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New ff- the fateful night bk2 updt on pg 138 2/11 (Page 13)

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<font size="5">Chapter22 part a
kabir immediately stopped the car and got down from the car. He hurriedly went towards the unconsious girl. He turned the girl's face towards him and saw a brown curly haired girl but there was no trace of blood or hurt anywhere. He observed her more closely and found heavy smell of alcohol coming from the girl's mouth.
kabir-:(in his own mind) oh god, these girls are just insane. If they can't take it then why do they drink. I don't know her also, what shall I do now?
Otherside Raichand mansion
After a long love making session abhay and piya both took bath together and after that slept together for a small nap. Abhay was just admiring piya while piya slept for almost 2 hours.
Night at kabir's house
Kabir had brought the unconsious girl to his house and decided to keep her here in the night. In morning, when she will be consious he will ask her about her and will take her to her house. With this thought he made that girl lie on his bed and he himself sat on the couch and began to think what to do next.
Raichand mansion
After waking up from her evening nap, piya found abhay staring at her. After spending some lovely time together both gave gotten ready and had their dinner, piya a chicken pizza and abhay a bottle of blood. The suprising thing was that piya didn't feel anything bad seeing abhay drinking blood. On asking piya had said,
Piya-:Abhay I know u drink blood and there's nothing in it. We humans too eat animal meat, we too Kill animals unnecessary. Meat are not essential for us but for u all blood is essential. So, there is nothing wrong in it. Just chill ok, and have ur dinner.
Abhay-: piya, u are really crazy. I have never seen someone like u.
Piya had smiled and to enlighten the mood she had replied,
Piya-:By the way abhay I have two profit of having a vampire boyfriend, one is I will have to never cook and other one is I will have a servant with lots of strength, who can carry all my shopping bags single handedly.
Abhay could not help but laughing whole heartedly. Piya too joined and both spent the dinner time happily chatting with each other.
After that it was sleeping time and piya got up and was going to sleep in her room, when suddenly abhay caught her wrist and with a jerk made her sit in his lap. Piya was shocked by abhay's this action.
Piya-: Abhay, what happened? What are u doing?
Abhay just smiled and made her stand on her feet.
Abhay-: piya, I have a suprise for u, pls close ur eyes.
Piya closed her eyes and abhay took piya's hand and kept two tickets for europe in it.
Piya slowly opened her eyes as she felt something in her hand. She looked into her hand and was suprised to see two flight tickets. She read it and and found it was for europe. A big smile appeared on her face.
Piya-:(exictedly) wow, abhay we are going to europe.
Abhay-:yup, u liked it.
Piya-: liked it, I just loved it, but why all of a sudden, I mean...
But before piya could speak more, abhay kept his finger on her lips and said,
Abhay-:shhh, I know piya what u were going to ask, but let me tell u actually one of our clined stays there and it's necessary for us to go their for a meeting. It's a very important deal. So, I thought that if I take u with me then we could finalise the deal together and (with a mischevious glint in eyes) u can have a demo of our honeymoon too.
Piya went red by hearing this and said,
Piya-: abhay u are just too much. Ok, I am.going to sleep now, by the way when is our flight.
Abhay-: Tomorrow morning at 11:00 am.
Piya-: what, so early, then I have to do my packing now, abhay u come with me and help me in my packing.
Abhay-: But piya, u don't need to do any packing, u can buy whatever u need from there only.
Piya-:No abhay I will take some of my favourite dresses with me, if u don't want to help it's ok, I will do it alone.
Abhay-: ok, ok I got it, I will help u, happy.
piya-: yea, very happy.
After that both went to piya's room. Piya opened the cupboard and began to search for her clothes. She turned her cupboard upside down but couldn't decide which one to take.
Abhay-: piya, what are doing? Pls decide something fast. U need to take rest too, we have to do a long journey tomorrow.
piya-: abhay, I couldn't decide, actually I love them all. Ok just give me five minutes.
Abhay-:ok, I am going to give some instructions to the servants, till then u decide ok.
Piya-: ok
Abhay came back after 15 minutes and was suprised to see the whole room neat and clean.
Abhay-: wow, so u have packed ur clothes, good. Where is the bag?
Piya pointed towards her bed and abhay was shocked to see five big suitcases and one big bag.
Abhay-: Piya, what are there inside of so many suitcases?
piya-: nothing much just my clothes, shoes, lipsticks, nailpolish, eyeliner and some necessary things.
Abhay-: what u will take all these things there?
piya-: abhay don't react like that, only five suitcases are there and that bag is just full of some make up box.
Abhay-: piya, u are surely crazy, I am noy going to carry all those.
Piya-: Abhay, u say u love me and u can't do this much for me. I thought that vampires have lot of strength but u..
But before piya could speak more abhay kept his finger on her lips and said,
Abhay-: ok, ok I will carry those now happy but u have to give me something in return.
Piya-: what, u want something in return ok just wait a minute.
Before abhay could protest piya opened one of the bag and took out a blue colour short mini dress and came infront of abhay. She handed him the dress and seeing the puzzled look on his face piya spoke up,
Piya-: Abhay, u wanted something in return so I am giving u this. If u like u can wear it.
Saying this she burst out laughing.
Abhay-:(with a naughty glint) ok, if u insist I will wear it, but u have to wear my clothes too.
piya-: yea sure, ok give me ur shirt.
Abhay-: are u sure, I mean u will have to...
But before abhay could complete his sentence piya snatched the shirt from his hand and ran in the washroom, but before she could close the door someone stopped her.
Piya looked down and was shocked to abhay feet between the door and the bathroom wall.
Piya-: Abhay what? I am following ur order only na.
Abhay-: yea, but I wanted u to make u wear my shirt myself.
Piya just bluhsed and said,
Piya-: abhay, u are just too much. Leave from here right now, ok.
Abhay-: really
Before piya could protest anything abhay took piya's hand and with a jerk pulled her into his arms. Piya looked into abhay's deep blue intense eyes and was lost into them.
Abhay-: so, miss piya u wanted to see me in that dress na but this is not what I wanted.
Piya-:Then, what do u want mr. abhay raichand.
Abhay-(huskily into piya's ear) u...
Piya shyly looked down and said,
Piya-: I am all yours,
This statement of piya was enough for abhay to lose his control and they got lost into their world of passionate love making.
Next part will be after sometime.

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Chapter22 partb
Next morning
Kabir's house
Kabir had woke up with the sound of the unknown girl screaming. Kabir rushed towards her room and found her sitting on the bed holding her forehead.
Kabir went towards the girl and the girl looked at him with her big brown eyes.
Kabir-: Here, have it u will feel good.
Kabir handed a glass of lemonade to the girl.
The girl took it and drank it without protesting anything.
Kabir-: So, how are u feeling?
girl-: better, How did I reach here?and who are u?
Kabir-: I am kabir singh rathore and I found u yesterday on the highway unconsious. Now tell me who are u?
The girl-: I am misha dobriyal and thanks for ur help dude.
Kabir was shocked to hear that the girl was none other than piya's own sister.
Kabir-:(In his own mind) I need to keep in contact with this girl, maybe she can help me later.
Misha-: dude, where are u lost?
Kabir-: nothing, are u the daughter of mr.arnab dobriyal?
Misha-: yea, ok I think I need to leave now, bye.
Kabir-: ok, I will drop u home.
Misha-: No need of it, u just tell me where is my bike?
Kabir-; Bike? Which bike?
Misha-: yesterday when u found me, I didn't find my bike there?
Kabir-: No, actually when I found u, you were already passed out, so may be u have parked it somewhere and forgot.
Misha-: o, god if papa finds out then he will pakao my bheja with his long lecture.
Kabir just couldn't help but laugh by hearing misha's statement.
Misha-: what? why are u laughing like an Idiot?
Kabir-: No, u just now said na ur dad will pakao ur bheja, that was really funny.
Misha-: what funny? Dad is already tensed due to piya and now I have not returned home whole night, what do u think dad will be happy?
Kabir-:Ok, relax ur dad will not say anything. U said about piya na, Is she ur sister?
misha-: yea, but how do u know it?
Kabir-: come on dude, everyone knows it, infact I know that she is missing and the reason too.
Misha-:(shocked) how do u know the reason behind her missing? Do.u know her?
kabir narrated the whole yesterday's encounter with mr. dobriyal to misha.
Misha-: oh, I see, whatever papa said to u was true. Piya was my sister but my best friend too. I miss her a lot. Kabir, if u want any help in finding her pls ask me. I just want to see my sister back home.
Kabir just smiled and nodded.
Misha-: ok, from now on we are friends.
Misha extended her hand and kabir hand shaked too.
Misha-: ok, I need to go now, bye.
Kabir-: ok, I will only allow u to go if u let me drop u home.
misha-: ok as u wish thakur.
kabir-: what thakur? that's really funny. Ok then I will call u mish.
Misha-: ok.
Saying this kabir took the car keys and both drove towards dobriyal mansion.
Raichand mansion
Piya had woked up at 8:15am and saw that abhay was not beside her. She panicked and quickly took a bath and dressed up in a short white dress which she had decided to wear for tge jorney yesterday night only. Piya began to search for abhay ans atlast she found him in the hall, giving instruction to the servants looking extremly handsome in black tux luxury suit.
Abhay-:(To the servants) No one should tell mom and dad about piya madam. If I hear anything like that then I will dismiss all of u, do u get that.
Servants-: yes, sir.
Abhay-: good, now all of u get back to work.
The servants just nodded and dispersed away.
Abhay looked up and saw piya standing there looking like a angel in the white dress she was wearing.
Abhay went towards piya and smiled.
Abhay-: good morning, sunshine.
Piya-:good morning abhay.
Abhay-: u are looking beautiful mrs piya.
Piya-: thanks, u too is looking handsome mr. abhay raichand.
Abhay-: ok, have ur breakfast and then we have to go to airport. It's already 9.
piya nodded and abhay accompanied piya in the breakfast table while piya had omlet and bread butter as breakfast.
After having breakfast piya had forced abhay to carry all the luggages and abhay finding no other way had to carry them. After that both had left for the airport in abhay's black mercedes.
ps-: guys, I am ending this chapter here. I hope u like it all. Sorry, if it's not upto ur expectation. If u all find that the storyline is going slow and boring to let me know. Thanks for all ur patience and sorry for the mistakes. Do read and pls give ur valuable comments.

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sorry i forget this...
Very lovely update...
Abhiya r simply cute romantic in this chapter...
Loved mishika scene...
Abhay dialoge was very nice 'our honeymoon too'
Loved the clothes scene...
Abhiya r just amazing...can,
Can,t wait 4 next update...
Again soory..u r a good writer...

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Its ok dear, take ur time Smile btw me too res, will unres after i have read ur update Wink 
Loved the update Romi n the pace is perfect Smile So chill. Abhiya are surely on a marathon here Blushing Well I wonder how wild their Europe trip will turn out to be LOL Anyways now that Abhay mentioned honeymoon, will we get Abhiya wedding soon? Big smile Would love tat n hopefully Dobriyals dont turn out to be kebab hain haddi here Tongue Loved the start of MishKa romance. Was cute Embarrassed Please conitnue soon. Looking forward to the trip Smile

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Abhay-Pia were HAWT!! Waiting to see what Arnab's gona do!!

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Originally posted by pkyekrox

Abhay-Pia were HAWT!! Waiting to see what Arnab's gona do!!

Thanks dear. Let see what arnab does.
.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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superb update
abhiya part was cute
lol pia packed 5 bags...poor abhay
liked misha kabir friendship

actually I had exam.then I really forgot to unres it.thanx 4 reminding me

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update soon...

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