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Love Digger's husband Ch 33 6/5 - THD 2 LNK (Page 121)

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Originally posted by dqno1

That scene with Vishwamitra and the Apsara was astounding!
The warrior looking for someone to attack him and sensing his surroundings accordingly.
The surprise in the form of dolphins took me away as much as him..
What an imagination Sheesh...
You made him surrender in the most unique way in the end...
Geet's dream was creepy..
She feels being manipulated and used.
Dev's flower surpriseLOL  I suppose the pics are for the book she is supposed to write...
Maan is allergic to flowers...Shocked
You have the most unusual Maan's...LOL
I know most times my comments are kind of useless but it is quite hard to match up in any way to your writing...
Thanks for updating...

  Aww come on you. It is comments like yours that tells me I have not lost it completely. You know what with my craziness and all...Hug

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Originally posted by gmskasrkmadhu

bt u r nt sending pms dear

Not sending pms to anyone now...too busy...
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Hello guys!
Embarrassed  Feel so nervous after such a long while.
Sorry got very busy at work and hence could not update. Thanks for your patience Heart

I would like to thank spvd (Deepa is it?) Hug for taking pains to maintain a daily update thread for everyone to check on their favorite FF updates.

Chap 32:




A jinn had spoken to her clothes surely. They had acquired a mind of their own and refused to stay in harmony with rest of her self. She was wearing a bra that was strapless and because it refused to offer any sort of support whatsoever, she had put on translucent plastic pinafore like makeshift straps. Those were now digging deep red trenches in her shoulder causing her an irritating itch. It was not her fault that all her clothes that had been put out for drying had soaked in the unexpected rain and she had ended up wearing a suddenly awkward spaghetti top to office.


Of course none of her colleagues had batted an eyelid but now she had enough experience in office to know when a dress was considered inappropriate.


Thankfully the meeting with the Bottlewalas had been a done deal the previous day and no meetings or site visits had been scheduled the running day.


It had all gone super smoothly the day before – the meeting that is. The minutes of it being mostly personal which could only mean things were good on the contract and deal front. Geet had received the said folks – Gauri and her husband from their car and had walked them to the conference room. Maan was conspicuously absent. Gauri enquired after him for which Geet just replied 'Busy meeting with the mall owners.'


Sir had of course put on his best smile and greeted his new clients.


Dev "I trust you are finding the contract to your satisfaction."

Gauri "Yes Dev we have already signed them. I am just here for discussing the logistics. I was told I would be meeting with an architect."


Geet "Yes maam. We have arranged for you to meet with an architect and he should be here any minute."


Dev "If you have any other questions aside from that we would be most happy to answer it."


Gauri "How is Annie, Dev? I haven't seen her in such a long time. I hear she got back from Canada and is going to be studying here now. Why is she not studying there?"


Dev "Oh you know Annie, she has her own theories about everything. She thinks that she is best served here. Aside from shopping she finds nothing else interesting abroad. And that she does during her holidays."


Gauri smiled "Anyway the latest brands are available here also. My daughter is in boarding in Kulu. It is supposed to be the best international school. My plan is for her to go on to US after this and study."


Dev nodded "Good plan, Gauri aunty."

Gauri "I was telling Savithri  Deviji that she ought to have sent both of you abroad to study as well. Nothing like having a Harvard or Oxford degree nowadays. Why did you settle for doing just a bachelors here Dev? You could have completed at least a business degree and then taken over."


Was it Geet's imagination or did she see an insecurity flicker across Dev's face? Even his calm and composed face had layers.


Dev "Well Bro was telling me that there is nothing like real world experience. What could they possibly teach me at a business school that Bro could not?"


Gauri laughed "Ah I see. Yes Dev, being Maan's apprentice is the best thing that could have happened to anyone."

Dev cleared his throat "I am not exactly his apprentice. I am his boss."

Gauri eyebrows assumed an intelligent weave "Yes I wonder how that works out though. My sons both refused to work in our family business. They prefer to work for different companies to avoid fighting later on. They are happy to leave our business administration to a third party. I think you guys should consider it also."


Dev smirked "Yes but me and Bro aren't the fighting type. He brought me up literally. He is like a father to me."


Gauri nodded gravely "Yes I suppose not having parents would make you guys closer than regular brothers. But my sincere although unsolicited advice would be to branch out when the going is good. Otherwise you never know when the blame game starts. A bad deal, one quarter of low profit, a bad decision even can change things very quickly. Ambition makes people do strange things."


Dev's eyes narrowed and he spoke in that infamous low tone willing Gauri to back off for her own good "Yes aunty we understand that bit. But there are a lot more things at stake here than silly sibling rivalry. I as well as my brother know very well how to keep our personal and professional lives separate. If things have to happen they will. I am not one to be afraid of some statistics and don't keep other people as barometer for leading my life."


Gauri smiled "In case you didn't know, Savithri Deviji agrees with me."


Dev was clearly looking pissed off. He was loosening his tie in a bid to blow off some steam.


Gauri "Brothers living in the same ecosystem seldom thrive. We have countless examples of it."


Geet looked at Mr Bottlewala stifling a yawn. So it was Mrs Gauri Bottlewala who handled the business in the family. Gauri was the most interesting woman Geet had ever met. She was old but the way she dressed was chic and up-to-date. Her earrings were bold sapphires.


Gauri "Anyway I have said my piece. I really wish Maan was here. I would have gotten a straight forward reply instead of inspirational speeches for everything."


The architect arrived and the discussion was brief. This was just a meeting to instill the parking lot on Gauri's site. The meeting for her store would be held later on when the mall reached finishing stages. Geet escorted them back to their car again.


She had arrived in office early on plastic straps day to beat the traffic and arrange an address from Maan again. It was just for architects this time around. Every equipment threatened to malfunction. It was not her day, at all.


She looked at him relaxed on stage once more. Only this time the audience comprised of engineers. She could tell they were a restless bored bunch and they were browsing through their phones. They couldn't wait to get out of there. She could somehow identify with that feeling. But it was Maan on stage and hence she was willing others around her to concentrate on what he was about to say. She did not want him to end up being humiliated.


Maan "You know the other day me and my friend were talking about great architects. How some people have all this imagination locked up in them that when unleashed becomes something that we all look at in awe. We were discussing on a recent building that made us do that. I was in Agra not too long ago and saw the Taj Mahal for perhaps the third time in my life. But every time the imaginative craftsmanship of it leaves me spellbound. My friend asked me if we are in the era of creating Taj Mahals. I told him I don't think any man loves his wife that much any more."


There was a light laughter and she could sense that everyone was interested to know where it was all going.


Maan had a dead pan expression "I don't mean it as a joke. I am serious because we just don't see beauty around us that much anymore. We can never be as great an architect as our forefathers were. Before in India, a craft like sculpting was handed down for generations. It was not a job or career for them. It was something that was meant to be guarded honed and passed on. We on the other hand, the less said about our attention span for anything, the better."


There were a few murmurs once more. Was he talking about them?


Maan "I am the head architect of this company. Am I a great architect though? I would regret to inform you that I am not. I have never designed something that has captured the clients imagination in a way that is breathtaking. I don't think I can ever come close to being great. Yes I do design something in the name of art and architecture. I was a mediocre student who managed to scrape through college gaining rudimentary skills. I joined work and then experimented on a few hapless souls who trusted my 'purkhokhi izzat' more than me. I made a lot of mistakes and over the years I gained something called experience. Yes you will run out of fingers counting my years of experience."


'Oh come on MK! For God's sake.'


Maan laughed and continued "Ok fine you can count years of my experience using both your hands. But it did not give me pride. It only humbled me and told me where I was lacking. In fact every one of you out there is better than me. I belong to a generation that was confused. A generation that was not quite out of westerners bootlicking and were yet to embrace their Indianness. My designs are there in the annals of this company and there is nothing great about them. If you don't believe me just have a look see for yourself."


'Are changes that rapid.'


There was a brief pause and his eyes had a twinkle of amusement when he began speaking again "Let me put it this way. I did not want to change. I abhor social networks with a vengeance. Prefer classical over rock. Bit stiff in my values. You have the luxury of not minding being connected and online all the time. You have the opportunity of being inspired by architects from not only India but all over the world. You don't need to be afraid to expand your horizon because you know what is possible and what is done. See I did not know that when I started. Today you have the privilege of being part of the global architects community. The markets are open and it is not tough or expensive to import anything we want."


Maan looked around the entire auditorium which was full of young curious minds "You must be thinking now since when did MK become a motivational speaker? Don't worry I am not going to bore you more than I already have. The reason I am mentioning all this is because it is time for us to expand our view into nascent markets for KC. We don't need to be bound by what we used to do in the past anymore. We have acquired a new contract and it is something so new for us that it might realign our priorities."


Even if a cat landed from the ceiling it could be heard.


Maan "We have a contract to make a movable property."


There were gentle whispers.


Maan laughed "Before you start outguessing yourself, we are going to be designing a ship."


The whispers turned a bit louder.


Maan "Not an actual ship per say. We are going to be designing the internals of a luxury cruise liner and also a merchant ship. The reason for this entire speech is to tell you guys that it is a unique opportunity for all of you to think out of the box and understand the client needs better. There are a couple of prerequisite certification processing that an architect needs to go through to handle this. You would be assisting a team which includes industrial engineers and marine engineers. Interested architects please send a mail to the secretary with "Waterworld" as the subject. Once that is done I would be personally interviewing each one of them to understand their motivation and then decide on the final three architects who get to be part of this team."


There were a few raised hands.


Maan "I am not entertaining questions about this as of now. You would have to be chosen to get a chance to ask the questions."


As he walked down from the stage he came towards her and said in a low volume "See me in Dev's cabin."


She nodded in all seriousness. She was still wondering about ship and Waterworld. Her strap began to itch again and she obliged. One could only control oneself so much.


She walked into Sir's cabin to find Sir swiveling his fingers on the touchpad in great concentration. There was an image of an excel sheet on his glasses.


He looked up "Yes Bro."

Maan "Dev I have spoken to the architects about it. I will choose three of them by the end of today and you will need to attend a meeting with all consultants. Geet arrange it sometime this week by pushing back a couple of low priority meetings."


Geet scribbled the instructions on her notepad.


Maan turned but he became a statue for a moment "Wait did something change in here?"


Dev threw up his hand in exasperation "Don't even ask. Geet madam went on a cleaning spree and it is a wonder she did not swat me like a fly."


Maan's eyes widened "Cleaning spree?"

Dev "It was maddening. You should have smelt the room. It was so - how do I put it - sour! And you know I have smelt some weird stuff."


Maan "No kidding. Really?"


Geet "Actually….."

Dev "To top it all she clicked some pictures of me. I have been meaning to talk to you about this. I have no idea what to do with this female. Her behavior is getting out of hand."


Maan gave Geet a long look and she wanted to land in a ditch and stay there. The atmosphere of the room went silly all of a sudden. As if the entire scenario had played out better in everyone's head but came out lame.


Dev "Ok forget I said anything. I will give this girl a chance till her probationary period is done as you said the other day. Apparently she wants to expand her job profile and take mug shots of me."


Dev's expression indicated he was better off in jail. Seriously was it that bad to clean a person's office? Geet wanted to say something but the words bit her tongue.


Maan looked back at her "Oh if she wants to expand her job profile, why don't you just let her. She will clean your office the same way every week. Won't you Geet?"


What! She had to clean Sir's office every week? That did not sound right.


Maan "Of course people who clean offices are also responsible for organizing it and will take the blame if something goes missing."


Dev arched his brows "Ah! When you put it that way it is indeed great. Thanks for the offer Geet."


What was this? Some idea of a cruel private joke. She was already dreading about things that could go missing. She had a call sheet for stealing paperweights after all.


Maan "Geet stop by my office once you are done here alright."


Geet "No wait! I am coming with you."


Dev coughed to strangle the laughter that was about to come out. She was not liking the ominous tone of this. She hated being the butt of jokes. She was stupid enough without it.


Once they reached Maan's office he became poker face.


Maan "What is your problem? Is this a way to dress in office?"


Was she dressed like Lady Gaga or what? She stared at him confounded "But…many people wear low cut jeans and sleeveless tops here and …."


Maan smirked "Do you think this is some sort of pageant and you are competing?"


She looked at Maanstein and gulped.


Geet "I wore something like this for my interview too. There is no dress code here. This is not college and come on this dress isn't that bad. This is persona…" She let the last part trail because her heart was pounding as she saw Maan narrowing his eyes and his hand resting on the table. She could feel it shaking.


Maan "Is it your idea of a dress code to keep snapping the elastic on your shoulders to remind people that it is still there if they care to have a look?"


Geet "I did not…"

Maan was more dangerous than Sir when he was angry "I am not done yet. The next time you cannot find something decent to wear, stay home. You are the secretary of the CEO. You may have to meet clients or make site visits on a moments notice."


She hung her head down "I thought you let people be who they are to let them shine. Yash wore shorts to office today and flaunted his hairy legs with pride. I suppose that is fine. But if women dress this way it suddenly becomes inappropriate?"


Maan "Yash is.."


Geet was getting steamed up "He meets vendors all the time too. Today also he has gone to meet somebody wearing what he is wearing. Why single me out? I am…"


Maan folded his arms "I don't want to hear your twisted logic. What you are doing today is making you look cheap. Trust me it is not cool to show off the color of your underclothing. Don't make me say all this nonsense."


Geet "Cheap!"


Maan grit his teeth "Yes Geet cheap. No one will salivate looking at Yash's cobweb legs. But…"


Geet mouth was hanging open "I had to hear it to believe it."


Her eyes moistened a bit with all her self-righteous feminism. And his face softened a tad.


Maan "Geet try and understand. I wouldn't say this to anybody but you…stop making me say ugly things. Just trust me when I say it is not cool or happening."


Her voice was low when she spoke "Fine I will wear the jacket even if the bloody AC in office is not working."


She came back to her desk and the air around her seemed repugnant. She opened her diary to stencil a few lines.


Have you set out to caramelize the page with sugarcoat?

It would be golden crisp but only empty; Said he.


There he was mocking at the hellion,

For that she ought to have to ride pillion.


She hath no belongingness in his head,

Nor his gut or heart. She was just on the bend.


About him she began to let out a hum.

Amidst the whirring motions of the humdrum.


The Italian in his locks and the dasher in his lye.

That would be his brother with his finger in every pie.



Like it, Love it, Cant get enough! Press the Like Button please

Let me know what you think at every step through your comments as well 

Your love and support means everything...

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yay i am first one to comment
aww poor geet got scolding frm maanDisapprove
her b strap troubling herWink
loved itClap

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loved the both brothers teased abt geet
and grt mk possessiveness abt geet
he dont want her to wear these types of dresses
why u are nt sending pms dear

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I was surprised by Dev this time around.

His defense of Maan and his relationship in front of Gauri was a little curious to me.  Was this the guy who stole the pen?  Seems like he likes to keep his image intact.
Gauri was interesting with her views on families and fortunes.  That is unfortunately the way of the world..
The brothers pulling Geet's leg about the clean room.LOL  I am a huge mess maker too but it is an organized mess and I know under which sheaf of papers, the important ones are...LOL
What was all that about with the strapless lecture from Maan?  For such a cool dude, he suddenly became cutting in his comments when it came to her.  Is it possessiveness?  Ugh, I hate that.  People are not possessions Maan, let her be... Shocked
Love to read more and more of your writings. 
Hope your work lightens up and you get to relax and write more.
Thanks for updating, Sheesh.

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Do you happen to be a runaway from er... a lunacy ward, Sheesh? WackoSeriously, how do you do it?! Geet's poem at the end! What was that if not a masterpiece that fit into the context perfectly?! My love, write beyond IF and Maaneet I tell you!  

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