Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Update for 25th April

DeepAnBH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 9:55pm | IP Logged

Nandini walks into Tanya's room. Both of them enquire why the other isn't asleep. Tanya says that she isn't sleepy and Nandini says that she is searching for karan. She says on the surface everything looks the same, but does not feel the same. She says Tanya is the only one who hasn't changed. She asks her to get married. She is thankful that Tanya took care of Bhoomi. But she can't sacrifice herself for her sake. She should get married. Her husband will be her closest person and giving birth to her own child would do wonders. Tanya says she has Baa, Dadi, Maa, Bhoomi, Karan, Nandini...just about everybody. Nandini says she will ask Karan to find a good husband to Tanya and now they should find him first.


Karan and nandini walk into Karan's bedroom. Karan explains that he had gone to the terrace to check the locks and saw a shooting star. Nandini wants to know if he wished for something. Karan looks at both of them and answers that he hoped that no loving heart should ever be lonely.


The next morning, nandini wakes up Karan. He imagines that Tanya is about to sprinkle some water on him and says ….No, don't throw water on me. Nandini is dumb founded. Karan feels akward and says he was imagining something. Nandini feels its too weird. As karan gets up and goes away, she discovers that there is some ladies perfume in his cupboard.


In the kitchen there is some discussions on the sari's they will wear in the evening. Prajaktha wants to know about Tanya's decision. Ganga expresses her sorrow, but says that all their drama would unfold and would go in vain. Tanya says nandini is her best friend and would never want any harm to come on her. But she is married and a dutiful wife. Prajaktha says that conditions have changed. Tanya says that do not change relationships.


Indu announces that she is also observing the vrath like Kajol does in DDLJ. Baa announces she is making carrot halwa and Indu postpones her plans for the next year. Baa asks Nandini to take care of her health first. She is still weak and it may not be good to fast. Nandini says she and karan have been united after so many hurdles; she does want to lose him again.


In Gautam's house, over the breakfast, Damini asks Gautam if they could join the family for the pooja. He is angry as ever and asks Damini if somebody as invited her.? Mihir enters at that opportune moment and say he is precisely present there for the same reason. Gautam of course is old enough to make his own decision. But it would be no celebration if the bahu is not at home and they could do not do anything without the others either. Gautam gets a little emotional.


Raghu kaka arranges sweets and they look yummy. Nandini asks Tanys to taste them as she cant. As Tanya is trying to make excuses, nandini looks a little suspicious and asks if Tanya is fasting too? Ganga barges in and announces that Tanya just ate a plateful of basen laddu.


Karan is in the office and speaking to somebody on phone. Mohini uses the opportunity to try and get some signatures which would make her the heiress of 60 crores. Karan signs on a couple of docs, by when they are interrupted by a secretary and Karan cut shorts his phone conversation. She snatches the file away from Karan and says she will recheck and come back. The complete file never gets signed.


At home Nandini is getting ready. She is wearing a pretty red sari with a silver border. She asks tanya's help in decking herself. Tanya is still in a salwar. Nandini uses the opportunity and asks Tanya to tell her all that has transpired in karan's life over the past three years. She becomes restless as she senses or rather is imagining things. Is it possible that somebody else has taken over her place in his life? It cant be possible. She clutches Tanya and requests her to speak the truth. Tanya with tears in her eyes says "yes, there was somebody in Karan's life"

ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
thanks ever so much for the update...
had a power-cut yesteraday!
somya_20 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
Hello every 1,i hope your weekend was good ,Ritu i just read yr mesage and will mail you all my analysis/report .So today there was more clear negative shades of tania shown !
Nandini is upset for karan's confused behaviour
Karan is confused between love wife(nandini ) & obligation (tania).
Before i start with my report , i would like to write the mesages which are posted on board regarding karan to me are totally baseless and silly( sorry sorry if any 1 got hurt ), But the huge cry we have on the boards is really stupid .
I still cannot undersatnd how can people not differentiate between "LOVE & LIFE " and "SIMPLE AFFECTION"( an affection which happened due to the circumstances in past 3 years).Karan is this karan is that, people keep on blaming him , why ????I admit Karan  has made many mistakes but here if he is upset for tania aunty's condition as she shows off her crocodile tears wont he feel bad ? why is every 1 expecting karan to tell aunty jee  pack up your stuff and out !
Karan's relation with Nandini is of LOVE  not of sympathy .his relation with this tania aunty is of SYMPATHY not of love .
Today as Karan told Nandini he prayed that every 1 who loves donot get hurt, every 1 remains happy, was another side of karan's extra goodness.He got his love Nandini back but this does not means he would want that dame who happens to be a 3rd women in his life( thanks to circumstances) cry or get hurt .All he has seen her is cry, cry , cry , sulk , sulk and sulk !So its natural any man in his place would feel bad for her , and would think more about her then his and his love nandini's happiness .Before taking start of his and nandini's life he would want a solution to this mess os aunty jee . ( had aunty jee not shown karan her crokodile tears , karan would not have been upset about her he may have asked  that greatest maa of all time tulsi , on how to end this mess! but the scenerio he got to see is different  , tania aunty did a lot for him , no denial ! and now he sees her crying  its obvious he will feels bad !)so whats the huge cry friends ?For him getting back his love nandini is the best part but tania's pain  upsets him a lot ! And its all because he is not that strong to judge between acting and reality.He takes people at "FACE VALUE". ( i am not justifying karan's character here but  simply giving examples as to why he is confused )and i would have really disliked if karan would have straight away kicked tania out and have ignored her right away after getting Nandini back .
Karan till date has never said  i love you to aunty jee reasons he does not .......His  love is for nandini and that he must have said it 3-4 times already but yes he has a guilt !( he should have )
Now Nandini has this clue that many chanages happened in karan's life and she wants to know all ( may be she knows all and wants him to confess - maybe she knows nothing and gets a shock ).
If she gets a shock only then karan would see  his love in pain  her tourture her tears, then it would be her & only her, Till now nandini seems to be happily moving around while tania crying and thats what karan sees. 
Again if nandini knows and tells them that she knew from before, it would be a bomb blast on karan again , and then if she forgives him she becomes great in his eyes .
Now my very favourite part tania ( i can go on & on on this nasty thing who may be looking very pure for now but her true coulours keep showing ).
*She will always have to come infront of karan with a sour face . those sick looks !
* She is not even 1 percent guilty for cheating her so- called best friend and has a hope tomorrow she may die !
*acting maahan with her bitchy looks yet no one finds fault in her
*tryin to hold on to a man who loves someone else and hoping him to be hers!trying to make him a fool but showing tears time n agaian to make him realise i did everthing for you now u better dont mess with me !
*kept her perfume bottle and few things in the cupboard so that nanadini catches it one day !
Does a best friend always talk like this for her freind " we dont want her to die naa???" hello apni zuban/bhashah/ language dekho aunty jee! what shit are u saying .i have noticed this for the second time she said this .when chiraag's wife told tania please donot keep fast  and ganga 2 insistes and said we know it will hurt you but you dont fast her answer is .....
" i know we have to hide this from nandini she is my best friend and i will never do any thing that would hurt her we dont want her to die na !!!( sorry dame we doubt yr intentions) but nanadini's come back does not change rishtey and the fact i am a suhaagan  and i will fast , i will wear a nice saree too "hello hello !!!!!!! madam what suhaag are u crying about cant u keep quiet for yr friends sake  and if you dont remeber your marraige is discard !but she wont undersatnd this because of her evil spirit .thanks to her evil powers she got karan and now wants to hold on to him !Even karan told her now she wont fast but her zidd is not love its cheapness  she seems to show nandini the truth by anymeans !
She accepted to ganga if she would not have come and made nandini a fool i would have told her the truth !( the ladoo scene where nandaini tells tania to eat ladoo and she says its karwachaut  so i cannot eat and nanadini is puzzeled  on that ganga comes and tells nandini she ate many laddo's in kitchen , she herself said thanks ganga if u would not have come and saved this situation i would have told nandini saab kuch !( what a friend !!!!!)
Now in the end when nanadini begs to tania that she is feeling fishy , she wants to know every thing thathappened in karan's life in past 3 years , she starts crying ( 4 wht ???????) , nandini says iknow karan's love n loyality towards me and i can never question him , my weham will be bad ! but you tell me  every thing that happened in his life in these 3 years any new relation ? any thing please tell ! on which she said yes nandini you are right , karan  has a relation besides you  !""BRAVO, even if she starts laughing and saying she was kidding its her 2-3 acts of tourturing nandini  and making her a fool like she is making karan a fool , no wonder karan & nandini are an awesome couple besides having a great chemistry  , both their characters  are really fools .
For those who are sympathzing with tania , iam sorry to say must be saddist or really foolish to  feel pitty on her cheap stunts which are visible already and the hidden evils powers God knows about it , well i wont be surprsied if tomorrow she is practicing black magic 2!

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rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
thnx.. for the great update as usual.. Smile
Nankri IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks deepa for the update
jessi23 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 11:28pm | IP Logged

Thanks Deep for the update!

Karan first love was Damini but he get over her within no time after she ended up with Gautam. Then Nandini came along and he felt guilty marrying Tanya but he did get her pregnant. It proves that Karan's character can fall in love very easily. Now Nandini is back and I think he is just confused what to do and who to choose. I don't think he truely loves Nandini as some people seem to think. If he really loved her, Tanya wouldn't be pregnant. LOL

If he would have only felt responsible or loyal towards Tanya, then why would he think about Tanya in the morning and try to stay away from Nandini. I think Ekta is confuse by potraying karan's feeling and personality in different manner. LOL

*~puja~* Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 11:42pm | IP Logged

thanks for the wonderful update....

and as for karan/nandani/tanya... i think that karan only truly loves nandani, as for tanya becoming pregnant, it was a laspe of judgement on karans part... he even said so then that it was all a mistake... and i think they should just tell nandani about them getting married, i mean if they explain right now then nandani probably won't be as mad then she would be if they tell her in couple months later; just tell her, explain and she'll understand that it was all for bhoomi and the uncertainty of nandani's recovery...

pmahesh Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2005 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.

I do not agree with some of the comments posted above and would like to put my views on the subject- i think none of them are to be blamed- karan loves nandini but there was no hope of her coming back- tanya always loved karan but decided to be in the background once nandini and karan got married. She only married karan because of bhoomi as did karan but over time people do fall in love- here was a woman who loved you all her life and cared for you without asking anything in return- you are bound to start liking her- but that does not take anything from his love towards nandini.
On the other hand, tanya loves karan and now she is going to be the mother of his child- even for your best friend you will not want to sacrifice your child's future and your happiness.

Here the villian are  the circumstances.

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