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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 35)

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Chapter 24 part a
Dobriyal mansion
After reaching dobriyal mansion kabir had to face many questions regarding piya, like where did he see him? Do he have any clue where she might be?etc, etc. kabir have answered them cleverly and have convinced them that he will find her soon.
After waiting a while misha came down from the stairs humming a tune and twisting a key in her hand.
Kabir-: hi mish.
Misha-: oh, hi thakur, what are u doing here?
kabir-: I came here to meet u only, actually I needed some help from u regarding piya, so I wanted to take it from u only.
Misha-: I will surely help u just tell me what do u want to know?
Kabir-: not here, if u don't mind can we go for coffee.
Misha-: sure dude, let's go but, we will go in my bike.
Kabir-: what? no, no I don't want to die so soon, we will go by car. Misha-:(taunting) hahaha very funny. Kabir-: misha pls try to understand.
Misha-: Fine, I will go in bike only, if u don't want to come, u can come in car.
Kabir-: ok, u go I will follow u.
Misha went outside and kabir went to mr. dobriyal and before going out said goodbye to him and took his leave.
Kabir went outside and saw misha waiting for him in her bike, kabir smiled at her and sat on the car. He was about to start the car, when suddenly, misha shouted
Misha-: wait
Kabir-: what happened?
Misha-: look at ur car tyres.
kabir-: What?
Misha-: uff!! Ur car tyre is puntured
Kabir looked at misha angrily and got down from the car.
kabir-: Misha, it's all done by u na.
Misha-: no, no I have not done anything, why would I do it?
kabir looked at misha angrily.
misha-: ok fine, I have done it.
kabir-:but why?
misha-:u only didn't want to come in my bike and u said u don't want to die so soon, so it's ur punishment for messing with misha dobriyal.
kabir-: ok, fine I got it, I will go with u in ur bike, happy.
misha-:yup, now sit behind me and hold me properly.
kabir-: u are really crazy.
misha-: I know it, now don't waste my time and sit.
Kabir got up behind misha and sat on the bike and holded the handle at the back.
Misha-: dude, don't be shy like some stupid bimbo, hold me, because misha's bike is just like her, full on crazy.
kabir-: o, god save me from this mad girl, misha pls spare my life.
misha-: ok, I will drive carefully.
Kabir holded misha's from behind, which gave both of them some unfamiliar feeling, but both just shrugged of it and misha drove towards cafe house.
In europe
After having their romantic and dreamy date, abhiya decided to go back to the hotel. After coming back to hotel, piya decided to have a bath as she was feeling exhausted.
Piya-: abhay, I will go and have a bath, u can get fresh later on.
Abhay-:(pouting)but I thought we can have a combine bath(winked at piya).
Piya-:(her cheeks turned red)abhay, stop ur naughtiness.
Abhay-: But I didn't say anything wrong, did I?
piya-:(taunting) no, u can never be wrong, u are the gr8 mr. abhay raichand.
Abhay-: yea, yea I know.
saying this both laughed their heart out and enjoyed each other company.
Raichand mansion
Haseena and chand were sitting in a well furnished room, with around five hooded figure surrounding them,
1st figure-: Chand, I can see the forthcoming dangers for our clan, the warewolves had entered the town and our leader is not present here. I want u to contact with abhay soon.
Chand-: I know, I can feel them too, we will tell abhay to come here as soon as possible.
second hooded figure-: Ok, call him and remember we saw something else too.
Haseena-: yea, we remember, but what u saw is not true, abhay can never be one with a human so, the creation of the most powerful hybrid, who can either destroy everything or create everything is far away.
third hooded figure-: haseena, u know we always see which is true, so just be alerted always.
Chand-: Don't worry we are always careful.
All the hooded figures nodded and with a speed of vampires left the house leaving behind a tensed chand and haseena.
Haseena-: chand, what will we do now, we can't save abhay everytime, the truth will come out one day or the other.
Chand-: come on haseena, how can u be sure that abhay loves that girl or they can be one.
Haseena-: Maybe, u are right but I don't know why but I am feeling something big is going to happen.
chand-: Haseena, we need to talk with abhay, call him tomorrow morning as telepathy won't work, he has blocked us.
haseena nodded and both remain sitted there, hoping for the best.
Next morning
Piya got up from her sleep and saw abhay pacing here and there in the room.
Piya-: abhay, what happened? Any problem?
Abhay looked at piya and gave a fake smile.
Abhay-: no, nothing happened sweetheart, I was thinking about some business matter.
Piya-: abhay, don't lie, I know u very well, infact I am sure that u have brought me here for some other reason, I know, u don't have any meetings here but I didn't ask u anything because I knew that whatever u will do is for my well being only, abhay I trust u completely, but u have to do the same with me, u have to share ur problems with me, pls abhay open up, and tell me what happened?
Abhay was just stunned by the way piya trusted him, what a game his fate was playing on him, a human trust a monster like him so much that knowing that he lied, but still she listened to him. She thinks that whatever he will do is for her well being, which is true but he is happy too, seeing the amount of trust piya had on him and he promised to himself that whatever, happens he will never break her trust, he will do everything to protect her but will never let any danger touch her.
Abhay went near piya and sat beside her.
Abhay-:piya, u trust me na, then just have patience, I will tell u everything later.
piya-: abhay, I trust u but, I also have rights to know about u, I don't to anything about ur life except u are a vampire.
Abhay-: piya, u know the biggest truth of my life, what else u want to know.
Piya-: abhay, I want to.know and understand ur life, U say I am the only ray of light in ur life, so how can light be there without darkness, abhay I want to know ur past, ur human life, how u became like this? Who are ur creators?
Abhay-: Fine, I will tell u about my past, my mother, father, sister everything.
piya-: abhay, I don't want to hurt u by digging ur old memories, but I want to be a part of ur those happy memories, I want u to share ur pain, happiness everything with me.
Abhay-: I know that piya but I don't wanted to make u sad, but now if u want to hear, I will tell u.
Piya-: I can never be sad when my angel is beside me.
Abhay-(smiled)u are very stubborn, ok now listen. My full name was abhyendra kumar singh and I belonged to a very poor family, my parents loved me a lot, my father was a woodcutter and my mother accompanied him in his work. I had a sister too named maithlii who was just ten years at that time. We lived a happy life, though we were poor but we had peace. We were leaving our own happy peaceful life but god never wanted me to have that life and one incident on a fateful night changed my life forever.
On that particular fateful night I heard howlings of wolves outside our house, I looked beside and saw my sister was not beside me. I got up immediately, but couldn't find her. I searched the whole house but was unable to find her, I woked up my father and mother. My parents turned white when they heard the news of my sister missing. We all decided to look outside, My mother stayed at home and I and my father went outside to search for her. We searched together but later on we both got separated which turned to be the biggest mistake in my life.

scroll down for next part.

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Part b
After searching for almost ten minutes, I found maithlii, lying on the ground. I immediately rushed towards her and checked her, she was dead.
A drop of tear fell down from abhay's eyes. Piya saw that and felt her heart breaking into thousand pieces seeing the pain abhay has gone through, she felt guilty for digging his past and making him remember all his sufferings again. Abhay sensed piya's sadness and to enlighten the mood he said,
Abhay-: piya, I think we can go for shopping again, I have enough money.
Piya understood that abhay wanted to make her happy and to keep all his pain for himself only.
Piya-: abhay, I don't want to go shopping, pls tell me ur story, I know it's hurting u but u will feel good and light hearted when u will share it with someone.
Abhay-: piya, I don't want u to suffer from any pain, I want u to be happy always.
Piya-: abhay, I will be happy only when u will be happy and I want we both to know everything about each other, if my memory returns I will also tell u each and every part of my life.
Abhay-:ok, but promise me u will not be sad or feel guilty for anything.
piya-: ok, baba I promise.
Abhay-: (took a deep breathe)I took my sisters dead body in my lap and thought to find my dad as he must be searching for maithli too. I just cursed god for taking away my sister instead of me. Each step I took made me remember the happy moments spent with her. Her naughtyness, her laughter everything began to come infront of my eyes. I remembered how I carried her home when she was born for the first time, suddenly the thought of my mother striked me, how will she react when she will see her daughter dead, my father loved her most, how will he react. All this thoughts were roaming in my head when I heard a scream, I recognised it as my father's voice and I immediately rushed towards the source of the scream. I called my fathers name eveywhere and after running for few minutes, I saw him standing infront of me but not alone, two hooded figures were surrounding him and the sight that I saw infront of my eyes shook the earth below my feet.
One of the figure was sucking my father's blood with it's sharp canine, and that was the first time I saw them, the vampires. I couldn't believe my eyes, I have never seen anything like that before, infact I never knew too that there were some creatures like vampires apart from the stories that my dad used to tell me. I never believed all those stories but that day I came to know that beyond our believe something existed too. I coudn't think of anything what to do, how can I fight them but before I can think more I saw my father's lifeless body falling into the ground. I felt helpless, I ran to my father's side and saw he was dead too. The two figures were standing there too beforw I could say anthing else I saw a women lying there too, at a distance of few steps. My heart wrenched seeing the the sight. I went towards the lady and it was none other than my mother herself. I couldn't believe that in one night I lost my world, my family, my everything. I saw that the figures were standing there too. I felt anger building in myself. I have now no one to care for me. I didn't care for my life anymore. I wanted to kill them but, I knew I can't kill with them but before I could do anything else I felt a severe pain in my body, as I turned my back I saw them, diggin their canine inside mine neck and I became ready to embrace death. I closed my eyes and everything blackened out.
There was a silence for almost five minutes in the room, but piya broked it.
piya-: abhay, but how did u became a vampire? And who were those figures and did they only killed ur mother and sister?
Abhay-: piya, my sister death was not by any vampire bite, some wild animal killed her but I don't know still now, why she got out of house at that time, it's still a mystery for me, which will never be solved. I was special from my birth only, I was a protected child and my fate was to be the most powerful vampire in this world. The hooded figures were my creators only, currently my parents for this world but for me they are the murderer of my family. After that fateful night incident I opened my eyes after three days and found myself in a big house surrounded by a men and women.
I didn't recognise them, I asked them and they said me that I have turned into a vampire too. It shocked me to the core. Then all the incident of that night came back and began to play as flashback's infront of my eyes. The murderes were standing infront of my eyes, I wanted to kill them then and there.
Again there were silence for few minutes then abhay continued Abhay-: I shouted on them and wanted them to answer why they did this to me and my family, they replied me that they hunt human and it's there need, they couldn't kill me as I was special and there was a prophecy too. They also said that if I want also I can't kill them as they were my creator and my bloos will not allow this, and unfortunately this was true. I tried to kill them many times but I failed.
I then saw their good side as I began to stay with them, they left hunting human, treated me as their son and continuously wanted forgiveness from me. I forgived them but will never be able to love or accept them as my family, never.
Piya felt like crying her heart out listening to all the pain abhay had gone through but she knew that she had to be strong for abhay's sake. Piya hugged abhay tightly and abhay also felt light hearted for the first time in this long life of his existence.
kabir's house
kabir is sitting on a sofa with a cup of coffee in his hand, his mind is somewhere else, he thinking about his coffee session he had with misha. The way she smiled and talked was completely different from other girls but he liked it. He liked everything about her, her bratyness and her naughtyness too.
Kabir-:(in his own mind)oh, god what's happening? Why am I thinking about her?Ufff, I am becoming mad day by day.
saying this he got up and went to have some sleep.
In europe
Piya had a sandwich and some soup lunch. She saw abhay sitting silently and she knew something was wrong with him, but what? she knew he will not tell him easily and she didn't wanted to depress him more. Piya went near abhay and said,
Piya-: abhay, I want to go out.
abhay-:(gloomily) ok
piya-: abhay, why are u so depressed?
abhay-: piya, actually my creators are in dehradhun and they knows about u and wants me to comeback their, as some dangers are coming for our clan.
piya-: abhay, I think we should go back there. Ur parents need u now.
Abhay-: but, I can't trust them regarding u, I don't want u to be in any danger because of me..
but before abhay could speak more piya kept her finger on his lips and said,
piya-: abhay, I know when I are there no danger can touch me and I think u should try to trust ur creators too, they are ur parents now. We are going back tomorrow, and that's final ok.
Abhay-: but..
before abhay could speak piya closed his lips with her lips and both began to kiss each other hungrily which made them forget there all worries and tensions. Abhay couldn't take it anymore and with a jerk pulled piya closer to himself and lifted her in his arms and made her lie on the bed. He slowly slowly took out all his clothes and piya's too and kissed every inch of her body making her shiver with every touch. Piya couldn't take it anymore and at last said,
piya-: abhay pls take me, I need u, make love to me, pls.
Abhay smirked and without wasting a single minute entered her slowly and both made passionate love with each other with all the love they had...

ps-: guys, I have updated the next part, it may be a bit boring as I have included abhay's past mostly here. I wanted my readers to know about both abhay and piya's past. I hope u all like it. Pls read guys and comment good or bad, but hopefully u all will like it and yea pls read the note below. If u like it hit the like button too.

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guys, this is a request to every reader of this ff, I have more than 100 buddies in my buddy list, I send pm to everyone who are in my buddy list and in this process I end up sending unnecessary pm's and waste my time too, and fill their inbox too. I don't want this to happen so, I would request to each one of my readers that pls hit the like button of this note and I will sent pm's to those only. If like button is not working then reload this page again, it will work. Pls do it.

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Yeh Me first AgainEmbarrassedLOL

Abhay's past was painfulOuch
Wonder what animal killed her sister MaithliD'oh

Abhay doesn't want Pia in trouble thats why he doesn't want his parents to see herErmm Aww
So they will be going back 
The Abhiya last part  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  

Thanks for the Pm RD
Love yaaHug

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Arghhh Angry Romi how many times yaar? Angry Y do u feel u give boring updates when u actually come up with good ones? Ouch Who said Abhay's past will be boring? Infact thats the one where all readers wait with enthu n u r calling it boring Angry Main thak chuki hu samjha samjha ke iss ladki ko Cry Yaar the update was really very nice, be it MishKa bonding, or Abhay's past Clap or the part with the superiors where they see a potential danger in a hybrid that could be born to Abhiya? Toh humein lil hybrids milenge kya? Wink Looking forward to that. Jaldi dena teekh hain? Big smile Abhiya romance towards the end was hot Embarrassed It was sweet of Pia to convince Abhay to go back. Am sure if Chandeena warn them abt the hybrid then Abhay might distance himself from her unless she already will be expecting Confused Well will wait till u come up with next chappy Embarrassed

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sorry for late reply
awesome update
loved it
Abhiya were really romantic
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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Originally posted by Pari-Gupta

sorry for late reply
awesome update
loved it
Abhiya were really romantic
cont soon
thanks for the pm

It's ok yaar..
Glad u liked it, thanks
Yea, will try to continue soon and u are welcome
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Abhay's past is really painfull

some animal killed mathili means it must be any werewolfConfused

so we are getting little hybrid then cant wait 4 itBig smile

liked abhiya romance at last partEmbarrassed

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