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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Love Digger's husband Ch 33 6/5 - THD 2 LNK (Page 122)

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God he was really in Maanstein avatar.. It's not abt rule Geet.. He didn't want anyone to look at U in that way...Wink Nice update Sheesh..

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Have you set out to caramelize the page with sugarcoat? It would be golden crisp but only empty; Said he.
No I'm all set to rip you apart with my hot caramel...Golden crisp would be enough to lure you; said she. 


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part 32
loved this one so much...
looks like Dev has got an another side too...
cont soon...

PS - yes dear Deepa is my name...and thanks...hope to u see in the thread sometime...u can post the link there once u update...

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Maan actually sermonising Geet on her dressing style-unimginable.Loved their argument on this topic.Shows Maan's care.

But Gauri-trying to add fuel the fire????

Gr8 paqt.

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awesome parts
loved it

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Hi there Big smile
Here is the next update.
P.S - help me spam this thread so we can get to the next one. Thx!!

Chapter 33 :




It was lunch time and she approached the gang. The entire atmosphere fell abruptly silent when she reached the lunch table. It was Pinky and Tara. There was that evading of eye contact with readjustment of clothes and hair. They had definitely been talking about her.


Pinky "Come sit Geet. What do you have for lunch today?"

Geet "The usual stuff I guess. What were you guys talking about?"


Pinky smiled "Nothing Geet, it is just about this new project. That's all."


Pinky pressed and pursed her lips in an effort to suppress a giggle. Geet could feel circulation leave her own face with embarrassment at the whole seemingly innocent episode.


Pinky "Geet, I have to go because I have to receive someone ok."


And Tara also left soon in her wake. Geet was sitting alone in a now almost empty cafeteria. She looked down at her top for confirmation that she was still wearing it.


Instead of a deja vu, she was feeling a vuja de. As if she was experiencing her clothes for the first time.


What had looked like a life saver in the morning looked pale and incongruent right then. It had been worn one too many times and hence had lost its elasticity. The fitting was bad and the bra did not help either. Snapping her straps had made it all look worse. It was for lack of a better word, cheap. The realization hurt like freshly scalded skin. Oddly it had not penetrated her thick hide when Maan had mentioned it.


She bit back her tears. Why was such a lame thing affecting her so much. She could now remember the judgment in Pinky's eyes. Geet could imagine the immaculate Pink talking about Geet's ridiculous outfit. In the exact same tone as she had spoken about Tara or flip flop ladies behind their back. She was too kind to say it to people's faces after all.


They would have laughed about how Geet had tried to grab the spotlight by repeatedly calling attention to her bra. They would have probably given her a new name like 'weight lifting bitch'. Never in her life had Geet been so embarrassed. This felt like one of those nightmares where all her clothes had been stolen and she had to walk naked in front of everyone. She immediately went back to her desk and wore her jacket.


She gulped wondering how her judgment could have gone so bad. Why hadn't she seen that a top that had once been so comforting had now become old. She knew why; she had been in a huge hurry to get to office to make sure Maan's address went perfectly. She hadn't even checked herself in the mirror before leaving. She could have presumably avoided so much heart burn if she had done so.


She unlocked her phone and typed a message.


"I am sorry Maan. I did not realize how bad it looked. I left in a hurry in the morning."


He took his own sweet time read ten agonizing minutes to get around to replying back to her "Don't let it happen to yourself again. I only mentioned it because I know it affects you when others judge you. But sometimes things come out wrong when I lose my temper. Always remember we pay the vendors whereas clients pay us. Meeting vendors casually is alright. But clients judge us every second.


In any case why wear something that cannot be carried off with confidence? If you give out wrong signals you will never be taken seriously. You told me you need my support for moving ahead in your life. I was only trying to hold up a mirror. If it looks good I am the first one to tell you too right?"


She couldn't bear the fact that she had behaved in such a silly manner yet again with such a perfectionist. Why hadn't she zipped her lip and thought for a moment before speaking. The awkwardness had crept up her back and tapped her gently but she had been too busy to listen. She did not even want to think back on what words had left her mouth. Couple of them were right now biting her ass: bloody, personal, inferred bigot and chauvinist to name a few.


Acute shame had now clogged her brain and the flow went in the direction of drowning her in work. She was profusely sweating because of the malfunctioning AC and overwork. By the time she was done for the day she was understandably exhausted.


She carefully packed her bags and reached the lowest denominator of the building. She had a feeling that she was better off doing mathematical calculations rather than writing about or for people.


She was standing in the dimly lit porch up front waiting for the rain to abet when a black normal car slid to a smooth power driven halt in front of her. She bent down to find Tara's inviting face. Geet zipped up her jacket and sat in the passenger seat. The car continued its exit of the premises.


Tara "You look kind of lost. What is happening."

Geet sighed "Just a long tiring day. Nothing much. What's up with you."


Tara yawned and blinked her moist eyes forcefully "Last minute travel formalities. I have to leave for Goa tomorrow. The stupid airline cancelled the flight and now I had to get one more booked. Nowadays these air travel guys are so unreliable. To top it all they were cribbing in office that they had to pay for check-in baggage too. They refuse to reimburse that stating a one day one night trip will not need check-in. Now who are they to decide what I can or cannot carry. Sometimes these budget constraints makes them go overboard."


Geet adjusted her seat belt. It was tight and noisy although the car seemed old. What did that say about Tara though Geet wasn't sure.


Tara "I will talk to DK about it and get it approved. After all I have to keep travelling every week almost. If they cannot provide me some basic necessities it can easily turn into a nightmare."


Geet "I thought we were all part of button team and get special treatment because of that."


Tara smirked "Button my ass. Nothing great about it. It is all for pomp and show. None of us get anything special."


Geet frowned "Not even MK? He is the head of an entire department right."

Tara nodded "Of course MK is different. He sits on the board and by virtue of his position he gets more perks than us. But he does not have a say in other departments. DK has to make some policy changes around here."


Geet "How long have you been working here?"

Tara "A little above a year."


Geet "That is not long. Where were you working before that?"


Tara had forgotten that one-ways did not always lead to more one-ways especially in the rain. They escaped a head-on collision with the blinding headlights of a lorry.


Geet "You can drop me at the bus stop. There is a Volvo leaving in a few minutes. Thanks a ton for the lift."


Tara's face said 'Bitch please!' but she only mouthed "Oh come on it is raining. And I know you stay on Bell Road. It is en route to my place so I can drop you there. Not a problem."


It was a huge problem because Bell Road was two-way. Median it had, but not all the way. Tara would most likely get confused again. Geet tried to stay silent so Tara could focus on the road. But the driver was yawning again.


Geet "I was asking where were you working before this."


Tara's eyes went soft and expressively wistful "I was a model in AR group. And then I got bored of modeling. I had met MK a few times you know during this and that. He was telling me that he would have an opening for me that would go beyond modeling and would help me make the best use of my skills. Of course who can resist when MK offers you a job huh."


Tara giggled. Geet looked at the lady's perfect pearly whites highlighting her dark brown eyes and wondered if she was really trying to hoodwink MK with her charms. She seemed innocuous enough. Geet had a suspicion Tara was ridiculously dumb. But why would Maan hire her then. No no, Tara had to be smart. She played chess.


Geet "I take it you don't give a lift to many people? I am asking because the passenger side still has the service guy's paper mat fresh."


No prizes for guessing why. Anyone who feared for their life wouldn't get in the way of or in Tara's car.


Tara "I wonder if I will be having seasickness. I have gone by a boat in a lake once. I don't know if that counts as 'sailing'. In Goa I am supposed to sail in many ships of competitors and see what great stuff they are offering. I have no clue what to do. I am not an architect you know. What will I say about it. I am still thinking what to put in my reports. There is this shipping plant there which I am also supposed to check. Worst part is MK is not coming with me this time. Anyway why am I telling you all this. You cannot help me. And the others just rag me. Story of my life."


Geet began calculating the insurance money her family would be getting in case of her own untimely demise.


Tara "Here we are Geet. Your place has arrived."


Geet let go off a deep breath releasing the pent up tension "Thanks a lot Tara. Would you mind taking some pictures of Goa? Of the water especially. And also of fishermen with their nice nets. Write down how fast the ship goes and whether you feel dizzy because of that. Then how the bathrooms on the ship are. I have always wondered about bathrooms on ships. Do they exhaust into the sea directly? Then tell me how many floors are there. Ok?"


Tara was staring at Geet "Vow! I never thought about all those things I guess. You really want pictures of all that? Whatever will you do with them."


Geet got off the car and grinned with the drizzle dripping into her teeth "Adventures of Naintara Rathod. Sounds good no."


Tara broke into a smile as her brows knit together "I wish I was as young as you. Meera was telling me you write in your spare time. That sounds like an awesome album."


Geet "Yes it does. So tell me how it goes ok. Bye!"


As soon as she came into her room she sought to clear her wet head and opened her diary.


The stage opened with banner saying friend.

A fighting voice spoke to her, the lone heathen.

Am I true if I offer advice unsolicited.

Only to relax back for the ride; he began.


Or do you want to see my stake.

In the well being of our never to be downtrodden path.

May I be hated but heard. Resented but revered.

Though you might feel the opinion has been forced.


I will start a new game of compassion.

But I shall make it to mean compatriot.

In the journey to the other end.

I will hold the light to lead


But you might veer off the path.

I will hold a mirror on both sides.

So you would know you are wrong.

When the reflection is seen no more.


Grey answers for an undemocratic mind.

 Weight of the white elephant named Expectations

hanging over her head; leading her to ask
him to look over her shoulder

while she went about her task.

Gift of the shoes he had given her

suffocating though a size too bigger.



Suddenly her phone beeped to begin their messaging.


Maan "Was I too rude? I was just trying to help."


Geet missed being near him. She wanted to rest her head on his shoulders once more.


Geet "Maan it was my fault. I called you my friend and badgered you about Tara the other day. I cannot accept the same behavior when I am at the receiving end now? I am very sorry."


Maan "I…never mind."


Geet couldn't bear the distance any longer. She brought the phone closer and kissed his name before messaging him back.


Geet "I…never mind too."


She heard a bit of cellular silence before proceeding with her writing.


Is there a hormone I can swallow.

So in the feelings I can wallow.

For I have heard through research.

Hormones havoc thoughts to besmirch.


For then I can see more, feel more.

Let it be that the life force of nature.

Inside her brim to a gentle simmer.

And explode on to the page yonder.



Like it, Love it, Cant get enough! Press the Like Button please

Let me know what you think at every step through your comments as well 

Your love and support means everything...

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Was Tara warning off Geet?
It definitely felt like a special occasion for her to give Geet a ride and then ramble on about how  Maan goes with her.  AR is where she worked before.  Is she somehow a link to the guy who came to see Geet?
Maan not liking her looking unkempt in front of the client.  Pinky and Tara are not able to tell her to her face how bad the top looked.  A little honesty would have made it better but I guess she is still not that close to them to open up that much.
The poems were beautiful.
Sorry for the long res.  I like to take my time to read and savor.
Thanks for the update, Sheesh...

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geet is also falling fr maan
oh tara i hate u

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