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 PART 1/2/3/4 /5/6  all below

Also updated PART 5 on page 10

and part 6 on page 15 for those who do not want to scroll...


ASR walks into his room'overhearing KKG and Buaji talking over the phone

KKG: Putting on her jewellery and puts the phone on speaker unaware that ASR has walked in..

KKG : Haan Haan buaji ..hum lucknow pahuncthe hi pone karenge'.aur  radha mausi  aur mohalle wale se bhi milke ayenge

'.haan haan hum delhi ki mithai bhi leke jaarahe un sab ke liye'.

Buaji : Hum ko bhi lucknow ki bahut yaad aarahi hai nand kisore'..agle baar hum zaroor chalenge'Yeh' titliya 'tum sab cheej itni achche se sambhal rahe ho '.kabhi socha na tha'..aur  arnav bitwa ko nayi hotel ki badhai dena .. '

KKG : haan haan buaji hum zaroor bolenge arnavji se..'abhi hamein jaana hai'

Buaji : Aur  uss syaam se door hi rehna' Kya pata phir se koi naya harkat kare'.anjaane mein hum uss'.naalayak se tumri sagai karwayi'. itni badi galti hum se kaise huyi ''nand kisore'. waise arnav bitwa se shaadi karke tum achcha kaam kiya sanka devi'who bahut achacha hai'.. nand kisore'

KKG: aap pareshaan mat ho buaji'arnavji hote huye shyamji hamaara kuch nahi bigaad sakta'.hum umeed karte hai ki ek baar anjaliji ki bachacha hote hi shyamji ki dil badle or dimaag bhi thikane mein aaye''..waise sahi waqt aane par hum arnavji ko sab bataayenge'..abhi batayenge toh woh apne aapko sambhal nahi paayenge'.woh anjaliji se bahut pyar karte hain buaji'anjaliji unki duniya hain'

Buaji: theek hai bitiya ..jaise tum theek samjhi..

KKG: abhi humein jaanaa hain buaji'.arnavji intezaar kar rahe hain '

She puts the phone down to give herself one last look in the mirror and starts to head towards the door..

ASR'who is still standing shell shocked at the doorway hearing this conversation'His mind is churning with a million thoughts' could he believe that '.slimy bas...*#!@#... He closed his eyes 'a teardrop trickling over his chiseled cheek  could he ever face her now'how could he ever think that this sweet selfless slip of a girl'his wife he thought 'fleetingly '.full of pride..could ever fall for a married man and try to wreck another woman's life.

In the last 6 months he saw her tens of times  caring for his Di' ..always attentive to her needs ,hovering over her like a mother , a sister and a friend..not a moment goes by in the house without the sounds of Khushi that..Khushi this by Nani ,Di, Mamaji who now dotes on her and pours his heart out on how Mamiji heckles him, and Mamiji..who grudgingly asks her to make her favourite mithai or some diet snack'and even Laksmi follows her everywhere she goes'.Mary and her little lamb..he thought fondly'.she is just a little more than a little girl'for heaven's sake''''

what was he thinking'''..

His mind was clouded with rage and jealousy'for the first time in his life 'he didn't think clearly' his business circles he is known for doing his homework well , leaving nothing to chance and assumptions, for carrying out due diligence of every deal he sees through'his famed acumen 'he thought wrly, didn't do him any good when it came to the most important deal  his life'the merging of his heart with hers'.his Khushi'the only woman he ever loved and nearly lost'..a sudden fear gripped his heart'what if he already lost her'what if the harsh treatment he meted out to her the last few months have done an irrevocable damage to her never say die spirit'.recalling the countless times he saw her crying silently by the pool, or hugging herself in the silence of the night'.with no one to share her pain'..he shuddered '.his shoulders going limp at the sudden burden of the truth which hit him right at the solar plexus'.the truth which is causing him both pain and pleasure'.

He straightened himself 'a steely resolve creeping into his gorgeous caramel eyes'.he'll win her back matter what'after all what ASR wants ASR gets'..he turned crisply and headed out to wait for her'..he has two days'.two whole days ..just the two of them in Sheesh Mahal'his new hotel'.the inauguration will take a few hours of his time'WHAT THE HELL ''.there are others to handle it..he thought'THEY BETTER DO IT 'the only job at hand for him now is to win his precious Khushi back'..

ASR: Ready'Khushi ? we gotta go'..

he scanned her face 'look at her glowing like a diya all pure and innocent'. he thought'unaware that the few words she just spoke was the cause of the gamut of emotions he was going through'..he wanted to hug her tight and tell her that he was sorry'and that everything will be allright'

Instead He just turned and walked out of RM still unable to face her' just yet'..

Totally thrilled by your response the quick update...the story progresses...


Part 2

Khushi followed him quietly'to the SUV..and for a change he was not driving today'Mohanji and Aman were already seated in the front.

ASR walked past her to hold open the door'like he always does'even when he is spewing mouthfuls of the choicest hateful words to her'he never forgets his manners'she sighed'never know what to make of him'he'll hurt her with his words , shakes her like a rag doll at times and clinches her arms so tight 'that ..that it leaves bluish welts everywhere he touched and hurt for days after'she sighed again'she had caught him looking at the welts once or twice , she even thought that she saw him wince for a fleeting micro-second 'but the next second it was gone'.Mercifully he is not throwing her out of his car in the middle of the night or day on some godforsaken road ever since the marriage'she looked upto the heavens to thank Devi maiyyan for that '.

She looked up into into his eyes as he helped her 

climb into the SUV'those un -scrutable pools of caramel'.searching them as she always does when they stood this close'.he clicked the door shut and made to the other side.


The drive to the airport seemed unusually long for Khushi 'who soon got bored with all the bijiness talk between Aman and ASR '


KKG: Kuch gaana lagaiye naa Amanji' Salman Khan wala'

ASR: Not now Khushi'can't  ( pronounced with a" K " ASR style) you see we are talking'..

KKG: Haan'per hum bore ho rahe hain'


A faint smile broke out on his lips'reaching his eyes '..he gestured to Aman ..who quickly complied to put on some music.

And lo behold'what starts to play'Teri Meri ..Meri Teri'

Khushi sits bolt upright and sneaks a glance at ASR ..who is also shaken at the coincidence'both their thoughts leaping to the sangeet night'.a  magical night'..

Khushi 'wistfully wondering whether it is the same man who is now sitting beside her 'who stepped up onto the dais that night 'to become her Prince Charming and Knight in a shining waist coat and save her from losing her bet'how did her Saviour turn into her hunter''.she sighed '''time for some soul food'.

ASR'that night was indeed magical'he 'couldn't see Khushi lose'.even the thought of her standing on the stage waiting for her partner  who did not show up..(thank God for that )'all alone'all he could think of at that time was that ..he'll never let her feel that she was all alone 'not while he was still there'.for heaven's sake he couldn't even stand the thought of her losing her bet 'even if it was against him'he could have lost the whole world for her at that moment ..let alone a measely bet.

It was that thought which propelled him..him..someone with  self-proclaimed two-left feet'to go up on stage 'and dance with her'and how we danced 'he thought'his heart warming instantly'both unerringly in synchrony and in rhythm with each others heartbeats'even the mere thought of her his arms '.turning him on instantly'.

His thoughts were cut short by her voice'not this song Amanji'.Dabangg wala lagaiye nah'

He stole a glance to her side'.was the memory so painful to her''that she could not stand listening to this song'.

He'll never know'she was too busy 'digging into the jalebi dabba and chewing on a mouthful '. the syrup dripping from her delectable lips' ..Oh those lips'.he never could take his eyes offah them'

when they were chattering incessantly,

or shouting out Laad Governor or Rakhshas kind of names at him

 or when she spews out his whole name" Arnav Singh Raizada "ready to launch into a very, very angry volley of words with him

 or when they quiver Arnavvv ji'''..

or when they form a perfect" O" whenever she is surprised or shocked into silence'.she'll never know that 'he loved to creep up on her and shock her once in a while just to catch the "O" one more time'


PRECAP: At Sheesh Mahal'inauguration followed by a fashion show

Arnav can't take his eyes of Khushi following her every move and every breath. Khushi who oblivious of this is going about charming her way into the hearts of all the staff and clients of AR.

SmileBig smileSmile

Part 3

They finally reached the airport'.and drove past the parking lots through a private entrance, Khushi looked curiously at the rows and rows of gleaming Aircrafts . This was her first ever close encounter with an Aircraft. Her eyes fell upon one small but magnificient Aircraft at the farthest corner of the airport, she'd recognize the Logo anywhere'painted in  blazing black, bold letters  AR '.so much like the owner ..she thought with pride'..

The car halted at a distance to the Aircraft. It was then she saw a bevy of beauties hovering around it and chatting away animatedly'' They all stopped and stared as if on cue  soon as they saw the SUV come to a halt' She recognized a few of them from magazines'..slim and slender ,some of them with legs which seemed never to end'.she smiled slightly thinking what Mamiji would say to this '"itni lambi hai..calorie devi chadte chadte thak jaati hai'.mote hone ki chancewa bhi nahin hai"

Khushi watched silently as ASR  stepped out of his SUV and strode purposefully to the group. He was greeted by one of the girls, his model coordinator, who shook his hand and they both exchanged a few words. She saw him turn and gesture towards her'and for a moment her heart skipped a beat ..seeing him there'with the warm sunshine lighting up his gorgeous face ..the Blue Raybans glinting '..'.he looked like a greek god or did greek gods look like him??'.''.she noticed that the girls had all gone quiet and were looking at him intently'' wonder she thought'.he seems to have the same effect on all girls'and she thought that only her heart goes Dhak Dhak when he is near'.she wondered 'does he even know''

He didn't as much as cast a glance at the girls'she noticed''.just then a man in uniform looking very much like a pilot approached him and handed over some very important looking papers and files for him to sign. He continued to talk and sign the papers 'and handed them over to the pilot once done.

The girls who were spellbound by his presence slowly kicked back to life and started their chatter once again'now that they noticed that he didn't seem interested in any of them.

Khushi saw him look up and gesture to Aman who was still getting all the stuff from the SUV'..

He turned away for a moment  and turned right back on his heel to walk forward towards her'Aman meanwhile held the SUV door open for her respectfully ,while she clambered out'.almost stumbling in excitement of climbing on to a hawaijazz'.He caught her just in time 'like he always did '..pulling her to him gently so that she doesn't hit her elbow on the car door.

She looked up startled'how did he get here so fast??...she loved being held by him 'she admitted to herself reluctantly''.. wondering whether it was him or the very expensive suits he wears which feel ahh so divine to touch''..

She turned to Aman ..for help with her things'her jalebi dabba and other such'.ASR gestured to Aman impatiently and gave  clipped orders to see to them'while gently ushering Khushi to the Aircraft.As they passed the models she could feel their eyes boring into her'wondering what he saw in her, some of them curious ,some jealous and some with disdain'..if only they knew she thought'sadly..

To his credit He didn't let go of her hand for even a second  ,helping her step up the stairs and once inside the Aircraft'' striding past the waiting airhostess who welcomed them warmly and offered to assist'''

He usherd her to two very plush seats upholstered in soft Red leather'his favourite colour..and gently sat her down.. He looked down at her' she looked tiny and waif like in the huge seat' saw her slight apprehension'

ASR: tum theek ho?? He whispered'.

KKGSR: She nodded confusedly'hearing a new tenderness in his voice'she looked up to see his melting caramel orbs watching her intently'.if she didn't know better she would have thought that he was holding his breath just to hear her answer.

it was her first ride in an airplane'he knew, ' of the many Firsts that await her in the near future he thought '.he couldn't wait to initiate her ,to teach her, hold her through her fears ,to comfort her because at the end of it all he had a promise 'a promise to himself'..a promise to see her face forever free of fear or pain ,a promise to see her face light up with pleasure '..and this he will do'What ASR sets out to do he will do'with a flourish''.

He left her hand for a few moments'.she saw him go up to the Airhostesses and give them brief instructions''and came back to plonk himself into the seat next to her'.

ASR: Khushi seat belt baandho'

KKGSR: uh!!

ASR: Seatbelt 'gesturing to fasten the seatbelt'he bent forward to pull the seatbelt and fasten it

She could feel his warm breath on her cheeks while he bent over 'which flushed a beetroot red ..he saw the colour rising in her cheeks with amusement '.unable to resist 'he ran his thumb over the rising colour of her cheekbone''.causing the colour to deepen instantly'

The Hostess stepped forward just then 'to ask Khushi'if she could get her something..

KKGSR: Chai'she said pursing her lips'. He's probably just putting up this charade of a Caring husband for their sake 'she thought unhappily'..laad governor '.never know what to make of him'blowing hot blowing cold''

Just as abruptly he let go'turning away'.he'll play it slow he decided'..desperate to make up for lost time..and fear of having nearly lost her nothwithstanding''

He gently took her hand and entwined it in his over the armrest, giving her a reassuring smile'.

KKGSR: aur inkeliye 'ek'. Black coffee'.bina cheeniwala'

He smiled once again'.closing his eyes briefly'..plotting the 101 ways he will woo her'.



The rest  of the AR team and the models trooped in one by one '..jabbering and chattering only to fall silent briefly as they passed by ASR 'and took their seats as the pilot started to make announcements for take off.


ASR watched as Khushi's eyes widened  with fear and her slender body stiffen a bit 'when she heard the engines whirr into life 'he pressed her hand reassuringly, pulling it closer to himself and gently laying it to rest on his heart'."Relax Khushi  'we have the best pilot on board here'" he felt her breathe easier'.but still mumbling her signature'.."devimaiyyan rakhsha karna "over and over''he smiled to himself'.wondering how easily she manages to put a smile on his face''wistfully thinking that if only  he was not blinded by rage and his judgement clouded by jealousy ,refusing stubbornly to listen to her pleas of innocence'''he would have had a lot more reasons to smile by now'..


Once they were airborne Khushi soon found the courage to peep outside the window and catch the rooftops and skyscrapers become tiny( almost like those lego toys she saw Barun bring along to his tuition class'..) as they climbed the skies, she looked  curiously at the floating clouds, peering at them in the hope of  catching her favourite goddess residing on them'or a few pari.

She was just getting bored and was stifling a yawn when the airhostess  wheeled in a small trolley -for -two laden with Tea, black coffee and assorted biscuits'.Arnav caught Khushi's look of disappointment'before he could say something ,the airhostess  interjected saying'"the other accompaniments you have ordered are being assembled sir, we just wanted to make sure that they are served hot like you instructed"' if on cue came another tray full of scrumptious Jalebis and Pakodas'

He felt a wave of stupid happiness when he heard Khushi involuntarily squeal at the sight of the jalebis'."My wife's one big weakness" he told the airhostess quite un necessarily'.and turning a little red'"god ! now 'is he going to surprise even himself with his own behavior"

The airhostess smiled at him indulgently and returned to her duties.


By the time he turned to look at Khushi ..she had already tucked into half a dozen of the jalebis and a few pakodas'licking away at her fingers intermittently'.he had a good mind to lick them himself , not as vigourously as she was ..perhaps 'more leisurely, lazily and taste every inch of her slender fingers, probably even nibble at them a bit'.he nearly sighed  at just the thought''..if only they didn't have others for company'..SOON ..he promised himself'.just then she turned towards him'."kyaa ahhh" she asked catching his expression'.He nodded non committal and asked'"do you want anything else Khushi?"

She nodded negatively'

Their hands were still linked over the armrest'she was happy just being there with him ..even the pretend world with Arnav Singh Raizada was just as beautiful as the Parionki kahani she read about as a child'she'll be willing to believe in it as long as it lasted'until it came crashing down on her.. then ,and until it will come crashing down on her now..or in the near future when her Raj Kumar will turn into his nightly Shaitan'''she sighed 'and tucking her feet under her she snuggled closer to him to rest her head on his shoulder'.playacting has become second nature to her now''..

Arnav'.watched her snuggle closer and fall asleep on his shoulder as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world, as if they were made just so that she can rest her weary head  on his shoulders if she so wishes'''he stretched his hand upwards  to dim the overhead lights  and gently push back the armrest..leaning in slightly to draw her sleeping form into him'''

She always looked so angelic when she was asleep'..his mind drifted to the countless times he carried her while sleeping or was it when she fainted'"'.same difference" he thought suddenly remembering NK'NK ..was it a life time ago that he saw the two of them hit it off like a house on fire''and how Intensely jealous he felt just catching them laugh together'.

'.she looked angelic' period'.her lips slightly parted, as if they were made from crushed rose petals'it took all his will power to stop himself from claiming them'now''

His eyes fell on the little black mole on her slender neck'he traced a circle around it 'gently running his thumb over it'.she sighed and snuggled closer''..he looked at her tenderly'''his breath caught as she whispered in her sleep''Arnavji''suddenly stung by the tears which filled his eyes''.even if she did forgive him'will HE ever be able to forgive himself for the pain he caused her'.forgive or not'but he intends to never forget'he resolved silently'

Khushi'''.'in her dreams she saw her Raj Kumar look at her tenderly and gently'ever so gently caress her neck'.it had to be a dream'it seemed so real'.for the time being she did not want to wake up '.Arnavji'.she whispered '.slipping into a deeper slumber'



Arnav'.Thinking back to the 10 days of the kidnap drama'.those 10 days were the most painful days of his life'waking up every night with a cold sweat'screaming her name, spending every waking moment thinking of her'not knowing if he will ever set eyes on her angelic face again, if he will ever hear the tinkle of laughter again,  if he will ever see the beatific smile again, '..

he instinctively drew her sleeping form to himself'holding her tighter'..and when he did see her after 'even he was not prepared for the torrent of feelings and emotions that came rushing in to fill his heart and his head'.for the first time ..he even looked past Di ''to catch her eyes'.mirroring his own feelings, waiting silently in the wings 'as she always does''then too he quickly shrouded his eyes'masking them briefly from everyone '.still not ready to share his pain with anyone'''.

And with the truth out 'after days of investigative work done by his team the reports of which came in just a few hours ago'.culminating in what he just heard transpire between her and buaji'''

He still had Shyam to handle'..and Di'..Di'he is still unsure as to how to break the news to her'.with just 15 days to go for her due date''...until recently he believed  that Shyam will be the one proven innocent and it was Khushi who chased him and is the villain in this sad saga'' that he can restore his JIJAJI to his Di and his nanhi pari''..his precious Di forever Happy and content and all will be well in his world'''.

He even cut Shyam out of his WILL in the hope that Khushi will lose interest in someone who does not have  a dime to his name'..How did he come to believe that she was a gold digger'.how foolish he has been'.Khushi'.whose face lit up like a diya when she found a silver coin in a detergent pack'or was it two coins he put in there? , Khushi ..who still travelled in autorickshaws even after having a host of cars at her disposal, Khushi 'who started a Dabba service to repay his Rs.300/'..three hundred, ..for GOD's sake'' Khushi'.who sold her bangle to buy him plants''he wouldn't have known if not for a chance conversation with Lavanya today morning'''.It's the first time he ever heard Lavanya speak to him so firmly..'telling him in no uncertain terms what a fool he has been'''

Khushi'who was happy just being served a free Biscuit along with tea'why didn't he see that her needs never went beyond the simple, why didn't he see that she put on a smile for the rest of the world  to be fooled..''but the pain in her eyes was for him alone''.she never hid from him' was real 'he should know'he was the one who put it there time and again'..if he didn't wear his blinkers he would have seen that all that she does is for other people, be it his family or her buaji, amma, and even her mohallewalle''she was even ready to jump off a building so that he can marry Lavanya''

yes ..he told her time and again that she did not have a head'.Well let's face the reality 'so didn't he''but what she didn't have she made up by having a Heart' a large heart to fit in his whole world'.and sadly he discovered that he didn't have a heart either''..

What a blinking idiot he has been'..

She stirred slightly'hearing the pilots' announcements of descent'.Khushee'she heard her name whispered'.in that husky voice'she'd recognize anywhere'.her eyes flickered open to look into his chocolate browns'.. covered partially by an errant flick of hair'' scanning his face'..sleepily'she thought tenderly '.."He needs a haircut"''..her hand involuntarily moving to brush his hair from his eyes and just stopping short'.when realization of what she was about to do dawned on her'''..she jerked up hitting him in the jaw'he grimaced '."easy Khushi'."

She nodded '..still groggy'."aapko lagi toh nahi" she queried softly'.

Arnav: he rubbed his jawline where her head him'.'."not enough punishment for me "..he thought..

"Tum theek ho '? we are about to land "'.he trailed off the announcements continued to come in.




 watda watda watda only 145 members liked the post while over 6000 read it ...not an encouraging ratio...devimaiyyan should I scrap the part 5 ???????? just finishing it but what hell !!!WinkWink


The aircraft came to a gliding halt'.ASR unbuckled himself and stood up'.stretching to his full height'he looked down at her '..extending his hand'.'."Khushi chalo"''. he said softly''

She looked confusedly at him'and then with suspicion'wondering what he was up to now'.the past few months he never let pass a chance to taunt her ,goad her or challenge her into doing exactly what he wanted'.and she innocently  fell into his trap every single time'.and just when she thought that she won that round'he came waltzing  in with that infuriating smirk of his and snatched away her short lived victory''but it didn't stop her from foolishly trying again and again '..'He definitely was upto to something 'all this extra attention feeling a little surreal right now''

and it's more than a good 48 hrs since he last screamed her head off '..'..SHUT UP, GET OUT, WHAT DA, SAMJHI TUM, KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA, she can deal with'but these soft spoken whispers'.the words caressing her even from a distance''''her cheeks seem to blush against her own volition 'hey devimayyain'. all he said was" Khushi Chalo" '.not some jaanoo, or sweetheart, or darling like Salmanji would say''..she sighed''.wondering how divine it would be to hear Arnaji  whisper ever so softly ''"My jalebi" '. into her ear''.he is more likely to call her "My Karela"'considering his penchant for bitter words''she twitched her nose at the thought'..a tiny smile escaping her lips'..

He looked at her questioningly'.cocking one eyebrow'..wondering what brought on the smile'

Her smile froze''she should stop being delusional 'she berated herself'.. trying to still her erring heart''..her heart ''forever waiting and yearning to hear one single term of endearment from him'.knowing fully well that it may never come'not in this lifetime anyway'.and yet'''.

She muttered incoherently taking  the offered hand meekly and walked to the exit '.nodding and smiling at the airhostess who bade their goodbyes'..nearly tripping over her sari'..if not for his strong grip over her elbow, steadying her'she would have hurtled down the stairs clumsily'she thought'..

He steadied her and as an after  thought bent down to effortlessly take her into his arms like he did countless times before'..she looked into his eyes a little startled and hooked her slender arms around his neck'out of sheer habit''as the airhostess looked on with obvious glee at them'.

ASR: My wife's first visit to her sasural'.it's tradition I think to carry the bride through the threshold'he said a little sheepishly'..

The airhostess were more than happy to agree'It's not often that they see such an indulgent husband and a blushing bride'.and when the husband is none other than the mighty ASR''whose tantrums and temper are what legends are made of'.it's enough to keep their grapevine going for the next one week ..over breakfast ,lunch and dinner'.

They watched he walked down the stairs not pausing for a moment or breaking his stride and into the waiting limo''''.she could catch the Bold AR emblazoned on the sides of the limo'.

Khushi: held on to him'reveling in his arms, his embrace'.. her eyes misting with the memories of her  life in Lucknow not long ago''It is her maike and now her Sasural as well'.she was touched that he remembered '''she looked up at him'unable to fathom what was going on in his mind, unable to look into his eyes now shaded with his blue Raybans ''.'..she sighed resting her head on his shoulder'.feeling his grip tighten some more'''''.'.for better or worse knowingly or unknowingly '.at least the customs and rituals in their life were consistent and met with'''..

The chauffer came around in a crisp white uniform, saluting sharply to ASR and held open the door.

ASR stopped at the limo  and put her down holding  on to her waist to steady her'..Thakgayi ho? He queried'..

Yeah !!!! she thought stupidly'its really tiring being carried around'she wanted to stamp her feet and demand to be carried again and order the chauffer to drive the limo in circles until they were ready to board it'..'.instead'she said..Nahi'hum theek hai''as she climbed into the limo'

Khushi:Kya AR ka poora paltan baithne wale hai kya iss mein she thought '.'..itni  lambi gaadi toh filmon mein hi dekha'.salmanji  ek picture mein'aisehi lambi gaadi mein  baithe '.dus baara ladkiyon ke saath'gaana gaate hue'..

kya arnavji bhi '.she tried to conjure up an image of Arnav with a whole host of beaaautifull (like he would say) girls'singing a song'..''but gave up '.ladkiyon ko pataana inki bas mein hai kahan aur gaana toh dood door ki baat hai''..par salmanji'''.'.salman popped back into a head'.and she blew a deep flying kiss to him'.

ASR walked to the otherside to climb into the car'and just then caught his wife blowing kisses to some imaginary person'.'.Whatda???

Khushi: blushing furiously'.wohhh'salmanji ka yaad aya'she trailed off'..

ASR: the first thing he needs to do once he gets to Sheesh Mahal is to find a way to permanently wipe SalmanJI  out of his crazy wife's  memory '..he resolved firmly'..he knew competition when he saw one''.once he is done with  her she'll know for sure that posterboy can't do the things he can'.he smirked '..This is one challenge he'll take up with pleasure'.ahh pleasure'

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mcguiness Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:06am | IP Logged

Great update. I was waiting for part 3 from so long. Please continue.

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cutepuppy Goldie

Joined: 01 March 2012
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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:09am | IP Logged
pls add me to your buddy list pls...

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Chaudhrytm Goldie

Joined: 06 August 2007
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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Please continue ! Anxiously waiting...

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Roark IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Very nice. Please continue

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Usma55 Goldie

Joined: 09 January 2012
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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Please continue soon
Loved it
Write in English please the conversations

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Naina... IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 August 2011
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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:17am | IP Logged
hayye...waiting for the next part...and pm me tooo

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AR-ARHI_naila IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 July 2010
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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 5:18am | IP Logged
great update. loved it.

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