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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 46)

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Originally posted by Akshi0019

amazing dr!!!!!
i loved it!!!!!

cont soon n thanks 4 d pm

Thanks a lot dear.
Glad u liked it so much.
Yea I will update tomorrow and u are welcome

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Chapter 25
Next morning
Abhay and piya had left europe from the morning's first flight. Abhay had been still stubborn not to take piya to raichand mansion, but piya at last made him agreed on one condition that she will never leave abhay's sight.

after reaching india, abhiya decided to spent that night in abhay's farmhouse as abhay didn't wanted to take piya at his house in night time, which is most dangerous and specially when it's full moon. Warewolves are very powerful on this day and can attack on vampires, and in no condition he will let piya come in danger. Piya wanted to go back to mansion but when abhay said that if she didn't listen to him they will go back to europe. Piya had no option other than listening to abhay. So, both decided to stay in abhay's farm house where their soul and body were entwined for the first time.
Raichand mansion
Chand and haseena were sitting, suddenly they heard howling of warewolves outside.
Haseena-:(alerted) chand, they are here.
chand-: yes, haseena I can hear them they can't enter this house as it is bounded by white witch's spell, we have to stay here only, we can't fight them without abhay's help.
Haseena-: but, chand where is abhay, he should have reached here by now.
Chand-: Haseena, abhay has called me and said he will come here tomorrow, that girl is with him, and u know he will not endanger her life in any condition.
Haseena-:     But chand what about him, if they found him, how will he fight them alone.
Chand-: haseena he is most powerful among us and we three are connected we can feel if anyone among us is in danger.
Haseena-: ok, but chand I am really worried for him.
Chand-: haseena, we are vampires, ur motherly instincts shouldn't affect u.
Before they could continue their convo they heard howling of wolves again and decided to stay quite for now.
Farm house
After entering the farm house abhiya had their dinner, piya had a chesse and mushroom pizza and abhay a bottle of blood. After having dinner piya wanted to have a ice cream so abhay bought two chocolate ice cream for her from the nearby shop, which is 5 km away from that place but for a vampire it's nearby.
Piya hugged abhay, and took both the ice cream from his hand and started eating both like a child. After finishing the both, she smiled at abhay and said a big thank u.
Abhay-: piya u eat both now give me my share.
piya-:(curiously)abhay, u don't eat human food na.
abhay-: yea, but still I want my share, come on give it to me.
piya-: but, I have eaten both the ice cream.
abhay-: so, what, I can still have it.
Abhay pointed towards her lips, piya followed his gaze and blushed red. Abhay came close to her and closed the gap between them through a ever longing kiss, and piya too responded with same intensity, which burned them in the fire of love and passion.
Abhay left piya's lips and began to give wet trail of kisses down her neck, shoulders, earlopes and neckline. Piya was out of breathe now, abhay's touch of lips were burning piya's skin where as his cool breathe was healing it.Piya looked at abhay's eyes which were full of desire and love for her. It was not the first time they are in this situaltion but still there is the same crave that they had for each other in the first time. Piya smiled by thinking how much abhay loved her and wanted her badly, she too wanted the same, so without wasting any more minute piya ripped of abhay's shirt and kissed him all over his shoulders and chest. Abhay gasped, but didn't say anything just hugged piya more closer and lifted her face and gave a hard but passionate kiss on her already swollen lips. Piya couldn't take it anymore and mumbled,
piya-: abhay make love to me like u did it first time, break all ur boundaries and make me urs. I can't take it anymore...
It was the limit for abhay, he with a jerk lifted piya in his arms and with his vampiric speed went to their bedroom. He kept piya on the bed and and in a fraction of second both were without any clothes. Abhay saw piya's desires at the peak but he wanted to tease her a bit, so he began to suck each and every curve of her body making her more insane. At last piya said,
piya-: abhay, pls do it now, I can't wait anymore.
Abhay smirked and entered piya making both of them burn in the fire of passion.
Next day
Kabir had woke up early as he wanted to meet misha, he himself doesn't know why but he was feeling restless and wanted to meet misha badly. He got ready and went to cafe classic where he had called misha to meet.
farm house
Abhiya had woked up in the morning and got ready to go to the raichand mansion. Abhay was very tensed as he was still worried about piya's safety, but piya assured him nothing will happen to her. Abhay knew how much stubborn was piya, so without arguing more he agreed.
Raichand mansion
Chand and haseena were very happy as they will see their son after as almost 6 months, specially haseena was getting impatient.
Haseena-: chand, where is he?
Before chand could answer both felt a presence of vampire and a human and both knew who would it be. Without wasting a single second both rushed outside and saw abhay entering the mansion with a beautiful curly head girl clinging to him. They knew abhay from ages but this time they saw a new abhay, a new person, whose eyes were not gravely blank, his eyes showed how happy he was. Both chand and haseena felt more contented by seeing abhay in that way. Abhay came inside the mansion and gave a small smile to his foster parents as piya has asked him to try to accept his parents, to atleast give them one chance.
haseena felt so happy by seeing abhay smiling at them and chand too felt contented. Haseens hugged abhay and abhay hugged her back.
On the otherhand piya felt proud on her abhay seeing how much he listened to her and trust her. A smile crept on her face.
Haseena saw piya standing outside. She gestured her to come inside. Piya came inside and stood beside abhay. Abhay spoke out,
Abhay-: This is piya, I found her..
but before he could speak more haseena interupped,
haseena-: we know the whole story, danish told us everything and we don't have any problem if she stays here.
chand-: yes, she can stay here.
Abhay for the first time felt relieved about the decision of keeping piya here. Abhay smiled a genuine smile at both chand and haseena.
Abhay-: Thank u mom and dad.
Both chand and haseena felt overwhelmed by emotion, when abhay called them mom and dad, but both are vampires, how can vampires feel so many emotion? A drop of blood tear escaped from haseena's eyes. Chand saw this and saw piya looking at haseena, chand immediately told haseena to wipe it out as piya may doubt them.
piya smiled at them and said,
piya-: auntie, uncle I know urs and abhay's truth, I know u arw vampires, so no need to hide anything from me.
Chand and haseena looked at each othe shocked and then at abhay.
Abhay-: I will tell everything to u later, piya is tired, let her rest I am coming to study room.
Chand and haseena nodded and abhay took piya to his actually not his, their bedroom. Abhay kept piya's luggage ib their bedroom and was about to go but piya holded him back.
piya-: abhay, before u go promise me one thing u will not hide anything what ur parents say from me, ok and ur parents have changed a lot, give them a chance and listen to them ok.
abhay nodded and left from there, but not before giving a peck on piya's cheek. Piya smiled and gave a kiss on his cheek too and abhay left...

Scroll down for next part.

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Part 2
Cafe classic
Misha and kabir were sitting and misha was having a cup of coffee, kabir was looking at her and thinking
kabir-: she is so beautiful, different from others, wait wait, why am I thinking all these, am I falling in love with her, no no this can't happen she is just a good friend of mine.
Misha saw kabir staring at her.
Misha-: dude, what happened? Why are u staring at me like, I am some showpiece.
kabir came out of his trance and lowered his gaze and said
Kabir-: nothing, I was just thinking something.
Misha-: ok, kabir did u find out something about piya, she is missing now for near about one month, are u hiding something from us.
kabir-:(shocked) no, nothing at that sort, what makes u think like that.
Misha-: nothing, I was just asking, why are u getting hyper?
Kabir-: oh ok, misha I need to tell u something, can u meet me in club lion today night.
Misha-: ok, but why club?
Kabir-: because u are not among those bimbos who would love to go on some date in a resturant, like fairytales type.
Misha-: wow, dude date what a different type of asking for a date.
Kabir-: it's just a small date, if u want I will take u on some big datw, and trust me u will love it.
Misha-: ok, it's not easy to impress mr, but if u insist I will accept it not as a date but as a challenge.
Kabir-: done, ok so tomorrow we will go there and today meet me at club ok.
Misha-: ok, but what u want to tell me? Is it about piya?
Kabir-: u will know it, for now have patience.
Misha-: patience, this word is not in my dictionary.
Kabir-: I am not going to open my mouth.
Misha-: ok I will but till night only after that I will kill u, if u keep me waiting more.
Kabir-: ok, baba I got it.
Both smiled and decided to go back to their home.
Raichand mansion
Study room
Abhay was sitting on a sofa and chand and haseena were sitting near the fire place.
Haseena-: abhay, now tell us the full story, how did piya know about us?
Abhay-: mom, dad I will tell u everything but u two have to promise me, that not a single harm would be caused to piya. She is my life now.
Chand-: abhay, we will not harm piya, but what about the council memebers, how will u face them?
Abhay-:(angrily I will not let anyone harm piya, no council member, no one, will ever dare to touch her.
haseena-: abhay, calm down, we need to tell u something. U know that the vampire council came to meet us to make us alerted about warewolves presence but they said one more thing to us too.
Abhay-: what? What did they say?
Chand-: abhay, they have forseen a hybrid of their leader and they told us that a prophecy is there too, which was written 2000 years ago, it states ' After 2000 years a hybrid will be born to the most powerful vampire of this world and a human, the hybrid will be the most powerful creature which will exist in this whole world, it can be a creator or a destroyer'
Abhay was shocked by hearing all this.
abhay-: but, vampires doesn't reproduce, then how?
chand-: yes, vampires doesn't reproduce but u are a special child, u were tuened into vampire for this reason only.
Abhay-: but dad, then why will council members harm piya.
Chand-: because ur child will be the most powerful and many leaders doesn't want that someone most powerful should exist, if ur child goes in wrong path and becomes a destroyer then, he will be threat to us, to them.
Abhay-: but, my and piya's child can never be evil, piya is a pure soul, our teachings will never let him/her to go in some wrong way.
Chand-: abhay we trust u and know that the person whom u trust can never be wrong. We are with u, with ur desicion.
Haseena-: yes abhay, we have snatched ur family ur happiness from u but now we will help u in getting ur happiness which lies in piya.
Abhay-: Thank u mom and dad, I will never let any harm touch my family.
All three promised to each other, and abhay went to piya's room where she was eagerly waiting for him.
Abhay entered piya's room but didn't find her anywhere. He searched im bathroom but couldn't find her. He went in balcony and saw her sitting there and writing something.
Abhay-: piya, what are u doing here?
Piya-: (smiling) actually I was feeling bored in room so , just here and writing my diary.
Abhay-: oh, ok.
Piya-: so, tell me what happened?
Abhay-: nothing much, mom just said about the vampire council meeting.
Piya-: really, then why are u tensed? Abhay when will u learn to trust me.
abhay-: piya I trust u more than my own life, it's just that I don't want u to go through any pain.
Piya-: abhay, I know that, but when will u understand that it pains me most when u are in pain.
Abhay-: ok then listen.
abhay told about the prophecy to piya.
piya-: (happily) that means we will have our own child, our own baby, ur child
abhay-: yes, piya but it may endanger ur life, what if something happens to u.
piya-:abhay, nothing will happen to me, u are there for me na and my baby will always be safe as his/ her father is so good, how can evilness be present in him.
abhay-: (smilingly) and her mother is an angel too.
Piya-: one minute, how can u say it will be a girl.
abhay-: like the way u said it's a boy.
Piya-: I know I will have a boy, just like u.
Abhay-: but I want a angel, like u.
piya-: no boy.
abhay-: girl
piya-: boy
abhay-: girl
Suddenly both realised what they were doing and began to giggle loudly.
piya-: abhay, I am not pregnent till now, and from now only we are fighting.
abhay-: so, what, I still want a girl.
piya-: not again, ok let's wait and see whose wish is fulfilled.
Abhay-: ok, let's wait.
saying this both hugged each other hoping to get a better and peaceful feature but only destiny knows what it holds for them.
Abhay and piya had decided to go out for shopping as piya was bored by sitting at home. They took chand and haseena's permission and went out.
City mall
Abhay was roaming here and there while piya was busy in trying dresses.
After almost two hours piya bought five dresses for herself and three coloured shirts for abhay as she was bored seeing abhay wearing black all the time.
Abhay paid the bill and they were roaming hand in hand when suddenly piya's eyes met with a familiar pair of eyes whom sge knows but couldn't recognise, and that person's expression told he was beyond shock, he could only utter one word 'piya...'.

Ps-: guys I am ending this chapter here, I have written it in one go so mistakes may be there. Hope I have not dissapointed u all and one more thing after this chapter there will be not much abhiya romance as I will focus on other things now. Hope u guys like this chapter and pls give ur precious comments. If anyone has not received pm's then say me and if u are not in my buddy list then send me a frnd request. Plz read and do comment. I have tried my best to write well.

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Me first Party

Loved the update Romi Clap Abhay accepted Chandeena n they also swore to not let any harm befall her as it would hurt Abhay? So sweet Embarrassed I am happy that Abhay finally has his own family n will be more happy when Abhiya will have their hybrid baby. It was surprising that Abhay accepted the truth that there is a possibility of him becoming a father n Abhiya's argument was super duper cute Day Dreaming I wish they have a girl Wink I loved MishKa too. I must say Kabir is really brave compared to wat he was in the show LOL Plz get Abhiya married soon n let them have their kid. Waiting for the hybrids Big smile BTW I wont be unhappy if we have less of romance n more of the story now. Infact I love that(of course I love romance as well Embarrassed) Who was it in the end? Was it Misha? Plz dont let the Dobriyals seperate Abhiya plz Ouch

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Awesome update Romi...Clap

Abhiya r so cute..and passionate..Day Dreaming
I liked the way Pia is making Abhay realise that Chandeena r not bad...
Abhi Pia pregnent bhi nahi hui ki yeh superiors ki prob aa gayi..D'oh
Continue soon dear..Embarrassed

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awesome update romi ..Clap
so chandeena hv accepted pia and abhay too had acceptd thm! Thts gud! Big smile abhiya's baby is going to come soon..Smile
Wow! So Kabir-misha ready for a date! Great!Smile
Bt will kabir tel everythng to misha?Confused
The baby has n't cum yet nd abhiya are fighting! LOL
Pia saw bt whm ??Confused
The story is bcming mre interesting nw..and you have written wonderfully!Thumbs Up
plz continue asap..thanks for the Embarrassed

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awesome update
loved it
so Chandeena accepted Piya
who is d person??
cont soon

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