Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

FF: Were we meant to be together? (Virmaan)

WriterMeera Goldie

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This story is an inspiration based on a true life story of a girl and it shows her life from the day everything began and her journey. The original characters are replaced and the character sketch introduces the characters.Originally i started this based on Arnav and Khushi (Ongoing) but after watching the confession scene of Maanvi's cancer and Viraat's Love, i thought of starting the same story with Virmaan. PMS are sent out only for buddies so if you want PMs buddy me

FF: Were we meant to be together? (Recently updated Chapter 30 and Author's Note)

Character Sketch 

Chapter 1a: Reminiscence (Maanvi Chaudary)

Chapter 1b: Reminiscence (Viraat Singh Vadera)

Chapter 2: The First Meeting

Chapter 3: The Barbeque and Birthday Celebrations

Chapter 4: Without you, will i still be what i am?

Chapter 5 : One step closer

Chapter 6 : Will You be mine?

Chapter 7: Within me, Within you

Chapter 8: The Family Trip

Chapter 9: Awaiting the arrival

Chapter 10: Was that a right step?

Chapter 11: The Confrontation

Chapter 12: The Bitter Truth

Chapter 13: Starting Again

Chapter 14: Exploration of Sweet Memories

Chapter 15: Re-Living Memories


Chapter 16: Preparations for Sangeet

Chapter 17: The Sangeet Part 1

Chapter 18: The Sangeet Part 2

Chapter 19: The Sangeet Part 3

Chapter 20: The Sangeet Part 4

Chapter 21 : The Mehendi Ceremony

Chapter 22: Two souls unite as One

Chapter 23: The First Day of A New Beginning

Chapter 24: The Reception

Chapter 25: Reality hits Really Hard

Chapter 26: Rebuilding Lives After the huge Turmoil

Chapter 27: Day 1 - GREECE

Chapter 28: Day 2 - United States Of America and Cruise

Chapter 29: Day 3- Adventures in the Cruise

Chpter 30 : Home Sweet Home

Author's Note:

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WriterMeera Goldie

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Character Sketch

Maanvi Chaudary : The main female character whose life is narrated through this story. She is 24 years old as of now.

Shashi Chaudary :  Maanvi Chaudary 's Father

Garima Chaudary: Maanvi Chaudary's Mother

Viraat Singh Vadera : The Main male character. He is the same age as Maanvi.

Amar Singh Vadera:  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Father

Vanshika Singh Vadera :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Mother

Shlok Singh Vadera : Viraat Singh Vadera's Younger Brother. He is 20 years old

Inder Singh Vadera :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Uncle

Kadambari Singh Vadera :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Aunty

Jeevika Sharma :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Cousin Sister. She is 26 years old

Viren Sharma :  Viraat Singh Vadera's Brother in Law. He is 27 years old.

Diya Sharma :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Niece. She is 3 years old.

Nani :  Viraat Singh Vadera 's Grandmother


Maya: Maanvi's next door neighbour and professor in the medical college


Shashi Chaudary and Garima Chaudary had a love marriage which was opposed by their family. As a result, they left their hometown to Delhi where they started their family. They have a beautiful girl named Maanvi Chaudary. Shashi Chaudary was a businessman who had many companies around the world. Both of them loved their daughter alot and gave her freedom. They exposed her to the world so that she could carry herself confidently when the need arises. Maanvi was safeguarded that she grew up with home based education and had little friends but mostly they were close ones. Maanvi lived in Delhi alone while her parents lived in Canada managing their businesses there.


Amar Singh Vadera and Vanshika Singh Vadera were married through matchmaking and over the course of their marriage had grown to love each other alot. They were blessed with two handsome sons,Viraat Singh Vadera and Shlok Singh Vadera. Amar Singh Vadera had an elder brother Inder Singh Vadera who was married to Kadambari Singh Vadera. They lived in Delhi but not in the same house. Their mother Devyani Singh Vadera lived with the elder brother.They had a daughter Jeevika who had been married to Viren Sharma and the couple were blessed with Diya Sharma a lovely girl. Jeevika,Viren and Diya were living in Canada.

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WriterMeera Goldie

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Chapter 1a : Reminiscense (Maanvi Chaudary)

Maanvi had been brought up as a civilised cultured girl who knew very little boundaries. Since young, Maanvi's dream and ambition was to be a doctor, a neurosurgeon to be specific. She was always fascinated by the human brain, the most complex and vital organ in the human body. She was someone who dared to do things, maybe because she had been helping her dad and doing modelling since the age of 18. She had assisted her dad with all the business ad shoots and eventually when it was her turn her confidence impressed many. But she knew her borders. She did not do external modelling. She was modern yet traditional. If you did not know her you would be shocked to see the cultural side of her. She had a very sweet voice and her passion for music and arts was developed at a tender age. As she grew up, she learnt various forms of dance, music, languages. She played various sports. Overall, she was a girl who everyone was crazy about. At the age of 20, her parents made the decision to move to Canada to take care of businesses there but she refused to follow. Delhi was her hometown and will always be the place she stays. She had a home and a car and scooter. She knew she could live alone because most importantly she had the courage to do so.Overall she was a girl no one would want to miss.

Images of Maanvi:

The Modern Classy Girl:

The Traditional Girl:

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WriterMeera Goldie

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Chapter 1b: Reminiscence (Viraat Singh Vadera)

Viraat was no ordinary person. Music was his passion his life. He knew how to play every instrument and had his own band. He started with a simple rain song at the age of 10 and soon he had inspiration from all around. He was an all rounder, sporty and studious at the same time. His family meant alot to him. His father, Amar Singh Vadera was his role model and inspiration. He loved pranking his brother and to his brother was himself a role model. He was a classy hot and dashing man every girl would dream about. He would focus on his tasks and that was what lead him to getting into the neurosurgeon course. He had alot of friends but never once had he been under peer pressure. At the age of 18, he won a reality singing competition and was crowned but even those who did not knew that would vouch that he was never arrogant. In fact he chose to keep himself undercover as much as possible. He sang and acted on TV but that was more like an hobby. His personal life was something not many people could glance at. He lived in Delhi and had both a bike and a car. But he never showed off. In fact his simplicity made people fall head over heels with him. He was like a free bird with no restrictions but he had his own set of boundaries no one knew existed. He was a modern guy but when the need arises he would change into a traditional person that impressed many people.

Images of Viraat :

The Modern Hot Guy:

The simple yet dashing guy :

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WriterMeera Goldie

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Chapter 2: The first meeting


Maanvi and Viraat had been attending the same university and same course for a year and had made it successfully into year 2. Only they did not know they existed thanks to the huge population of students. Maanvi was very happy as her neighbour and childhood friend Maya had been posted as a lecturer in her university and was looking forward to start the term with her although she was not to be taught by her. The second year started and during her break, Maanvi approaches Maya in the canteen.


Maanvi: Maya, I have ended my lessons but now i have to wait for you because i promised aunty that i will send you home since i was the one who influenced you to select this place to begin your career. But the library is so packed that i cannot study. How now? And my whole timetable is as such that i need to wait everyday. If this is the case where do i go to?


Maya: Maanvi calm down, just come with me for the last lesson. Well it is a focused group discussion today and i don't think the boys would mind you there. Anyway you are learning the same thing as well so it will be helpful for you. You can just join the class everyday. It can serve as a revision.


Maanvi: Okay then. But how are the guys? Nice or flirty? 


Maya: They are nice. Its almost time so let's go.


Maya and Maanvi proceed towards the classroom. They enter and the class greets Maya. Good Afternoon Mam. She replies A very good afternoon to you all. From today onwards we will have Maanvi joining us for lessons. She is in a way my student too and i hope you would be warm and help her feel in place. Everyone nods and Maanvi looks around. The entire class was just boys and she felt wierd. Nevertheless she got herself seated in the front row.


Maanvi continues taking attendence. Aman? Here Mam. Viraat? Here Mam. Khushi jolted. Such a nice voice. She turned around but could not locate Viraat. She turned back and started with her work.On the other hand, Viraat had fell for Maanvi the moment he saw her. He was a strong guy who never fell for anyone. But there was something in Maanvi that attracted him alot. He felt that she was the one for him but he was determined that true love should not come based on his status in the society.So he had chosen to stay hidden behind his friends.


This went on for some time. Soon nearly 2 terms had passed. Maanvi knew almost everyone in the class and had clicked along very well. But she still did not notice the owner of the voice who had still kept hiding behind his friends. Maya had been noticing the changes in Viraat and Maanvi and she was the one who knew that Love was slowly blossoming between them. She recalled her college days where the same incident had occured leading to her first and only love NandKishore her now fiance.One day after lessons, she told Maanvi to wait in the cafe and had spoke to Viraat. Viraat had confided in her since by then he knew the bond Maanvi and Maya shared. Maya had offered to assist him and the opportunity had arised. It was the annual outing once again






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preethis IF-Rockerz

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original stories i love them.. waiting for more...

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WriterMeera Goldie

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Chapter 3: The Barbeque and Birthday Celebrations

The day of the outing had come. Maya had planned for a barbeque and stayover at her farmhouse with her fiance NK. She had invited her students who had become more like her friends. Maanvi was invited too. The farm house had three rooms, a large hall and balcony and a poolside area.Overall it was a cozy place and everyone loved the arrangements. Viraat was eager to see  Maanvi  and when  Maanvi  arrived he was stunned by her beauty. She was simple yet cute in her suit. 

The barbeque began and  Viraat  had noticed both Maya and NK looking flustered. He approached them and Maya told him that she had forgotten it was Maanvi 's Birthday the next day and had only planned a surprise for  Viraat since it was his birthday the next day.  Viraat reassures Maya and goes out with one of his friends. He gets a cake for  Maanvi  at the nearest bakery, a bouquet of red roses and a gift. He reaches back in time and realises everyone had gone to sleep. He sneaks in through the back door and appraoches the poolside. He decorated the area and slowly goes to wake Maya up. Maya in turn wakes everyone up and they hide. At the stroke of Midnight, Maya wakes  Maanvi  up and brings her to the poolside.

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Virmaan, Happy Birthday to you sang everyone.  Maanvi  asks My name is  Maanvi but why is everyone singing Virmaan. Lavenya replies  Maanvi  there is one more person sharing the birthday with you and he is none other than  Viraat . She then pulls  Viraat  out from behind his friends to the front. Maanvi freezes on seeing his cute Look.

 Her trance is broken when Viraat introduces himself. Hi Maanvi , I am  Viraat . Happy Birthday.  Maanvi  wishes him the same and they both cut their cakes at the same time.  Maanvi  hugs Maya and thanks her when she says the rightful owner of all this praise should be  Viraat . Maanvi approaches  Viraat  and thanks him.Arnav then gives  Maanvi her gift and bouquet.  Maanvi apologises for not having a gift. But Viraat  says Its your smile that matter most.

The next morning, Maanvi informs Maya that she will be going to the mandir. Maya asks  Viraat  to go along. Viraat  drives her there and prayers are done. On the way back,  Maanvi  talks to Viraat.

Maanvi : So Viraat  why is it that i never saw you in class these two terms
Viraat: I was there just hidden but i see you everyday
Maanvi : Oh really well so tell me how do you usually celebrate your birthday
Viraat: With my family
 Maanvi : Talking about Family, I miss Mum and Dad. Just wish they stayed here instead of Canada
Viraat:   Maanvi  can i give you a surprise. Will you come with me?
 Maanvi : Well I love surprises and since its a birthday request, it shall be granted.

Viraat stops the car, texts someone.  Viraat  then drives to Vadera Mansion.

Maanvi : So  Viraat  this is the surprise, this is your house right. It's beautiful
Viraat: Yes it is. Thanks. 
Maanvi : But  Viraat  i am nervous
Viraat: Don't worry. I am here. Let's go 

He rings the bell of Vadera Mansion. Shlok opens the door.

Shlok: Happy Birthday Bhai
Viraat: Thanks Shlok
Shlok: So this must be your friend Maanvi. Happy Birthday Maanviji. I am Shlok, Viraat's younger brother. Come in
 Maanvi : Thanks Shlok

They proceed in to the house. There  Viraat 's parents were waiting.

Amar: Welcome Beta.
Maanvi : Thanks Uncle

 Maanvi gets blessings from Amar and Vanshika.

Vanshika: Have a long Life dear. Come and sit down
Maanvi: Thanks Aunty

Maanvi takes a seat when Vanshika realises she left her son behind. She goes back and  Viraat  gets blessings from them before giving his mum a hug.

Everyone take a seat when Vanshika begins to talk to Maanvi . Shlok gets seated beside  Viraat  and says Bhai she is beautiful. Is she your Girlfriend?  Viraat smiles and says Nope but i do like her. Soon it was about time for lunch so Vanshika enters the kitchen. Maanvi follows suit and requests to let her help.

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preethis IF-Rockerz

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superb... dear.. thanks for the PM...

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