Nadaswaram May 7th -11th Updates on pg-1

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Pandi's boss (PB) sees PP brothers together in market and is shocked. He wonders why they are together. He talks to them and Mayil reveals that he has reconciled with his brother. PB pretends to be happy and leaves. He tells his aalu to keep an eye on the PP gumbal.

Ashok kaadu kutting in his house about PP family re-union. Jags not impressed, scolds him for gossipping like a girl, Gopi and family is no concern of his. He keeps comparing Ashok to pudhu maapillai and how much poruppu Gokul has, while all Ashok can do is eat. Gokul semma scene about being busy with business. Maamanar impressed. Ashok thiru thiru.

Magesh rushes home with sottai and sees house is locked. Sottai asks about Dhimsu phone call. Magesh lies that Dhimsu was ill and had called her home. Sottai mandai is confused. Magesh asks about Divya and is told she went somewhere and that Dhimsu has gone to meet her at KKudi. Magesh rushes to go home. Mottai super kolapified and asks her but Magesh says nothing.

Virundhu for all PP makkals, just then Nelli and Vanitha come home, He sees Mayil there and is happy. Kaamu starts her azhugai on cue. Nelli vows to repair everything and wants to take both DIL's home. Devanai wants him to wait a few days. Nelli cut adichifies virundhu. Senior PP starts his most useless and illogical nonsense about porumai, paasam, anbu to Pams and Kundani. He tells them to bear all the nonsense by Lolayi and gundu murthy and behave well.


Mokkai episode Ouch




Sokku completes his A4 praising Nellai. Nellai takes his DILs and leaves in the car. Everyone sends them off. Tells mayil not to worry about his daughters. 

SK comes there and all welcome him in. They ask him hpw are you feeling? Mahesu went there saying you are not wellnnu. He says I am fine look at me - where is Mahesu. they say she went for you. SK tells I don't know what is going on with Mahesu - she is behaving weird some times. Sokku seems concerned. He asks Gopi to take SR inside to eat. 

Sokku worries what is going on with Mahesu.

Lolayee is at home. Scolding Kamu and Paramu as ususal. Elder DIL is adding oil to the fire.  Some people come there and look for Nellai and tell them they checked in the hospital he was discharged long time ago. They say they will come back. Lols gets a wind that he might have gone to Soks house, come back with DILs and sits by the step to see one hand.

Josiyar visits Sornakka and tells them Mayil Sokku united. Sornakka tells once Komaru is out we will see one hand Mayil calls Josi and tells him he didn't change still the same and acting to give a big shock to them. Josi happy and informs Sornakka we can use mayil for anything and he is not changed.
Lawyer comes there and says he is not able to get jameen. Sornakka mothufies him and asks Josi to find another lawyer.

In Sokku house - Terror calls SR and asks him to act like he is mad. 

Following orders sir goes and shouts to sokku what happened to his wife. mahesu walks in at the same time. SR starts talking to her scolding showing concern asking why she went there. mahesu cries. SR tells let him talk to her alone, takes her inside and tells I know you came there doubting me and madam. So stay here till your doubts are cleared. mahesu keeps crying. He goes outside smiles tells them he is going back leaving Mahesu for few days. After he leaves Meenu try to ask her questions but Sokku tells her to rest.

Seeing all these Malar wonders what is going on.

In Nelli house - Lol waits by the steps and Nelli comes in car with the DILs.


Good Luck Laksh/Ratna...



Shocked ennodhu pinji kadhu nijamavae pavam inniki 

Lolayee katcheri arambam D'oh Nelli and co arrives and gets down from the car. Lolayee starts by asking what happen to him and has he lost all his senses ..why is he doing all this? She is ashamed of having Paramu here. Lolayee insults and tupparan Paramu badly and neighbor makkazs all gather around to watch the vedikai. Nelli ask her not to talk much and to go in and settle but Lolayee refused. She insults Paramu having to many boyfriends and now after marriage the number will increase nu Ouch Paramu is hurt and remains sad. Ramesh says amma to stop her talking but in return Lolayee says "Seruppu pinchirum.." don't call her amma nu. Lalitha too tries to talk but nothing seem to keep Lolayee mouth shut Confused Nelli says there is no point in arguing with her and tells the rest to just walk into the house. Moorthy shouts appa and Nelli shouts back asking what he wants. Lolayee gives final word its either them in this house or Paramu Kamu. Nelli ask what she is going to do. Lolayee says if these girls step into this house, she and her son's will leave the house. Nelli thinks for few seconds and says "oppo sari, we are staying here and you leave nu" ShockedROFL

Lolayee semma shock. Nelli takes them in and ask Paramu to lit the vilaku. But in comes Lolayee who grabs the vilaku from samy arai Shocked and accuse Paramu being a mudevi and not to dare lite this lamp. Paramu is sad. Nelli gets angry.

(D'oh Gokul ... am cutting this short Angry)

Malar father tittufy Ashok in front of his wife for being lazy. Ashok leaves in anger. Both he and is wife argues about it and he ends up slapping her. Gokul in the room tries to act pakka good guy to Rohini.. talking about business and how Ashok does not seem to have any interest Sleepy

Komaru back Shocked Poosari doing some parigaram for him as he just got back from jail LOLJosiyaru is also there Angry Komaru tells him his very angry and need to palluvangufy Gopi. Since they came here and took Paramu away, Komaru wants to give that family a big adi. He ask josiyaru if there is any girls in that family and josiyaru talks about Ragini and her beauty. Komaru tells his mother his going to go to Gopi house and tukuffy Rogini, marry her, live with her one day Angry and send her back to her family Angry





Promo part 2 vaam Ermm 

Komaru says he will go into Gopi house and tukkufy Ragini. Josiyar remains silent. Komaru & mother gets ready to go temple. Aiyar comes out and tells Josiyar his vaiyaru kalakaraning nuLOL and josiyar in return says for him one month back going only nu D'ohkaramam da!

CryCry innikum ennodhu pinja ears bleeding ... 

Lolayee and Moorty gets ready with the luggage to leave. Nelli ask Moorty why his being adamant. Lolayee starts and mokka tuppufy Nelli for falling over the Sokku family and bringing in Kundani (Kamu) & sappamukki (paramu) into this house. (Shockedlolayee super name giving LOL) She curse Kamu for her luck and because of both sisters, her life and family is being shattered. Lolayee calls Ramesh Umae Kusumbu LOL and curse him as well for not listening to her. Already 4 guys Paramu went for... it would not take long for her to find the 5th guy and then Ramesh is definitely going to come back to his amma and cry for his life. Nelli gets angry and shouts at Lolayeee to keep quite and enough with her sabams. He is no longer interested to hear all this and ask her to leave the house. Lolayee is shock that hubby is not stopping her but chasing her away. She gives her final sambam to Kamu and tells her that soon she will find a nice girl and get her married to Moorty. Kamu shock. She tries to hold Lolayee hand and beg her not to kill her with words. If needed, she will die. Moorthy ask her to die. Nelli palar on Moorthy face ClapClap and says just because Kamu is his wife he got no rights to ask her to die. Nelli ask both mother and son to leave. They leave in anger. Kamu continues to cry. Nelli ask her to leave things for time being. 

Komaru going to temple when his car is stopped by his ex FIL who insults both Komaru and mother for what happen. He insults Komaru saying his pride all gone as someone entered and tukkufy the kalyana ponnu and his further very happy knowing Komaru was in station begging the Inspector to let off him. KM gets so annoyed and slaps him but K ask his mother to relax and just stands there listening to his ex FIL. That man insults KM badly and leaves. KM is angry that K did not beat him up but K says what ever he spoke only raise his anger against Gopi and family. K tells josiyar tomorrow to come early morning as they are going to Karaikudi. Josiyar wonders what drama is going to happen tomorrow there.

Nelli updates Sokku on what happen via phone. Sokku feels bad and wants to go and visit Lolayee in Thirichi and bring her back but Nelli ask him not to. After some time things will be ok.

Puspa and family and mother gets ready to leave.  Mayil and wife also. Sokku ask why all leaving so early. Mayil says they need to leave to prepare for the function. Meenashi blushing already Embarrassed Sokku says he is not happy to go ahead with the function and tells them what happen at Kamu's in law place.  Mayil tells Sokku that they had guess this is what going to happen. But this cannot be the reason for celebrating the happy moment. Mayil has already plan for this in big level (while saying this.. mayil has a cunning look Angry) Mayil says everyone will come and will be shock to see such event. Puspa too tells her brother that all of them wish to do this 60th wedding ceremony. Mother tells Sokku to agree. Sokku looks at everyone and finally agrees. Everyone leaves happily.

So touching scene... Cry

Sokku calls Meenashi and ask if she is happy. Meenashi says at first when she married him, she did not know anything about him. But this time she is proud... Sokku tells Meenashi that he wish to die before her. Meenashi ask him not to talk like that but Sokku says he can't imagine living a day without her. Even when she went to Mahes house.. he felt so lonely and could not manage anything. Meenashi says for her .. he is the world. Without him she would not have been able to come so far especially with raising the kids. Sokku in tears tells her that he cannot live without her and Meenashi too cries and hugs him ... CryCry

Thodarum ...



Friday 11.05.2012

Moorthy back in Trichi along with mummy. Lolayees bak bak continues- non stop Kamu archanai , finding fault in everything , criticising her house keeping azhagu [ house ennamo looks spic & span , Lolayee's lollu kaNNu dust finding everywhere] , advising Moorthy to divorce Kamu , promises to find a good adakka odukka thalayatti bommai wife for him .  Boom boom madu sonny head aating for mommy's advises. Moorthy asks mummy to cook food. Uppu peradhs vishyam  ' what to cook ' leads to a major argument between mommy & sonny. Lolayee overdoes her Kamu bashing. Livid Moorthy blames Nelli for all this . Nelli solli only thadai nadungi Kami dance aading & Nelli is also dancing to her tunes. Palaaarrr ' Moorthy gets one from Lolayi ' en purushan , you have no right to talk ill of him , say whatever you want about your arumai wife.

Kamu gives coffee  to Nelli  , along with it pour out her feelings , asks him to enquire about sothai & pothai [ athai & athan] Nelli calls Leelavathi who avoids taking the call. Then he tries Moorthy's number . He too doesn't take the call. Nelli says the cholesterol level of both is still very high. Let me see how long they will remain like this. Soon both will realize their mistake & come back. The eldest son  Guru supports mother ,blames Nelli for supporting DIL over  wife '  Misunderstanding arise between them , Guru says if the situation continues like this he too might leave the house along with his wife. Nelli asirwadam paNNi asks them to leave immediately . Guru's wife is happy at the thought of thani kudithanam. Poor girl when voices her happiness gets a tight slap from husband. ' appan kitte irundhu inherited sothu murmurs the adi patta azhagi.

Ramesh & Paramu in their bedroom. Ramesh asattu lollu vitting .Paramu in bad mood , left & right vaanging MIL ' Unga ammaku enna 2 kombu molachirukka [ ada idhu enna pudusa ' Lolayee Aada , maada?] , talking too much  , giving names to me & my sister ' chappa mooki , kundaninu, does your mother think herself to be Aishwarya Rai? Ask her to keep away from me , am not like my sister ' vaayilla poochi , I will hit back , vaarthaiku vaarthai , adikku adi , udhayku udhai is my policy .Shell shocked   Ramesh tummyla tamarind karaiching .

Anotherbedroom mandiram ' Dims & Divs. Divs tells Dimsu that it is the right time to let the cat out of the bag. He should tell the Mahesh family about her doubting nature. After some inane discussion they come to the conclusion that Meenu is right person to know the matter first. SR calls Mahesh house. Meenu picks up the call , SR going round & round the mulberry bush before coming to the point. Tells MIL about Mahesu's suspicion ' linking him to the ulaga maha pathivrutha Divya . Says he is very upset & angry & would welcome Mahesu only when she stops being a doubting jack. Mahesh does the one thing she is adept  at' filling Karakudi water tank , Meenu adds her pangu water. Bulb switched on on EB engineer's mind.  Malar takes Mahesu outside the house to get her part of the story. [Brighta erinja bulb gone dim - why outside when so many rooms inside ?  Vella  aval to Josi & Mayil???]

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Thanks ILIB

Mayil telling the whole ooru that he has reconciled with his bro Sokku, but waiting to sabotage.  

Nelli  taking two azhumoonjis to face lolayee. veLangidum...

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Thanks for the updates ... Star I think mayil is planning for something major.. adhan he wants the entire village to believe his already back to his brother nu Ermm I hope he changes upon Gopi figuring out fast about Pandi death.
So inniki meenu akka Tongue lolayee vaa Shocked  all the best akka ...

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Thanks to you all the updaters...

Only the updaters can make...this interesting...even though the episode itself is a mokai one...!!!TongueThumbs Up

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Thanks for the update Priya.

Innikku yenakku double damakka pola - lols times 2.

Hmmn - I am trying to pick up my courage...

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Originally posted by migan

Thanks for the update Priya.

Innikku yenakku double damakka pola - lols times 2.

Hmmn - I am trying to pick up my courage...
i think nenga pathi damakka pola Ermm appo wednesday taan vaa full damakka Shocked

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Thanks for the updates Priya.. 

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Mayil D'oh ennaku vara kovathaku ... this idiot will never tirundufy Angry and another one dimsu Angry yabbaa mudiyala ennalae.. feel bad for mahesu ... but still cant tolerate her opparis Ouch

adadadadaaa meenu akka essu vaa Shocked

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