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Monday 7th May 2012  Episode - 673

endhan vaayinilE thittu oorudhE
Chellammeh endru sollum pOdhilE
Chellammeh, chellameh...

Salpetta Saroja's cousin returns - another attempt on Beach's life.  She comes in the same helper uniform, checks the corridors - is free she feels.  Beach lying down with his eyes closed or is he sleeping (do you need to sleep all the time if you are hospitalised)  She is about to enter the room.  AV accompanied by CM, Garden and Pearl's daddy stop her.  Who is she and what does she want questions AV.  She came to clean the bathroom- someone came and cleaned just a few minutes ago replies Garden.   The hospital management has given them orders to clean it often she goes.  PD does not want her to disturb the maaps who is sleeping peacefully (ivanga innumoru peaceful sleepukku thaanga arrage seyya vandhu irukkaanga - hmmm naama sonna kEkkavaapOraanga, CM thaan sollONum)  She leaves and CM looks at her.  She goes on the other side and curses the crowd for the sodhappals.    AV comes to CM , he feels she is one type.  CM has a headache, AV offers medication, the headache would be better (once this episode is over - adhu en mind voice) CM thinks about Vadai shouting that AC SR kavuthufied them.  The lawyer saying AC SR might not meet CM after this.  

At AC SR room the inspectors come in.  Amudha & Bell case filed, FIR filed too.  The case must be perfect.  The inspector begins that AC SR wanted to find the real culprit in her brother's case but... AC SR shuts them up and sends them.  Now begins thinking (enna ivangaLum avatar change  into villi?) AC SR reel Otting CM's nambikkai, Amudha & Bell's reaction when she had been there. Now she wears her police cap and leaves to I do not know where.

Night time Poetry comes with change of clothes and food for Bell.  The constable at the gate checks and sends her in.  Vasu is seated inside on a couch.  Poetry asks him of meeting Amudha.  Vasu says they are not allowing him to meet Amu.  Why questions Poetry, they are to be produced at the court the next day - to meet them then.  But AC SR said she would just conduct and enquiry, why this now?  Poetry is sure this problem going to balloon up.  Murder is a big crime and she is scared.   Vasu justifies Amu & Bell's act.  Vasu has heaps of hope on AC SR.  A policeman who passes by drives them out.  Vasu tries begging to see them atleast once.  Poetry begins her begging dialogue.  Another policeman comes, asks the first policeman to take the food, will check and give.  Sends them out.

Amudha pacing the enquiry room.  A lady constable comes with the change of dress that Vasu had brought.  Amu wants to see her Vasu, but he has been sent away replies lady constable.  Amu would be given the dress the next morning.  On the other side of the room divider is Bell who hears this  conversation.   Next a policeman brings food and change of dress given by Poetry.  Food would be given to him after the DSP leaves, and the dress the next morning (so that we don't ask how come Bell & Amu were in a different dress in the court room - welcome CM team to our forum) After the policeman leaves Amu & Bell talk to each other.  Both happy that their families have got together... if only Vadai & aNNi get together.  It will happen prophecies Bell, if they have to go to prison for it, they are ready to.  

Vasu & Poetry walking down the road.  Poetry wants to seek pardon, she has spoken so ill of Bell & Amu.  She has understood them very well now.  Vasu is confident that CM will bring Amu & Bell out, the bail would be given the next morning.  The dawn will bring good news he believes.

Vasu beliefla maNNu vizhundhuchchu - the new dawn brings newspapers which flashes news of kaLLakaadhal between Amu & Bell with their photographs.  The people in the tea shop do not have better news that affects their lives to discuss - they discuss this.  Black to comes there to buy something , begins talking to someone there, overhears the conversation between two men about this very important news.  Peeps and is shocked to find the photographs. Borrows the newspaper and leaves for home.

The newspaper howls that Bell & Amudha were kaLLakadhalars, the manager who found the truth was killed by these two.  CM praying to God (naangaLum dhinamum vENdrOm, andha saamiyum kEkkala indha aasaamiyum kEkkala  ) AV wishes that everything good would happen hence for CM's nalla manasu (engaLukku ellaam what manasu AV sir) CM is going to meet AC SR, bring home Amu & Bell after FIR formalities, the bail matter to be looked into.  Has kept breakfast for AV.  Garden & Valliammai will come to take food to the hospital which is also packed and kept.

Chellammah howls Garden as he enters.  Family gowravam in the middle street he howls. AV wants him to tell whatever he is saying clearly.  Garden throws the newspaper at them. CM is shocked to read it and so is AV.  

Art looks at the paper and cries.  Black tells her not to cry.  Seththappu looking at the vittam.  Black wants to find who is responsible for all this.  ArivaaLi Vadai comes there to blame Chellammah.  (aamaamya,en lappy battery  run out aanadhum CM naalathaan, naan first ezhudhina update kaaNaamapOnadhum andha chellammah vaalathaan, ) She gave all the proof that she had to that AC SR like a fool.  The man who was murdered was AC SR's brother. To seek revenge on his killers she spoilt the life of our girl.  That police woman cheated both Amu & CM.  Maanam, mariyadhai all lost for Amu today.  If Amu gets to know this she would die he cries.

AV too cries on the other end.  But CM feels that AC SR would not be aware of this.  AC SR has helped them many times.  Something is wrong somewhere.  AV feels that CM believes  every one and everything - milk mind.  Vadai there cries saying even if Amu had gone straight and surrendered such things would never have happened.  CM here is confident that something has gone wrong somewhere.



Updates by eclat

 stepping in for Shreenithi

Tuesday  8th May 2012  Episode - 674

indha vaaram indha vaaram
escape aaga mudiyaadhaa
indha kadhai indha kadhai
mudiyavE mudiyaadhaa....

CM continuing to say all these days AC SR has been helping them, walking the path of justice.  Something wrong somewhere.  Vadai minus brains feels if maanasthi Amudha gets to know about this, she will commit suicide.  The more sensible Black wants to prove that Amu is innocent, that is more important now. Art recommends a trip to Commissioner Office.  Vadai cannot come, for he cannot show his head outside (adhu kaalinu ulagathukkE theriyum) if possible get a bottle of poison, he will die. (how much of a coward can one be... disgusting  - one and half min of the video and I just want to see the day's final freeze on the Omni) Seththappu drills some sense, or atleast tries to, saying man should fight rather than talk rubbish.  The joke of the day - Vadai can face struggles in life but cannot face the foolish acts of CM. Black feels that Vadai in this heartbroken condition is unfit to meet AC SR. Black asks Art to go to the Commiss office, he will visit the lawyer and then join her there.  CM would go there and make AC SR say that Amu & Bell are innocent.  Garden wants to know of what use would that be?  What if Amu & Bell get to know of this?  How to live through the shame all their life?  CM calls the lawyer - asks him to come to the commissioner's office - she too is heading there.  

NRL serves coffee to Vasu, she is unwell.  Vasu wants her to accompany him to the hospital.  Bring my DIL home, will get the food ready by then she says.  She wants to put dhrishti suththi after her DIL's return (avanga ennavO saadhanai senjuttu vara maadhri)  Poetry too comes, Vasu & Poetry  leave together.  

Two lawyers and Art waiting at the Commissioner's office.  One of the lawyer tells Art that there are faults on their side too.  The biggest mistake by CM when even the police had forgotten the case, was to handover the proof and the accused to the police.  CM believed in AC SR too much, nothing wrong, but AC SR showed her police buddhi (adhu enna Brahma spl orderla seivaaraa)  Art will see one hand if it was AC SR's doing.   CM arrives, discusses with Art.  

One policeman comes to say AC SR is busy.  But CM being CM will not leave until she meets her.  The lawyer feels that they are wasting their time.  Adhu paththi ellaam CM is not bothered  - if she was this serial wouldn't drag to 670+ episodes.  They are all boiling and they have to issue a refusal to the news.  

Vasu & Poetry come out of the house, Vasu picks up the newspaper to see the news and is shell shocked.  Poetry & NRL do an RKO.  Vasu too cries.  NRL feels magamaayi will not let them down, she seems to be more confident about Amu, this episode.  NRL drives both of them to meet CM, Amu & Bell.  

AC SR finally decides to meet the jingbang, who go into her room.  She is sorry that she could not call the earlier day because of the work load.  AC SR asks if they met Amu & Bell, why bring lawyers.  No one allowed them to meet Amu & Bell, AC SR keeps interfering, not allowing CM to talk.  AC SR claims she is unaware of this .  Both of them would be appear in the court, everyone will know the truth.  

Amu & Bell surrendered to AC SR because they believed in CM.  They are ready to undergo any punishment but why shame them with such untruths.  The court should not believe the news publication and punish them (CM seems to be giving ideas to AC SR) Art too cries for her part.  AC SR sends the jingbang out saying will meet in the court.  Once out of the room CM's lawyer stops her and tells that something is fishy, AC SR's talk is not right.  CM still trusts AC SR.  

They all come to the court. The accused are brought to the court.  The police does not allow them to talk to their families.  AC SR acts as if she does not know CM.  The lawyer pinpoints this to CM.  Vadai & family too are there.  The case is brought up for hearing.  Blindfolded justice devathai is zoomed in.  AC SR takes the stand to bring to date about the murder of Murthy. Of Inspector Raghunath recording the incident of their body burning, since he was intoxicated he could not  catch them she says.  All are shocked at her stance.



Updates by Selva

Wednesday May 9,2012
One line story of the Episode: AC SR becomes main villi for CM
The scene starts with Yesterday's continuation of AC SR giving Vaakumoolam against Bell and Amutha. She explains that B& A is already married and divorced. B& A married Kavi and Vasu resp. but now they have reunited and B&A having some illegal relationship even after being divorced. B&A shocked as well as Vadai,Art,Wood,CM,AV,Vasu. Amutha gives anger look on CM. SR continues that Amutha worked in Moorthy's courier office and he went to meet Amutha at her home. There he saw B&A together in bed.To hide their illegal activities they have murdered Moorthy and burnt. She have all the evidences and still she wants 6 days for investigation. CM shattered. B&A cried and tell not to beleive SR. One new girl sitting beside CM and gives paavam look on Amutha (wife of Moorthy?).
Judge orders to do further investigation. B&A again taken to court. Amutha cries on seeeing Vadai,Art,Wood and Vadai's one more brither (Forgot his name but he is Palliarai's husband). Bell cries on seeing AV. SR leaves in a hurry while CM following her telling she want to talk with her. But SR in no mood to hear CM. Bell comes and tells CM that he and Amutha beleived her but she backstabbed them. CM cries and tells she is not aware of anything. Bell again repeats CM did droham to both as they have beleived her like a mountain. Amutha also gives disguting look on CM. CM cries badly and tells she doesnt know anything. B&A get in to the jeep and leaves. Now its others turn to curse CM. Vadai comes and asks if CM is happy now. He confronts CM for giving all the evidences to SR. He tells he is ashamed of marrying her and kudumbam nadathifying with her and leaves. Next Art and Wood followed by Vadai's brother comes and curses for their part. AV comes and looks at CM and leaves. CM alone cries.
Then CM rushes to the court room like a storm where all the Inspectors discussing the cases. CM comes and call SR and tells she want to talk with her alone. SR says she is busy now and cant talk. But adament CM in no mood to leave. SR asks the others to leave and CM comes and asks why she betrayed her. SR who is not able to face CM turns aside. CM asks is she ashamed of her act and so she couldnt face CM. SR shouts she wont scare on seeing anyone. CM confronts SR that she has beleived SR from the starting. Even her Lawyer told something is going wrong but she had beleived SR but she has done droham to her. SR says CM is talking without knowing anything. She tells she is ready to help CM even now also. She said people will forget this B&A case tomorrow and tells CM not to worry. CM tells she has spoilt two people's life. SR now comes to the main point that if public know about her brother's character then they will spit on her face and her image will go off and no one will be getting scared on seeing her. CM shouts she spoilt the two lives for her characterless and lifeless brother. SR again convinces CM by telling she will somehow make both of them getting released. CM says SR is doing droham to her police uniform. Now SR asks CM why Amutha allowed Moorthy inside the house inspite she could have woke up others. And why B&A hide the truth from Police. So something is there between them. CM shouts at her. She challenges that she will prove B&A are innocent and will tear of her mask in the same court. She will make SR to tell the truth by somehow and leaves. AC SR on thinking mode.


Updates by Nithya

Thursday May 10th Updates

Episode 675


A sad Visagam.. Neighbouring ladies bad mouth Amudha.. They suggest another marriage for Vasu.. 


Vadai is all set to leave the home with Bharathi inspite of protests from Black, Art and Chithappa.. Art & Back feel CM is innocent.. But Vadai scolds CM for not destroying the evidence against Amudha and handing over the evidence against Raghu to SR without taking a copy of it.. Vadai says if I should stay here Art should promise not to meet or talk to CM.. Art promises hesitantly.. 


Kavi comes to Visalam's home.. labo dibo that she lost her manam, mariyadhai coz she trusted that useless CM.. polambufies my life is ruined.. my hubby pushed into jail.. society is bad mouthing about the illicit relationship between A & B.. Visa hubby feels CM got ditched by SR.. Wait patiently till AV and Solai arrives.. Kavi wants to suicide and Visa comforts her..


Vasu comes back home, cries bitterly and narrates all that happened at the court.. Visa joins the oppari with her son.. She says I am unable to bear the neighbourhood torture.. lets go back to our village..


CM on her bed.. recollecting SR's cheap statements at the court.. A& B being dragged to jail.. Vadai bad mouthing her.. AV comes home picks something and tries to walk away without talking to CM.. CM stops him and explains to AV please don't misunderstand me, I wanted to save A & B.. But they have murdered a guy and have to legally clear the matters out.. I trusted SR and hence handed over the evidences to her.. I never dreamt that SR would betray me.. If I had known that I would made A & B surrender directly at the court.. Why doesn't anyone believe me..  She wipes her tears off and says I will prove A & B are innocent and bring them out of the jail.. AV says First do what you said and walks off angrily.. CM looks on..




Updates by Swash

Friday, May 11th, updt.
Vasu's long lost mama comes from his native place and observes some neighborhood women gossiping abt Amudha's behaviour while purchasing veggies. He comes inside and commiserates with with Vasu and Visa and tells them that by bringing Amudha, they have shamed the family. they have lost all respect in their native place and it is high time they ditched her. Visa also tells Vasu to divorce Amudha and remarry a girl of his uncle's choice.
but Vasu screams that he trusts Amudha and she is innocent and all she did was kill a bad guy who came with bad intentions and that he is proud of her act. All he wants to do now is to bring her out. His mom questions if that is his final decision and when he confirms it, she goes inside the kitchen, pours kerosene on her and right on cue, Vasu comes and saves and cries saying all I have got is you, please dont leave me and mom and son cry. Having done the deed that he came to do, mama leaves.
Chellams pacing RS Garments office floor, measuring it. She is waiting for lawyer Thangavelu when his assistant comes by. She wants to meet Amudha first to clarify things and that way she can prove Moorthy came over with bad intentions.
At AC office, SR questions Amudha and Bell as to that night's happenings in such a detailed manner that it embarrasses Amudha. Finally, SR tells that they have to confess to being in bed together in an illicit relationship and killed Moorthy coz he witnessed it and that somehow she will make them agree to it. She says ok, he said his car was in trouble and then u say he tried to rape you, how, what did he do? why didnt u cry for help and when u did, how come only Bell heard it and came over, etc. she screams that she will get their confession and goes out.
Outside chellams is wating and she comes inside and Amudha cries at her, saying SR is intent on prosecuting them and to leave her alone. Chellams freezes.
idhuvaraikkum kadhaila chellams uruppadiyaa oNNume paNNalai. and what happend to abishek and madhumita? that track is completely gone.

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honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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thanks for updates... atleast now this chapter goesto  next level. it better to see amutha n bell in jail rather than visa n kavi curse them. may be chittappa give the news..than he can  blame on cm.

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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Thanks for the updates eclat..

SR and avi clash in due course?

where did Avinash vanish.. how cum CM appointed new lawyer..
eclat IF-Rockerz

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@Nithya - Vijay Adhiraj is busy directing a movie, the new lawyer might be until VA finishes his movie.  adhukuLLa eppadiyum indha serial oNNum mudiyapOradhu illa...

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Originally posted by honeydaisy

thanks for updates... atleast now this chapter goesto  next level. it better to see amutha n bell in jail rather than visa n kavi curse them. may be chittappa give the news..than he can  blame on cm.
Whichever route taken, the end of the horizon is - CM gets the blame.
Thiyagi CM ... AngryAngryAngry
Thanks Elcat

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Thanks Eclat & Selva for the updates. Why CM the only brainy & nallaval  in this serial, and the others are idiots or culprits. Rads ithu konjam overa irukke, please change the storyline or end it.

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Gggrrr...Radhika Mdm; u have shown enough that u r tyagi n nallaval...finish this crap or end up telecast this irritating serial...Sun TV; u should feel ashamed for having this serial on ur channel at prime annoying!!!!

For those who r doing d updates without fail...u guys r superb!!! Hats off to u guys

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oh My God... Only CM is the good person and the rest this bad people,... im so tired with CM... why everyone praise CM for 1 day and then start to curse her... Radaan  please get someone new as creative head... and change the story...

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