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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 4)

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Chapter 21part a
Kabir entered the raichand mansion and rang the door bell. The servant opened the door and gestured him to come in. Kabir smiled and came in.
kabir-: where is abhay?
servant-: He has not returned home till now.
kabir-: ok, I will call him, wait.
Kabir was going to call abhay but before that he heard the front door opening and sound of someone giggling.
kabir looked up and saw abhay and piya were entering arms in arms, both smiling and giggling at each other. Abhay sensed kabir's presence and looked at him.
Abhay-: kabir hi,
kabir-: hi abhay hi piya,
piya-: hi kabir,
Kabir-:actually abhay I wanted to talk to u about something, it's very important.
Abhay-: ok, u sit I will come in few seconds.
Kabir nodded and sat on the couch.
Abhay-: piya, u go and get fresh, I will join u later(winking)
piya just rolled her eyes and hitted abhay softly and left from there.
Abhay smiled and went towards kabir.
Kabir-: abhay actually...
but before kabir could speak further abhay's cell rang.
Abhay-: Just a minute ok.
saying this abhay recieved the call and after few minutes came back with a shocked expression.
kabir-: what happened abhay, whose phone was that?
abhay-: actually, mom called today and said that they are returning tomorrow, and u know na if they return and sees piya here then what will happen, I have to take piya away from here.
kabir-: yea, I can understand.
Abhay-: I am thinking of to take her in some tour to europe. In this way her mood will be good too and mom dad will also not be able to do any harm to her.
kabir-: good plan. ok, I need to go now, bye.
Abhay-: but, u wanted to say something important na.
kabir-: yea, actually I forgot now, I will tell u later, ok bye.
Before abhay could say anything more kabie hurriedly left from there.
Abhay-: something is wrong with kabir but before he could think more a loud scream interrupted him. Abhay immediately ran towards the source of the scream.
Outside raichand mansion
Kabir sat on the car and started driving it.
Kabir-:(in his own mind) uff, it's really hard to have a vampire friend. I have to control my thoughts before him. Thank god, he didn't get inside my mind. Ok, now I can't tell to abhay about piya now. After many years he has got his happiness and I will not let it go away so soon. It's good now both will be out of dehradhun now, I will be able to do my work. First, I will find out about piya's family and then only I will think what to do next.
Inside raichand mansion
Abhay immediately reached inside piya's bedroom from where the sound of scream came.
Abhay-: piya, where are u? And what happened?
Piya-: Abhay pls come inside bathroom.
Abhay immediately entered inside the bathroom and saw piya sitting in one corner with head between two legs and her face has turned white. It could be clearly seen that she has gotten scared by seeing something.
Abhay immediately Went towards her and sat beside her. He hugged her tightly and said.
Abhay-: what happened piya? Why are u so scared?
piya, without saying anything pointed towards abhay's left corner. Abhay looked at that direction and saw a big spider hanging there.
Abhay immediately broke out laughing and giggling.
Piya-: abhay, why are u laughing? There is a big spider and u are laughing. Abhay, I am afraid of spiders. I hate them. Abhay pls do something, pls.
Abhay after try hard suppressed his laughing and said.
Abhay-: (seriously) piya, u are afraid of that small spider, I thought that may be something wrong has happened with u. U just took out the living daylight from me.
piya-: abhay, I am sorry, for scaring u but I am really afraid of spiders. Now, pls take it out of here, pls pls pls.
Abhay-: ok, ok u stay here, I will see it.
saying this abhay went towards the spider and took it in his hands.
Piya-:(screamed from backwards) abhay, what are u doing? yuck, how can u touch it, it's so dirty, cheee.
Abhay just smiled at piya's reaction and said.
Abhay-: really, but I think it's not that bad.
piya-; abhay, pls throw it away, pls
Abhay threw the spider out of window and looked at piya who was looking relieved now.
Piya-: thanks abhay but no thanks.
saying this she began to giggle loudly.
Abhay began to take each step slowly towards piya smirking making piya's heart to thump more and more loudly. As abhay was few steps away from piya now, she hurriedly got up from her sitting position and was about to fled away but before that abhay caught her wrist and with a jerk pulled her closer in such a way that piya's lean body was now over abhay's hard body. Piya looked down shyly. Abhay lifted piya's chin with his hand and kissed her forehead and eyes. He saw her trembling pink luscious lips and felt like kissing and sucking them. He observed piya carefully and saw that she was closing her eyes tightly shut. Abhay smiled at her reaction.
Abhay-: piya, open ur eyes.
Piya slowly slowly opened her eyes and her eyes met with a pair of intense blue eyes, gazing at her.
Other side abhay's eyes met with a pair baby brown eyes, which was staring at him, it showed all the emotions, purity and desire it had.
Abhay couldn't take it anymore and his lips went to meet with the trembling pink lips which belonged to none other than his one and only true soulmate.
Abhay's eyes once more met with piya but this time it was full of desire and love for piya. He looked at piya as if he is asking her permission and piya also understood it and nodded her head as if giving him permission.
Abhay slowly slowly kissed and sucked her lips with all the love he had for her. Piya also responded with all the love she had for abhay. Abhay sucked her upper lips and then lower lips and entered his tounge inside piya's mouth and played with piya's tounge. Both kissed each other hungrily showing their love for each other.
Scroll down for next part.

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Chapter 21 part b
Abhay left piya's lips as he realised that she needed oxygen, but didn't let her go off. He kissed her earlobes, neckline and her bare shoulder. He slowly slowly opened the knot of the towel and the towel that was hugging piya's body till now tightly falled down leaving her without a single layer of cloth.
Piya realised what abhay had done just now and felt both shy and embarrassed to stand infront of abhay like that. Abhay realised her shyness. He removed his jacket and t-shirt. Piya felt her desires arousing more and more and without wasting a single minute she took out abhay's vest and jeans from his body, leaving him in shorts only.
Abhay now couldn't take it anymore and so he lifted piya and both entered the bathtop. Both began to kiss each other hungrily and un this process abhay's shorts also came out leaving him in no clothes too. Both of them felt their desires at the peak and without wasting a single second both began to make passionate love to each other forgetting all their worries and not knowing what tomorrow holds for them.
kabir's house
kabir was feeling restless and decided to visit dobriyal house himself today, and to find about piya. He quickly got ready and drove his car towards dobriyal house.
Dobriyal house.
Arnab dobriyal was walking here and there briskily. Madhu was sitting on sofa with panchi beside her, comforting her and misha was busy in calling all her friends to know any kind of devolopment regarding piya.
Misha-: dad, I am going out. I just need some fresh air, otherwise my head will spin.
Arnab-: ok, but come soon.
Misha-: yea, yea I know it's not safe outside and all ur old dialouges. Now I am going, bye.
saying this she got took her bike keys and decided to go to some bar.
On the other hand kabir reached dobriyal house. He ranged the bell and mr. dobriyal opened the door.
Kabir-: Sir, I wanted to talk to u about something important.
Arnab-: ok, come in.
Both seated on the sofa and kabir spoke up.
Kabir-: hello, I am kabir rathod and I am a detective. I have read the news about ur daughter missing and I think I can help u.
Arnab-: u have seen my daughter somewhere? or do u know where she is?
kabir-: yes, I have seen her somewhere, but I don't remember properly. I am a detective so I can help u to find her, if u help me a little.
Arnab-: yea, sure I will help u, tell me what I have to do. I can do anything to find out about my daughter.
Kabir-: u have to tell me about her, I mean how she got missing?
Arnab-: My daughter piya studied in london and came back to india two years ago. She was a very bubbly and funfilled girl who believed in enjoying life to the fullest. We made her addmission in mount college and that was our biggest fault.
Kabir-: why? What happened there?
Arnab-: piya began to go to college and made new friends. She fell in love with a guy named jay khurana. I didn't like him, but for piya's sake I agreed. After completing her studies in we, said her to get married with jay. She also agreed. We went to their house and a strange thing happened. Jay said that he had no relatives or anyone else here so, he himself will do everything. Though I felt little bit strange but still agreed on piya's insistence.
Days went on and finally the marriage day came. Piya was very happy but who knew that this day will be a fateful night for her. We arranged everything and piya also got dressed as a bride, but no sign of groom. Yes, jay didn't came we called him many times and at last at our home a letter came which was written by that bloody bas***ed.
It was written that ' My would be wife piya dobriyal, I don't love u piya, I just wanted to have a time pass gf, and you were my target. I just wanted to spent some nights with u, but u never gave me that chance. So, I thought that why not play a little marriage marriage game, but u piya never let me come close to u. So, I decided to break ur heart in small small pieces and see I have done it.
goodbye my would be wife, piya.
from jay khurana.
This letter left piya shattered from inside. She broke down crying. She couldn't believe that the person whom she loved was a traitor. She took the letter from my hand and tore it into pieces. She went to her room and came back with a photo of her and jay, she scribbled something in it and ran away from there crying. We all tried to stop her, but she didn't listen to us. We thought may be after her anger will come down, she will return but we proved to be wrong. She didn't came back. We searched for her but still couldn't find her. At last we decided to publish it in newspaper and rest u can see only.
Kabir-: uncle, I can understand ur situation. Piya's past was really paunful. Don't worry, I will help u all to find her. Ok, I am leaving now, I will inform as soon as I get any information.
Arnab-: ok and thank u.
Kabir nodded and left from there in a confused state.
Kabir-:(in his own mind) o god, what will I do now, I have to talk with abhay after they return from their trip.
Saying this kabir drove off from dobriyal house.
After driving for half an hour kabir reached the dense forest road of dehradhun. Suddenly, he saw someone lying on the road unconsious...
Ps-: guys, I am ending this chapter here. I had less time so, couldn't revise what I have written. So, sorry for the mistakes. I have tried my best to write well. I don't know if I have done it or not. Guys pls read and do tell me if u liked it or not. Don't forget to give ur valuable comments and thanks a lot for ur previous comments.

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Amazing update Romi Smile Loved Abhiya romanceBlushing  So Kabir knows abt Pia's past. Wat will happen now? Chandeena also back Ouch My poor Abhiya. Plz dont seperate them yaar Cry I dont want Pia to leave Abhay n I dont want Dobriyals to be a kebab mein haddi Angry in their romance Embarrassed Who was the one Kabir saw on the road? Shocked Hope its not Pia Ouch BTW now tat Kabir met the Dobriyals, is there any chance of MishKa happening in ur FF? Day Dreaming Conitnue when u get the time Big smile

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wow nice chappy. so will abhiya go to Europe now. Yippee!! and who is that lying unconscious on the floor?Confused

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wow great story plz update soon
I'm really looking forward to your next part of the story

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Awsome update

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nice updateClapClap j Angry i hate him. & who was lying on the road? kahi misha toh nahiCry
update soon

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