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Louian Newsletter Of the Month - 1st Edition

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Khushi: Yayyy!!!! Its finally Saturday!!!

Monal: Why are you SO excited?

Agent X:  She might be having some party to attend? Or maybe just laze around coz its a holiday? Jobless.

Khushi: I am not jobless X Stern Smile Remember the dateStern Smile

Monal: Its the 5th of May.. So? Labor Day just passed, theres time for mother's day. And your birthday just passed.

Agent X: Can you not beat around that stupid bush and come to the point, Khushi?

Juleka: Oh God! Whom did I handle the responsibility onD'oh Get to the point guys. People are not jobless like you'll.

Agent X: Exactly what I was about to say!

Khushi: *clears throat* So Guys! Welcome to the very first Newsletter of Dil-Dosti-Dance.

Agent X: With 11 peopple helping in the issue, we have 26 segments to entertain you allBig smile

Monal: Enjoy the first edition everyoneStar


Who will be the 6th dancer of the weaklings?

Though Taani is selected, after knowing the reality that she cant dance will the weaklings risk to keep her for footloose? Or will it be the perfectionist Sharon who wanted to join the team?

But after such cold war in Swayam and Sharon will weaklings be ready to take Sharon and will Sharon be ok in joining the team?

As we all know we have hardly got to see any of our star rapper's awesome raps this month, but at last we did get one. The latest rap by our very own Nilesh was quite funny and well, weird. ;)

Here is it'.


Auditions me nahi hai koi sense

Same old participants or hum audience

Same way ho gaya hai boring

Let's try something different and'Daring..!!!!


This one was, as everyone would agree quite different. I mean, daring'during auditions..?? Haha..Nilesh does know how to make us laugh.

1. Mein kuch bhi kar sakta hoon - (by swayum) this one is said when he was in a room with sharon in reply to what sharon called him 'a cheap stalker who wants to fullfill his cheap desires'. 

2. love n hate; 2 sides of 1 coin- (by rey) this was said by rey but it is said TO describe swaron's realtionship. But when saying this rey also indicated his relationship with kria.


Dil Dosti Dance of the month Madhura.. 
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Unforgettable moment Savage
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We take this opportunity for everyone part of the News Letter on submitting their sections in on time. Hug

Regards, News Letter Heads
Khushi {..first.rain..}  and Juleka {Illyria}

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Week 1: 2nd to 5th April 2012

RDX and Nicole mam's wedding is done.That night Swayam tells Rey ki Kriya's mom understood abt her dance on day of eliminations, so that's why she may have left abruptly.However Rey tells Swayam whatever the reason was Kriya could have shared it with him and he had always supported her..and it hurt him that she left him alone.

The next day results were out and all had passed.However Vicky is upset cos acc to Neha if both pass they will marry and it was too soon.So the guys put wrong results..and show and do a drama ki Vicky has failed.Meanwhile there is a new entry in college, a girl named Taani..who is exactly opposite Kriya. She is a simple,too much talkative,bubbly girl to take things sportingly and be ready..and Rey is her prince charming. She is Swayam's cousin sister and has come from Jodhpur and is very excited. Dazzlers except Rey do a bit of ragging to her but she is weird and enjoys it.So they apologise her later as every1 understands later ki she is Swayam's sister.

Swaron: Swayam explains Sharon that life moves on and no one's life will stop if a certain person leaves.Then she asks him if he was with Kriya, Swayam tells her that Rey was with Kriya and not him.Also Sharon tells Swayam that Shivam was never with her. She and Shivam were just good friends.So Swayam is happy to know about it.

Rey doesn't know abt Vicky failing drama so he blurts out that he has passed. Neha is very angry and upset on him. So Vicky feels sad too. So at night all the guys go at the place where Neha lives. They are gathered down her building and do a plan abt Vicky-Neha patchup.Rey tells Vicky to go to Neha's bedroom and climb through a pipe. So he goes that way,and once in calls Swayam who tells what dialogues Vicky should tell to Neha to win her back. Neha is surprised to see Vicky, then Vicky tells the dialogues Swayam is telling him thru his cellphone to Neha. Neha is happy and forgives him.She understands her fault too and apologises to Vicky saying its too early for their marriage. So Vicky Neha patchup happens..and the guys are happy too..and they go away!

Taani meanwhile dreams about Rey and talks to his photo saying she is her hugest fan. She also has a huge collection of Rey's photos.


Week 2: 9th ' 12th April,2012

Taani guesses Swayam likes Sharon. So in college she calls her bhabi and Sharon loses her cool and tells her she and swayam are not together and not to ever call her bhabi. In college the senior students are doing ragging of juniors. So Principal calls Rey as he is the GS and asks him to keep it in check. So Rey wears yellow T shirt on which it is written No Ragging. He gives these t shirts to all his friends, his team and Swayam's team. All accept it and most don't want to take it. Then they follow the msg and stop doing ragging and help the people who are made a target.

Principal calls both teams, dazzlers and weaklings. He tells that for footloose competition final, weaklings will have to search a 6th dancer and that dazzlrs should help weaklings team in all possible ways.Taani overhears this convo and thinks if she has to be with Rey she will have to be a dancer as he is a dancer. Plus she will try to be the 6th dancer to impress Rey.Swayam is the leader of weaklings team.

The dazzlers are very sad as till now they had always danced and won. So weakling support them saying they shouldn't leave dancing and they can practise in rehearsal hall whenever they want. Rey decides to quit dancing as it reminds him of Kriya'and Sharon decides to quit it as its her passion and she always wins in it. She cant think of anything other than dance and now as they had lost she decides to quit it. Swayam tries to explain them that they should continue dancing.

Meanwhile Taani doesn't know dance, but she tries practising it to become the 6th dancer. Meanwhile Swayam shows some auditions to Taani online and which are rejected. So Taani is shocked to see the perfection level the team was looking for, the 6th dancer and wonders how she can make it..and that she will have to work very hard.

Meanwhile Rinni and Simmi know how much Sharon loves and misses dance. So they ask her to join team weaklings as she is perfect for it. But Sharon is not ready for it first. She tells them that her self respect and reputation matters to her the most, so they shouldn't beg to weaklings abt Sharon.

Swayam tells Rey that Sharon shouldn't leave dancing just like that, its her life. So Rey gets a gift for Sharon which is brought by Swayam actually. It's a pair of awesome white heeled dancing shoes. So Sharon is excited and motivated to dance, and somehow feels that Swayam maybe wants her to be the 6th dancer. So she tells she is ok with being the 6th dancer to Simi and Rini, just the name of the team should change.


Week 3:-  16th-19th April,2012

Sharon and Rey take the auditions for the 6th dancer. Sharon is back to giving her perfect drawbacks.They were disappointed as they don't find a candidate even close to what they were looking for. Sharon was worried about Swayam and tells him he is not that simple and calm and all his words have an underlined meaning. Swayam was listening this from behind and is happy to know that she thinks so much about him.Then they decide auditions is a waste of time and decide that they will tell the participants to give a cd about their dance. Taani sees this as her golden chance.

So she stays after college and sees a great dance video and she copies all the steps from it and replaces the person in the video. So she makes her own dance video by cheating,so that she can get selected. She makes a CD of this.

While going home she listens music and so goes to see it. There Rey is performing Dil se dance sequence and he is blindfolded, but he could sense her fully and thinks it he is remembering he had done the same dance when Kriya was there. So he goes pretty close to Taani in most of dance steps. Then she runs away later as she thinks Rey will know abt her. Accidently her CD falls off.

Taani is very happy to share such romantic scenes with Rey and is on cloud 9.

Rey gets the CD and thinks some1 had come to give the CD to him. So he checks it out and is amazed to see that Taani can dance so well. He thinks she is apt for the 6th dancer.But he feels she would have been embarrassed as to what he had done during the dance thinking it was Kriya. He decides he should apologise to her but next day was Sunday.

So he along with Vicky and Nilesh go to Swayam's house on Sunday morning and tells them that he wants to show them a certain audition.They call Sharon too and she is ready to come she thinks she would be the 6th dancer.Taani is cleaning the house. Rey goes and apologizes to her and tells to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile Sharon comes and slips near the door but Swayam catches her well in time and Vicky, Nilesh tease them by singing bahon ke darmiya.Sharon goes in Swayam's room thinking its of Taani. She understands later when she opens his cupboard. He had made Sharon's corner in it, which was filled with all Sharon's photos..swayam-sharon's some pics, and all good memories, gifts and letters.Sharon respcts Swayam as he kept his promise of not opening her chapter again after their breakup. After their breakup there was not a single photo. There were T shirts too which had sharon's she was excited and happy, and she leaves swayam's home abruptly.

Then Rinni and Simmi call her and tell her most of the weaklings except vishakha were ready to change their team's name. So Sharon decides that next day she will wear the shoes Rey gifted her and will ask Swayam abt her being the 6th dancer. She thinks Swayam being a reserved person wont ask her directly,so she will talk to him.

Meanwhile Rey shows Swayam the audition of Taani, and says she is a superb dancer and is apt for the 6thdancer. Swayam is shocked to know that Taani could dance as before she never danced in any function. Then Rey tells him that people change, and so they select Taani as the 6th dancer and decide to announce it the next day in college.

Week 4: 23rd ' 26th April,2012

Sharon comes the next day all dressed up in a white dress and with beautiful white shoes Rey had gifted her, excited to ask Swayam about being the 6th dancer. She is going to meet Swayam along with Simmi and Rinni in canteen, but on their way they meet Taani who tells them that those shoes were brought by Swayam. Sharon gets angry to know about this.

Meanwhile all have gathered in canteen and are excited to know about the 6th dancer, Swayam announces it as Taani. Sharon just enters then and is very sad to know about it and loses her cool.So she argues with Swayam and insults him in front of everyone saying he chose Taani over him and he gifted her the shoes to show pity on her. To this Swayam tells he didn't expect Sharon to join his team and Rey explains her Swayam bought the shoes as Rey had told him to and Rey had selected Taani. But Sharon is out of control and blames Swayam and his sister, she calls Swayam cheap stalker who makes use of girls for wrong and his bad fantasies.

On hearing this Swayam too gets out of temper and tells her to see her character 1st than to blame him.He even mentions about Shivam's party to her, and goes away.

Sharon gets more angry and chases him. Then he takes her to a room and pins her to the wall and says he can be cheap and do wwrong things with her but she is an easy type girl and cheap whom any1 can use..On this Sharon feels very hurt and slaps him, throws away her shoes at him and leaves.Swayam understands his fault and tries to stop her, but she runs away. Then he gets angry on himself that he couldn't control his anger and start throwing benches and stuff in the room. He hurts himself and his wrists bleed.

Meanwhile Rey comes and tries to stop him..but Swayam is out of control, so Rey slaps him..and tries to console Swayam. He hugs him and takes Swayam at his home..there after a long time Swayam tells Rey what he told to Sharon and she will hate him the most. Rey tells him he had crossed his limits..and was surprised to see Swayam going so much out of control and saying this.Rey also tells him Swayam doesn't deserve all the pain as love and hate are 2 sides of same coin.

Rey also calls Taani and tells her Swayam will be staying with him for that nightShe thanks him for selecting her as the 6th dancer. Taani was very happy that rey called her and goes and admires the collection of Rey's photos she has in her cupboard.

Next day Taani goes to Sharon's home to return Sharon's shoes which Taani had found in the classroom. Sharon insults Swayam in front of college when he tries to apologise to her. She tells that his place is in her shoes which he had bought for her and she is wearing them.Swayam is fully broken then. Nilesh and Vicky feel too bad for Swayam and think Sharon had crossed her limits too much and say they should try to help Swaron out but Rey tells them that Swayam and Sharon should talk out as its their fight. Rey tries to convince Swayam that all will be fine and he doesn't deserve all the pain just cos Sharon told it. He then tells Swayam that he should focus on their rehearsals and Taani's 1st day as he is their leader.

Meanwhile Taani goes to rehearsals where weakling team except Swayam is there and she is scared and keeps making bit of excuses as she doesn't know to dance. Even Sharon comes to see Taani's dance as what was so special in it that she was selected..and Taani is thinking and scared what to do.All want to see her dance.

This month saw the introduction of a new character- Taani. While she really wasn't what we expected, she managed to get along fine. Of course, if she had been a dancer, we would have been more receptive of her. But I am sure that the creatives of the show knew what they were doing when they brought her on board. Now how they choose to establish her as a character remains to be seen.


While she is shown as a bubbly, carefree, happy-go lucky and a slightly delusional girl, she has certain traits which are particularly annoying, to say the very least. Apart from her acute obsession with Reyansh that somewhat borders on stalkerish, not to mention the fantasies that has literally reduced all the terrific dancers on the show to be used as backdrop, she has this really unnecessary habit which is characteristic only to her- the bubble talking. It's one thing to show a voiceover but quite another thing to literally show a  voiceover. While I don't disapprove of  talking to your self, I do, however, draw a line at encasing one's alter-ego in a bubble and taking bad advice from it. Clearly the bubble Taani doesn't have the best interests of the real Taani at heart or else she wouldn't have encouraged her to go ahead with the ridiculous attempt to woo Rey i.e. through photoshopping and editing her so called brilliant dance.


All in all, I really feel that the whole bubble talking business is nothing short of a footage consuming technique adopted to lessen the already diminished quality time of the show. What with the flashbacks and the fantasies, you hardly get any real progress in various tracks. Add to that the repetition of dialogues already proclaimed in the bubble and we get our icing on the cake. Only it tastes really bad.


Besides this it was a pretty Serious Month in D3! So Lets See what May has in store for us! 

The best unity scene for me this month was when the Weaklings were trying to convince the Dazzlers to not quit their dance. The Dazzlers were so very disappointed with their defeat and it was a very tough time for them and the Weaklings supporting them convincing them other wise. Well it was sort of expected from the rest, but even Vishakha, that was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that.

That was one scene that actually touches one's heart...

The dance that glamorous the month of April was undoubtedly the 'Jhoote de do Paise Le lo" sequence from the famous movie Hum Apke hai kaun. The dance moment was full of joy, and enjoyment, even a flick of romance between Sharon and Swayam. Sharon on the spot of Madhuri and Swayam in place of Salman from the movie both have their own beautiful dream moment. They might not fit their roles from the movie but during this sequence it definitely suited them the most. Along with them being in their world, the rest of the gang enjoyed the most too. Some dance steps, some expressions and lots of Masti - Surely the Dance - Joy to the World. 

To top it the song it self is catchy and full of masti that makes you tap your legs naturally. And the glorious occasion was much needed amidst Rey being heartbroken. The moment surely cheers him a bit and gives lots of quality time with his friends. Marriage - the knot tying two souls, the boring chanting rituals might make every one yawn, but this is one ritual that spreads smiles on all the faces "Shoe-money exchange" Performing the ritual in form of dance and song doubles the Joy to the World.

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I belong to the Swayum-Sharon morsel of our forum, but it would not fit to simply title one of them this month's dazzler, it won't do because I dun think they fit our criteria this time.

Hence, our first ever Dazzler of the Month is Reyansh, everyone. I don't claim to be a fan of his; I am not really fond of him as a character either but this month saw the growth of his and his character alone. Post Rey's breakup with Kria, he has had a lot development on a level at which you see evident changes in him, changes for good. Rey is no longer the hero who swoons, he is the hero who knows there is no greater bond in life than friendship, who stands up for the right cause (as much as a serial can muster and present, really) and who knows what he is doing and what must be done. Rey has grown and so has my regard for him, and I am hoping everybody finds this recognition well-deserved.

For better or for worse 

Reyam had made the viewer's smile from the very beginning, no one could help but laugh at their antics and love the chemistry between them (pun intended). Their bromance has been the best gift by the creatives, it kept the ship sailing through treacherous waters but never did anyone imagine that the two characters who never failed to lighten up everyone's mood could also make them cry. By 7:28 on 24th april 2012 every viewer of d3 specially a swaronian was emotional due to the big confrontation, come 7:29 and no one could stop themselves from shedding at least a tear, that was the effect of their DOSTI. The hug spoke volumes of their trust,their understanding and their love for each other. That moment defined friendship. Rey's concern for Swayam and his own helplessness on seeing him in that state, his continuous effort of trying to calm him down touched everyone's heart and was well portrayed, so was Swayam's trust as that was probably the first time he had let someone see him so vulnerable and didn't stop himself from breaking down completely. Their bond keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Special mention for the scene as on 11th April 2012 where Simmi and Rinni tried reasoning out with Sharon her problems regarding the 6th dancer and Swayam. It was the scene which showed them in a completely different light maybe for the first time on the show, it showed their genuine concern towards her and also proved that they were more than just two blind followers who would call the moon the sun if Sharon said so. 

Bleeding love 

"Assumption is the mother of all goof ups, my friend" was it a forecast, couldn't be truer than in case of Swaron. Swayam assumed she wouldn't get to know that he was the one who bought the shoes while Sharon assumed his motivational talks meant he would choose her to be the 6th dancer. Then like a tower of cards it all came crashing down their hopes, their fears, their secrets, their lies all out in the open, showcased, for everyone to see but their love remained hidden underneath their turmoil for no one to understand, to realise or express. 

The epic scene, by far the most emotional and the best confrontation on d3 broadcasted as on 23rd and 24th april 2012 left everyone speechless and teary-eyed for a few moments at the least. It will remain etched forever in the memories of swaron as well as the swaronians, perhaps even in the minds of the non-swaron-ians not just because of the intensity of the situation and the grave accusations made by the two of them leaving each other figuratively lacerated but also because of the power-packed performances and brilliant execution of the whole plot. From Sharon's tirade to Swayam's manifestation of guilt each and every dialogue, screen shot, expressions, back ground score (or the lack of it at times) was beautifully done and left the desired impact. 

Expectations were high since the promo came out but the cast and crew delivered more than what the expectations could have foreseen. The whirlpool of emotions that the characters went through could be felt by every viewer and the love hidden behind each and every accusation could also be sensed. Love is magical, like fire it can light your world and guide you ahead but if fuelled more than necessary can cause conflagration. It was their love for each other and nothing less than that which led them to such extreme. It was the lowest they could go, questioning each other's character and integrity more like questioning the depth of their feelings for each other, questioning their love. Could it be any worse? But both of them shouldn't forget that night is the darkest just before dawn.


I have a list of unforgettable moments from the show. I would anyhow note this week's unforgettable parts from my kitty. The episodes on this Monday and Tuesday explained to us how Swayum and Sharon could actually be on the cusp of a very much awaited confession. You do not expect them to have a show-down like this and simply go back to normal, do you?


The scenes depicted an irrelevant Sharon; outdoing the previous standard she had set of trying to guard her feelings. Also, we witnessed a Swayum well capable of acting human. We have known him to be the little angel on everybody's shoulders out there, but his outburst, and what could be termed a monstrous turnover of sentiment made all the sense in the world. Sharon's hopeless attempt at guarding herself propelled her into hurt. Furthermore, the intensity of the scenes told us how perfectly Swayum realizes the affect that he leaves on Sharon. 23 April 2012 and 24 April 2012 are two predecessors and successors respectively of a singularly demented and hurtful representation of Swayum and Sharon's predicaments. Also, this is all they can do now; absolutely no such outburst can be seen ever again. They have got woes much deeper in now, and only togetherness can possibly heal them.

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Has it ever crossed anybody's mind here, as to how you'd react if you see your best friend were turning their surroundings to sawdust out of anger and crying like they could not be more in pain?


I would start crying if something like that happens. That's why for this section, I have chosen the moment wherein seeing Swayum's atrociously pitiful condition, Rey allows tears to trickle down his eyes too. Friendship of the highest rank is when your mechanisms mimic somebody's feelings involuntarily. The greatest emotion is to feel for others, and Rey feels for Swayum. Normally, we have seen Swayum doing the heavy stuff for Rey; guess it is time for Rey to create a balance. Their friendship for as long as Kria was around, made no sense because all Rey and Swayum did was discussing anonymous girls whom they very well knew. I am not saying the subject has changed, the rapport has matured and it has started to fit. I got tearful in this moment, end of story. 

Well... I could easily Say that April was a month of a bit Seriousness and Mindless Comedy But there were a few Perfect D3 Standard Comical scenes which are definitely Worth mentioning!

#1 The Boys Helping Vicky Climb to Neha's Room to Apologize to her!! :)
#2 The Ragging Scenes.. Esp. the one where Nilesh Pushes Taani away and gets dripping wet in the Yucky Gooey looking Mixture!! And also the Expressions of our Darling louisans When they were given the NO RAGGING Tees.. NiCky Bros Cracked us all up!! 

This month though there wasn't exactly any prop that was reused..butthe thing that was something very special for us fans. Some of you may already know what I'm talking about. Yes, our precious, Dil Se Rey sequence.

Yes, though this is not something everyone might be concerned about but it was definitely something that everyone opposed. Despite continuous opposition it was aired on D3 which broke all the KriYaansh fans as this sequence is very special for everyone.

Though this is very heart-breaking but as they say, the show must go on. And so is the case here. The show has been going on with the story with lots of twists and turns. So here's wishing D3 all the very best for the future.

Heyaa all my fellow D3ians! How are you all? What a disappointing track D3 is heading to. Cant really say that any character has really been appealing. The story is going all haywire. Sharon is just being plain mean and selfish, Taani is dreaming and dreaming all the time.The girls arent giving the story a different touch at all. Swayam is just bearing all the insult and Rey is trying his best to be normal. But still I would say that Rey has done full justice to the current storyline. He is supposed to be all upset but still we can see him providing some light to the show. If he too acted like the saddest person ever, then the show would become a waste.

So yeah its Rey this month. I really hope to see some betterment in the storyline soon.

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KriYansh writer: ..first.rain..
FF - Ishq Junoon Deewangi
Your gift: 

SwaRon writer: nish22
OS: A Promise Broken
Your Gift: 

Mix Writer: ShravniC
D3 Horror Version
Your Gift: 

Winner: Khushi aka first.rain..

Your Gift: 

Winner: Monal aka Kasurbest
Your Gift: 

Winner: Piyu aka 100littledevils
Your gift: 

Ps: If anyone wants the link to the posts as to why these certain members were chosen, let me know Embarrassed 

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Name: asmaju
Your Gift: 

Name: Kriyanshlover
Your Gift: 

Name: swaron95
Your Gift: 

Name: nish22
Your Gift: 

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From: nish22
1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
The SwaRon Abandoned Corridor Scene was one of the Most Touching and emotional Scenes of The Show.. It had so much Pain, Rejection and Love in it! Swayam finally reveals that he is the Secret Admirer to Sharon and Though she is Happy Lets her Ego get the better Half of her!

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? And Why?
The best Part of this was the Honesty and The Emotions that SwaRon showed and The Awesome Acting by Shantanu and Sneha! 

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise
The Misunderstandings Caused by this is the one thing that could have been changed.. It was the perfect time for them to become a couple but No! And Till date they havent.. Which is very Sad..

From: asmaju
1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
The scene in which Kriyaansh first became friends.The fire-exit were Kria gave her the white rose to rey and asked if they can became friends and she asked rey to go and speak with Sharon too as Sharon was upset.

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? And Why? 
The thing that i liked most in this scene was the cuteness in Kriyaansh. The way kria reacted after she gave the rose to rey and she was scared that Rey will slap him.

i also loved how Rey accepted that he will go and speak with Sharon just cause Kria asked him to do so and the happiness in their face after they both became friends.

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise
The scene i'll like to change most is Kriyaansh ending.The way Kria told everything to rey. after which we were shown how much Rey is sad but we didn't get kria's pov.First they gave a very drastic ending to Kriyaansh but i still wish we can come to know what kria did after he left.

She told her mom that rey had come but nothing more was shown on it.Were she has gone ???How is she now no one has any idea about it. I feel her friends could have at least try to find it out what has happened to her.y did she leave coll and still the mystery of y smritii hates dancing.

As for Swaron i wish  many of the open ended scenes. Like many cute scenes or some hurtful scenes happen between Swaron  but the next epi portrays it as nothing has happened the previous day still no one exactly knows not even Sharon what she feels for Swayam.This must be shown.

Well well, where do I start this time? Many thing irritated us this month. Biggest factor being Taani. Putting her aside though, I would like to focus on SwaRon and the track the show is going in. The SwaRon MU's seem to be piling up. Why do they always have to suffer? I suggest to not keep on dragging just to keep the story moving and keep the fans that are still there. More than half KR fans left and you wouldn't want SS fans to leave either, would you CVs? Coming to the track, I can see no future of it! SS- God know what'll happen. Taani- she's just doing rubbish as the character. Meaning her bubbles encourage her to do the wrong..! What's the logic there? They should be telling her to play fair. When she made the CD, did she not think of the consequences? Truthfully CVs, the show isn't realistic as it used to be. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the show has lost the charm. Yea, we did get to see ReYam in whole new light, but that doesn't make up for the other mishaps you are creating. Thus, the Rating would have to be 5 out of 10. Just for the bit of the efforts and ReYam scenes, or else it would be lower than that! Hoping you will take some thorough consideration of what you're planning with the current track. 

Two lovely occasions grace behind the curtains of Dil Dosti Dance this month. 

One, was that Dil Dosti Dance celebrates its very first anniversary. Yesh the show finished its one successful year. Palki and her team behind the cameras; while our favorite Louians on the screne did a fabulous job in capturing our hearts and make many of us D3 addict. In this one year journey there were many ups and downs with - the show starting - maintaining its position - appealing its viewers - constant let doawn on many fany due to some scenes - and recently Shakti alias Kria leaving the show. But, despite all the stuggles Dil Dosti Dance still stands and moves forward. Congratulations to D3 and D3ians. Surely, a time to celebrate and memories to cherish.

Two, shortly after the first anniversary, D3 complete 200 successful episodes. Yesh D3 lived past its double century. The show might be disappointing many viewers with its current track but 200 episodes is no kidding! D3 crew from behind and in front of the cameras celebrates this achievement and continues working hard to move ahead and please their fans. All the Best Dil Dosti Dance for the future and Congratulations for complete 200 episodes. 

Dil Dosti Dance Keeps on moving . . . 

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MyDarkPassenger IF-Sizzlerz

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really amazing magazine.. its a really creative idea but i wanted to know that how do u select chubbylal and ramaira of the week??

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