally posted by Mohit-deewani

Thanks Chaapli LOL
you're welcome Champa...but me first...LOL

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awesome update romiClap
plz dont mind bt jaise hi piya behosh hone lagi I brust in laughterROFLdont knw yConfusedLOL
anyways pahle sirf supiriors problem the ab dobriyals bhi...uff!!!
jaldi continue karna ok...
thank u for pmSmile

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thnx sonu...LOL
but me 4th...


amazing update romi...
pia is PREGNANT...OMG...!!!! WOW...
akhir aa hi gaya arnab...Dead
kisi ko chod thodi na sakta hai...Angry
hope atleast misha helps them...
luv the way abhay care for her...and the baby too...Embarrassed
continue soon...aur jitni jldi ho sake utni jldi arnab ko bhaar nika dena...:D:D:D

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