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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
"The best inspiration is not to outdo others but to outdo ourselves"
^ Credit Savy and Ishu for the banner, thank you lovesHug

Hey everyone. My name is Jenny and I been making sigs for a quite long time, I lost count, but mostly , I am inspired by everyone at Avi and Sig as everyone has a little something that I take inspiration from. It would be unjustice to name the insipirational people, as I don't want to leave out anyone.

Favorites ( Current and might be forever standing)
Sanaya Irani, Barun Sobti, SaRun, ArHi
Arjun Bijlani, ArNaya
Karan Wahi, Shilpa Anand, ShiRan, KaSh
Gurmeet C, Drashti Dhami, GurTi, Maaneet

A special shoutout to :

Each and everyone person part of this gallery. Thank you guys. It is because of you all that I am on my 20th Gallery. Thank you SO much once again guysHug

My copyright: unique.designz/india-forums

^ YES, that is MEDancing

friends are the little miracles of life - shoutout to ishu, sona, jaan, anku, janu, harshu, ashu, aish<3 Love you guys. Thank youuu!!!

Avoidance/Banned: Karan Singh Grover, Jennifer Winget, Mohit Sehgal - will NOT make anything on this people. Nothing against them but we all have some dislikes, so they  are just kinda banned, from this gallery.

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SparklesDBnm21SavyDobrevGunjan.momentsofme.harshita_sahniNikiBh8inshuuRitushree_Nadal-RosyAzure--FarwiiDobaara--GoldMist-StormChaser.ishqbulava.-Nahi-shona.Mysterygirl_meBarishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *Tani91-Aysha-Dangelzpinky_blueskiesyulZDark-HuesJen2cant.be.assed.madhoshiyaan.SobtiObsession-Faiza--Aliya-aa123.80sonali.19281patakhaguddiaish_punk.Sad.But.True.noseasyncthegameisonSabmeratu.roseinbloomJayeeta_06-Mrs.SKMehwish-.Dulcet-Harshu--chamkilli-nikita_88Sunshine GirlAASUSWildestDreamsindian_beautyAS..-Fatima--LetItGo-illuminated.notfadedawayHeavenlyBliss.indiandoll89..RamKiJanaki..serendipity.MehRya..

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 3:55pm | IP Logged

^Credit Jaan

Page 1: IPKKND [ ArHi/SaRun/Sanaya/Bua-Shaym]
Page 10: Debina/Gurmina/GC/Pooja'Sugg/Harshad-Jhanvi/Fawad-Mahira/KD/Karan-Nia/Kryan/Others
Page 17: ArHi/Kryan/Karan-Nia/UdayVeer/Ragini-Jay
Page 22: ArHi/Mohan-Megha/Gaurav Khanna/Aarti-Krish
Page 28: Mixed Updates - Barun- long list of people, Ragini-Harshad/ KW-Kartiika-Ragini-Nia-Krystle-SA
Page 34: Happy Birthday Karan Tacker
Page 38: Mixed Updates- Part 2 : Harshad-Ragini-Rati/Barun-Shilpa/Gurmeet-Shilpa/Gurmeet-Sanaya/ Barun-Debina/ Deblina-Karan Tacker/Arjun Sukriti/Shweta-Barun/KW-Sanaya
Page 44: Mixed Updates - Part 3 - Barun-Debina/Abhinav-Shilpa/Arjun-Shilpa/Fawad-Barun/Soumya-Barun/Barun-Sukirti/Harshad-Raginni/Hina-Gurmeet/GurTi/Aliya-Karan
Page 49: Mixed Updates- Part 4: Harshad-Ragini/Iqbal-Fawad, Iqbal-Mahira/Gurmeet-Shilpa./KT-Shweta/Sanaya-KaranW/KW-DD/Krstyle-Shaleen/Shilpa-Fawad/
Page 51: Mommy day
Page 54: Mixed Updates - Part 5 - Harshad-Ragini/Shaheer-Shweta/Krystle-Shaleen/Mahira-Barun/Gurmeet-Barun/Harshad-Aditi/Barun-Kritika/KaranT-Sanaya/KT-Drashti/KT-Ragini/Aditi-Nina/
Page 58: ArHi/BarunSobti/BarunSobti-Kavi Shastri
Page 62: Aliya-Ranveer/SaRun/San/KD/Kryan/KarNia/Virmaan/Suggestions
Page 80: Requests - Batch 1
Page 86: Requests - Batch 2
Page 90: ArHi/Karan-Nia/Kushal-Nia/KW/ArNaya/Maaneet/GurTi
Page 96: Requests - Batch 3
Page 103: IPKKND(ArHi), EMH(Jeevika-Manvi/Viren-Manvi/Kryan/KD/Virmaan)
Page 108: Requests- Batch 4
Page 113: Huge ArHi// Virmaan/KarNia/DD/ViShti
Page 119: ArHi
Page 126: ArHi/Kryan/DD/Vandana/KaSh/ShiRan/SA
Page 132: ArHi/SaRun/Gaurav-Benaf-Shreu/Viraj-Raghav
Page 137: ArHi/SaRun/KW/ShiRan
Page 141: Virmaan/Virka/Jeevika-Manvi/KarNia/Virat-Jeevika/Bua-Shaym/KaSh-ShiRan
Page 147: Akshay Dogra/ KD/Kryan/Krystle-Nia/Virka

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nm21SavyDobrevmomentsofme.harshita_sahniNikiBh8-RosyAzure--GoldMist--Nahi-..SchnellBus..* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_mepinky_blueskiesyulZAisha.Dark-Hues-Aysha-sonali.19281SobtiObsessionaa123.80-Faiza-Jen2thegameisonroseinbloomJayeeta_06-Mrs.SKMehwish--Harshu-indian_beautySunshine Girl-LetItGo-illuminated.nikita_88AS..-Fatima-..RamKiJanaki..serendipity.notfadedawayHeavenlyBliss.indiandoll89MehRya..

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
^ credit Jaan

Welcome welcome to the 20th gallery! Ahh, 20 galleries!! 
Thank you thank you SO so much for your comments, your little tibits, your suggestions. I am seriously overwhelemed. I am sorry that I don't quote you guys or respond but there are so many comments, and I just feel if I quoted it, it would be spamming so I tend to avoid it, but I read each and everyone and take down notes on suggestions as well. Thank you SO much once again everyone!!

Hall of Fame (links to previous galleries)

Previous Galleries:
#4: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=640689
#9: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1126643
#10: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1306498
#12: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1595996
#14: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1680064
#18: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2753737
#19: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2895625
#20: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2964015
#21: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3012125

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nm21momentsofme.supreet..harshita_sahni-RosyAzure--Nahi-..SchnellBus..Mysterygirl_meBarishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *-Aysha-pinky_blueskiesyulZAisha.Dark-HuespatakhaguddithegameisonSabmeratu.roseinbloom-Faiza-Jen2SobtiObsessionaa123.80AASUSAS..-Fatima-indian_beauty-Mrs.SKMehwish--Harshu-Sunshine Girl-LetItGo-illuminated.nikita_88indiandoll89HeavenlyBliss.notfadedaway..RamKiJanaki..MehRya..

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
As promised, a HUGE IPKKND update is due and what better way to start than the 20th gallery!! 

Feel free to use;)




^ said in her london intv

IPKKND team:

Edited by jenny1000 - 05 May 2012 at 4:28pm

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nm21_mahi_momentsofme.supreet..fariya94harshita_sahniClaraOswald.-Nahi--GoldMist-pisces25chahaat.Barishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_meshona.pinky_blueskiesyulZAisha.Dark-Hues-Aysha-madhoshiyaan.-Aliya--Faiza-Jen2SobtiObsessionthegameison.Kiran.Sabmeratu.-Mrs.SKMehwish-.Dulcet-Harshu-indian_beautySunshine GirlAS..-Fatima--LetItGo-illuminated.nikita_88HeavenlyBliss.notfadedawayserendipity...RamKiJanaki..indiandoll89MehRya..

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
^OMG! I CANNOT STOP STARING AT THIS! :O this is so so pretty! love the pics you chose! all my favs! KaSh, GurTi, SaRun(personally tht pic is my all my fav), Arnaya and ShiRan! <33 love the black&white with red light on top! amazing work ishu! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BLENDING! HOME OF THE MASSIVE UPDATES! :P perfect! I don't know how jen post such "MASSIVE" UPDATES! haha! but she is ONE SPECIAL PIECE! :P 

first of all, MANY MANY MANY
I m so proud of you jen! you simply deserved it! I remember your gall #1 ! you were amazing back then dude! and you are on 20 now! :) I remember I started Photoshop by looking at your, Afee and Muqu's work! you have been an inspiration to me since then! and until now too! 

I m sorry if I have ever missed your updates becus I do I know tht. been so busy with med school! don't even ask but whenever I have time, I NEED TO COMMENT IN YOUR GALL! like ALWAYS. ;)

even though you are older than, I need to say tht you have improved so so much! in styles, coloring and text! :) your blending WAS SUPERB back then too! well..to me you are a pro at blending! no one can beat you on tht! and captions def! 

I had a folder of all your GurTi siggs in my comp! I got a new lappy 3 months ago so I lost everything! :( I need to go look for all your GurTi siggs so I cud use it! :) 

Whenever you make GurTi, Maan and Gurmeet siggs, It always bring a smile on my face because nowadays no one really make GurTi stuff as much! its mostly Yash and Aarti! :( its just sad! but I LOVE when you mixed Yash and Geet in a sigg! ahh! they look so pretty! LOL I know Im crazy! lol! but I love it! I m so possessive abt Guru tht I cannot see him with Krithika! and I don't see much chemistry between them! lol!


friends are the little miracles of life - shoutout to ishu, sona, jaan, anku, janu, harshu, ashu, aish<3 Love you guys. Thank youuu!!!
^ I LOVE YOU! JEN! Hug tht sentence means so much to me! you don't even know! Hug I wanna HUG YOU RIGHT NOW!HugHug

enough with my GurTi and emotional talk! Wink

now onto the update..

I HONESTLY LOVE When you make a black&white sigg an then put red text on it! :O it makes it look more pretty! girl! I love your captions! I m gonna steal some and put in on my GurTi siggs tht I will make someday! haha! LOL

damon said this to elena right? lol! love the font! and the coloring and blending is awesome! I love the fact tht you don't do excessive use of textures on one sigg! maybe one or two! :) I honestly do like wen ppl use too many textures on one sigg becus then  you see textures more than the ppl or couple tht are on the sigg!lol!

THIS IS SO SIMPLE YET AMAZING! wenever I see this scene, reminds of maaneet scene! lol! Teri Deewani! <33 amazing coloring! the orange text texture give a sigg a much elegant look! :)

^VERY CUTE! love how you wrote what sanaya said abt Barun! love love love the blending and the pics you chose! and font is so pretty! make one on GurTi like this^^ your favs pics are my fav so use the ones you ilke..and make a GurTi sigg on it..and write what Drashti..said abt Guru..I wish she said.. I LOVE gurmeett...haha! and take ur time though! :) put tht text texture..on the bottom..I like it! haha! 

^K I SO WANNA USE THIS! AMAZING IDEA! DUDE! GurTiii! <333 and KaSh..love tht SaRun moment too! and Arnaya hug..and ShiRan! ah! you chose the EPIC MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!! tht GurTi moment..reminded of tht scene whr Guru picked Drashti up..whr he is wearing white and she is wearing pick! tht proposal scene! the way he picked her up and then they both laughed and then he put her down! <33 ahh! k I shud stop now! Guru looks so hot in tht scene! BLACKK! and his hot expression! haha! he is always eating gum..and I love it becus he looks hot while eating gum!..

k I think I m done! I haven't wrote this long comment in a while to anyone! never got time but I had for you! Hug

once again! congo jen! I bet 21st is def on the way! ;) I hope you open gazillion galls more! 

I miss youu! I will try to comment more this gall..lol!

WAIT WAIT I forgot to comment on the maan sigg you made for me..

OMG! LET ME BREATHE! DUDE! THIS IS MY FAV pics of him!!!! I love behne de seq..and the dabba scene..also tht restaurant scene! he looked so hot in the beginning epis of Geet! HAYEEE!!
^SIMPLY YET AMAZING! I love when you blend pics on a black background..dude! you know my taste so much! like wat kind of sigg i like it! haha! I love his eyes, lips..stubble..haye! HIS EYES! make me go crazy! I LOVE ITT! thanks for making it me!! I LOVE LOVE! can't thank you enough!!!!! def going in my dabba RIGHT NOW! 

keep making siggs for me..I will keep using it! ;) haha!  and thanks for being such an amazing friend! I know my dabba  is always full so you cannot pm me but scraps zindabad! ;)  and thanks for listening to my copying issues! and being there for me whenever I needed you the most. its been 5 or 6 yrs now I think? ;) when was our anni? ;s ;) we shud find out! LOL

k I gotta go study now! Hug

p.s - this took me like half an hr or more maybe! ;)

I wish I cud center thiS! :(( 

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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 December 2007
Posts: 13488

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
MEEE (sorry if I'm not allowed to post yet. Im gonna anyway.)
OHMYGOD I LOVE YOUUU this a) a fab fab update b) I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOUR 20th!! you sooo deserve it babe because each and every thing you do you do with love, passion and dignity. So happy to call you my friend and I hope you get to at least 20 more. and hopefully and infinite number actually c) i'm sooo glad you asked me to be a part of this blog in a choota sa say (really? that was hall of fame you liked the best? :/ i thought for SURE it was gonna be the big SaRun hug one...hahaha)
Okay okay enough of my bakbak. I LOVE this update. you know why? because its all IPKKND and an overdose of SaRun/ArHi. All of them are FAB so I'll just pick the ones that stood out the most. 
THIS ONE IS FLAWLESS. I love the coloring the text the blending the everything. I LOVE THIS SCENE.

This coloring/concept is FAB. when I was watching I thought he was probably thinking the same thing.. http://i.imgur.com/IJh1U.png
The Sanz ones are choo cute. She was adorable at the UK events. :)
Okay the most perfect one of this update. I love the coloring. texture. AND THE TEXT AND THE PICTURES AND PEFECT SARUN. SO PERFECT. YOURE PERFECT. GAH OKAY IM DONE

LOVE YOU. <33333

Edited by Jaan. - 05 May 2012 at 7:47pm

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90805

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
updated page 1 .
* ~ Roshni ~ * IF-Rockerz
* ~ Roshni ~ *
* ~ Roshni ~ *

Joined: 04 January 2006
Posts: 8853

Posted: 05 May 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged

Ok I'm hoping we can comment now seeing as how you haven't reserved any more spots lol

But CONGRATS for ur 20th gallery Jen!!!! wooohooo LOL ... all i can say is u are one heck of a creator :) and I absolutely admire your work, although I'm sure you already know that :P ... I hope this gallery is as successful, if not more than ur last 19 :D and you have many more to come!
What more can I say that you don't already know?! Embarrassed... love ur creations - always have - always will Big smile - never stop making them because I'll always be using them lol
Can I also just say ur banner and that vid avi is beautiful!!
Now coming to ur update ...
Freakin' gorgeous!!!
I love the variety of sigs/styles you always give and I love the fact that you always make a range of things on different couples to suit everyones tastes :)
one word - MESMERISING! ... the way this sig has come out is just WOW - my fav from the update
Sanaya ones are beautiful esp that last one. Colouring is amazing. The SaRun/ArHi sigs are fab and ur texts for the arhi sigs are awesome esp the b/w ones.
These have come out adorable!
LMAO at the shyam-bhua ones LOL but the first one has come out brilliantly
looking forward to your next update hun!

Edited by * ~ Roshni ~ * - 05 May 2012 at 5:04pm

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