Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

AKliciousDroolers#30: Aa KhushiSe Khudkhushi KarLe

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ArHilicious Droolers #30:
Aa Khushi Se Khudkhushi Kar Le...

Song of the week: PurpleFairy
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: tanthya
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Week: cindrella255
Rating of the Week: PurpleFairy
Videomix of the week: minuu
Achari Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy
Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: PinkCinderella
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-
Message to CVs: PurpleFairy
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: -Fatz-
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Joota scene of the week: shybabe

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supprting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 30th newsletter. 


From now on please send your assigned task by Friday night and no later than Saturday afternoon 12pm (India Time), to IPKKNDentries and not to Sanjana or Neethi.

If you are unable to do your assigned task for any reason, PM the same ID (IPKKNDentries) with the reason why by Friday and so back-up could be arranged.

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The wedding of Preeto is going on  with the Baraat side nitpicking on the arrangements ..The Maami of the Bridegroom  looks at the gifts and  snidely remarks that the gifts ae all cheap adn unworthy of the Bridegroom who is about to be promoted..Arnav who had been listening  in silent  fury, checks the Bridegroom , calls up his trusty lieutenant Aman..he discovers that  the  bridegroom is his employee ..Arnav orders Aman to dismiss the Bridegroom from the company..Ankur, the bridegroom is shocked on hearing about his dismissal.. Arnav confronts him by the corridor and tells him the reason  for his dismissal is bec he lacks spine and he does not stand up for his wife and their relatives..

In the Hall, Khushi is trying to reason with  Maama & Maami of Ankur ..which only serves to irritate them and they threaten to break off the marriage ..Ankur who just has had a dressing down from Arnav, stops them and informs every one that the marriage will proceed ...

The Marriage proceeds smoothly and the time for Bidai is near, Ankur seeks out Arnav and has a tete with him, which is overheard by Khushi ..who is very surprised  to realize that the wedding of Preeto went without any hitch bec of Arnav.. Khushi is puzzled by the dual face of Arnavv..A  Arnav who  espouses sanctity of marriage to  Ankur while he himself is breaking down all rules of marriage...Khushi thinks that there must  be some strong reason for Arnav to engage in a hasty wedding ..

Khushi is in her room still wondering at the enigmatic Arnav and his ideals when Garima comes in  and both mother and daughter have a emotional bonding and a heart to heart time... Khushi lies to Garima and says that Arnav is the best in the world and that he takes very good care of her , Garima  expresses her happiness and approval on Khushi's partner selection ...Arnav who  overhears the conversation feels bad ...Arnav resolves to be  caring and sensitive towards Khushi's needs and ends up sleeping holding her hand.

Khushi wakes up and sees her hand firmly in Arnav's grip and mistakes his intention.. She is also  sorely confused by the changed attitude of Arnav , who is not scolding her ..Events leads her to believe that Arnav is going to kill her and marry Lavanya !! .. Khushi impulsively decides  to commit suicide and save Arnav the trouble of killing her and also save herself the fear of  dying...


Bubbli is getting jealous of  Payal and has begun to put obstacles in Payal's way ..getting Payal into trouble and giving her a bad name..

Anjali is insistent  on shifting to a new house  but Shyam is unwilling to leave the lap of luxury ..He devises a plan  whereby Anjali slips and falls almost getting hit on the stomach and is saved by Shyam.. Shyam insists that Anjali cannot manage alone and that  Arnav will get livid were he to take Anjali away and some mishap occured..Anjali   reluctantly  drops the idea  of independent home, Shyam is pleased.

Again not much to choose from but the scene when Arnav overhears Khushi lying to Amma about how happy she is in her married life and how amazing a husband Arnav is really touched me. And the aftermath of Arnav softening towards Khushi is very endearingEmbarrassed

Seriously folks, if it were upto me then this entire week deserved jootaConfused...from all angles.LOL.but Joota scene of the week will go to our innocent Bubbly turning into a kid psychopath...Shocked

Look at this smile...BBBWWWUUUAAAHHAAA! Don't get fooled..LOL

Please Cv's what is wrong with you guys.Confused Why are you getting bubbly obsessed with Akash..Are you serious? Payal plans a lovely candle light dinner for Akash and herself. And a Jealous Bubbly ruins it for them by pouring hot candle wax on an important document causing Akash to get upset with Payal. D'oh

And then there is the evil smile. We already have one crazy person called Shyam Jha who is a psychopath wife killer...please please spare the small child...for god's sake...It's not healthy to show a small kid being obsessed for a older man's attention causing trouble for others...Please stop it..Big smile

Have a great weekend folks..


There's a lot to choose from this week, just that you've to keep your logic locked away somewhere far from your brain!

Khushi gets delusional, thanks to Mr. Kamlesh Khabri, and starts to believe that Arnav is working on a master plan of killing her off. In her mind, the fact is established which leads her to hallucinate on a number of occasions that Arnav is attempting to murder her. However, the most humorous scene, according to me is something prior to that and a very simple sequence.

 Confused and suspicious by Arnav's sudden silence, Khushi decides to find what is wrong by reading his diary. Her plan backfires when she finds that Arnav's handwriting is so bad that its unreadable. Things doesn't get better for her when she finds a code, assumes that to a plan against her and then finally gets caught by Arnav. Her befuddlement continues as he instead of reproaching her, simply lets her go. 

Though quite ordinary, both Arnav-Khushi's expressions and  with some bonus points for Arnav Singh Raizada's handwriting - the scene takes the caption this week!

Hiya fellow Arhi droolers

This week started with a great note but except first two days, rest was nothing but senseless filler!

1. Bubbliya, came from nowhere and now s behaving like a K-show vamp...above all kyunki Payal bhi kabhi bhoot hogi was sheer waste of time

2. Though I understand dat they need some sort of build up for major revelations, the Kamalesh Kabootar n the nautanki dat followed comes out to b the most baseless n crappy filler!

Hope the CVs come with damage control next week


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without any doubt d bc is none other thn. everyone's favourite!
girls go ooh la la hearing his name. they r ready to do anything 4 him. they dream abt him all night. his comes in their studies, dreams nd they r always in an unconscious state seeing himLOL girls faint when he smiles but guys get jealous cz this guy is perfect there is nothing imperfect in him!! well there r many things to proove dat arnav is d best character.
well arnav has changed alot when he strted staying wit guptas. he got adjusted wit d middle class family, their lifestyle. he fires an employee saying dat ur nt respectful to ur wife nd family. he advices him in such a way dat d guy strted to speak against him family. nd when he understood dat hw mean he has been to khushi he strted caring her. he switched off d AC cz his wife is feeling cool. he ignored when she was reading him diary. he replaced d tea cz dat was without sugar. he kept on asking her well being nd is concerned when she does nt eat for d whole day. hw cute can he get? he has prooved once again dat he is nt only a gud bother but a gud husband too. i wish to give him an award for tolerating his crazy wifeLOL love u ASR. keep rocking always.
well i dont wish to say anything abt d epi cz
1. its nt my section.
2. this week was nt gud 4 me nd only 2 epi catched my attention nd d rest was...!!
i hope next week wont be as this week. otherwise i dont wat will hppen to meLOL see u soon after a dhamakedar weekend.

Hey peeps! 

The most irritating character is one who annoys us whenever he/she comes on our screens everyday. This week it is none other Bubbly. I found it really odd that an eight year old kid is competing with Payal for Akash's attention. How weird is that? Was she brought in the show to act as a second mother-in-law to Payal? It is honestly so annoying to see what Bubbly is doing nowadays. 

Also, it gets really irritating when all she does is plan stupid things to make Payal look bad infront of Akash. That is seriously low. Side by side, does anyone know why she was even brought in the show? All she does is wander here and there around the house all day without any specific reason. Her character should seriously be given some scope. 

Well, that's it for this week! 

Take care, bye.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the Funniest character section of the newsletter. Its been a funny week..pointless at times but over all funny.

So deciding this week's funny character wasn't very without any further delay this week's funny character award goes to none ther then KKG. She is so naive its not even seriously KKG if ASR was to kill you why don't u confirm or confide in someone...the idea of suicide was a bit too much don't u think...

I've heard from some inside sources that KKG is a natural blonde and it took the production house a huge amount of black hair dye to make her look like a natural black haired person..hence that is the one of the many reasons why the PH is tight on budget and can't afford basic normal looking clothing for our leads!

M i ranting?? oh dammit not again...i keep reminding myself to see the bright side but oh well that seems impossible at this point in time. so anyways the award this week goes to KKG...i'll see you guys next week..bye bye


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Not a decent week! But some memorable pics nevertheless! 

What an awww moment! Heart

cause our actors never fail us! (credit for the pics goes to the original uploading members. do NOT use the pics or copy them anywhere)

Amusing how both of them have such engaging smiles!
Truly gorgeous!! Heart

and So damn charming! Heart

I chose this song this week from Arnav's PoV. I think it explains his psyche very well.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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by -Pooja-

Here is ur Gift

Made By - OnlyHope 

Here is ur Gift

by Ragz

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Cute_Ash  

Here is ur Gift


Made By - reyabear 

Here is ur Gift

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Pride and Beauty 

" Love, fear , death , repentance"

I look at you and I see overflowing joy, passion, and hope
I want to tell you how I truly feel but can't
Wake me from my nightmarish dream,
Listen loudly for my silent scream
I'm full of hate, devilish temptation,
But you lift me up through a purposed relation,
I'll hold you tight and never let go,
Embrace in a dance of life , so sullen and slow
You are my magic, my beam of light,
My never ending presence, a place so right.

Where our heartbeats , still together , still trifles, 
Walking , nattering , bumping , hating ,
Crashing against the gray stone rocks 
So fierce intense each step by step
The ocean in the flicker of our eyes
Leading from high down to the top
So narrow steep , naive and dark, 
And yet so pure like the fine sands,
Hold closer, closer, capture it all -
Seashell treasures keep memories
Waves of the night lost in the sea,
I never meant to loose you ever

Richly infused beneath my blank brown eyes,
Is a bracing love that has yet to die
With every cry, I just don't weep,
I dream the dream I'm destined to keep 
I look into the darkness
Searching for my untold answers
Answers only she can give
I cry in the darkness awake in the night
Desperately searching for her lost shadows
For I will never be one without her
Her image and love, etched in my memory 

For she is the one who will forever hold my heart
One day perhaps, she will return with my heart
How can i live with my tore pieces of heart ?
Looking into the darkness in her innocent eyes,
You and me are parted in miserable silence
I tosses and turns in my sleep
Thoughts of you in my mind
Slowly creep your indifference
Gets me so I can't seem to let go
My heart afraid to loose you ,
Is it another path of our doom ?
When & where we'll live together happily ?

The above lines are portraying the inner angst and guilt of Arnav where he can't able to sleep , her tears haunts his mind and heart , subjugates his internal corners of hatred into fears of loosing Khushi. Thus, no demons , no nightmares , no winds can steal her away , forever to lock, hands in hands he held her beauty, for a lifetime. 

Runner Up

For Better or For Worse by Gargee

Here is ur Gift


Twisted Rosebud by DarkDove
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

A Fairytale...or is it? by AnnieKittWatt

Here is ur gift


 The Games We Play by bingala

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

-Neloufer- and MentalExotica

Here is ur Gift

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I don't feel like I am rating a show called 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' right now. I think I am rating some senseless comedy show where the character sketches are haywire and thestoryline is senseless. I feel like not even giving it a 1 but will give it a 2.5 just for that one scene which I already mentioned in the Achari section (:

CVs, I don't know what you guys are trying to do to the show. Just when I think you cannot ruin the show further, you prove me wrong. Khushi thinking that Arnav is out to kill her is the heights of ridiculousness. Honestly, do you even care about this show? 'Coz it doesn't seem so seeing the way you're treating it. Everything has been butchered to no limits and I see no hope of redemption. This doesn't even seem like the same show, it's lost it's very essence. But if you don't want to hear the alarm bells and wake up then what can I do? I can only say that I miss what this show promised but never delivered...

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Hello, DroolersHug

So finally we all made it to the 30th editionClap
I apologise for missing certain things in the NL this week but I am pressed for time since my exams are coming up. I hope you enjoy the rest nevertheless.

Thank you all for always supporting the NL. It means a lot to usHeart

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