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Love Digger's husband Ch 33 6/5 - THD 2 LNK (Page 119)

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part 30
Dev was a drug addict?
and Maan sigh hes really too serious with life and trying to make his siblings' lives good and healthy...
will Geet come to know about this in her biography?
and what will be Dev's reaction to this?
Maan is falling for Geet...
cont soon dear...

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glassdoor Goldie

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Hi babes,

Here is the next update Big smile

Lots of Love!!

Chap 31:




She awoke with a start her back fully drenched in sweat and she was coughing. The food she had eaten threatened to regurgitate into her mouth. She had had the bad dream again. The dream of her standing on a raised platform and Veerji auctioning an object in her hand. At first the object eluded her sights. As the stakes went higher the object became dearer and clearer. It was a glass of water. Again she failed to understand what that could possibly mean. Why would anyone buy a glass of water from her hand at such high prices?


Veerji kept shouting that the water was precious and it held magical properties. Any scum could be dropped inside and it would be cleansed. The water was an alchemists dream, Veerji repeated for exaggerated effect. The stakes had only gotten higher until it reached a pitch that resonated with her piercing scream and eventually woke her up. The dream ended the same way each time.


How could she explain these recurring dreams? Unlike her other dreams this particular dream was neither too vivid to remember every little detail nor was it hazy enough to forget the exact contents.


She had read somewhere that dreams had a way of depicting a persons sub consciousness with more clarity. Suddenly she had a brainwave. She immediately opened Geet Frank to first check if she had written something. She had thankfully not and so she would now write.


She opened the page and stared at the story in front of her.


Geet Frank:

Love Digger's Husband (contd)


He "Not so easy princess. Come back here and tell me who you are. What do you take me for?"


She turned back, hands on her hip and a cusp on her lip. Way to go, great King. Obviously meditation had muddled his mind. Shooting arrows at innocent females? Only cupid did that.


He "Do you see the jungle around you? The way it grows knowing no season, reason or fall. The way its thick shrubs and stout barks hide many graves and secrets. That is the way I am. Once in my enclosure nothing escapes me. This is incoming free but you have to pay the roaming charges."


This man laid tax for even thinking on his premises now? This was not a joke, seriously.


He "Do you see this bow I hold? I built it myself. I know how to shoot but I also know how to make the bow I shoot. When in battle if the bow were to break or the strings came loose I wouldn't make a pit stop asking for a timeout. I would mend it whilst staring the enemy in the eye. This bow is so heavy that if it breaks I can use it as a club. Such is my strength. I wouldn't bat an eyelid before lifting it. See now that is the role befitting of a Kshatriya. Not mucking about in a garden soiling ones hands."


Alright being a Brahmin and all, he knew the mechanics of the bow and arrow.


He "Do you think the wind carries the arrow to its destination Princess? It is the law of nature that does. It is the hidden force inside this string that reacts to my arms pull. It pushes the arrow out to its aimed destination. I am not a barbarian who uses brute force of my fist or a sharp sword to fight the enemy. I don't need an animal to run to herald my coming. Instead I let nature guide me. If nature offers me a sign I take it."

Oh come on. Like no one had heard of inertia, mass, potential and kinetic energies and equal and opposite reactions.


Thought bubble: Your ancestors have figured it all out before you were conceived in the tricks of your smart mother, Oh vain King. You may climb on the giants shoulder but you cannot shorten their shadows.


This man was such a big bore. Did he know how hard it was for plants to grow? Even before knowing the science involved there he had made prejudicial statements about it. The mother earth was the purest of the pure. She welcomed the dead and living with open arms.


Thought bubble again:  Plants are source of your life, supposedly great one. Sorry they are your only source of life. Figure out where you came from before setting off to some unknown direction.


Note to self: It was useless to have thought bubbles since this man did not obviously understand telepathy or empathy.


Note to anyone who does not know about thought bubbles: they are nice little roundels which are used to depict thoughts in pictorial representations of beings.


She sighed deeply. She had to first teach this man boundaries. He had to understand the differences between a slave, subject, lady and a cow. A hardworking gardener was getting this mean treatment. Just imagine if she were to tell him she was an apsara/dancer.


Obviously the man did not think she was his type. The surprise element and silent treatment was not working either. She could not fight a master of bows, arrows and scriptures with plain pheromones. If she were to break into a dance like she usually did when she had no clue what to do, he would think she was a basket case.


She could use her friend Rati, the lotus's help in enticing him to herself. But then Menaka would only be a temporary distraction. She needed something big. She had only one refuge. The most powerful and purest of all women, the Ganga. No man stood a chance in front of the holy might of the feminine.


Menaka walked in measured calculated non-threatening slow steps towards the sound of the gushing river. She knew humans by nature were curious and hence he would follow if she did the unexpected. He was expectedly typical. Her thumbs up made a complete arc to her sides before her fingers touched the mud below and then her eyes. She began tapping her feet into a nice little rhythm.


His eyes were watchful and wary. Why had this princess come all the way out to the river to dance? She might have as well done it where she was. His stance went stealthy and his hand gripped the bow tighter. He screened the bank around to check if there was anybody in hiding.


Menaka however was oblivious to his state of mind. She had even begun a low whistle to match the thunderous thump of her dancing feet. The surface was uneven and had many small pebbles. But that did not stop her from dancing.


Vishwamitra was now convinced that this lady was a courtesan who had been sent to lure him to the river bank. His eyes screened the other bank to check if there was anyone hiding amongst the bushes. He was unable to spot even a deer. As far as he could see there was not a living soul except for them on either ends of the river.


He could not be bothered with the lady dancing. He was in emergency mode with his senses reaching out to the entire panorama for any signs of warfare. It was only natural that they – whoever 'they' were, wanted him by the river. It was easy to hide amongst thick trees inside a forest. They wanted him out in the open where they could aim at him. He kept marching between points that afforded him the best possible views. It was better to be a moving duck than a sitting one.


What he did not expect was to see a huge animal leap from the surface of the water! His arrow was already in his bow ready to shoot on a reflex when he saw more animals leaping from the surface. This was getting stranger by the second. He observed them closely and realized they were in fact fishes. From what he could gather by the split second flashes, fresh water dolphins. But weren't these dolphins blinded by the muddy water?


The frequency of their leaps and dives began to increase and then it began to hit him. They were moving in tune with the way the lady was whistling! And suddenly the entire water surface seemed to be dancing with the nubile nymphet's feet. The dolphins were actually jumping and seemed to be frolicking to a definite rhythm. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before.


The dance increased in tempo and so did the dolphins until all he could make out was a mesh or formation of an entire school of dolphins. Where one dolphin took a nose dive another seemed to be taking its place until the entire effect was as if they were mimicking the lady's intricate hand and leg movements.


His bow fell by the wayside and he tried to absorb the whole spectacle least caring that he was getting drenched. He had seen great many formations in gigantic armies commanded by crafty generals and statesmen. But this formation of fishes was unlike anything he had ever encountered.


The tears of an emotional breakthrough were merging with the patches of rain being thrown at him. He never knew animals could be made to abide by a symphony and orchestra so easily. It now seemed as if the word had spread and there were more fishes joining in. His heart too began dancing to the cacophonic rhythm. It took all of his willpower to not jump into the white foamy river and become one of them.


He took a couple of steps back so his eyes could get their fill until he realized that this was no ordinary courtesan or dancer. She was an apsara descended from the heavens who possessed the power to make anyone dance to her own tunes. She was the choreographer of nature.




The next morning she hurriedly placed herself in Sir's cabin. She called the harried housekeeper to make sure the entire room was spick and span. Every speck of dirt got its due. She ran to the library and ordered a desk to be brought into the cabin with fat volumes of textbooks that could easily be comfortable amongst gym dumbbells.


She then had ornate flowers brought in and arranged them in glass vases. The flowers were so varied that they stood out like an exponential entendre.


When Sir walked in he was understandably surprised. He walked out of his cabin and read his name aloud on mute 'Dev Singh Khurana'. Well he was in the right place of course. He sniffed the air around unable to bear the freshness of it. She had left the windows open overnight and closed them only in the morning.


He approached her desk and questioned her pointing at his room. All 32 teeth of hers were on display. His face was unsure which path to take. Was he supposed to be angry that he could not recognize his own cabin anymore or glad that someone finally had thought it fit to give it some color and pep.


Dev "Geet, come in for a bit", he ordered.


She walked in with her phone swinging.


Dev "What is the meaning of this? Some kind of Ikebana show? Are you aware that Bro is allergic to flowers."

Geet smiled again "Of course I know your brother is allergic to flowers Sir. But don't worry I have already sent a mail to warn him to keep away from your cabin and this arrangement is only for today."


Dev threw his hands up in the air "Would you mind telling me what is going on here?"


Geet "Sir, you look most handsome in this suit. Would you mind turning towards the light? Ah yes right there! Now smile not much just a little."


Sir was unsure what was going on and in his confusion he was actually following what she was saying when he heard the click of her phone camera.


Dev "What the hell! Are you taking my picture?"


Geet "Sir one more to this side please."

Dev "NO! Who put you up to this?"


Geet "Sir, I thought we need a few pictures of important persons in this office so we can put them up on display. Who is more important than you Sir? Please stand there and smile. Please!"


He was again trying to figure out what was going on and he had a thoughtful expression. He looked like a deep thinker at that moment. She clicked him a couple more times.


Dev "Enough already. Geet you are not hired here to be a photographer. And I am not a model. Stop this nonsense immediately", he almost bellowed. A few heads outside turned their way. But they went back to their business in a couple of seconds knowing Sir was with his secretary.


Geet "So what Sir. I improvise on my job profile. Now it would be so nice for people to see and feel the warmth of your smile as soon as they enter the office. We will have a big poster of yours right by the reception. Then no one can confuse your name either. Hai na, Sir?"


Dev smacked his forehead, painfully.


Dev "Geet you are driving me crazy. Where is Bro? Call him here. Oh no wait, let me go to his cabin."


Geet "He is not in office yet Sir. He has some important business to attend to. Don't worry I will take enough pictures of him too."


Dev "G…"


Geet shrugged "Sir why don't you just participate in this humble endeavor of mine to make this office a nice jolly place to work."


Dev sighed in exasperation "How did I end up in this mad gala again?"


Geet browsed through her clicked pictures "You know what Sir, I think we have great pictures of you in your cabin already. Thank you so much for your time. I have to go make arrangements for the Bottlewala meeting now. I will have these flowers removed immediately."


As she was sauntering back she heard a loud bang on his poor desk. Too bad, he had no choice but to comply. And she had only just gotten started.


All the flowers in Sir's cabin were now transported with utmost care and delicacy back to the florist for reselling without cash back. No point in wasting resources. The florist could not thank her enough. He gave her his personal number and the number of his flower garden and farm where she could get flowers for wholesale rate next time.


Author P.S : I know, I know. No Maaneet. But bear with me so I can tell the story my way. Embarrassed


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Let me know what you think at every step through your comments as well 

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That scene with Vishwamitra and the Apsara was astounding!
The warrior looking for someone to attack him and sensing his surroundings accordingly.
The surprise in the form of dolphins took me away as much as him..
What an imagination Sheesh...
You made him surrender in the most unique way in the end...
Geet's dream was creepy..
She feels being manipulated and used.
Dev's flower surpriseLOL  I suppose the pics are for the book she is supposed to write...
Maan is allergic to flowers...Shocked
You have the most unusual Maan's...LOL
I know most times my comments are kind of useless but it is quite hard to match up in any way to your writing...
Thanks for updating...

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I m a lil confused buddy what was today's update about.Tho I loved Maneka's enchanting dance and its effect on the dolphins and Sage Vishwamitra too,but still I m confused with Geet's behaviour with Dev.

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awesome dear
loved it
loved the flower part the most

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bt u r nt sending pms dear

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Vishvamitra & Apsara scene.. Yes Sheesh U wrote this thoughtfullly.. God,Sheesh tum kitana deep thinking karati ho?Star Geet has taken her writing job seriously.. & Poor Dev He has to bear Geet now..LOLNice update.

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