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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 25)

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Chapter 23 part a
city of vienna
In hotel stephansplatz
After landing in airport piya was tired so, abhay decided to take her to their the hotel room which he had booked yesterday only. They both went outside and saw a Red luxurious car waiting for them. Piya was suprised to see this and after asking abhay she came to know that abhay has brought that car for her. Piya was more than exicted and she out of excitement kissed abhay's cheeks and said I LOVE U loudly infront of the whole airport people, all of them had laughed and blessed them saying perfect couple. After that, piya was more tired so, abhay decided to check in their hotel room. After travelling for 45 minutes, finally they have reached hotel stephansplatz. Abhay had taken the room key of their room and both went inside the room.
The room was a big luxurious classy room, well decorated and anyone who knows abhay can say that it had been done with his instruction only. After asking abhay he had said that while booking the room he had ordered them to make the room special and had given them direction too.
Piya felt so happy by seeing abhay caring for her so much that a drop of tear came out from her eyes.
Abhay cupped piya's face and said,
Abhay-: piya, pls don't cry, didn't u like it?
piya-: no abhay, I just loved all this, I am not crying these are the tears of happiness, I never felt so happy or contented, thank you abhay for making my life so beautiful.
Abhay-: Piya don't say like that, it's me who is lucky, u have given me a new hope of light in this dark life of mine, u are my sunshine.
piya wiped her tears and hugged abhay tightly and abhay too hugged her tightly and caressed her back.
A knock on the door disturbed there sweet little moment. Abhay irritately opened the door and saw a waiter standing outside.
Abhay-: what do u want?
waiter-: sir, what would u like to have for dinner?
Abhay-:(to piya) what will u take for dinner piya?
piya-:anything of ur choice.
abhay-: ok, bring some roties and some paneer item ok.
Waiter-: ok sir.
Abhay closed the door and looked at piya who was continuously giggling.
Abhay-:(irritatingly) What? Why are u lauging?
Piya got up and came near abhay and pulled his cheeks.
Piya-: so, sweet this look suits u a lot.

Abhay-:(with his signature smirk) oh, really then what about this look piya, u don't like it.
saying this he began to take steps closer towards piya and piya began to take step backwards, she didn't notice and tripped on the mat and was about to fall but before that two pair of familiar strong hands caught her, which she can identify without seeing only.
Piya slowly opened her eyes and smiled a little.
Abhay-:(chuckling) piya, if u want to stay in my arms it's ok just tell me na, u don't need to do all this.
piya straightened herself and showing a fake anger said,
piya-: I don't want anyone's help, u are the one who comes to rescue me.
Abhay-: (sarcastically)oh really, that's because u are a magnet of danger.
But before piya could speak more a knock on the door disturbed their sweet fight.
Abhay opened the door and the waiter gave him a plate of paneer butter masala and butter nun.
Abhay closed the door and handled the plate to piya. Piya hungrily ate all the food and abhay just stared at her lovingly.
After having her dinner piya was feeling sleepy so both slept together in each other arms holding each other like will never let them go.
Next morning
kabir had decided to meet misha today itself. He dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans and drove towards dobriyal house.
hotel stephansplatz
Piya woke up in the morning and found abhay staring at her lovingly. Abhay saw piya opening her eyes and kissed her forehead lovingly.
Abhay-: good morning sunshine
Piya-: good morning, abhay today's morning is just perfect na, I just want to wake up like this forever.
Abhay-: piya, u will always find me beside u, I will never leave ur side.
Piya-: abhay, I will also be with u till my last breathe.
Abhay-:shhh, never talk about death piya, I will never let anything happen to u.
piya-: I know abhay but what will happen when I will become old, one day or the other I have to die na, unless..
but before piya could speak more, abhay angrily got up from there and was about go but before that piya caught his hand.
Abhay-: piya, leave my hand, how could u think like that, I can never turn u into a monster like me, never.
Piya-: abhay, I am sorry, but I was just saying about our future and pls for god sake stop calling us monster. U are not a monster abhay, it hurts me when u say like this.
Abhay melted by piya's words.
Abhay-: ok, piya pls don't cry I am sorry for whatever I said, ok we will always be together and whatever future holds for us, will face it together.
Saying this both hugged each other tightly and felt solace in others embrace.
Raichand mansion
A lady of around 35 and a man of around 45 entered were sitting in the sofa near the fire place and discussing something. Suddenly a knock on the door disturbed them.
Ramu kaka opened the door,
The man-: Hello I am danish, kabir's cousin I want to abhay raichand.
Ramu kaka opened the door and invited him inside. Danish came inside and saw mr and mrs. raichand sitting there with a curious look.
Danish-: hello mr. and mrs. raichand, I am danish, dr. danish.
Chand-: hello danish, nice to meet u, so, u have come to meet abhay, right but he is out of town for few days so, if u want u can tell us.
Danish-: uncle actually I wanted to meet piya too, she stays here na?
chand and haseena looked at each other shocked.
Haseena-: danish, but we don't know about any piya.
Danish-:(in his own mind) I think abhay has not told them anything about piya, better I leave it, I don't want to create a problem for abhay.
Chand-:(after reading his thoughts) Oh, danish actually abhay told me abt a girl but I forgot, but how do u know abt piya?
Danish-: actually uncle, abhay took piya to my clinic for treatment and..
Danish narrated the whole story.
Chand and haseena were shocked after hearing all this but before danish could see it they turned their expression normal.
Chand-: oh, I see actually piya has gone with abhay only so, she is not here now.
danish-: oh, ok then, I will meet them afterwards, just tell abhay to call me as I need to check piya and have to tell something important to her.
haseena-: danish u can tell us we will tell it to her.
Danish-: actually, day before yesterday we were reading this news paper and was shocked to see this.
Danish showed them the missing add of piya in the newspaper.
Danish-: piya, is the daughter of mr.dobriyal, one of the greatest business man of India.
Chand-: oh, I see ok we will talk to abhay and piya about this.
Danish-: ok, then just let me know after they comeback.
After that danish left.
haseena-: chand, how did u know that girl piya is with abhay?
Chand-: I just assumed and said it so, that danish tells us everything he knows, but now I am sure abhay is with that girl only, he is lying to us to hide that girl from.
haseena-: that means, abhay our son doesn't trust us, I agree that before we used to kill human but now I and you both have changed, why don't he trust us?
A tear of blood fell down from her eyes.
scroll down for next part.

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Part b
Chand-: haseena, we are vampires and we are not supossed to have any feelings, try to understand haseena we have killed his parents earlier, and given him this life by going against his will, he will take time to believe us, he will understand us but after he believe us, he forgave us in all this years and that's a lot, he will love us too. Don't loose hope, just give him some more time.
Haseena smiled a little and chand gave her a assured look.
Abhay and piya both decided to spent the day by exploring the city of vienna. Both went to muesuems, zoos and many places. Piya was suprised to see abhay's knowledge in historic places and when she asked about it abhay had told her that they stayed in this city for 75years. Both did sightseeing and shopped a lot, specially.piya had brought almost everything that came in her way and at last they had to call a taxi to carry all those things till their hotel.
At evening
Abhay decided to take piya out for dinner. Piya was very excited about her second date, she dressed up in a light yellow coloured knee length shoulderless gown and applied a light make up, wore a deep blue colour pendent with matching earing which abhay had gifted her while shopping today morning.
Piya got our from the room and down from the stairs. All eyes were set on the angel descending down from the stairs but the angel eyes were set on the pair of blue eyes staring at her lovingly, looking extremely handsome in a black shirt and and jeans with a black jacket. Piya smiled a little and abhay extended his hand and piya kept her hands in them. All were looking towards the beautiful, heaven made couple going infront of them. Abhay opened the car door for piya and piya slided in. Abhay sat beside her in the driver seat and drove the car. Piya was a bit dissapointed as abhay didn't say anything about her looks. Abhay sensed this and smiled a little without saying a anything.
After 20 minutes, both reached infront of a jungle.
Piya-: abhay, what are we going to do here?
Abhay-: just come with me piya, u will see it.
Piya smiled and went with abhay but after walking for few steps suddenly,
abhay-: piya, stop.
Piya-: (astonished) what happened abhay?
abhay smiled a little and said,
abhay-: piya, this jungle is very dense and full of throns, I don't want u to get hurt, come I will carry u.
Piya-: abhay, nothing will happen, I can go on my own.
Before piya could speak more abhay lifted her in his arms and carried her to their destination.
After reaching the place where abhay had planned the date piya was mesmerised by the decorations there. A big lake was there and the whole place was decorated with flowers, candles and baloons. In the center there stood a table with two chairs and a umbrella was there on the top of the table. The whole stage was decorated with white curtains making the place look more beautiful.
Abhay hugged piya from behind in such a way that his chin was on piya's shoulder and his cool breathe was making piya crazy. She turned around and hugged abhay tightly, abhay too kept his hand on her back and said,
abhay-:(huskily) u are looking damn hot in this dress, is it a plan to seduce me.
Piya went red by this question and left abhay immediately and looked down.
Abhay-: I just love this colour of ur cheeks(while carrasing piya's cheeks with the back of his hand)
Piya-: abhay, u are becoming naughty day by day, I am feeling hungry now, bring me something to eat.
Abhay-: as u wish madam(while bowing)
Piya-: ok, ok now, what is there for dinner(smiling)
Abhay-: venison with chanterelles in a cream sauce, it's a special classical dish of here.
piya-: ok, I have never tasted it, let's see how it tastes.
Abhay-: yea, so let's go.
Abhay holded piya's hand and directed her towards the table. He made her seated in a chair and he himself served her the food, and sat opposite to her.
piya ate the dish and said that it was delocious.
Piya-: what will u drink here, u will be weak if u don't drink anything.
Abhay was just taken aback by seeing the way piya cares for him, how a human can love a monster like him to such a extent, he always cursed god for giving him such a cursed life, but now he understood why god have given him such a cursed life, so that he can meet this angel, who with her own light had brought a ray of light in his exsistence
Suddenly piya's voice brought him out of his thoughts.
Piya-: abhay, where are u lost, I am asking u something answer it.
abhay came out from his trauma and said
Abhay-: piya, I have brought bottles of blood for me, I will take it whenever I will feel.weak, ok.
piya-: oh, then it's ok.
Abhay got up from his chair and kneeled down before piya, and extended his hand,
Abhay-:(to enlighten the mood) can I be honured with a dance with this beautiful lady infront of me.
piya-: hmmm, ok (and giggled) but where is the music?
abhay-:(took out his cell phone and the following song began to play in the back ground)
I LOVE YOU (Celine Dion)
I must be crazy now
Maybe I dream too much
But, when I think of you
I long to feel your touch
To whisper in your ear
Words that are old as time
Words only you would hear
If only you were mine
I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you
Should have made my move when you looked in my eyes
'Cause, by now, I know that you'd feel the way that I do
And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side
I love you
Please say you love me, too
These three words, they could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together
'Til the end of time
So, today, I fin'lly find
The courage deep inside
Just to walk right up to your door
But my body can't move
When I fin'lly get to it
Just like a thousand times before
Then, without a word, he handed me this letter
Read, I hope this finds the way into your heart
It said
(Repeat chorus)
Well, maybe I, I need a little love
And, maybe, I, I need a little care, yeah
And, maybe, I, maybe you, maybe you
Oh, you need somebody just to hold you
If you do, just reach out
And I'll be there
(Repeat chorus twice)
I love you
I will be your light
Shining bright
Shining through your eyes
Abhay and piya both began to swing with this music and felt every word true in their life. They rememebered their fights, kisses, passionate love making nights, how they desired for each other and at last both kissed each other drowning in the passion of love thet have for each other making the nature witness of their pure love...

ps-: guys I am really sorry if this chapter is boring or u didn't like it but I am not feeling well so just typed in one go. Pls read and do give ur valuable comments good or bad but pls give. I am really sorry if I dissapointed u all Cry and yes, thanks for all ur previous comments. Now a days I am not feeling like writing more so, just tell me truly I shoud continue this ff or not as I myself is not feeling like writing anymore. Smile

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Me FirstWink

nice update RD! 
Loved the Abhiya trip and the Date!
Chandeena killed abhay's parentsShocked maybe thats why abhay still kind off doesn't trust them with PiaSmile but they are regretting!

And don't u dare think of QuittingAngry u can write when u feel like Embarrassed

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awesome romi pia cares for abhay so much
so chandeena killed abhay's parents hmm...thats sad...
their date was so nyc
nd y do think that we wont lyk???i luv it yar plz continue soon...[/COLOR]

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Loved whole update...
Abhiya all scene r nice,romantic...
Specially piya forget her tried n kissed abhay...
Loved abhay naughty n dinner Embarrassed was awesome...
Loved piya loves 4 him...n nice chadeena scene...hassena is a great mom n chand also...n danish told everything about abhiya...abhiya r awesome...plzz romi don,t say like this ...n plzz continur this ff...this ff is very awesome n just loved it...u wrote it very well n u r a good writer...plzzz continue it...loved abhiya n whole chapy...i hope kabir falls 4 misha...

N piya right said abhy becomes naughty day by day...n i hope chadeena will not kabaab mai haddi...
Thanks 4 pm...update soon n continue it...

Big smile

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Nice update Embarrassed

Haseena killed abhay's parents.Shocked

I liked part of abhiya date..HeartDay Dreaming

Continue soon

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i loved the abhiya part...
i feel bad for haseena though...

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 2:19am | IP Logged

Lovely update Romi Clap Loving their Europe tour n their date Day Dreaming Was a real treat. Chandeena had snatced away Abhay's parents n turned him to a vampy? Angry Tats really bad but I suppose now they have repented for their sins n no longer hunt humans. Tats good Smile Please dont make them come in the way of Abhiya romance Ouch Wat was with Pia eating so much hey? Wink I am wondering if she... well anyways will wait for ur future updates Wink Also one request - Please include a lil bit of MishKa bonding in ur future updates Smile

Yaar I have lost count of the no. of times u have said sorry Tongue Thought u had agreed not to say it right? Ouch
R u mad Romi? Angry Of course u should continue Smile U were the one who asked me to not quit my FF in the middle n now u wanna quit urs? Angry Dont do this yaar. I agree Vivu's new show is coming n we all are excited abt it but PKYEK will always be in our hearts Embarrassed forever.

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