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OS:MY LIFE MY CURSE(part 2 is up)

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:17pm | IP Logged

Hi all...this is a one shot based on the idea of a friend. actually he had to write a short story and submit it as an assignment and i wrote it in my phone on the way from college to homeTongue. and i wrote this down. obviously to make it an os i changed the names to the IPKKND cast. anyway do tell me how it ended up being. good or bad?

                         MY LIFE MY CURSE

The truth was finally before arnav. The harsh and brutal truth. Something that he would never be able to change, Even if he was the great Arnav Singh Raizada. 

He felt shattered like a piece of glass, which would be impossible to put together. But tonight was not about him was it. No. it was his time to ask forgiveness. 

His time to beg for mercy. His time for repentance had come. He had gone to khushi kumari gupta singh raizada to fall on his knees and beg her for mercy. 

He had wronged her. Everyday of his married life was hell in the life of khushi. He had made sure to make it hell. He couldn't physically torture her. No. 

She was his love who had betrayed him. He could only torture her through words and expressios which he had. 

He hadn't missed one chance to tell her that he hates her. Even though he knew that he was telling her lies. He just wanted to cause her as much pain he felt. 

But this had all changed when shashi had managed to talk to him a few hours ago and explain everything to him. Stuff that shattered his world around him. 

Bring down hell on him. Hell? No. hell would have been a better place compared to the madness he had caused around him. This utter complete madness due to his rage, his blind rage.

He started to walk home from gupta's house. It was raining. But he didn't care. His thoughts had him immersed completely in something else. It was HIS CURSE.

His di called him a lot of times to ask about his whereabouts but he hadn't answered a single call. He just sent her an sms saying he is in a meeting and he will talk later. 

He was ready to do it all today. He was ready to confess. He was ready to tell the truth as hiding this truth would now be a bigger crime. 

He could not let her di's child play in the hands of a murderer. He had already told the gupta's the truth after shashi's revealation. They were shocked by his behavior. 

Moreover they were shocked by their behavior over khushi. He walked in the rain. It was just an excuse to hide the continuous flow of tears  in his eyes. 

The pain and hatred he felt towards himself for not having faith in khushi were the tears that were making their way out of his eyes, rolling down his cheeks and falling on the ground along with the rain drops.

He had finally reached Raizada mansion. He felt fear grip him. Fear to face khushi and account for all that he had done to her for no fault of her own. 

He went into the house. Everyone were on the table eating. When they say arnav enter, all stood up. They were completely shocked to see the state he was in. armaan ran to greet his mamu.

Arman: mamu, you have returned? Why are you all wet.

Arnav who treated armaan like his own son, a piece of his own heart didn't even respond to him

Arnav: di where is khushi?

Anjali: she is in your room she ate her food before we did and has already returned to your room. Chotey what happened? Are you ok.

Arnav: di I am going to talk to all of you and then I will go alone and talk to khushi. After I am done talking to you I don't want anyone to follow me to my room.

And arnav recounted what shashi had told him at the end of which Anjali collapsed to the floor in tears. She had started to cry uncontrollably. Arnav tried to comfort her but he still had one person he had to talk to.


khushi was standing by the pool when she heard arnav come in. she was in no mood to fight with him again and again. She was always put down when she asked him the reason they were married. He would never answer. He would push her away with those cold eyes. Those eyes which to her were scarier than whatever he could do to her physically. Not that he had ever tortured her physically but the way he saw her with his eyes, she used to feel corrupted, as she hated those accusing eyes. She couldn't even prove herself to them.

She heard him coming closer to her.

Khushi: what do you want?

There was silence.

Khushi: why have you come here? I don't want to fight I have no strength in me left to take any more.

There was silence. She turned around and saw arnav standing there. But this was different. Something was definitely different. She looked until she stopped at his eyes. They were softer. There was grief and remorse in his eyes. No sign of hate. Not even a little. All she could see was grief and remorse.

Arnav: khushi I am here to say. I beg you to listen to what I have to say completely. Please don't stop me otherwise I wont be able to talk.

 He then narrated the whole story of why he had married her and how shashi had told him the real truth. He was on his knees.

Arnav: forgive me khushi. I was wrong. I was so very wrong. I just followed my blind anger. I wasn't able to trust you. After seeing  ji, I mean shyam whom I considered a person equivalent to my sister do this, I had closed my heart to all the emotions of trust. I know I have wronged you. But can you please forgive me. forgive me for not being able to trust you even though-

Khushi:even though what?

Arnav: even though I loved you.

Khushi blinked. But then her rage was taking over.

Khushi: what do you mean you love me? what kind of love is this that you have no trust whatsoever on me?

Anjali had now come into the room. Anger was evident in her eyes.

Anjali: arnav, you don't deserve her forgiveness. After all you put her through. how dare you think that she'll be okay with you after you apologize?

Arnav: but di I love her.

Anjali: love? Do not joke now arnav. After all the hell you brought down on her how the helldo you think that she'll accept you?

Arnav: please khushi, listen to me once. Just once.


Arnav: please khushi forgive me. It was not my intention to hurt you.


Arnav was pleading but no one here was listening. After all he was the one to cause all this. He was the one who created another ASR in khushi. Completely ruthless and devoid of any emotional attachment.

And to make things worse shyam had now come into the room as well.

Shyam: so looks like the truth is out. Finally I don't need to do this useless drama with you Anjali.

Anjali felt pain in her heart to actually see shyam's true face for the first time.

Arnav got up and held him by his collar. He punched him but Anjali interfered,

Anjali: arnav, what you did is no different from what he did. You both have insulted women and both are equally guilty. So don't you dare think that you taking out your frustration on him shows that you care.

Arnav: di, how can you compare me with him? I never tried to kill people.

Khushi: don't count on that Mr. Raizada. Every torture that you put me through has eventually taken my life. You have killed me. shyam had only attempted to take your di's life. But you have succeeded in killing me. I am nothing other than a body with no soul thanks to your efforts. You are the worst of your kind Arnav Singh Raizada.

Shyam: enough with this drams, khushi you are coming with me.

Khushi: I am not your puppet. I will not go with you.

Anjali: And I shall make sure that she isn't the one to leave but it's the both of you, shameless humans.

Shyam became angry. He knew he wouldn't be able to physically win over arnav.

Arnav had turned to his sister looking at her with pleading eyes asking forgiveness and all he found there was anger directed towards him.

Shyam took advantage of the situation and took out the gun he had just bought. He took it and placed it on arnav as he was the closest.

Shyam: arnav don't think about moving otherwise who is going to protect your dear sister when I and khushi vanish?

Arnav stopped squirming and shyam placed his gun near arnav's chest.

Shyam: come on now khushi, we don't have a lot of time.

Khushi looked at shyam with shock.

Khushi: fine I'll go with you. Just leave arnav.

Arnav: no khushi please don't do it.

Khushi: shut up. I have had it with listening to you. I can not let anything happen to you because some where deep down I still love you. But that doesn't mean I forgive you.

Khushi started to move towards shyam. Anjali stood there helpless.

Anjali: don't go khushi. After all the pain he has put you through you don't owe anything to him. I don't care if I loose my brother but I don't want to see the remainder of your life get destroyed.

Khushi: I know that you are thinking about my welfare di but I cannot see armaan loosing out on his mamu. He loves him, I used to love him. But someone has to pay for his actions. Let his wife do it.

Arnav looked in  horror as the conversation was going on. He stood there with fear in his heart. What had he done.

He saw her approach shyam, then an idea clicked in him.

Arnav: if someone has to pay for my deeds khushi, then it shall be me.

And before anyone could do anything arnav went for the trigger in the gun.

Boom, one bullet.

Boom, two bullets.

Boom, three bullets.

Boom, four bullets.

Boom, five bullets.

They had all been shot straight into the body of Arnav Singh Raizada and the force of each bullet was so much that it pierced him and then hit shyam

Everything was as though it was happening in slow motion as khushi saw arnav and shyam fall together to the ground and arnav took the gun from shyam's hand and place a final bullet in shyam's head.

After that he felt the pain. The pain of what five bullets were doing to him.

Khushi and Anjali ran towards arnav and pulled him on their laps as akash had informed the police and the hospital and they were all there.

Arnav was now spitting blood. The pain inside him was immense but it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.

Arnav: I am sorry for turning all your lives hell. Whatever I do I end up-

He coughed out more blood. It was leaking from the side of his mouth. Khushi and Anjali had tears in their eyes.

Arnav: now I know what mom told me that day. It isn't how you live your life that defines you. It is the way you die. I am sorry that(cough cough) I may not be able to make things right, but atleast I may end up doing one right thing.

Khushi: shh arnavji, please don't talk. Save your energy. You have to fight to stay alive for me, for all of us.

Arnav: no khushi. If I stay alive, I will hurt you all again.

He took a deep breath,

Arnav: khushi, I release you.

and arnav closed his eyes as a scream filled the air.

------------may be cont-----------------

yup that was all i wrote for my friend. anyway i was thinking of writing just one more part to tell me if you want it or this end is good...

untill next time,

Peace Out...

link to chp 2 :

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Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
Sad and lovely and cute

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
One Part MORE :) Embarrassed

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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry CryCry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry CryCry Cry i loved ur story and i feel bad 4 khushi dat she didnt forgave arnav Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry CryCry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry CryCry Cry

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smileyhug7679 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
That was very bad idea killing himself
But intern he was saing Kushi and anji
So no sure whom to blame other Han Shyam now

But very emotional...

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sushi-la Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
you know...every time I read an OS or watch IPK, I think Arnav, you are so ruthless, I want you to suffer. But by suffer, I mean have khushi become a strong individual and verbally fight him or leave and make her own living.

Never did I ever imagine that if Arnav died or is shot (rather shoots himself) I would be in so many tears. never did it ever occur to me that I would die too...sounds so filmy, but I guess all I am trying to say is...

your writing was brilliant! you emoted so well and wrote so eloquently that it forced me to feel exactly what the characters were feeling in your story. brilliant, is what I say!

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lakshyaNkt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Cryit was sad but add another part with happy ending please. ClapClap

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-Ishana- IF-Dazzler

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OMG! Poor Arnav! Plzz update soon!

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